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Most American Presidents have insisted on U.S.  diplomatic and in some cases military presence in Islamic countries, most of whom; or more likely, none of whom want anything U.S. or Western on their soil.  This presence is usually presented within the context of great strength, which Islamic culture at least respects. These Presidents have also tended to maintain strong support for the people of Israel – our only ally in the Middle East.  {As a side note, we might recall that the historic City of Jerusalem was founded by King David many centuries before Mohammad was born and Islam came to be.  The Israelis are not interlopers.}

Barack Obama has taken a vastly different tack.  He openly threw Israel under the bus, insulted Great Britain, abandoned our Eastern European allies, then jumped on an enormously politicized apology tour throughout the Middle East and Europe; and has since attempted to engage Middle Eastern culture through feigned U.S. weakness and pandering to so-called Middle East democracy, which is silly as democracy and Sharia Law are not compatible.

Both of the above U.S. foreign policies have utterly failed and in failing have brought on terrorism and blood shed throughout the world.  Of the two disparate policies, Obama’s engagement through weakness program has not only failed , but has now set the entire Middle East – and soon Western European countries with significant Islamic populations to follow – literally on fire.  The failure of Muslim cultures to respect weakness has now devolved into a world wide disaster.  I would imagine our nearly leadership comatose President will soon “blame Bush” for his catastrophic failure, though many suspect that the most brilliant President ever, may possibly have set the Middle East on fire intentionally.  I personally wouldn’t know – I don’t go to the meetings.

The status quo solution volunteered by typical Neo-cons, one of whom is past U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, now a Fox News talking head is more strength, more defense, more military – that’ll fix it.  Really?  It appears obvious that this policy has never worked diplomatically and has only degenerated from a bad beginning at least since the late 1970’s, which now show cases nearly four decades of failed Middle East policy and I have no idea how many dead, maimed, blinded and displaced innocent people as collateral damage.  For what?  Cheap oil?  Have you noticed the price of oil lately?

The U.S. has more of its own oil than the Middle East can even dream about though our government, run on its short Globalist Elite leash doesn’t want anyone to know that.  That factoid aside, does any rational person believe that if the U.S. and its western allies remove ourselves from Islamic soil that Islamic countries would cease to sell their oil to us?  Oil is their sole source of wealth, so not likely.  Western businesses who choose to do business in the Middle East can do so on their own and at their own expense.  We can buy oil and drill our own;  at least we could with a more energy friendly group in Washington D.C.

There are more than 1,500,000,000 people of Islam swarming around on planet earth and banging their heads on the ground five times per day.  Approximately 10% of them, that is 150,000,000 are serious believers in the Islamic Caliphate.  Of those, such as the Leaders of Iran, many are serious Twelvers who believe that in order for the Twelfth Imam to return, the world must be in a condition of massive bloodshed and chaos.  Only under this bloody curtain of filth and mayhem will the Twelfth Imam return and establish the world wide Islamic Caliphate.  This is not a scenario lending itself to reasonable discourse, compromise or negotiation.  It’s no different than trying to converse with a rock or building a beautiful bridge to nowhere.  We can talk at Islamic leaders non-stop, but no one is listening.  No one cares.

Many, perhaps most, Islamic people may well wish for peace and prosperity just as most others do, but to believe that Islamic Leaders want peace is to be woefully uninformed or to naively WISH FOR WAR; I suppose to serve whatever foolish agenda the Globalist Banksters may have.  There are no other possibilities.

The only sane response to an Islamic world wantonly on fire is to LEAVE.  The U.S. should withdraw diplomatically and militarily from all Islamic countries.  Pull back, defend and protect Israel, defend and protect our other allies, those remaining under our woefully abysmal leadership vacuum and defend and protect our own country.  This would include actually requiring the CFR drones we elect in Washington D.C. to recognize that the United States does have a border, which contains within it, an important group of people some of us might call citizens.  Those citizens have a right not to be disenfranchised by illegal immigrants being used as political pawns by politicians who wouldn’t know what integrity was if their limousine crashed it head on.

The United States of America must stand up to its own Constitution and Bill of Rights in honoring the right of other peoples and cultures across the globe to not do business with us, if they prefer not to.  There is no reason for the United States to establish and maintain consulates in countries like Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. who either resent our presence or take unfair advantage of American people and the aid we typically provide.

The idea that the United States has to force our diplomatic presence in countries that don’t want it in the first place is wrong.  The idea that we must then defend those same embassies against the aggressively negative reaction is not only wrong, it’s stupid.  This nonsense may be in the best interest of the Globalist Business Plan and elite world central bankers who earn billions annually by lending war funds with interest to both sides of every infraction, but it does not benefit anyone else – at all.

If the people of the United States believe in human freedom then it follows that they ought demand their government withdraw from Islamic countries who have every right of their own not to do business with us.  This withdraw will resolve nothing with the Twelvers who basically hate everyone and subscribe to the Lenin/Trotsky playbook of world domination, but it may go a long way to resolving the hatred of ordinary, less extreme Islamic believers who would prefer our Western presence not be pushed onto their soil.


Before getting to my main point, which is for the U.S. to diplomatically and militarily evacuate all Islamic nations, a minor digression is necessary for back story.

If the United States is all about freedom and democracy, then why doesn’t U.S. foreign policy respect the free right of other countries not to associate with the U.S.?  If Islamic countries don’t wish to associate with American’s, why do we not respect their right to freely associate with whom they wish?  There is not one sensible reason in this world justifying the presence of U.S. embassies in any Islamic countries that openly despise western culture generally and American culture specifically.  There is even less rational for stationing American troops in these countries.

The purpose of the United States military is to protect the citizens of the United States.  That’s it.  It is a focused, singular purpose.

Those who would employ the U.S. military for any broader purpose have an agenda that is likely not conducive to respecting the rights of others, of protecting the American people and certainly not to maintaining peace between nations.  If the City of Scottsdale sends its police force over to camp on my property and watch me – do I feel free?  If you live in Afghanistan or any other country and the United States parks its military might in your country uninvited do the people of Afghanistan feel more free?  With all due respect, other countries have the right to sponsor their own dictators, whether benevolent or who happen to enjoy abusing their own people.  It’s not our business.

I’m not a fan of Islam, but make the above points because in defense of Islamic Middle Eastern countries, they have every right to strenuously object to world central banking using the U.S. military as its own private police force to bolster its sinister One World Agenda.  They also have every right to object to world central banking’s business plan for nudging us all into World War III immediately upon the heels of bankrupting the U.S.  Many of my conservative brothers and sisters on the right tend to gloss over these rather obvious and salient points in their patriotic passion for defending America at all costs and in every situation.  Sadly though, they don’t seem to grasp the fact that there is no reason for U.S. troops to occupy other countries.  This policy of occupation does not make sense just because the likes of CFR mutants Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, George H. and George W. Bush say it does.

When another country, or in the present case, group of Islamic radicals attack you;  attack them back, then leave.  Since we’re on the subject – it would be a good idea not to allow them into your country in the first place as they’re prone to sneakily attacking on your own soil.  It’s not necessary for us to make it easy and convenient for them to do so.  That’s rather self destructive actually.  It’s why we have borders around our country, though neither the Anti-establishment Left nor the Establishment Right recognize those borders. Can you say NAU?   Can you say Tavistock conditioning?  Here’s a few Tavistockian quotes to give you a brief taste of how we are convinced as a group that the insane is rational.

1600 Watch does not condone Islamic violence, but recognizes that these peoples have every right to be upset regarding the abusive manipulation by world central banking and the role the U.S. has been duped into supporting.

1600 Watch credits Dr. John Coleman’s “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations:  Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America” published by World Intelligence Review Inc. in 2006, for providing the following quotes.  Thank you Dr. Coleman.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”  {Edward Bernays}

“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”  {Edward Bernays}  As a side note, Bernays called the concept alluded to in the above two quotes as “engineering consent”.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  {George Orwell}

“All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news.”  {Willi Munzenburg}

With regard to the popular Washington D.C.  concept that liberties must be sacrificed in exchange for protection, one of our finest Constitutional scholars said:
“…a doctrine of necessity, a doctrine from Hell”.  {Henry Clay}

Like it or not, we as Americans since 1946, when Tavistock was finished with Germany and turned its mischievous eye toward the U.S., have been “Inner Conditioned”  through a process referred to by Tavistock instructors as “Long Range Penetration”.  Tavistock has successfully reduced the general American population to a condition of more or less permanent shell shock, where we are increasingly willing to accept the nonsense we are spoon fed by our heavily conditioned leaders and press, both on the Left as well as the Right.  It appears we no longer recognize our own mind.

Whether or not we live in denial of the above facts relating to Tavistock, it is time for realistic Americans to demand of our elected Representatives, that we abandon the Middle East;  excepting the protection of of our friends in Israel.  If we were and are too stupid to make use of our own oil;  well tough luck.  Maybe we learn to be more observant regarding the CFR idiots we’re voting for;  especially those the likes of Barack Obama, who completely un-vetted, hates the United States and has been running it into the ground for four long years.

It is time to close all embassies located in Islamic countries.  It is time to bring our troops home to protect us here – within our own borders, which we ought to actually recognize.  It is time to stop coddling Islamic beliefs and making believe that Islam has a right to free speech.  Would you send your children over to Jeffrey Dahmer’s house to play and  get to know Jeffrey better because it’s the nice thing to do?  Of course not – they’d end up in Jeff’s refrigerator.  Approximately 150,000,000 members of Islam (+/- 10%) are self labeled serial killers and if we are not converting to Islam any time soon they are openly and regularly promising to kill us; though admittedly the Koran says if we’re nice and do what we’re told, we could get by with a tax paid to Islam as some sort of subhuman species allowed to live.  Ain’t that great?

Under our Rule of Law and Constitution, the right to free speech does not include additional rights to blow-up other people’s property or burn it to the ground; to loot, throw things, jump up and down or to sodomize our American Ambassadors and commit murder because you disagree with someone else’s opinion.  I’m tired of hearing about “moderate” Muslims and followers of Islam.  We have the right to defend ourselves against the 150 million or so marauding rat swarms of murderous Islamic nut jobs.  Bring our troops home.  Drill our own oil.

Accepting that Islamic beliefs deserve a right to free speech is bending over for the Globalist Elite, who are playing all of us like badly tuned fiddles and the sound is both painful and expensive.  It’s time to stand up, go against our Tavistock conditioning and just say NO.  This is in the best interest of both the Middle East, the world and the United States of America.

Two obviously planned, armed, coordinated, phased attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya simultaneously staged on September 11, 2012 are clearly not the spontaneous result of a swarming, rat-like, Islamic response to a 6 minute YouTube movie.  For Ms. Hillary Clinton, our embarrassingly incompetent excuse for Secretary of State, possessed of all the forward looking vision of an over fed fruit fly to take valuable advertizing time from the airwaves, to claim so, is insulting.  This pandering political hack needs to seriously attend more Tavistock sponsored study group sessions to get her Globalist One World propaganda lines down pat.  For poor, shrill  Hillary, it seems every day is now a confusing, bad hair day, in spite of her husband bringing in more than $100 million a year lobbying for Islamic states.  She is apparently no longer capable of lying to the American people with charm, though her husband still can and does.

Granted, the murderous Islamic event planners are promoting and using the video to agitate the Islamic public into a screaming, car burning, wall climbing mob, not a difficult thing to do at any time, but the video did not cause these two attacks, nor the others likely to follow in other Islamic countries.  It’s entirely possible that the three straight days of DNC bragging about Obama killing Osama at their DNC convention may have agitated more violence than the silly 6 minute video – but I doubt the Globalist press corps would consider such an obvious and prolonged Democrat provocation.

As we listen and watch the Globalist brain washing outlets linked to AP and Reuters, such as Fox, MSNBC, CNN – and well just all of them – we apparently have only two options in the Middle East.  Apology or War.  Can you say STUPID?

At this point in time, is it still possible to imagine that the Neo-con Globalist Bush Administration’s two new Middle East wars immediately followed on by the Marxist Globalist Obama Administration’s war on American energy independence are coincidence?  Do we not smell a terrible Soros-like, Open Society stink here?

“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

The Middle East choices are not simply apology or war.  Both those mindless choices lead directly to World War III, which is the Globalist Elite business plan for the world’s future, and yes, it does include the demise of American freedom.  Following the pandering Globalist gibberish of the Marxist Democrats or the Neo-con Republicans is not in our best interest as a once free people.  No, we’re not free anymore – we can’t even have salt on a restaurant table in New York.  We gave all that freedom nonsense up in exchange for no security and are still giving it up, though we could gain it back at the voting booth if we start paying attention to real people instead of Elite funded politicians and Tavistock inspired propaganda.

Our elected Representatives have for decades maintained an American presence in Middle East countries, which absolutely drives the Islamic nut jobs even more murderously crazy than they already are.  Our presence along with engagement, apologies and weakness have bought us decades of hateful Islamic terrorism and over priced Middle East oil.  Is spite of wasting countless billions every year for more than forty years on our ridiculous Department of Energy – WE HAVE NO ENERGY POLICY – unless we call Obama’s war on fossil fuel a policy.

War is not a rational answer to the ruthlessly insane Islamic Twelvers.  There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and at least half of them openly support Islamic Terrorism and the murder of non-Islamic peoples.  If only 10% are nut job Twelvers that’s still more than 150,000,000 Islamic lunatics.  It is not rational to kill them all.  It is rational to defend our citizens against these hateful idiots.  Peace with lunatics cannot be had through weakness, yet strength does not require war.  World War III is not a Fait a compli, regardless what the Globalist Elite Business Plan says and regardless what the Globalist lemming media preaches about it.

A third solution that ought to be considered at this futile point is; with the exception of Israel with whom, decency requires honoring our defense and support commitments; it’s time to pull all official American presence out of the Middle East, lock, stock and barrel.  Reconnoiter our troops defensively around Israel and at home in America and allow Islam its own right to play in its sandbox.  Bring our kids home, protect our own borders and clearly state that if someone messes with Israel or America they will bleed for their mistake.  It is not a requirement that we as a people allow Globalist drones conditioned at Council On Foreign Relations’ study groups to guide us like lemmings into the Globalist Elite business plan, which unfortunately and as usual, includes war, famine and all the other good entertainment these sick Elite people enjoy at the world’s expense.  WE CAN AND SHOULD SAY NO!

If we don’t demand that our Representatives begin conducting themselves in a rational manner, in accordance with our Constitution and in our best national interest, then we are fools and deserve what the Globalists have in store for us.  If we as a people don’t quit being good propagandized Democrats and Republicans and start being good, intelligent Americans, we are headed for the Globalist Gulags.  The Globalist business plan is to completely bankrupt America and then push her into World War III.  The ensuing world chaos will leave people everywhere clamoring for a fix.  The fix will be the One World Order Socialist Dictatorship the Elite have been working toward since at least 1773.

This is not a conspiracy of some kind.  It is a ruthlessly simple, brutally effective business plan; nothing more and nothing less.  Denial of this obvious reality cannot lead to anything good for anyone in this world, including the megalomaniacle Elite.

Both the Marxist Left Anti-establishment Democrats and the Neo-con Establishment Right Republicans are mindlessly steering their respective rhetorically Globalist trains to the same pathetic station and there is no freedom at the end of this track.  To protect your family make the following assumption:  If you hear it on TV, it’s a lie.  If you read it in the newspaper or a magazine, it’s a lie.  If you hear it on the radio, it’s a lie.  Truth in media no longer exists.  The only way to discern truth today is to follow news from all over the world;  The U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, Israel, Australia, China, etc.  Then you piece all the Globalist propaganda together, sift through it and slowly you can piece together something resembling truth.

It is time for Americans to stand up and demand that our out of control government stop spilling our children’s blood for the furtherance of the Globalist Business Plan.  The idea that freedom is to be gained through death and destruction in Afghanistan or Iraq is ludicrous and ignorant.  Wantonly murdering every goat farmer in the mountains of Afghanistan does not make Americans free.  Keeping the goat farmers, at least the crazy ones, away from civilized society just might.

As government grows larger and larger and larger;  individual liberty shrinks more and more and more.  The only task our Federal government must responsibly busy itself with, is getting out of our way.

If you would like to build a complex circus of dumb ideas where educated fools can run rampant with silly notions conditioned into their Pavlovian heads by rationally comatose, collectively irresponsible, intellectually vacuous academics;  one way to do it would be to put a bunch of humans in charge of your country’s legislative process and then give them unlimited time to exorcise their incompetence and proclivity for corruption.  Failure is imminent and certain.

Our Founders understood the foibles, weaknesses and also the strengths inherent within human nature and did their best to behaviorally account for these through the checks and balances provided in our Constitutional Republic.  The State of Texas gets it as well.  Texas is financially the healthiest economic State in our Union of, I think Obama said 57 States, and is without question one of the best States within which to start and operate a small business.  A good deal of this opportunity results from the fact that the Texas Legislature, which by the way descended from the Congress of the Republic of Texas, (yes, Texas was originally a Republic and has the right to secede from the Union) is constitutionally limited to meeting for a term of only 140 days in each odd-numbered year.

Granted, Texas legislators have done and will likely do more really stupid things, but all the same, their 140-day playground seriously restricts their ability to mess around with things that are none of their business to begin with.  Texas has this limited legislative concept dialed right in and it works really, really well.  Special 30-day sessions can be called for, if necessary, so there is flexibility with the Lone Star system.

A human with too much time on their hands is likely to get into or start trouble and when that human holds elected legislative power in their gavel – the trouble will be expensive and will nine times out of ten, threaten our individual liberty and unalienable right to live our lives unobstructed within the bounds of Natural Law.  It’s just what humans tend to do.

There’s nothing inordinately horrible about legislators, that is, politicians;  they’re just human, though I suppose too many of them are Globalist conditioned lawyers, who’ve attended a few too many non-invasive, Tavistockian, frontal lobotomy seminars.  I’m not being facetious here;  I’ll give you an example.  With the exception of Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and a very few others, there is not one Federally elected House or Senate Member who is capable of forming the English words, “Federal Reserve Bank Audit”.  They cannot physically do it and it’s not because they’re forbidden or coerced in some way;  it’s simply because they are noninvasively lobotomized as a group through frequent attendance of Globalist study group sessions, Globalist think tank strategy meetings and Globalist Foundation seminars.

There’s no conspiracy here;  it’s a simple system of Pavlovian conditioning as taught in Psych 101.  This conditioning is effective and spreads throughout the population as an anti-deductive reasoning virus that can pass through walls and turn functional brains into mush.  Lenin and friends dynamically deployed the concept world wide after being generously funded by the world’s Globalist Elite and fine tuned over the years by the Tavistock Institute.  (Yes, the gullible, anti-Capitalist Left is funded by the wealthiest, greediest folks in the world, just as is the Establishment Right.)  It’s precisely the same conditioning mechanism used to infect otherwise normal people, at least those easily duped, with what Michael Savage has gently termed  the mental disorder of liberalism.

As a result of this Tavistockian, One World conditioning system, we will quite literally – never meet a true big government liberal, Left or Right, who has any ability whatever to acknowledge facts, reason deductively or connect two logically consecutive dots.   Every major so-called news outlet today is staffed with these mentally conditioned drones.  Every single one of these liberals absolutely, resolutely believes in historically failed Keynesian economic theory no matter how many times it’s dismal failure is demonstrated and no matter how many futures it destroys.  To a person they ardently believe it is their responsibility to assist big government in dictating to you and I how we must live as we are increasingly confined to our centrally planned, distopian  plantation.

I know you’re uncomfortable with my even mentioning this anti-independent thinking, viral infection because we’ve all been and are being conditioned through the media every single day, all day, 24/7.  It’s just a matter of degree and our personal ability to resist.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and near as I can tell there is no effective anti-viral medication once infected.  You simply cannot reason with a liberal – you have to defeat them if you want to be free or remain free.  This includes defeating both the Marxist Left and the even more insidious Establishment Right.

Every one of us is challenged or would be challenged by coping with the trials and responsibility of local or national leadership and must carefully and thoughtfully discipline ourselves against any potential abuse of power, particularly when that power is exercised in a less than transparent environment;  say Washington D.C.  This is even more poignant when these elected representatives spend most of the year in their wood paneled D.C. offices and are easily and conveniently surrounded by financial bundlers and lobbyists working for special interests, many of whom, maybe most of whom represent international conglomerate monopolies in banking, energy, arms, chemicals, insurance, farming, etc.  It really is not possible to imagine this scenario having a positive outcome for you and I.

Given that the majority of our elected representatives have unconditionally demonstrated their childlike tendency to selfishly pursue their own self aggrandizement and their own little power fiefdoms;  and given that “term limits” are not a likely scenario;  1600 Watch has come to firmly believe that the inability to self discipline must be offset by a more limited legislative session for both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Something along the lines of a single 90-day session running from say, February through April, each year is more than enough time for these otherwise decent people to perform their constitutionally limited legislative tasks and will help them avoid morphing into ravenous jackals feeding on the carcass of our unalienable right to live the way we choose.

Similar to Texas, emergency 30-day limited sessions can be called when needed, to say, name a new bridge after one of themselves or some other equally important business.  This will provide the flexibility to deal effectively with a changing world.

There are no cons to this limited legislative session concept.  The pros are almost unlimited.  The single biggest pro is that our 100 U.S. Senate members and 435 House members will spread out across the nation for nine months of the year.  This makes it much more expensive, much more logistically complicated and simply more difficult for special interest lobbyists and financial bundlers to run these folks down and bribe them.  This alone could save our Republic and our freedom.

The second really huge pro is that a more limited proximity to Washington D.C. makes the logistics and expense of attending readily available, anti-freedom oriented, Globalist sponsored strategy meetings, think tank sessions, study groups, etc.  less likely to be attended by our elected Representatives or their staffs.  This is a huge plus and is why I digressed in the explanation above as you were wondering, “what the hell is he talking about – what is Tavistock – why should I care about Pavlovian conditioning – what does it have to do with legislation, etc.”?  If we are to restore freedom in America we must learn not to be ashamed of wondering why we think what we think.  It’s OK to notice that we are being conditioned and to wonder what we might do about it.

The third really, really big plus is that the restricted time in legislative session will necessitate our elected Representatives actually spending their time on Constitutionally mandated responsibilities.  They would no longer have sufficient time available to stumble around their very nice offices dreaming up legislative crap that is none of their business, just to honor some financial bundler’s quid pro quo request to trample our Constitution so some Elite Globalist Insider can steal more money from uninformed tax payers; or better yet, use government to crush their free market competition through some new piece of preferential regulatory abuse to be buried in some 2,500 page pile of unconstitutional legislative garbage and then be added to the more than 225,000 pages of discriminatory tax code and regulatory nonsense we the people have already bought and paid for.

Anyway, I’m just saying, maybe it’s time we seriously considered governing our governors as they clearly have no human ability to govern themselves.  A legislative time limit is simple;  will save hundreds of tons of U.S. dollars;  and more importantly will go a very long way toward protecting our Constitutionally recognized liberties while we still can.

“Do you want to live in a country where everything is free; except us?”  {Congressman Paul Ryan}

Why are we voting in November?  Who are we voting for?  Do our candidates and their party affiliations stand for truth;  or for pandering?  Do our candidates have the courage to embrace truth and risk not being elected or re-elected:  or not?  Do our candidates actually represent us;  or do they pacify us with silly promises and sound bite rhetoric while they go full bore for the special interest monopolies whose financial benefit they submit themselves to in violation of their oaths of office?  Do we know the difference?  Are we paying attention?

If we think we can remain free and not pay attention – then by selecting the “do nothing” option we will have voted by abstention to end freedom for all of us.  We know that freedom is never free and has never once in all of human history been granted by a government.  Freedom is taken by those strong enough to take it.  Freedom is then held by those diligent enough to keep it.  Are we diligent citizens or are we the weak, gullible, cowardly generation that willingly hands our children and grandchildren off to the slavery of GLOBAL ELITE managed, centrally planned, feudal serfdom?

The Elite Globalists no longer bother to hide – there is no longer any question – if we’re awake – that both the Neo-con Globalist, Establishment Right of the Republican Party and the Marxist Globalist, Anti-Establishment Left of the Democrat Party are two sides of the same Globalist coin;  separated by mindless, meaningless, pandering, sound bite rhetoric and the ostensible battle between right and left, but firmly united in their joint Globalist vision of a pathetic, One World Barn where Main Street does what its Tavistockian Conditioning nudges it to do and helplessly pays for every nepotistic privilege the Elite enjoy and our out-of-control Federal government treasonously and ignorantly  sanctions and protects.  We are fools to vote for this tripe.  We deserve better, but we’ll have to take better;  better will never just be given to us.  The battle is real.

As our late President, Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  1600 Watch asks – are the Baby Boomers going to be that generation?  Are socialist, feudal crumbs all we will settle for and saddle our children with?  I think not!  I think we still have what it takes!  This, however, means we must stop taking the mass media lies seriously.  We must now assume:  If you hear it on a network TV or cable broadcast, it’s a lie.  If you hear it on the radio, it’s a lie.  If you read it in a newspaper or magazine, it’s a lie.  THINK FOR YOURSELF!  SEARCH OUT THE TRUTH!  For God’s sake – don’t listen to me – we all have to think for ourselves and support each other in that endeavor.  1600 Watch is not about convincing;  1600 Watch is about thinking independently and trying to identify the truth, which has no agenda.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees our individual right to equal opportunity.  Our outcome is our own to pursue – good, bad or otherwise.  That’s what freedom is – the right to succeed as well as to fail – and to try again…and again…and again as many times as we want; or not to try at all.  Free market capitalism is the economic life blood of this freedom cherishing ideology from which our Republic was born and has thrived for more than two hundred years.  Free market capitalism and private property ownership are the foundation of our self-governing Republic.  Free market capitalism nourishes and makes possible our pursuit of excellence in whatever way we each choose to define it…as long as we keep paying attention and stand up for our unalienable rights.  If we fail to stand;  we forfeit freedom.

Please note that international conglomerate monopolies as promoted, nurtured and protected under today’s supposed “federal regulatory agencies” are not and have nothing to do with free market capitalism.  Monopoly undermines our Republic and our freedom.  Obscene examples of this type of freedom devouring monopoly are the international banks and their incestuous relationship with the privately owned criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve System;  the giant international energy companies, insurance conglomerates and of course, the insidiously sycophantic media industry.

Totalitarian socialism and the peculiar form of reverse fascism we have today in America are built on and feed on government sanctioned, insider monopolies; and these monopolies strangle all opportunity for every “non-insider” person; replacing opportunity with “forced outcomes” for every “non-insider” person – where one cheap, grayish, mediocre size fits all – in our best and most protected interest, of course.  Can we spell “LIE”?  It is important that we wake up to the fact that both the Establishment Right Republican and the Marxist Left Democrat support and engender the suffocation of our Constitution and our Rule of Law, which has made possible the most free, most generous, most powerful, most wealthy, most opportunity filled human existence ever before seen on earth – all in just over two hundred years – and that, in spite of being under the treasonously, criminal yoke of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate families and their slimy octopus of internationally interlocked directorates and political shackles since 1913.

Unfortunately, the fairness of forced outcome requires thought and emotional conditioning, coercion and most particularly, unconstitutional regulatory force to mold every individual person into a “socially just”, utopian ideal of fairness conceived of by – whom?  Regulated by whom?  Controlled by whom?  Since we all have different individualized gifts, the lowest common denominator must be selected in every centrally planned category – by whom? –  in order to achieve the proper and fair outcome for all – says whom?

Totalitarian socialism and again, our peculiar form of American reverse fascism are spiritually devastating, emotionally crippling ideologies falsely promising security, but are anathema to freedom, human dignity and Natural Law…and don’t kid yourself – there is no example in world history of socialism existing in a non-totalitarian state.  The Communist utopia has never once occurred.  Keynesian economic theory has never once proven successful.

Have you graduated from school recently?  Looking for a job?  Trying to start a new business?  When you have a quiet moment do you dream of your future life as a gray suited, mediocre nobody, with no self actualized future, bereft of dreams or individuality with the entirety of your socially just life defined for you by some government bureaucrat?  Do you find yourself waiting breathlessly for this bleak, unimaginative, poverty stricken future to arrive?  If we’re not paying attention and our freedom pandering candidates are Establishment Right Republicans or Marxist Left Democrats and if these duplicitous fools should unfortunately win office in November 2012 – then all our dreams aside – our apathetic futures are utterly certain.  Our bleak European type future will be the forced mediocrity and dehumanizing poverty of centrally planned, Big Brother enforced Democratic Socialism.  May God help us to ever get that hobnailed boot off our necks?

It doesn’t matter one whit whether we are Democrat, Green, Independent, Libertarian or Republican.  As the late Aaron Russo so prophetically commented, “It’s time to stop being good Republicans.  It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”  We must defend our Republic now or we lose it.  The American experiment in self government is in serious jeopardy and there is no one to save it but us.

We learned from unredacted history books, those that remain on dusty shelves anyway, twenty centuries ago that the Roman Republic, an incredible example of self government and the wealth and power it can generate, quickly degenerated into the failed dictatorial Roman Empire as soon as the Senators and people realized they could vote “goodies” for themselves.  The Roman people learned the hard way that nothing on this earth is free;  including circuses and especially not freedom.

With the exception of today’s Tea Party Movement and a few Libertarians, we seem to have lost track of the concept that nothing in life is free; even breathing requires energy.  We seem drunkenly blind to the fact that the foolish Western European Nanny State is bankrupt.  Canada has learned;  Russia, China and most of Western Europe is learning; but we apparently are not learning;  that Socialism can only exist as a pathetic parasite on what it steals from the golden Capitalist goose.  When the Capitalist goose runs out of eggs – Socialism starves.  Socialism is not capable of supporting itself – ever.  Socialism is anathema to human nature, Natural Law and the dignity of life.

The truth is that our elected Federal Representatives along with the bloated bureaucracy they ignorantly and negligently spawned;  in concert with the Globalist Elite through world central banking and our own Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise has put every U.S. citizen in debt to the tune of $16 trillion, that is, more than $51,000 each – along with the ridiculous promise of unfunded mandates such as pensions, Social Security and Medicare adding up to more than $70 trillion, that is, more than $225,000 for every man, woman and child in these United States.  Any adult person who believes this can work is stupid.  I’m sorry, but these unfunded mandates are simply a sophomoric, politically motivated, pandering lie.

This debt cannot be fixed with a few cuts here or there, by some tweaking of mandate promises  or by some economically robust economic growth.  This is now broken forever and we must come to grips with that fact.  Either we begin to deal with our self created economic failure in a reasonable, controlled manner as suggested by Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and others or we keep our heads in the Pelosi/Reid/Obama sand and just collapse.  On the day that the bi-monthly treasury auction has no bidders – the United States collapses financially, without any warning and without any planning.  If we think our distributions from Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, pensions and whatever else are going to keep on coming – well, we’re just plain stupid.  Ask Greece how that works?

The truth is that the simple key to fixing America’s deceitful, political circus, morally bereft journalistic sham and bankrupt economy is to take our money supply out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank Owners.  Any politician, any political strategist, any pundit, any talking radio head, any so-called journalist or anyone else who claims otherwise is a fool, a liar or most likely both.  With the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Michael Savage, the late Eustace Mullins, George Noury, John B. Wells, Alex Jones, John Truman Wolfe and a few brave others, one of whom was the late John F. Kennedy (E.O. 11110, June 4, 1963)  I know of no other public person who will dare cross the BRIGHT LINE of truth and reality and even mention that the criminally insane Federal Reserve Bank Owners must be stripped of their ability to coin money and charge interest for it.  There is no other path to holding American freedom.  No person, no nation can remain in debt and be free at the same time.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” {Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild}

Our so-called conservative mouth pieces such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and so many others very carefully never, ever cross that BRIGHT LINE.  Mention of the privately owned Fed is off limits, which means that true American freedom is off limits.  We know from the “partial Fed audit” that Ron Paul and others fought so hard for, that the criminal Fed families have distributed more than $17 trillion of American money to their friends and families over just the past three years.  WTF?  Any politician, including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are nothing more than Fed shills, if they fail to aggressively demand a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve System.

A full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve Banks will shock and disgust American citizens and the world.  It will lead directly to the intelligent and pragmatic decision TO REPEAL THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER, which by the way, Congress has now made “perpetual”.  Go figure?

And no I’m not an idiot.  I’m not against banking or central banks or global trade on an even footing.  I’m against private elite people having full and complete, secretive, unaudited, unabridged control of the U.S. and world money supply.  This control grants them the unbridled power to orchestrate the calculated ups and down of the business cycle, world currency values, world commodity prices, global capital flows, etc.  It’s  sick, its wrong and it must be stopped or in the end we are all nothing more than slaves – and that day is closer than we think.  Four more years of the George Soros’ pet, Obama will do it.  Look out 2017.