06-02-2012: Conservative Governors Can Unite and Win With The Tea Party

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Given the Democrat “back to the Keynesian dark ages” assault on individual, conservative  State Governors, as with Wisconsin’s Governor Walker;  a political strategy comes to mind.  An energetic, organized, focused legislative push at the State level across at least several, preferably many states to be launched in 2012’s late summer or early fall – simultaneous with the Romney campaign effort  to bring us back from the dark ages cliff the Obama Administration is pushing us toward, would force Democrat funding from China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc., along with their on-ground resources to be stretched to the very limit.  The DNC and their union thugs would be forced to cover both the significant onslaught of conservative, adult legislation at the state level as well as Obama’s 2nd, hoped for, coronation as the Marxist Messiah.  Can you say “spread thin”?

The average Democrat political operative or politician can easily peddle a bowl of dusty cow manure as a delectable, must have, high fat, no calorie bowl of strawberry ice cream most any day of the week and the media will ignorantly help sell it to uninformed voters all day long.

The best Republican operative or politician could likely fail to give away a bowl of delicious ice cream of any flavor – absolutely free –  even on their best day – and the media can’t spell Republican, much less say it.  Republicans in media speak are mean spirited, racist, homophobic, women hating, dirty water loving, dirty air loving, war mongering, corporate butt kissing, Bible toting, gun loving morons.  Unfortunately, roughly half the U.S. voters are now apathetically conditioned to the point they not only accept this childish nonsense, but seem to thrive on it.

Conservatives generally and Republicans specifically have historically shown themselves to be strategy challenged.  There are exceptions such as Dick Morris or Karl Rove, but Republicans just don’t play politics very well.  The truth may set you free, but it helps to actually have someone listening.  As Ms. Colter has said many times, “Republicans have never seen an election they couldn’t lose”.

As I pen this post today, Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker and his staff are fighting a lonely State level battle, more or less single handedly against the national, mega-funded, Washington D.C. backed, Democrat onslaught launched by both public and private sector unions in concert with the DNC machine and the entire Globalist media.  Even William Jefferson “America’s First Black President” Clinton has been dragged from cranking his busy bee, money mega-machine in Dubai and the United Arabian Emirates to join in the frivolity of Walker character assassination.  Wow!  Talk about courage.  You’re seeing it in Wisconsin as David slings pretty little marbles of truth against Goliath’s steel clad, lying, boulders launched by the enormously destructive, brightly painted, political machines of Democrat war.

AFL-CIO’s heavily funded Save Our Jobs coalition, SEIU and others have united with the Globalist media lemmings in a coordinated effort to have Wisconsin’s duly elected Governor re-called for a November 2010 do-over.  Talk about scamming Wisconsin voters?  If these Marxists are successful in overturning Wisconsin’s gubernatorial election, the strategy will spread like a lemming wild fire across every red state in the union.  Today’s unions are not “for” workers.  They “use” workers to propagate and fund Marxist delusion and bankruptcy, ala Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Pivens as well as other popular Communist geniuses.

We’re seeing several other State Governors proposing important legislation as stringent or even more stringent than Governor Walkers’ as they struggle to bring their Progressive, irresponsible Nanny State budget short falls under fiscal control and that’s the good news.  The bad news is, as things stand today, these conservative Governors make easy targets for Democrat operatives to conveniently pick off and defeat, one by one by drowning them in national and international campaign dollars and media driven character assassination.  These Governors are getting quite a bit of help from other conservatives across the country, but they basically stand alone.  I seriously doubt the Establishment Right RNC is going to launch any  serious support behind a Governor who thinks and speaks like a Constitution loving, State’s Right supporting, Tea Partier.  These Governors ought consider uniting together under the Tea Party banner and wage a coordinated assault of adulthood on the failing Progressive nirvana many States are now stuck paying for – with nothing but equally distributed bankruptcy to show for it.  The Nanny State may be a hopeless, unsustainable concept, but it still sells wonderfully to the uninformed.

To reiterate the point, an obvious strategy for conservative State Governors to employ in concert with the Romney Camaign would be for several of them to agree on a couple of major issues and then mount a coordinated, joint, late-summer, legislative effort simultaneously across as many states as possible.  This would force SEIU, AFL-CIO and other Progressive backers to spread their resources across all these states plus the Obama Campaign, thereby reducing the  imported fire power and money available to attack any one state or Mitt Romney.  It appears that State Governors are talking to one another productively and are garnering support, but this could be escalated to a much more effective strategy opposing and offsetting the millions of obscene Democrat union / offshore dollars now flooding into individual states like Wisconsin.

Just a thought.


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