05-25-12: They Built America

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Weekly Constitution Watch
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America has been and continues to be built by the joint efforts of independent entrepreneurs and hard workers, risking and sweating side by side to construct a sustainable economic infrastructure for their communities and themselves.  A limited form of government, such as our American Republic protects both the entrepreneur and the worker – when it functions appropriately, effectively and with vision.  Unlimited government blindly takes, wastes and subjugates.

Unlimited government confiscates the sustainable portion of our entrepreneurial, working lives and wantonly squanders it through re-distribution to insider friends and chosen (monopolistic) beneficiaries.  Big government is an insult to the intelligence, integrity and hard work of store owners, clerks, auto dealerships, factory workers, construction company owners, brick layers, hospital owners, doctors and all the industrious contributors to our once powerful and healthy economy.  Our bloated government is murdering the geese that lay our golden eggs – day after day after day.  Killing it stone cold dead.

ANARCHY is by definition “NO GOVERNMENT”.

CAPITALISM foundationally supports “LIMITED GOVERNMENT” and the “OWNERSHIP OF PRIVATE PROPERTY”, which has been the historic basis of individual freedom since Greek and Roman times before Christ.

SOCIALISM is by definition “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
COMMUNISM foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.


The promotion of socialism by Progressively indoctrinated “anarchists” or the support of its mutant relative, “corporatism”, vociferously proclaims the dismal failure of post modern education to educate and an ignorance of historic fact that is both bewildering and alarming.  We must wonder, to what extent has Progressive education reduced our citizens to functionally illiterate lemmings, incapable of deductive reasoning?  This is truly a remarkable and wondrously destructive accomplishment.

Without question;  standing above argument; the wealthiest, most powerful, most generous, most free society on earth was Founded and Built by Capitalists beneath the protective umbrella of a Republican form of Limited Government – which stayed out of the way most of the time – until lately, say 1913 or so.  This Republic is known as the United States of America.  For anyone to willingly deride or ridicule this American Republic, even in the face of its many imperfections, is to sink abysmally to a depth of ignorance, a lack of appreciation and a failure to give thanks, ranking  far below the ability and scope of human imagination.

For the past 400 years, the last two centuries as a Republic; the exponential growth of prosperity and security built, provided and shared with the world by the people of the United States has been constructed lock, stock and barrel;  one board, one brick, one steel beam at a time by folks who get up at 4:30 every morning;  work till 7:30 every night;  get up tomorrow;  do it all over again;  and take part of Sunday off to recoup.  These folks sacrifice today for a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, their communities, their country and the world.  They take enormous financial and personal risk, literally betting the house, the farm and everything they own, on their ability to create a light bulb, a new machine, a new medicine, a  new computer, a better telephone, a faster airplane, a new automobile, electronic media, a healthier environment, a better news paper, more food, cheaper housing…and on and on and on.

If you are a member of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and as a victim of Progressive education consider yourself a supposed socialist-anarchist please remind yourself of one thing.  On the day your movement achieves success and The Builders have been driven off – IT’S ALL YOURS – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.  It will then be you, whom if you want something, will have to create it.  If you want anything at all, you will have to build it or grow it yourself, because The Builders will be gone.  If you think you are going to build things with sound bite chants;  you are mistaken.  If you think waving an insulting banner will feed you;  you are even more mistaken.  If you think you are going to build things with your complaints;  you will find yourself sadly incorrect.  If you think you are going to enhance your quality of life with empty criticism;  you will find yourself hopelessly lost in a vile chaos bereft of ideas or constructive benefits.

Building things requires dedication of purpose to something larger than yourself, hard work in the extreme, risk both of personal and financial failure, personal and family sacrifice, foresight and immense fortitude.  This has been the case since the caves and the special people who do this building are the most generous people our earth has ever known.  Even when falling victim to greed, they are still typically more generous than the average person.  Our corporations are nothing more than organized groups of industrious, hard working people, working to build or accomplish their chosen task.  Corporations may and do get off track, but are not inherently evil.  Sloth accompanied by indolent whining and complaint is evil.  If it’s broken – fix it.  Futilely and destructively crying about what appears to be broken is a desperate waste of time, effort and life.

To march on a street landscaped by a corporation, built by a corporation using materials provided by other corporations; overlying utilities such as sewer, water, fire lines, electrical lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and more – all built by various corporations;  and to do it while wearing clothes made by a corporation, with materials created by other corporations and shipped to you by yet more corporations and finally marketed and sold to you by a corporation;  all this while talking, texting and emailing on a corporate built phone over corporate built wire and wireless systems;  listening to your corporately provided music on a device built by corporations using electricity provided by a corporation;  as you proudly carry your banner, no doubt printed by a corporation using materials created by another corporation with ink from yet another corporation; after arriving at your protest site in a vehicle or vehicles built by corporations, using materials mined and manufactured by corporations, running on fuel provided by a corporation, shipped for your use by another corporation;  and munching on food grown by a corporation, shipped and sold to you by other corporations – – – to march on the aformentioned street to protest the existence of corporations renders me speechless;  a feat not easily accomplished…but you did it.  May God please help humanity for it knows not what the hell it’s talking about or doing.

Beware demanding what you think you want — because Divine Providence may grant your wish.  Then, I hope you enjoy working your ass off, because short of that, just what the hell are you gonna’ do?  Ask Comrade Obama to build it for you?  Let me know how that bit of organization turns out.

I’m just sayin’;  beware driving out The Builders.

Arguably the most abundantly generous nation on earth, the United States of America, built entirely by the sweating hands of responsible people who care, is being seditiously brought to her bloody financial knees by the needy, grasping hands of easily manipulated, irresponsible, greedy leeches who mistakenly believe their selfish demands are unalienable rights.  Socialism is a parasite sucking the life blood from decent, hard working people by transferring wealth earned by workers and builders to the clutches of the international elite, who cleverly manipulate both greed and empathy for their own purposes.  Today’s silly, uneducated, socialist-anarchists are the best tool the elite have ever wielded in their ugly pursuit of power for themselves and a Neo-Feudal enslavement for the rest of us.


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