06-15-2012: Obama Never Left Bush Behind

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Connect The Dots

Listening to Democrat operatives and Barack Obama himself prattle on regarding the importance of “not” returning to the failed policies of the Bush years is puzzling.  Observing the sycophant Globalist media pundits unquestioningly reiterate these same fatuous words is nothing short of astonishing.  Why on earth would the Obama Administration or some pundit be concerned about returning to the policies of George W. Bush?  The Obama Administration has never left the Bush policies – not even for a minute.  There is no need to “return”.  They’ve always been there.  Obama has not only followed the Bush policies consistently, but has in some cases significantly enhanced them.  Where exactly is this change we heard about incessantly throughout 2008?

Obama accused Bush of being fiscally irresponsible and unpatriotic for initiating tarp and adding $500 billion dollars to the U.S. deficit over an eight-year period.  The Obama Administration then promptly added 400% more than Bush did in just three short, but expensive years.  Where’s the change?

Obama pilloried W for bailing out big banks – as he should have, though as a U.S. Senator he voted for it.  Under the Obama Administration the Fed has now extended more than $2 trillion to the same Fed controlled banks.  Obama has made Bush look like a small time piker.  The partial Fed audit finally obtained by Congressman Ron Paul and others shows another $15 trillion U.S. dollars totally unaccounted for by the Fed since the Obama Administration took control.  I don’t care who you are – that there’s a lot of money.  Where did that money go?  Where’s the change?

Obama campaigned on pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  His Administration promptly re-upped Bush’s top commander, tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan and has made believe it’s pulled out of Iraq.  The U.S. is still very much in Iraq using many thousands of so-called”private contractors” rather than official military personnel.  The lives are still being lost;  the money is still being wasted – just from different pots so it’s politically palatable to the uninformed.  Where is the change?

Obama was apoplectic over the injustice of Guantanamo Bay and the “advanced” interrogation of prisoners.  We still have Guantanamo Bay and Obama has expanded the practice of “rendition” to other countries where prisoners are not merely interrogated using advanced procedures, but are outright tortured.  Under Obama’s propaganda curtain we are not permitted to interrogate one truly evil terrorist; but it’s perfectly acceptable to employ drones to “kill” them along with innocent civilians.  How many children have brutally lost their arms, their legs and/or their families as collateral damage when a “terrorist” is eliminated by a drone attack while attending mosque or some family function?  Obama actually brags about his personal role in selecting victims and directing these atrocities.  Where is the change?  Whatever happened to Code Pink by the way?

Obama read powerfully and eloquently from his teleprompter as he mercilessly castigated the Bush Administration for illegally employing unwarranted wire taps.  The Homeland Security folks, along with TSA’s VIPR program, under Obama are now on a steroid induced rampage, trampling our Constitution wherever and whenever they can still find shredded remnants of it.  Where’s the change?

Obama assaulted Bush and Cheney as big energy, oil company pawns.  Under the Obama Administration, big energy is vilified almost daily, but behind the wood paneled walls, big oil is reaping profits never before dreamed of.  Where’s the change?

Obama belittled the Bush Administration as secretive – he accused them of doing behind the scenes deals with Haliburton and others.  Obama promised transparency.  Instead of the promised transparency, it is now normal for the House and Senate to pass 2,500 page bills written entirely by outside, third party, special interests in less than 72 hours without ever bothering to read them at all.  Obama’s Justice Department actually sells guns to Mexican cartels resulting in the murder of hundreds of people, ignores Congress and just shrugs it off.  I won’t even mention the attempted entrapment of decent gun shop owners by this out-of-control agency.  Where’s the change?

Obama criticized George Bush for golfing and taking too much time off.  Obama and his churlish wife are now the most frequently vacationed White House couple in history.  Where’s the change?

Obama censured Bush for an inadequate foreign policy regarding the Middle East generally and Iran specifically.  Obama’s refusal to lead and take any position with Iran, while simultaneously supporting every non-secular, Islamic coup in sight – all while simultaneously crippling the ability of U.S. companies to produce our own oil, if continued much longer, are certain to catastrophically force us into yet another Middle East war with Iran and likely with others.  Where is the change?

I suspect by now,  you get my point.  Pandering left and pandering right rhetoric aside, there is no difference in the Globalist Agenda of Barrack Hussein Obama from the preceding Globalist Agenda of George W. Bush.  None what-so-ever!  There is no change and to suggest there is; insults, demeans and borders on the preposterous.

Bush claimed to represent conservatives and clearly did not.  Obama claims to represent liberals and clearly does not.  Neither of these two gentlemen seem to represent “we the people” in any way or by any stretch of the imagination.  The obvious question we as liberal or conservative voters must be asking is – “who on earth do W and O actually represent because it sure ain’t we the people of these United States”?  There is not one iota of change from R to D, from 2000 to 2012 and we should be asking ourselves why that is and who exactly  is benefiting from the tax devouring sameness program that we as citizens are paying for and enabling.


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