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Barack Hussein Obama and most others in his forlorn, feckless Administration, wandering aimlessly through the dark emptiness of their use challenged minds, continually parrot, falsely, as instructed by their irresponsibly mistaken NWO study group mentors that free markets have never worked.  Not sure how Barack, hatched somewhere in 1961 knows that since we haven’t seen free markets or capitalism in the United States since 1913, but hey, he spouts lots of other nonsense as well?

Does this conditioned academic blindness even begin to explain how the people of the United States became the wealthiest, most creative, most industrious, most powerful, most generous people on earth in less than 200 years?  Socialist Europe, downtrodden Africa, the despotic Far East and the tyrannical Middle East, after a head start of centuries cannot imagine duplicating the reality of the American Dream.

The simple secret of the liberating American Dream is COMPETITION, orchestrated within the protective cocoon of a Constitutional Republic.  It isn’t perfect, but it rises far above any socioeconomic system ever attempted anywhere through the course of human history.  Its successful track record in lifting the poor out of poverty is not arguable.

Historically confused socialists would have us believe the reason foreign nationals have for more than 200 years of American existence, emigrated to America is because everyone on earth understands as American Progressives do, that free market capitalism does not and has never worked.  This ostensibly motivates immigrants to courageously uproot their families and everything they have known, in order that they too can experience the horrid financial hopelessness of free markets in America.  I don’t know how ignorant a person must be to swallow this Progressive hook, but the bar seems set pretty low and the appetite for envious delusion and historic contradiction, enormous.

To the extent that Americans have listened and unfortunately, acted on delusional Progressive nonsense by faithfully imitating endemic European failure; America has steadily declined economically, until now America’s historic ability to lift the poor out of poverty and provide upward mobility for anyone willing to work for it is practically nil.  Increasingly, hard working Americans are being financially suffocated by government imposed, uniformly distributed poverty as a futile means of providing so-called social justice.  These historically proven, brutally failed fascist/socialist policies are an insulting disgrace and a hard slap in the face to any rational person who believes in freedom.  Fascism is failing in America, not capitalism.  No American alive today has ever lived under capitalism, but most of us are too history challenged to comprehend that.

What if the deluded, special interest beholden Representatives we have erroneously been electing to legislate in Washington D.C., supposedly on our behalf, were per their oath of office, to actually apply the capitalist free market principles of our Founding to a few of our more obvious economic woes?  What might the incredible future bring?

As a couple of specific examples:

Let’s look at Obamacare with its unconstitutional, 15 member, unelected rationing board; more than 150 new government agencies; 16,000 new IRS enforcers with legislated access to our private bank accounts; and 100’s of billions of dollars in hidden costs.

As an alternative, one facet of policy might be to foist raw, unfettered competition upon today’s monopolistic health care insurance providers with one single piece of Federal legislation as follows:  “Health care insurance is interstate commerce.”  This single sentence passed by both the House and Senate, signed by our President would destroy the government created, legislatively protected, intrastate insurance monopolies currently in place.  Any U.S. citizen would suddenly be able to purchase health insurance from any provider in any State.  This one sentence would cost the American tax payer nothing and would not risk  strangulating our health care industry with the ligature of big government bureaucracy.  Over-night, it would become in the best interest of health care insurance providers to immediately scramble , providing customers with the absolute best, lowest cost, most convenient coverage.  Competition, not corrupt regulation is the best and most transparent cure for health care availability and cost.

Let’s take a look at oil / energy monopolies.

A bold U.S. domestic policy unleashing the development of our own North American coal, oil, natural gas, hydro-electric and  nuclear energy sources, while simultaneously encouraging the development of economically feasible alternative sources would dramatically impact world oil prices.  According to data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA):

“In 2011, about 45% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries.1 This was the lowest level since 1995.

Petroleum includes crude oil and petroleum products.  Petroleum products include gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, chemical feedstocks, asphalt, biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel), and other products.  In 2011, about 60% of the crude oil processed in U.S. refineries was imported.” 

Imports in both the U.S. and Europe are down, of course, because our economies are in shambles and demand is down.  Prices, however, are not down because overall global demand (read China & India) is up and the U.S. dollar is being devalued and manipulated (read sterilized in banker lingo) by our own Federal Reserve Bank.  Additionally, the Obama drilling moratorium and cut back on public land oil leases have reduced public land oil output by 50% since Obama was elected and have forced producers onto more expensive private land using more expensive fracturing techniques to recover the more expensive oil.  This policy direction is insane by any rational standard.

Again, per EIA, of total U.S. imported oil, 40% comes from OPEC countries and 16% from Persian Gulf countries.  This establishes the United States as a major consumer of imported oil regardless of international source.  If U.S. oil imports fall to zero or even if they threaten to fall to zero, world oil prices will be driven lower due to increasing supply.  OPEC, Venezuela and others will be forced into a more competitive market and not one person will have to die to accomplish it.  This will not only be advantageous to Americans, but also to our friends in Europe and across the globe.

As a side note, the U.S. currently purchases about 24% of its oil from our friends in Canada to the North and about 11% from our friends in Mexico to the South.  These North American imports can be increased, providing sovereign benefits to the entire North American continent – all without Elite Globalist influence, Middle East War or the silly Globalist idea for a socialist, totalitarian North American Union.  The Keystone Pipeline would enable this business and benefit folks in both countries, not just Obama’s insider monopoly buddy, Warren Buffett and his Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad.

In the less specific case, our 150,000 or so pages of small business crushing, regulatory nightmare working in tandem with 75,000 pages of obscene, insider written tax code are used to create, foster and protect enormous monopolies in key industries such as banking, energy, farming, insurance, etc.  I’m sorry, but this is unconstitutional, un-American and ridiculous in the extreme.  Big government does not build – it binds.  Big fascist government married to big business monopoly no longer binds, it crushes and enslaves.

Free market capitalism is, by its very nature, always chosen and enacted by free people.  Socialism and its twisted sister fascism are always imposed, either through force as in Russia, China and Cuba or by propagandized deceit as throughout Europe, South America and now the U.S.  To the degree this enslaving ideology is imposed, the hapless victims are less free or may become totally enslaved without any choice remaining.

By far and away, the greediest, most controlling, most destructive of all these many, big government sanctioned monopolies is world central banking.  World central banks are created by out of control governments that they (central banks) themselves sponsor through propaganda and ignorance, with such governments then relinquishing all oversight and transparency to the families who own these central banks.

Central banks are a good and beneficial idea when they function as banks and nothing more.  When the money supply of nations is turned over to families owning the fifty three or so primary world central banks (maybe 173 or so total);  virtual control of all up and down business cycles is now fully within their singular coordinated control and is fully subject to their own disciplined or undisciplined interbred family greed.  Quite literally, the destiny of the world socioeconomic system is determined by a small group holding ownership control in the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, its private club, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), which all G20 countries are signatory to and several other little sovereignty eating clubs we won’t bother with today.

The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and all BIS sanctioned central banks including our own privately owned Federal Reserve Banks are directed through the BIS, with absolutely zero legislative oversight by any government.  The owners of these banks stand above law;  above taxation;  above competition; and above any possibility of audit by anyone.  As an example, Swiss government officials must obtain permission to even be allowed entry to the BIS offices in Basel.  World central banking in its current form is a disgrace to civilization;  the cause of most wars, a promulgator of feast or famine and is the sole source of economic power in financing agricultural, industrial and military might.  Present day world central banking and individual freedom are directly intertwined in a desperately adversarial grip.

We no longer have free market capitalism in America.  We have instead, a hybrid system of socialist/fascist, government sponsored, government protected monopoly in all our major industries.  Competition is squelched through unconstitutional,  insider written tax code and discriminatory regulation designed to protect the monopolies, while controlling and fleecing we the people – all clothed in euphemistic deceitful language that the uninformed swallow hook, line and sinker.

We should not be deceived.  Competition works.  History proves it.  Socialism fails.  History proves that too.  Please consider these simple facts when voting for Establishment Right or Marxist Left political candidates, none of whom accept their limited power under our Constitutional Republic nor hold any respect for our individual liberties and right to live our own lives, unfettered by Globalist self deception and irresponsible ambition.


“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet that someone planned it.”  {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

It is very well documented, perhaps most notably by Ferdinand Lundberg in his 1968 study published as The Rich and the Super Rich; that world central banking, primarily through J.P. Morgan and friends – Rothschild cartel members all –  leveraged Woodrow Wilson to lie to the American public, win election and then within 60 days declare U.S. involvement in WW I as per their wishes and to their immense profit.

It’s fairly well documented, though not generally taught, that our Executive Branch of government knew of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing.

It is less well documented and certainly not publically discussed, that our Executive Branch knew of the pending 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and did nothing.

On a somewhat smaller, though more recent scale, it is thoroughly and completely documented that our Executive Branch actually watched the Libyan attack on our U.S. consulate and did nothing.

All of the above are best described, not as acts of omission, but more as  silent acts of commission.  Given our late President FDR’s quote above, we might be inclined to thoughtfully wonder why?  Are current world events simply coincidental chaos?  Or was FDR making an astute observation? With the exception of John F. Kennedy, it is probable that no President since Woodrow Wilson has been more acutely aware of Elite Globalist influence through its primary vehicle of coercion, world central banking, than FDR.  I’m not going into it here, but a short search by the reader through unredacted history will quickly display the prominent role played by world central banking in WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War.

Let’s take a step back and look at the last few decades or so and ask ourselves – hapless coincidence or Elite Globalist plan?

The geopolitical realignment of nations following WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, effectively set the stage for Germany to trigger WWII.  The geopolitical realignment of nations and the creation of Israel in adversarial juxtaposition to the highly territorial Muslim world than set the stage for a future WW III.  Note that world central banking families funded all sides of all these bloody wars as they intend in the coming WW III.

Fast forward to:

The United States, after defeating the North Vietnamese and their Chinese ally; to the shock of North Vietnamese Generals and the Chinese, suddenly quit and withdrew from Vietnam with America’s tail between its legs.  America had been so brutally propagandized and successfully divided, that American confidence was undermined and its place in the world, muddled and confused.  This along with the emergence of the Tavistock inspired, heavily propagandized, Globalist sponsored, rights for peace, environment, feminist, gay and race movements along with class warfare divided Americans politically and set them up to eventually be weakened and conquered by themselves from the inside.  Note that world central banking families funded both sides of the undeclared Vietnam War.

The James Carter Administration raised the question of actual American weakness on the world stage, or at least a lack of resolve for the first time in its history in 1979 upon the Iranian Revolutionary overthrow of the U.S. backed Shah.  For the first time, Islamic Twelvers were provided a glimpse of the possible return of their Caliphate since the Ottoman Empire collapsed  in November, 1922 upon abolishment of the Turkish monarchy.  Subsequent deployment of twenty or so American navel ships to the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea ignited Iranian Mullah hatred of the United States.

The Reagan Administration promptly re-emboldened America, re-established it as the primary world super power and simultaneously kicked off the American descent into debt.

The United States financially supported and helped arm the Afghanistan Mujaheddin against the nine-year invasion of Russia, which finally ended in 1989.  Immediately following Mikhail Gorbachev’s withdrawal of Russian troops, the U.S. then abandoned all support – military arms and financial – for Afghanistan and thereby ignited hard feelings among the Mujaheddin and the raw embittered hatred of Osama bin Laden, who later formed Al-Qaeda.

The George H.W. Bush Administration then heroically saved Kuwait from Iraq, but left the poison thorn, Saddam Hussein, to fester in the very belly of the Middle East.  Even though Infidel America naively saved Kuwait, this encroachment onto Islamic soil by our troops set the Islamic Jihad pot to heating up.  H. W. also led us into Somalia on the Horn of Africa.

We then enter into 8-years of the Clinton Administration, which in spite of repeated Islamic terrorist attacks, did nothing meaningful in response, thereby emboldening Extreme Islam, the result of which was the brazenly successful 9/11 attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. You may recall the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our 1998 East African embassy bombings, the Somalia disaster (remember Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu) and finally the U.S.S. Cole attack, none of which elicited reprisals by the Clinton Administration – excepting I suppose the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.

The George W. Bush Administration immediately grabbed the 9/11 ball and ran with it by heroically attacking Afghanistan and later Iraq, thereby lighting the entire Middle East on fire.  As a side note, Afghan poppy cultivation is up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to 175,000 hectares today, which represents approximately 750 billion dollars or so in world central banking money laundering annually.

Currently,  we have the Obama Administration, which demonized the Bush Administration for its war mongering and Middle Eastern meddling; then promptly began fanning the flames and is now burning down the entire Middle East.  The Obama Administration has fully supported the overthrow of Mubarak’s (secular) Egyptian government;  the overthrow of Qaddafi’s (secular) Libyan government;  the overthrow of Assad’s (secular) Syrian government; and the rise to power in all these countries of anti-American, anti-Western, Islamic Extremists such as The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and others.  The Obama Administration remained silent in the face of the so-called Iranian Green Revolution because the Iranian Mullahs were already Islamic Extremists, which the Obama Administration apparently support.

During this brief history, the United States has been very, very busy internally.  Beginning with the Reagan Administration, we have steadily ramped up to increasingly unsustainable debt levels.  The United States debt, on December 21, 2011 (the Winter Solstice), net of all settlements for completed bond auctions reached an official $15,182,756,264,288.80, which is 100.012% of its $15,180,900,000.00 Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The U.S. has through irresponsible Democrat and Republican failed or mislead leadership, joined the 100% of GDP club and that is not economically viable, sustainable nor rational.  It certainly does not strengthen the defense of the United States, nor its allies.  To borrow a phrase from Barrack Obama, this is “not optimal”.

Israel is slowly, but steadily and apparently with naive U.S. support, being surrounded by Islamic Extremist States sworn to its destruction as well as to the destruction of the Great Satan, the United States of America.  Europe and the United States have both been led, I claim by the Globalist Elite, to a position of oil dependency upon the Middle East countries, all of whom are unhappy with the West.  Europe and the U.S. are nearing a point of economic collapse resulting from unsustainable socialist, central planning type government programs.

In the humble opinion of 1600 Watch, a nation can only spend itself into bankruptcy, if and when its leaders choose to spend it into bankruptcy.  The question then becomes – why on earth would our U.S. elected Representatives want the United States to be bankrupt?  This is a serious question requiring a serious answer.  The answer will lead directly back to the world’s central banking families.  Just follow the money.

Please realize that if you were an Elite Globalist  dreaming of a One World Dictatorship and drastically reduced world population so as to preserve precious resources for yourself, you would first have to eliminate a free Europe and the independent minded United States as obstacles.  Since you own the world’s central banks and media and since you fund the world’s most powerful leaders, the easiest methodology for obtaining European and U.S. weakness is simply to bankrupt them.  After breaking them economically, planning for WW III and the ensuing population reduction is much simpler.  Without such planning and financial preparation, your Elite war would last about a day or so and the West would win handily.  Your dream would be crushed.

What if World War III erupts anytime in the next few years?  Both Europe and the U.S. will be heading into it fully bankrupt with their military capabilities necessarily downsized and without the economic ability to rearm.  The U.S. will have been led to be in the sad position of purchasing oil from the same folks they are at war with.  I would imagine the pairing off will be something like China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, North Korea and others against Israel, Australia, Japan, India, Europe, Canada, the U.S. and others.  Both sides will bear nuclear arms.  One side is insane enough to use them.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the Islamic Twelvers believe that the world must be in a condition of violence, bloodshed and chaos in order to bring about the return of the Imam and their vaunted Caliphate.  The Twelvers are not interested in negotiating any kind of peace.  They want war and destruction.  It is their dream.  With Europe and the U.S. bankrupt, a conventional war will not be financially sustainable.  World War III is planned to be and will be nuclear.  This is a fiscal certainty.

If you choose to believe this is all coincidence, that’s a fair assessment.  I prefer FDR’s view.  This is a plan and the brutally planned ending does not bode well for mere citizens in the United States nor anywhere else in the world.  The ending is a nuclear World War III.  The 500 million or so, world population pitifully left alive will finally form the Elite Globalist dream of a One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship with the promise of world central banking peace forever.

This can all be prevented and the Elite Plan derailed by us mere citizens voting for candidates who actually promise to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” and then holding their feet to the fire.  We can still vote.  Therefore, we can still control our destiny if we choose to.  I strongly suggest adding prayer to your political arsenal because just as with our Founders in 1776, we cannot win this on our own.  Divine Providence will have to be involved if we are to remain free as we were created.

We now know, not only that that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, together took no defensive action while watching the Benghazi attack on U.S. diplomatic officials live on camera; but that Obama became so bored watching Americans being attacked, he supposedly went to bed.  It also appears that either Hillary or Obama may have actually given the order for our military to stand down, thereby condemning these American foreign service representatives to a barbarous slaughter, when they could reasonably have been rescued.

We also now know, without any question via black and white emails sent and received in real time during the Benghazi attack, that President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, political hack David Axelrod (with his sky high security clearance) and dozens of others have blatantly lied to the American people and the world for weeks.

The United States had active troops in Libya, Spain and Italy stationed within 60 minutes or so of Benghazi and the West Wing of our White House callously LEFT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE AMERICAN DIPLOMATS  BEHIND.  This is not acceptable.  I do not care whether this failure to protect and defend American citizens was amateur incompetence or criminally negligent politics.  This failure constitutes a failure of leadership, a dereliction of duty so extreme, that within our military it would require a court martial proceeding likely resulting in dishonorable discharge at the least.

Barack Hussein Obama is our President and in time of war, our Commander In Chief.  Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State is his acting State Department Diplomatic General.  Given the catastrophic failure of Obama and Clinton; where on earth is Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense?  Where on earth is our CIA Director, former General David Petraeus?  Where is the outrage of our House Members?  Where is the outrage of our U.S. Senate members?  Where is the outrage of our U.S. press corps?  What on earth is going on here?

Is there no semblance of honor or courage left in Washington D.C.?  Has the oath to serve and protect vanished?  Is the possibility of accountability non-existent;  and if it is, how do we survive as a free people sans any honor in leadership at all?  Whatever happened to “doing the right thing”?

If a decision is made not to defend an American embassy or consulate, then common sense and decency requires that decision automatically means that embassy or consulate will not be staffed at all.  Shockingly, our Executive Branch sent U.S. diplomats into one of the most dangerous countries in the world in full knowledge while refusing sufficient protection.  They then irresponsibly reduced that protection even further while continuing to staff the facilities – in the face of repeated requests by staff for additional protection in light of security incidents routinely taking place in Libya.

The tragic result is four murdered American diplomats who bravely maintained their post even in the face of extraordinary Executive and bureaucratic malfeasance, which clearly placed their diplomatic lives in potential jeopardy.  The United States should cherish and defend such committed people – not brutally sacrifice them to incompetence or self serving ideology.

Even if ( as I’ve read, but have not been able to confirm) Ambassador Stevens, under the direction of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton, without Congressional oversight or approval, were clandestinely negotiating arms for Syrian rebels through Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood to assist in the overthrow of the Syrian government;  even if Ambassador Stevens was negotiating in Libya with rebels who overthrew the Libyan government, as to the whereabouts and status of Libya’s military arsenal;  even if our State Department was indirectly and clandestinely involved in the overthrow of the Egyptian government;  though enormously significant and critically important, these possibilities pale beneath the abject desertion of our Executive Office in its duty to protect our diplomats and our country.

It is essential to the continuing freedom of the American people, the functional balance of our Constitutional Republic and the safety of our friends in the world that our elected, co-equal legislators in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate investigate this matter;  follow the facts where they may lead;  and if things are as they appear; to call for the dismissal of Hillary Rodham Clinton as our failed Secretary of State; and for the impeachment of Barack Obama, either before  the election or after – whether or not he is re-elected.

Outright, intentional lies directly impacting U.S. national security, possibly aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States such as Al-Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, The Muslim Brotherhood and others; issued directly from the White House of the United States, is a breach of the Presidential oath of office, constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors, is not acceptable and MUST BE ADDRESSED by our co-equal Legislative Branch of government.

This level of dishonesty by the Executive Office cannot stand – whatever the reasons.  We the People must strenuously object.

Sorry, but this particular 1600 Watch blog post is definitely not a sound bite.  It covers quite a few acres of corrupt Federal government sewage.

In attempting to understand why Atlas may soon experience a serious Shrug episode and to better understand how as citizens, we may be playing a major role in naively and unknowingly facilitating this shrug, I offer as food for thought, the following quotes by Edward Bernays taken from his insightful, perhaps prophetic 1928 book, Propaganda.

“The systematic study of mass psychology revealed to students the potentialities of the invisible government of society by manipulation of the motives which actuate man in the group.”  {Edward Bernays}

“The important thing for the statesman of our age is not so much to know how to please the public, but to know how to sway the public.”  {Edward Bernays}

“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”  {Edward Bernays}
Author’s Note:  This insidious influence is the primary purpose and role of the Global Elite’s Counsel On Foreign Relations (CFR) and the thousands of study groups, think tanks, seminars and foundations created by and maintained by Elite families to manipulate our press, publishing companies, educators, bureaucrats and leaders; thereby indirectly, though effectively manipulating we the people into desired modes of group behavior.  This is an admitted, openly discussed business strategy, not a conspiracy.

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”  {Edward Bernays}

“Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.”  {Edward Bernays}

Dragged from the trash can of historic despotic failure and loosed upon the once free, now struggling American Republic are the failed socioeconomic, murderous delusions of Lenin, Mussolini and Mao.  As if that isn’t enough to cripple any society, the Elite Globalists continue to pile on their One World nonsense like a septic gravy on road kill.  These anti-human, pseudo-religious credos, when applied to social, economic and foreign policy are themselves enough to bend the back of mighty Atlas;  but when our overpaid CFR conditioned bureaucrats and elected officials lie and disingenuously defend these catastrophically failing policies, you can bet that Atlas may be forced to Shrug.

The recent Libyan murder cover-up is used below, as a demonstration of Globalist piling on and to portray the serious and rapidly growing problem of bureaucratic inertia and systemic intransigence as obstacles to both Executive and Legislative effectiveness.  Truly and obviously, American government is growing too large to succeed.

If you have come to believe that socialism is OK, maybe even better than capitalism in spite of the hundreds of millions brutally and unfairly murdered in its name, along with the hopeless poverty and spiritual devastation it consistently causes; and further, that the Federal government of the United States can somehow continue borrowing more than 40 cents of every dollar it wastes on Globalist contrived delusion and corrupt quid pro quo payoffs – then perhaps you should reread the above quotations and begin to wonder why it is that you have come to believe what you believe.  It would be wise to at least consider this aspect of our thinking before we vote on November 6th.

{Suggested hint:  If you’re interested in determining why you happen to believe much of what you believe today, at least in terms of socio-economics;  please investigate The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in Sussex, England.  You may be surprised and you’ll also appreciate why this article begins with Mr. Bernay’s quotes as written in 1928.  As a side note as to how polls are used, not to measure public opinion, but to influence public opinion via the herd mentality;  please realize that the grandfather of all polls, Gallup, was initiated by Tavistock for this very purpose.}

Most government bureaucrats are hard working, decent people providing necessary services.  Many are your friends and neighbors.  Others are something entirely different and unfortunately, all too many of us have met them at one level or another.  The worst, as foreseen and portrayed in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged are haughty, narrow minded, selfish fools – not so much educated, as mentally conditioned – focused entirely on their own tiny corner of socialist wannabe authority wielded with as much force and as little responsibility or accountability as possible.

Even more unfortunately, our Federal agencies are thoroughly infected and dangerously bloated with thousands upon thousands of these mindlessly arrogant, Council On Foreign Relations conditioned drones.  These drones have not been conditioned and networked into their positions by accident.  The far-reaching CFR study group system is a Globalist business  strategy and serves as a formidable obstacle to good, honest decision making by any Presidential Administration regardless of Party affiliation or belief.  One such representative CFR drone was called upon to defend a tragic bureaucratic failure just last week.

{Note that a person does not have to be a member of CFR to be a thoroughly conditioned CFR drone.  The Globalist business plan employs our university faculties and the wide spread, study group system very effectively to influence the bureaucratic mind-set.  In fact, upward Federal agency promotion is, where possible, contingent upon acceptable levels of Globalist conditioning.  There is very little unplanned guess work going on within this Globalist business plan.  Proof of its own obscenely effective propaganda is plain to see in the immediate guffaws, laughter and derision typically launched upon any thoughtful person brave enough to question it or even acknowledge its existence.}

Several days ago, we the people observed State Department Official, Ms. Charlene Lamb  arrogantly testifying before Congress regarding her faceless, bureaucratic non-performance in the brutal kidnapping, stripping naked, sodomizing, beating, murder and parading through the streets of Benghazi as a naked tortured trophy, of the late J. Christopher Stevens,  U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  She testified in all her overpaid, selfish, utterly non-responsible glory.  The only State Department official apparently less responsible is Hillary Rodham Clinton (our least competent Secretary of State since Madeleine Albright), who brazenly and incorrectly claims the buck stops with her, while simultaneously and shamelessly throwing her own State Department security staff under the bus.  If this is leadership, small pox must be healthy.

In Ms. Lamb’s defense, though it apparently was within her purvey not to honor Embassy requests for more security;  it was her boss, Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State, who bears ultimate responsibility for malfeasance in Office and should be called on directly to explain why our Ambassador was not properly protected.  Also in Ms. Lamb’s defense, we realize that in part, at least some of her intractable haughtiness was likely the result of compensatory reaction to fear and anxiety, since she was testifying beneath the angry countenance of several agitated Congressman demanding answers for a horrible, but obviously preventable tragedy.  I don’t bother to mention Obama’s transparent failure in all this, or his attachment to Islamic pandering as the media ensures he is above reproach.

Is it possible that Ms. Lamb’s refusal to acknowledge even the tiniest glimmer of malfeasance, may be for nothing more than the delusional promotion of a failed foreign policy of engagement through weakness? For the silly political notion that Al-Qaeda is no longer a threat?   Should we be concerned that our One World conditioned, firmly embedded, morally bankrupt, socialist bureaucrats may be incrementally causing Atlas to finally shrug; and that our sovereign, though bankrupt Constitutional Republic may soon come crashing down around us?  Do we believe that the world views a U.S. foreign policy openly defended with lies as proof that the U.S. dollar is stable and merits status as the world reserve currency?  Is the United States becoming a bad joke and are we the people voting for it?

The aftermath and cover-up of this Libyan tragedy, resulting in the brutal murders of four Americans, has exposed a surprising level of Federal government lies by omission, outright lies and gross misrepresentation and twisting of facts.  Some might call it propaganda.  As citizens, do we believe we can successfully manage a Constitutional Republic of more than 300 million people on a shallow, shifting foundation of deceit and manipulative connivance, ostensibly for inhumane Globalist political gain and the protection of CFR drones?  It would appear that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama bear responsibility for absolutely nothing, in spite of shocking levels of incompetence, disinterest, dishonesty or all of the above.  Is any of this unacceptably despicable behavior in the best interest of United States citizens or the world?

We could ask J. Christopher Stevens his opinion of all this, but he’s dead;  apparently murdered by the complicit failure of a bureaucracy too corrupt, too systemically disingenuous and too large to succeed.

As a people and a nation, we should understand three important things.  Those three things are first, that our government agencies from the top down are led by and are embedded with heavily conditioned, socialist wannabe bureaucrats who accept responsibility for nothing; yet feel entitled, even duty-bound, to dictate to citizens of these United States, whatever centrally planned, Globalist nonsense their particular agency is currently dispensing.  Secondly, that these socialist bureaucrats are thoroughly conditioned to believe in  socialist, totalitarian One World Governance; and not to believe in American freedom,  free capitalist markets or sovereignty.  Thirdly, we can count on our obsequious press corps to fully and dishonorably enable their bureaucratic, socialist One World  delusions.  It’s beginning to appear that citizens of the United States, particularly hard working people and entrepreneurs are now being treated as Enemies of the State and are without protection.  If our own government cannot or will not protect us as citizens, then what useful function does it have?

In the end, the sacred individual freedoms granted by Divine Providence and recognized by our Constitution and Bill of Rights are trampled, disrespected and negated by unelected officials and judges who incrementally, but constantly nudge us toward the socialist/reverse fascist oligarchy forming itself in place of our Republic.  Those who would push this sick agenda upon us;  an agenda that has failed across the globe every time it’s tried – employ judicial activism and largely unfettered regulatory agencies to impose their rules upon an unsuspecting, uninformed citizenry.

Liberal Democrats doggedly sell socialism as the path certain to an even break and prosperity for everyone.  Yet, in most of socialist Europe today, there is clearly zero upward economic mobility.  Socialist European society is highly stratified and you are where you are with no hope of being anything more.  Income is taxed at levels leaving barely enough to survive and today, in 2012, not even that.  This means that if you operate a shoe store;  you will always operate a shoe store.  You will never be able to overcome taxation and save to start a second shoe store, or a third.  That is impossible.  If you are an employee in that shoe store;  you will always be an employee in that shoe store or perhaps in some other store.  Taxation will make certain you never save enough money to start your own shoe store.  That is impossible.

When the European Nanny State cannot honor their ridiculous promises to take care of everyone;  no one has any unconfiscated discretionary cash with which to take care of themselves.  They are simply without options.  Their government takes all their wealth;  does whatever it cares to with it – mostly through waste, fraud and criminal forms of nepotism and Elite monopoly favoritism – and the people are left with no other choice than to take to the streets screaming in frustration.  If you live in America, circa 2012 and still have some discretionary cash left over with some level of self sufficiency and choice remaining;  don’t for a minute think Europeans are the same.  They are not.  When we in America finally sink to the same levels of socialism Europe has; we too, will have no choices remaining.

If we continue on our present socialist course, our U.S. Nanny State will implode just as in Europe and we too will be in the streets screaming without hope.  I do not believe that our economic collapse is imminent, as in tomorrow;  but there is no doubt that collapse is inevitable if we do not change course and become responsible citizens and voters.  The future is entirely in our hands right now.  There will be no one else for our children or history to blame if we vote incorrectly.

The level of taxation in a socialist economy is such that all opportunity is null and void, though equally null and void, excepting the Elite and their arrogant drones, who greedily bleed the confiscatory system to their own corrupt, insider benefit.  Improvement in economic condition is not thinkable for mere citizens.  Upward mobility is nonexistent.  You cannot move from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top, though you can fall from the top to the bottom.  A socialist economic system is a system of zero opportunity.  When Barack Obama and his socialist bureaucrats say they want to give everyone an even break;  what they are really saying is that everyone will be equalized in poverty with no other options beneath the callous thumb of their Elite Nanny State Masters.  Obama and his ilk want social justice for us, not for themselves.  They stand above justice.

Capitalism can easily be mauled by corruption, but can just as easily be monitored and repaired by decent people as it is chosen, not imposed.  Socialism and its evil sister fascism are built on corruption, manipulation and propaganda, so can never be adequately monitored or fixed by anyone.  Socialism is spiritually repugnant, denies human nature and demonstrates consistent and systemic societal failure every time it is imposed.

Four more years of the Obama Administration’s delusions of grandeur and empty claims to provide a level playing field for all, assure every American citizen of the socially just, fairly imposed opportunity for tax induced poverty.  If Atlas Shrugs anytime soon, say because Saudi Arabia refuses to accept U.S. dollars for oil;  or because no bidders show up at our bi-monthly Treasury Auction to purchase more U.S. debt;  our land of equally distributed  poverty and fairly withheld opportunity will arrive suddenly, though surely not unanticipated.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may be able to alter our current disastrous course and avoid the nearest icebergs, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that Mr. Romney and friends can or will fix this mess anytime soon.  They will be captaining our American ship of state through the rest of the ice flow and I hope honestly so; but there are giant Establishment Right and Marxist Left icebergs everywhere and  it will likely get worse before it gets better.  The Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II Administrations breached a yawning debt hole in the bow of our ship, but Obama has treasonously widened that hole several diameters larger.  It will take decades to overcome the Republican and Democrat, Globalist inspired deceit and mistakes we must now live with and our children must pay for.

Romney and Ryan, if elected, to be successful, will have no choice but to deal with our bloated, profligate government over-spending; our deeply entrenched, obstinate Council On Foreign Relations conditioned, socialist oriented regulatory bureaucracy and  our obscene discriminatory tax code.  They will have to legitimately audit the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise, at least consider terminating the now permanent, though unconstitutional Federal Reserve Charter; and then deal honestly and openly with the monopolistic, central banking nightmare and its “above the law” ties to the International Bank of Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, all of which will be exposed by an honest audit – likely impossible.

There is virtually no possibility that Romney/Ryan will go the way of the failed Marxist Left.  If Romney/Ryan go the way of the Establishment Right, they will fail us.  If Romney does an honest job, he will at best be politically destroyed by our Globalist media; or at worse, risks being assassinated as was JFK.  World central bankers are notoriously territorial and vindictive when our money risks being removed from their mahogany table.

Four more years of Obamanomics and American freedom will land rudely on the trash pile of history.  Romney and Ryan will hopefully have their chance in November if the voters deem it so and it is up to them to do what they can with it.  Perhaps Mitt Romney will be our generation’s George Washington?  Both he and Paul Ryan seem to have the requisite humility and courage.  Do they have the independence and will?  I hope so, because we don’t know how many times Atlas can still shrug without finally dropping our world into a Socialist One World Dictatorship.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” { Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Minister of Propaganda}

Barack Hussein Obamacare Obama fervently believes as did Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 – 1945) that a powerful, centrally planned government must partner with large corporate monopolies and together control every aspect of life.  Mussolini’s fascism failed Italy and has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, as has its twisted sister, socialism.

It has taken less than four years for the Obama Administration to demonstrate its own hybrid, socialist/fascist failure in America; yet the Establishment Right and Marxist Left, both stubbornly and disingenuously persist in their rhetorically differing and uniformly dishonest pose, thereby luring the unsuspecting U.S. citizen into the sticky, utopian One World Dictatorship they so blindly envision.  Whether we give up our freedom via our uninformed votes to pure socialism or to some form of reverse fascism doesn’t matter.  We as citizens will become captive serfs either way and most likely, irreversibly so.

Our only safety net as citizens is to vote for Representatives of any party, who openly and bravely support our Constitutional Republic – not just with words, but putting it on the line with action.  It is time to become American, not Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian.

Barack Obama and his Left Sided Globalist cronies have picked up and are aggressively carrying the Globalist Gauntlet dropped into their anxious hands by the equally anxious, Right Sided Globalist Bush regime.  Liberals see Bush and the Right as the enemy of freedom.  Conservatives see Obama and the Left as the enemies of freedom.  Neither seem to recognize that the Establishment Right and Marxist Left both work along rhetorically independent tracks to slowly, but steadily nudge the uninformed U.S. citizenry toward a dead end, totalitarian Globalist serfdom.

The only difference between the two is that the Marxist Left envisions the U.N. as slave master of their plantation and the Neo-con Right envision the U.S. government as slave master.  Both viewpoints are anathema to freedom, spiritually devastating, destructive to civilization and are deranged with respect to human nature.  They each believe they can win in the end and the dishonest, sometimes brutal means are justified and morally immaterial…to them.

World nations are today, being effectively influenced and cleverly manipulated into involuntary participation in what is intended to be a nuclear World War III.  This Globalist planned war will, if successful, reduce world population to what the Globalist Elite believe to be more manageable levels, say 500 million to 1 billion or so;  down from today’s unruly 6 billion.  This war will also provide the desperate means for re-aligning the countries of the world into their various unions such as the existing European Union and the future North American Union.

The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are all being manipulated alongside the irritated blister of haves and have nots, within a stirred pot of antagonistic hegemony, imperialism and nationalism; all fueled by racial and religious enmity.  To stop this catastrophe, all we must do as citizens is stand up and vote no – then hold our elected Representative’s feet to the fire of freedom – but will we do that?

The re-election of quintessential Chicago Thug, Barrack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Marxist cohorts are an assurance that some form of fascist, socialist, or reverse fascist oligarchy will be firmly established in the United States by 2016.  The Obama Administration will work furiously to drive the final nails into our coffin of free markets and individual liberty – all beneath the false, but supposedly comforting guise of protecting us from ourselves and capitalist greed.

Fixing this enormous voter miscalculation, if it can ever be fixed, will require fifty or more years of intense effort and sacrifice.  Today’s young will see their economic future slip further and further away in spite of any effort they make.  Our children will come to understand first hand that social justice and equal outcomes translate directly to “forced outcomes”, that is, slavery.

As a historical fact of human history, we know that it is not possible to be dependent and remain free simultaneously.  Individual freedom and choice is inversely proportional to the level of dependency.  Capitalism as an imperfect economic system nurtures freedom;  requires freedom to exist as a workable system.  Socialism and its sick sister fascism have no mechanism with which to foster the pursuit of individual excellence and can only enforce, through State central planning, an arbitrary mediocrity as the standard for forced equal outcomes and the uniform poverty known as social justice.  Socialism is slavery by a different name and nothing more.

As a people we have slowly, but surely been lowered into the delusional totalitarian pot beginning with Woodrow Wilson, finally culminating with the George W. Bush Administration and today with Barack Obama.  We have incrementally given up our own freedom in far too many unacceptable ways.  For example:

Placing our Federal government in charge of Social Security or any other aspect of our retirement with its herd of self serving, chronically short sighted  politicians was like hiring 535 Kleptomaniacs to work in a gift shop.   The inventory has vanished and our gift shop is bankrupt.  All that’s left is the finger of blame, but in fact, there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We the voters hired the Klepto’s.

Allowing our elected and appointed Federal government bureaucrats to confiscate our hard earned wealth by raising taxes in order to supposedly create private sector jobs is like starving an Olympic athlete to improve decathlon performance.  Failure is certain;  there are no jobs and our athlete will finish an exhausted, but predictable last place.  America’s wealth, financial health and well being is built on small business.  Starving those small businesses as the path to wealth creation goes beyond self defeating;  it’s blatantly stupid and constitutes complete denial of economic history.

Managing an economic empire by political ideology as both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left do, is like playing baseball on a basketball court.  We the people cannot win.  The single beneficiary, as a group, of unconstitutional tax regulation and all other monopoly favorable regulations are the Global Elite, world central banking and their insider preferred monopoly partners in publishing, media, insurance, energy, arms, etc.  There is almost no end to the corruption we see bleeding out of Washington D.C.

Is it even possible anymore for the average citizen to obtain sufficient representation in Washington D.C. so as to at least be able to ask, “Since I the tax payer am paying you to represent me, can you please attempt to manage our economy by discussing and applying economic principles as opposed to brow beating each other and the voters with political sound bites while promising that something good will eventually, though accidentally happen”?

I don’t know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can stop or even slow the American descent into dereliction, poverty, serfdom and the world wide irrelevance we are guilty of voting for.  I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working and will work mightily, if allowed, to accelerate our American demise into a poverty stricken, powerless, corpse of a country complying with their warped view of world fairness.  Unfortunately, they never notice that when American leadership is absent in the world;  the world has no leadership at all.  Societal and world chaos is always much less safe for everyone than rational order, even when mistakes are made.  Unfortunately, Obama’s narrow, mean vision constitutes an unobstructed path to World War III and the horrible devastation it will bring.

We’ll have to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to find out what their vision is.  Did I just somehow manage to mimic brain dead Nancy Pelosi?  OMG!

The Romney campaign certainly doesn’t require any input from 1600 Watch to set its foreign policy course.  None-the-less 1600 Watch offers the following.

1600 Watch believes voters on the Left and Right are locked in for November 6th.  Obama or Romney – it isn’t going to change for any of these folks.  This 2012 Presidential election will be won by the votes of those who have managed to be undecided.  Of these undecided voters, many are anti-war and are upset with Obama in that we are still in Afghanistan and though we have formally withdrawn our military;  understand that we still have more than 20,000 so-called “contractors” messing around in Iraq.

Romney / Ryan can win these voters over and do a good and moral thing for America and the world by arguing from the Left Side of Foreign Affairs and National Security.  This argument should be shallow and stay on the surface;  kitchen table talk, nothing complicated.

The argument goes as follows:  Aside from whether or not the U.S. should have invaded Afghanistan – we did invade Afghanistan.  Aside from whether or not the U.S.  and its allies could ever win in Afghanistan;  The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton policies over the past four years have rendered winning anything at all absolutely impossible.  Victory in any sense of the word is now strategically off the table.  Whether we agree or disagree with Bush or Obama foreign policies in the Middle East;  diplomatic reality is that Afghanistan (actually not part of the Middle East) is lost beyond any possible recovery.  No amount of continued blood shed can fix it.  Why should our American children continue to be squandered on the rocky mountainsides of Afghanistan for even one more day?  To what purpose?

Iraq is, of course, diplomatically lost to us as well.  The only way our withdrawal from Iraq could have been successful was to take a strong leadership position with Iran and basically isolate Iran from Iraq.  The Obama Administration policy of engagement through weakness has left Iraq with no choice but to partner up with a strong ally to defend itself within a politically dangerous region.  That new ally is unfortunately an Iran led by Islamic Extremists emboldened by perceived American weakness and hungrier than ever for the destruction of the Israeli and American people.

Romney and Ryan should aggressively advocate the U.S. pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.  Not one more American soldier or contractor should die for nothing.  Furthermore, the United States should immediately close down and abandon all diplomatic embassies within any country in which the United States is not welcome.

The above policy also includes cancellation of all existing visas and denial of new visas for any foreign nationals resident in any of those countries in which the United States closes its embassies.  No foreign national from these countries may legally enter the United States.  This will allow the elimination of, or at least a significant reduction in TSA staffing, wasted expense and unconstitutional (per the 10th Amendment) intrusion into the lives of American citizens.  All U.S. foreign aid and all sanctioned trade with these countries ceases immediately.  American businesses choosing to do business with these countries do so at their own risk and expense.

No conservative will vote for Obama.  No liberal will vote for Romney.  The undecided voters are not impressed with the pandering, status quo arguments they hear every election cycle from both Left and Right.  If folks are undecided, it means they are at least somewhat dis-satisfied with the incumbent;  therefore they are open to the challenger, which history demonstrates generally to be the case.  Romney and Ryan should take advantage of this –  be bold, creative and courageously propose a totally new Middle East foreign policy that actually makes sense.

There is no reason on earth for the United States to be doing business with countries that don’t want to do business with us.  There is even less reason for pushing our military presence on these countries and then unsuccessfully deal with the predictable aftermath. This makes no sense and gets a lot of people killed.  How would we like it if China decided to station troops in Washington D.C. or Indianapolis?  Other countries have a right not to do business with us if they prefer not to.  If we are too foolish to develop our own energy resources, then maybe it’s time to wake up.

The United States should withdraw from all Islamic countries where we are not welcome;  vigorously protect and defend Israel, any other genuine allies and ourselves;  and in doing so, save lives and save tons of money.  This is a winning strategy and is also the right thing to do.

Just a thought.