09-21-2012: U.S. Proximity and Islamic Peace Cannot Co-Exist

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Most American Presidents have insisted on U.S.  diplomatic and in some cases military presence in Islamic countries, most of whom; or more likely, none of whom want anything U.S. or Western on their soil.  This presence is usually presented within the context of great strength, which Islamic culture at least respects. These Presidents have also tended to maintain strong support for the people of Israel – our only ally in the Middle East.  {As a side note, we might recall that the historic City of Jerusalem was founded by King David many centuries before Mohammad was born and Islam came to be.  The Israelis are not interlopers.}

Barack Obama has taken a vastly different tack.  He openly threw Israel under the bus, insulted Great Britain, abandoned our Eastern European allies, then jumped on an enormously politicized apology tour throughout the Middle East and Europe; and has since attempted to engage Middle Eastern culture through feigned U.S. weakness and pandering to so-called Middle East democracy, which is silly as democracy and Sharia Law are not compatible.

Both of the above U.S. foreign policies have utterly failed and in failing have brought on terrorism and blood shed throughout the world.  Of the two disparate policies, Obama’s engagement through weakness program has not only failed , but has now set the entire Middle East – and soon Western European countries with significant Islamic populations to follow – literally on fire.  The failure of Muslim cultures to respect weakness has now devolved into a world wide disaster.  I would imagine our nearly leadership comatose President will soon “blame Bush” for his catastrophic failure, though many suspect that the most brilliant President ever, may possibly have set the Middle East on fire intentionally.  I personally wouldn’t know – I don’t go to the meetings.

The status quo solution volunteered by typical Neo-cons, one of whom is past U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, now a Fox News talking head is more strength, more defense, more military – that’ll fix it.  Really?  It appears obvious that this policy has never worked diplomatically and has only degenerated from a bad beginning at least since the late 1970’s, which now show cases nearly four decades of failed Middle East policy and I have no idea how many dead, maimed, blinded and displaced innocent people as collateral damage.  For what?  Cheap oil?  Have you noticed the price of oil lately?

The U.S. has more of its own oil than the Middle East can even dream about though our government, run on its short Globalist Elite leash doesn’t want anyone to know that.  That factoid aside, does any rational person believe that if the U.S. and its western allies remove ourselves from Islamic soil that Islamic countries would cease to sell their oil to us?  Oil is their sole source of wealth, so not likely.  Western businesses who choose to do business in the Middle East can do so on their own and at their own expense.  We can buy oil and drill our own;  at least we could with a more energy friendly group in Washington D.C.

There are more than 1,500,000,000 people of Islam swarming around on planet earth and banging their heads on the ground five times per day.  Approximately 10% of them, that is 150,000,000 are serious believers in the Islamic Caliphate.  Of those, such as the Leaders of Iran, many are serious Twelvers who believe that in order for the Twelfth Imam to return, the world must be in a condition of massive bloodshed and chaos.  Only under this bloody curtain of filth and mayhem will the Twelfth Imam return and establish the world wide Islamic Caliphate.  This is not a scenario lending itself to reasonable discourse, compromise or negotiation.  It’s no different than trying to converse with a rock or building a beautiful bridge to nowhere.  We can talk at Islamic leaders non-stop, but no one is listening.  No one cares.

Many, perhaps most, Islamic people may well wish for peace and prosperity just as most others do, but to believe that Islamic Leaders want peace is to be woefully uninformed or to naively WISH FOR WAR; I suppose to serve whatever foolish agenda the Globalist Banksters may have.  There are no other possibilities.

The only sane response to an Islamic world wantonly on fire is to LEAVE.  The U.S. should withdraw diplomatically and militarily from all Islamic countries.  Pull back, defend and protect Israel, defend and protect our other allies, those remaining under our woefully abysmal leadership vacuum and defend and protect our own country.  This would include actually requiring the CFR drones we elect in Washington D.C. to recognize that the United States does have a border, which contains within it, an important group of people some of us might call citizens.  Those citizens have a right not to be disenfranchised by illegal immigrants being used as political pawns by politicians who wouldn’t know what integrity was if their limousine crashed it head on.

The United States of America must stand up to its own Constitution and Bill of Rights in honoring the right of other peoples and cultures across the globe to not do business with us, if they prefer not to.  There is no reason for the United States to establish and maintain consulates in countries like Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. who either resent our presence or take unfair advantage of American people and the aid we typically provide.

The idea that the United States has to force our diplomatic presence in countries that don’t want it in the first place is wrong.  The idea that we must then defend those same embassies against the aggressively negative reaction is not only wrong, it’s stupid.  This nonsense may be in the best interest of the Globalist Business Plan and elite world central bankers who earn billions annually by lending war funds with interest to both sides of every infraction, but it does not benefit anyone else – at all.

If the people of the United States believe in human freedom then it follows that they ought demand their government withdraw from Islamic countries who have every right of their own not to do business with us.  This withdraw will resolve nothing with the Twelvers who basically hate everyone and subscribe to the Lenin/Trotsky playbook of world domination, but it may go a long way to resolving the hatred of ordinary, less extreme Islamic believers who would prefer our Western presence not be pushed onto their soil.


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