09-07-2012: Congressional Time Is The Devil’s Playground

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

As government grows larger and larger and larger;  individual liberty shrinks more and more and more.  The only task our Federal government must responsibly busy itself with, is getting out of our way.

If you would like to build a complex circus of dumb ideas where educated fools can run rampant with silly notions conditioned into their Pavlovian heads by rationally comatose, collectively irresponsible, intellectually vacuous academics;  one way to do it would be to put a bunch of humans in charge of your country’s legislative process and then give them unlimited time to exorcise their incompetence and proclivity for corruption.  Failure is imminent and certain.

Our Founders understood the foibles, weaknesses and also the strengths inherent within human nature and did their best to behaviorally account for these through the checks and balances provided in our Constitutional Republic.  The State of Texas gets it as well.  Texas is financially the healthiest economic State in our Union of, I think Obama said 57 States, and is without question one of the best States within which to start and operate a small business.  A good deal of this opportunity results from the fact that the Texas Legislature, which by the way descended from the Congress of the Republic of Texas, (yes, Texas was originally a Republic and has the right to secede from the Union) is constitutionally limited to meeting for a term of only 140 days in each odd-numbered year.

Granted, Texas legislators have done and will likely do more really stupid things, but all the same, their 140-day playground seriously restricts their ability to mess around with things that are none of their business to begin with.  Texas has this limited legislative concept dialed right in and it works really, really well.  Special 30-day sessions can be called for, if necessary, so there is flexibility with the Lone Star system.

A human with too much time on their hands is likely to get into or start trouble and when that human holds elected legislative power in their gavel – the trouble will be expensive and will nine times out of ten, threaten our individual liberty and unalienable right to live our lives unobstructed within the bounds of Natural Law.  It’s just what humans tend to do.

There’s nothing inordinately horrible about legislators, that is, politicians;  they’re just human, though I suppose too many of them are Globalist conditioned lawyers, who’ve attended a few too many non-invasive, Tavistockian, frontal lobotomy seminars.  I’m not being facetious here;  I’ll give you an example.  With the exception of Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and a very few others, there is not one Federally elected House or Senate Member who is capable of forming the English words, “Federal Reserve Bank Audit”.  They cannot physically do it and it’s not because they’re forbidden or coerced in some way;  it’s simply because they are noninvasively lobotomized as a group through frequent attendance of Globalist study group sessions, Globalist think tank strategy meetings and Globalist Foundation seminars.

There’s no conspiracy here;  it’s a simple system of Pavlovian conditioning as taught in Psych 101.  This conditioning is effective and spreads throughout the population as an anti-deductive reasoning virus that can pass through walls and turn functional brains into mush.  Lenin and friends dynamically deployed the concept world wide after being generously funded by the world’s Globalist Elite and fine tuned over the years by the Tavistock Institute.  (Yes, the gullible, anti-Capitalist Left is funded by the wealthiest, greediest folks in the world, just as is the Establishment Right.)  It’s precisely the same conditioning mechanism used to infect otherwise normal people, at least those easily duped, with what Michael Savage has gently termed  the mental disorder of liberalism.

As a result of this Tavistockian, One World conditioning system, we will quite literally – never meet a true big government liberal, Left or Right, who has any ability whatever to acknowledge facts, reason deductively or connect two logically consecutive dots.   Every major so-called news outlet today is staffed with these mentally conditioned drones.  Every single one of these liberals absolutely, resolutely believes in historically failed Keynesian economic theory no matter how many times it’s dismal failure is demonstrated and no matter how many futures it destroys.  To a person they ardently believe it is their responsibility to assist big government in dictating to you and I how we must live as we are increasingly confined to our centrally planned, distopian  plantation.

I know you’re uncomfortable with my even mentioning this anti-independent thinking, viral infection because we’ve all been and are being conditioned through the media every single day, all day, 24/7.  It’s just a matter of degree and our personal ability to resist.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and near as I can tell there is no effective anti-viral medication once infected.  You simply cannot reason with a liberal – you have to defeat them if you want to be free or remain free.  This includes defeating both the Marxist Left and the even more insidious Establishment Right.

Every one of us is challenged or would be challenged by coping with the trials and responsibility of local or national leadership and must carefully and thoughtfully discipline ourselves against any potential abuse of power, particularly when that power is exercised in a less than transparent environment;  say Washington D.C.  This is even more poignant when these elected representatives spend most of the year in their wood paneled D.C. offices and are easily and conveniently surrounded by financial bundlers and lobbyists working for special interests, many of whom, maybe most of whom represent international conglomerate monopolies in banking, energy, arms, chemicals, insurance, farming, etc.  It really is not possible to imagine this scenario having a positive outcome for you and I.

Given that the majority of our elected representatives have unconditionally demonstrated their childlike tendency to selfishly pursue their own self aggrandizement and their own little power fiefdoms;  and given that “term limits” are not a likely scenario;  1600 Watch has come to firmly believe that the inability to self discipline must be offset by a more limited legislative session for both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Something along the lines of a single 90-day session running from say, February through April, each year is more than enough time for these otherwise decent people to perform their constitutionally limited legislative tasks and will help them avoid morphing into ravenous jackals feeding on the carcass of our unalienable right to live the way we choose.

Similar to Texas, emergency 30-day limited sessions can be called when needed, to say, name a new bridge after one of themselves or some other equally important business.  This will provide the flexibility to deal effectively with a changing world.

There are no cons to this limited legislative session concept.  The pros are almost unlimited.  The single biggest pro is that our 100 U.S. Senate members and 435 House members will spread out across the nation for nine months of the year.  This makes it much more expensive, much more logistically complicated and simply more difficult for special interest lobbyists and financial bundlers to run these folks down and bribe them.  This alone could save our Republic and our freedom.

The second really huge pro is that a more limited proximity to Washington D.C. makes the logistics and expense of attending readily available, anti-freedom oriented, Globalist sponsored strategy meetings, think tank sessions, study groups, etc.  less likely to be attended by our elected Representatives or their staffs.  This is a huge plus and is why I digressed in the explanation above as you were wondering, “what the hell is he talking about – what is Tavistock – why should I care about Pavlovian conditioning – what does it have to do with legislation, etc.”?  If we are to restore freedom in America we must learn not to be ashamed of wondering why we think what we think.  It’s OK to notice that we are being conditioned and to wonder what we might do about it.

The third really, really big plus is that the restricted time in legislative session will necessitate our elected Representatives actually spending their time on Constitutionally mandated responsibilities.  They would no longer have sufficient time available to stumble around their very nice offices dreaming up legislative crap that is none of their business, just to honor some financial bundler’s quid pro quo request to trample our Constitution so some Elite Globalist Insider can steal more money from uninformed tax payers; or better yet, use government to crush their free market competition through some new piece of preferential regulatory abuse to be buried in some 2,500 page pile of unconstitutional legislative garbage and then be added to the more than 225,000 pages of discriminatory tax code and regulatory nonsense we the people have already bought and paid for.

Anyway, I’m just saying, maybe it’s time we seriously considered governing our governors as they clearly have no human ability to govern themselves.  A legislative time limit is simple;  will save hundreds of tons of U.S. dollars;  and more importantly will go a very long way toward protecting our Constitutionally recognized liberties while we still can.


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