06-08-2012: SEIU Is Like A Box of Donuts

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Weekly Constitution Watch

Real unions actually represent workers interests, have apprenticeship and other educational programs and can serve as a useful buffer for both employer and employee.  I’m not a big union supporter, but unions representing masonry, steel, electrical and other skilled trades serve a legitimate purpose.

Public sector unions, on the other hand, are like a big box of heavily frosted donuts;  really really good going down for the bureaucrats, but ultimately they’ll get sick with high blood pressure, triglycerides through the roof and diabetes.  The uninformed tax payers who now earn half as much as the unionized government employees serving them, are stuck with the corrupt, bloated mess as the union leaders pay off liberal political hacks with enormous campaign support – the hacks pay off the unions with laws supporting confiscatory labor practices, unsustainable wages, tenure and benefits – and finally the school district, city, county, state or Federal government is ignorantly and hopelessly starving in bankruptcy as the union bosses munch more donuts and the workers get laid off in disgrace.

Public sector unions like to claim the ridiculous scenario being acted out above as being “necessary” and “for” workers.  The unfortunate and expensive reality is undeniably that union bosses are not “for” workers, but “use” workers to greedily feed their short sighted, Globalist driven, Marxist agenda.  Public sector unions are ill-advised and destructive to an otherwise fiscally, healthy society.  Public sector unions are just another power hungry, monopoly bleeding the financial life blood out of decent, hard working people.

Approximately 93% of working United States citizens are non-unionized.  Who, exactly do the teacher’s unions, SEIU and other public sector union members work for?  They are employed to serve the working tax payer, citizens of our country.  They clearly and obviously don’t work for supposed big, bad, greedy, corporate bosses.  We have reached the point of fiscal insanity where we now must ask ourselves “how many tax payers earning $45k per year does it take to support one public servant making $75k per year”?  All this for the unsatisfactory result of failed government gone wild, societal enslavement by regulation and our kid’s educational future bleak as a stinking septic tank.  As Ron White says;  “you can’t fix stupid”.  Why are any of us participating in this pitiful charade of fairness and social justice?  How did we get sucked into this despicable pot of insufferable glue?

Public sector unions have become the rotted, obscene cherry perched on top of a delusional, Nanny State nirvana.  Public sector unions are like a cancerous growth on the already sickened, maliciously infected Nanny State.  Financial survival is no longer an option.  At the least, a painful amputation is required.

Any high school algebra student using a simple logarithmic equation for population growth can show you in ten minutes or less that a population of people born is a population of people who pass away.  In other words the ratio of living to dead may vary for short periods of time, but ultimately converges on 1:1;  that is, one birth – one death.  This is the simple reality of why the socialist, Nanny State collapses in the third or fourth generation every time.  Once the system reaches three or four workers per beneficiary, or as with our Social Security ponzi scheme where we have 2.9 workers per beneficiary it collapses.

The Nanny State is not sustainable – ever.  If I am a beneficiary and you are a worker, the system always reaches a point where nearly everything you earn must be confiscated to support me.  If this ridiculous system makes any sense to you, you’re a great candidate for SEIU and other Marxist organizations.  If you actually believe this nonsense is sustainable over time, you are in complete denial, or perhaps ignorance of history and are likely an unfortunate victim of negligent, teacher union members who failed to teach you deductive reasoning skills.  Sorry.

Unions were intended to defend and protect workers against unfair labor practices of large conglomerate monopolies.  It was the powerless worker against the big bad corporate owner(s).  Today, the largest, most powerful unions are public sector unions, where the union collectively bargains with – absolutely no one –  having any skin in the game – to swindle the uninformed, well meaning tax payer.  Public sector union leaders negotiate ridiculous contracts with government bureaucrats who have no responsibility for anything, no risk and no possible losses.  The working tax payer then gets stuck with the entirely one-sided, unbalanced bill.  This is insane.  The idea of public sector unions is patently absurd and financially untenable.

All public sector unions should be abolished immediately.  You have to be a glucose saturated, carbohydrate addicted liberal to accept that public employees must be protected from the big bad tax payer who earns about half what the unionized employees working on his or her behalf are earning.

We have power hungry, greedy, Marxist union thugs negotiating legalized theft from the ill-informed tax payer with irresponsible bureaucrats, who can’t even find the bargaining table, for outcomes so poor, so negligent it boggles the mind.  Public sector unions are to tax payers as severe diabetes is to human health.  There is no escaping it and it’s financially devastating for all the sugar satiated parties whether by Cloward and Pivens intent or callow incomprehension.

The idea of public sector unions in general and  SEIU in particular is about the silliest and most destructive idea since high cholesterol was invented.  The hogs are now managing the pig pen, so it’s no wonder the hogs are overfed and the farmers are being slaughtered.  It’s time for the farmers to take charge of their own pens or soon there won’t be any farms left to feed anyone.  {If you’re an unfortunate victim of, or are collateral damage suffered by unionized, public educators; these last couple of sentences are metaphorical in nature}


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