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Given the Democrat “back to the Keynesian dark ages” assault on individual, conservative  State Governors, as with Wisconsin’s Governor Walker;  a political strategy comes to mind.  An energetic, organized, focused legislative push at the State level across at least several, preferably many states to be launched in 2012’s late summer or early fall – simultaneous with the Romney campaign effort  to bring us back from the dark ages cliff the Obama Administration is pushing us toward, would force Democrat funding from China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc., along with their on-ground resources to be stretched to the very limit.  The DNC and their union thugs would be forced to cover both the significant onslaught of conservative, adult legislation at the state level as well as Obama’s 2nd, hoped for, coronation as the Marxist Messiah.  Can you say “spread thin”?

The average Democrat political operative or politician can easily peddle a bowl of dusty cow manure as a delectable, must have, high fat, no calorie bowl of strawberry ice cream most any day of the week and the media will ignorantly help sell it to uninformed voters all day long.

The best Republican operative or politician could likely fail to give away a bowl of delicious ice cream of any flavor – absolutely free –  even on their best day – and the media can’t spell Republican, much less say it.  Republicans in media speak are mean spirited, racist, homophobic, women hating, dirty water loving, dirty air loving, war mongering, corporate butt kissing, Bible toting, gun loving morons.  Unfortunately, roughly half the U.S. voters are now apathetically conditioned to the point they not only accept this childish nonsense, but seem to thrive on it.

Conservatives generally and Republicans specifically have historically shown themselves to be strategy challenged.  There are exceptions such as Dick Morris or Karl Rove, but Republicans just don’t play politics very well.  The truth may set you free, but it helps to actually have someone listening.  As Ms. Colter has said many times, “Republicans have never seen an election they couldn’t lose”.

As I pen this post today, Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker and his staff are fighting a lonely State level battle, more or less single handedly against the national, mega-funded, Washington D.C. backed, Democrat onslaught launched by both public and private sector unions in concert with the DNC machine and the entire Globalist media.  Even William Jefferson “America’s First Black President” Clinton has been dragged from cranking his busy bee, money mega-machine in Dubai and the United Arabian Emirates to join in the frivolity of Walker character assassination.  Wow!  Talk about courage.  You’re seeing it in Wisconsin as David slings pretty little marbles of truth against Goliath’s steel clad, lying, boulders launched by the enormously destructive, brightly painted, political machines of Democrat war.

AFL-CIO’s heavily funded Save Our Jobs coalition, SEIU and others have united with the Globalist media lemmings in a coordinated effort to have Wisconsin’s duly elected Governor re-called for a November 2010 do-over.  Talk about scamming Wisconsin voters?  If these Marxists are successful in overturning Wisconsin’s gubernatorial election, the strategy will spread like a lemming wild fire across every red state in the union.  Today’s unions are not “for” workers.  They “use” workers to propagate and fund Marxist delusion and bankruptcy, ala Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Pivens as well as other popular Communist geniuses.

We’re seeing several other State Governors proposing important legislation as stringent or even more stringent than Governor Walkers’ as they struggle to bring their Progressive, irresponsible Nanny State budget short falls under fiscal control and that’s the good news.  The bad news is, as things stand today, these conservative Governors make easy targets for Democrat operatives to conveniently pick off and defeat, one by one by drowning them in national and international campaign dollars and media driven character assassination.  These Governors are getting quite a bit of help from other conservatives across the country, but they basically stand alone.  I seriously doubt the Establishment Right RNC is going to launch any  serious support behind a Governor who thinks and speaks like a Constitution loving, State’s Right supporting, Tea Partier.  These Governors ought consider uniting together under the Tea Party banner and wage a coordinated assault of adulthood on the failing Progressive nirvana many States are now stuck paying for – with nothing but equally distributed bankruptcy to show for it.  The Nanny State may be a hopeless, unsustainable concept, but it still sells wonderfully to the uninformed.

To reiterate the point, an obvious strategy for conservative State Governors to employ in concert with the Romney Camaign would be for several of them to agree on a couple of major issues and then mount a coordinated, joint, late-summer, legislative effort simultaneously across as many states as possible.  This would force SEIU, AFL-CIO and other Progressive backers to spread their resources across all these states plus the Obama Campaign, thereby reducing the  imported fire power and money available to attack any one state or Mitt Romney.  It appears that State Governors are talking to one another productively and are garnering support, but this could be escalated to a much more effective strategy opposing and offsetting the millions of obscene Democrat union / offshore dollars now flooding into individual states like Wisconsin.

Just a thought.


America has been and continues to be built by the joint efforts of independent entrepreneurs and hard workers, risking and sweating side by side to construct a sustainable economic infrastructure for their communities and themselves.  A limited form of government, such as our American Republic protects both the entrepreneur and the worker – when it functions appropriately, effectively and with vision.  Unlimited government blindly takes, wastes and subjugates.

Unlimited government confiscates the sustainable portion of our entrepreneurial, working lives and wantonly squanders it through re-distribution to insider friends and chosen (monopolistic) beneficiaries.  Big government is an insult to the intelligence, integrity and hard work of store owners, clerks, auto dealerships, factory workers, construction company owners, brick layers, hospital owners, doctors and all the industrious contributors to our once powerful and healthy economy.  Our bloated government is murdering the geese that lay our golden eggs – day after day after day.  Killing it stone cold dead.

ANARCHY is by definition “NO GOVERNMENT”.

CAPITALISM foundationally supports “LIMITED GOVERNMENT” and the “OWNERSHIP OF PRIVATE PROPERTY”, which has been the historic basis of individual freedom since Greek and Roman times before Christ.

SOCIALISM is by definition “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
COMMUNISM foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.


The promotion of socialism by Progressively indoctrinated “anarchists” or the support of its mutant relative, “corporatism”, vociferously proclaims the dismal failure of post modern education to educate and an ignorance of historic fact that is both bewildering and alarming.  We must wonder, to what extent has Progressive education reduced our citizens to functionally illiterate lemmings, incapable of deductive reasoning?  This is truly a remarkable and wondrously destructive accomplishment.

Without question;  standing above argument; the wealthiest, most powerful, most generous, most free society on earth was Founded and Built by Capitalists beneath the protective umbrella of a Republican form of Limited Government – which stayed out of the way most of the time – until lately, say 1913 or so.  This Republic is known as the United States of America.  For anyone to willingly deride or ridicule this American Republic, even in the face of its many imperfections, is to sink abysmally to a depth of ignorance, a lack of appreciation and a failure to give thanks, ranking  far below the ability and scope of human imagination.

For the past 400 years, the last two centuries as a Republic; the exponential growth of prosperity and security built, provided and shared with the world by the people of the United States has been constructed lock, stock and barrel;  one board, one brick, one steel beam at a time by folks who get up at 4:30 every morning;  work till 7:30 every night;  get up tomorrow;  do it all over again;  and take part of Sunday off to recoup.  These folks sacrifice today for a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, their communities, their country and the world.  They take enormous financial and personal risk, literally betting the house, the farm and everything they own, on their ability to create a light bulb, a new machine, a new medicine, a  new computer, a better telephone, a faster airplane, a new automobile, electronic media, a healthier environment, a better news paper, more food, cheaper housing…and on and on and on.

If you are a member of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and as a victim of Progressive education consider yourself a supposed socialist-anarchist please remind yourself of one thing.  On the day your movement achieves success and The Builders have been driven off – IT’S ALL YOURS – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.  It will then be you, whom if you want something, will have to create it.  If you want anything at all, you will have to build it or grow it yourself, because The Builders will be gone.  If you think you are going to build things with sound bite chants;  you are mistaken.  If you think waving an insulting banner will feed you;  you are even more mistaken.  If you think you are going to build things with your complaints;  you will find yourself sadly incorrect.  If you think you are going to enhance your quality of life with empty criticism;  you will find yourself hopelessly lost in a vile chaos bereft of ideas or constructive benefits.

Building things requires dedication of purpose to something larger than yourself, hard work in the extreme, risk both of personal and financial failure, personal and family sacrifice, foresight and immense fortitude.  This has been the case since the caves and the special people who do this building are the most generous people our earth has ever known.  Even when falling victim to greed, they are still typically more generous than the average person.  Our corporations are nothing more than organized groups of industrious, hard working people, working to build or accomplish their chosen task.  Corporations may and do get off track, but are not inherently evil.  Sloth accompanied by indolent whining and complaint is evil.  If it’s broken – fix it.  Futilely and destructively crying about what appears to be broken is a desperate waste of time, effort and life.

To march on a street landscaped by a corporation, built by a corporation using materials provided by other corporations; overlying utilities such as sewer, water, fire lines, electrical lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and more – all built by various corporations;  and to do it while wearing clothes made by a corporation, with materials created by other corporations and shipped to you by yet more corporations and finally marketed and sold to you by a corporation;  all this while talking, texting and emailing on a corporate built phone over corporate built wire and wireless systems;  listening to your corporately provided music on a device built by corporations using electricity provided by a corporation;  as you proudly carry your banner, no doubt printed by a corporation using materials created by another corporation with ink from yet another corporation; after arriving at your protest site in a vehicle or vehicles built by corporations, using materials mined and manufactured by corporations, running on fuel provided by a corporation, shipped for your use by another corporation;  and munching on food grown by a corporation, shipped and sold to you by other corporations – – – to march on the aformentioned street to protest the existence of corporations renders me speechless;  a feat not easily accomplished…but you did it.  May God please help humanity for it knows not what the hell it’s talking about or doing.

Beware demanding what you think you want — because Divine Providence may grant your wish.  Then, I hope you enjoy working your ass off, because short of that, just what the hell are you gonna’ do?  Ask Comrade Obama to build it for you?  Let me know how that bit of organization turns out.

I’m just sayin’;  beware driving out The Builders.

Arguably the most abundantly generous nation on earth, the United States of America, built entirely by the sweating hands of responsible people who care, is being seditiously brought to her bloody financial knees by the needy, grasping hands of easily manipulated, irresponsible, greedy leeches who mistakenly believe their selfish demands are unalienable rights.  Socialism is a parasite sucking the life blood from decent, hard working people by transferring wealth earned by workers and builders to the clutches of the international elite, who cleverly manipulate both greed and empathy for their own purposes.  Today’s silly, uneducated, socialist-anarchists are the best tool the elite have ever wielded in their ugly pursuit of power for themselves and a Neo-Feudal enslavement for the rest of us.

Same sex marriage is a right that should be acknowledged everywhere.  After all, it has no impact on people’s lives.  It’s not a problem.  Or as gay pandering (I vote present), Barrack Hussein Obama opines, Same sex marriage is a state issue, not a Federal issue.

1600 Watch is a huge proponent of state’s rights over Federal jurisdiction, but sometimes less is more and this may be the case with same sex marriage.  1600 Watch views same sex marriage as primarily a question of fair and equal treatment under the law for all citizens.  Pigeonholing this issue as primarily moral or relegating it to the political dung heap does a disgraceful dis-service to gay citizens.

The callous disregard for the daily lives of gay citizens as thoughtlessly put on display by many supposed gay supporters or by Obama himself in statements similar to the ones paraphrased above is astonishing.  I don’t care what side of the same sex marriage issue you’re on – same sex marriage is not a simple issue and YES, it does have enormous potential impact on a person’s life.  Depending where you are currently living and where you’ve been as a gay, you could easily step into a nightmare quagmire of civil (legal) issues regarding property rights, medical authority, taxation, probate, benefits such as Social Security, disability, insurance and in most states today, potential criminal felonies (usually 3rd degree) such as bigamy (two spouses) or polygamy (more than two spouses).

There are more than enough serious legal issues lurking within this disconnected snake pit of interstate jurisprudence to cause any gay person to quite appropriately feel discriminated against, if for no other reason, lack of reasonable care in the practice of law or the negligent drafting of careless legislation.  Historically, in ancient Greek and Roman times, cities and city-states were created primarily for protection of the citizens against foreign enemies.  This led directly to laws within the city-states for the protection of property, which historically is the legal basis of individual freedom.  Same sex marriage is an issue, which can easily penetrate all the way back to the time before Christ and the basic rights of inheritance and the underlying rights of private property ownership.  This is not a simple matter and does not bear trivial discussion if you care about people and individual liberty.

Imagine the following scenario.  Jake, a wealthy, bi-sexual Manhattan businessman marries Henry, a strikingly handsome gay man with blue eyes to die for in the State of New York.  Jake’s not so well off, attractive partner, Henry turns out to be an opportunistic gold digger fishing with his smile for a meal ticket.  They pretty quickly have an emotional falling out.  Jake is vulnerable, not stupid, so they consequently go through an ugly break-up and Jake decides to  relocate safely in North Carolina, where he nurses wounds, reunites with and marries Julia, his high school sweetheart in the middle of a whirlwind, rekindled infatuation.

Under current North Carolina law Jake’s previous marriage to Henry is null and void, so Jake chooses not to go through the pain, distraction and expense of a long, protracted, very messy, New York divorce before marrying Julia.  (I’m not a lawyer by the way and I’m not providing legal advice here.  I’m just telling a hypothetical story.)  As luck would have it, Jake’s beautiful new wife and friend of old starts finding his open bi-sexuality distasteful and decides to vamoose.  Jake again does not divorce and relocates to Massachusetts, taking advantage of a promising business opportunity and a new beginning.  Unfortunately, in Massachusetts, which cooperatively recognizes both his marriages in New York and North Carolina, Jake is now potentially a bigamist and may be liable to criminal prosecution for a 3rd degree felony.  Jake has complied with state law everywhere he has lived, but now having crossed the Massachusetts State Line, he may be in big time trouble and doesn’t even realize it.

On Saturday morning, en-route to Starbucks for an early morning cappuccino with an important business associate, Jake’s black Porsche is T-boned by a Nissan Armada doing 50 through a red light. After being laboriously cut out of his crushed sports car with the FD jaws-of-death, Jake is transported to a Cambridge hospital trauma center.  Eight hours later, Jake lies near death, cabled, hosed, ventilated and casted in an ICU traction rig while the hospital folk seek next of kin or appropriate parties for notification.  Jake, an astute, well organized businessman is a great record keeper and the hospital is quickly able to helpfully contact both his New York and North Carolina spouses.  As it turns out, both spouses are interested in getting their mitts on what appears to be Jake’s soon to be available, rather substantial estate.  Jake’s will leaves his entire estate to his surviving spouse and children to be shared equally, none of whom are identified by name.  (Jake doesn’t have any children he knows of.)

The very next day, Henry and Julia, as you might imagine, meet adversarially, just short of violently, in a face to face ICU collision, immediately attacking each other as rapacious sharks trying to take advantage of poor Jake.  One short, but hectic week later both have filed civil lawsuits claiming to be Jake’s spouse and demanding all rights to his estate.  Just to make sure, both have also lodged criminal complaints against Jake with the Cambridge District Attorney’s office for alleged bigamy under Massachusetts law;  a careless breach from which each of them is now suffering horribly.  To make doubly certain of their claims,  Henry and Julia also file charges of bigamy against Jake in Federal District Court, since bigamy is a felony under current Federal statutes.

At this point Jake is hoping he never wakes up and is going straight to the bright light shining at the top of his ICU suite.

Granted, it isn’t necessary to marry twice to cause some of these problems and my story may be a bit much, but we can plainly see what could happen if some states take on a liberal view regarding same sex marriage and some states take a more conservative view.  Jake and his two partners are now potentially caught up in a complicated, emotional, potentially expensive legal trap that borders on endless and may potentially hold criminal ramifications for Jake.  If the legislative process has not been previously conducted in a thoughtful, responsible manner, the judges and/or juries hearing this mess will be caught themselves in a murky morass of jurisprudential chaos.

Our situation spans three state jurisdictions, all knotted beneath the Federal umbrella.  Technically, Jake believes he has done nothing wrong.  He married in New York.  That marriage was not recognized by the State of North Carolina when he remarried in North Carolina and he has not yet married anyone in Massachusetts.

Is Jake now a criminal as a felony bigamist?  If you marry a man and a woman is that bigamy?  Where is this defined?  Who is Jake’s legal spouse?  If only his spouse and immediate family are allowed to visit in ICU, which spouse holds that right?  Do they both have that right?  Which spouse has the right, if any, to Jake’s estate?  What if Julia is pregnant?  Does her child have any claim on Jake’s estate?  If Jake lives, is he the legal father of this child?  Does Jake have parental responsibilities such as child care?  What about Social Security benefits, disability benefits, other insurance benefits, or accidental death benefits, which happen to pay out to both Jake’s surviving spouse and children equally?  What if Jake, patriot he is, decides to enlist in the Marines and is shipped off to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Iraq?  How does all this play out under the Military Code of Justice?

My point in all this, is simply that same sex marriage is an enormously complicated legal issue reaching all the way to the primeval bones of individual freedom and it ought not be trivially and thoughtlessly sold to young gays as a trivial, inconsequential matter for the purpose of political pandering and uninformed vote solicitation.  Same sex marriage should be given the thoughtful consideration and full legislative debate it rightfully requires.  Anything less potentially undermines the Rule of Law we all depend on for freedom.  If our Rule of Law, State and Federal, fails to adequately and clearly define legal parameters for gay life, specifically same sex marriage, then it likely fails to define proper conduct for any of us.

The War On Terror is a Globalist War On United States People.  How serious can any country be regarding its own protection when it creates an agency as unmanageable as Homeland Security, unionizes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and within this retarded monster spawns the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) operation;  turns it loose on our own citizens;  and then, insists on leaving our southern border completely open to hundreds of thousands of unidentified, unmonitored, possibly dangerous persons; and then to crown it with vapid incompetence, puts a political hack the likes of Janet (failing upward) Napolitano on top of it? Really?  We’re supposed to believe this war on terror is serious about defense of U.S. citizens?  Give me a break.

The WOT is serious all right, just not about terrorists.  The war on terror is a Globalist sales pitch and a strategy enabling the creation of a nationwide control apparatus, not for protection against outside attack;  but for control of U.S. citizens.  The strategy is commonly employed and works like this.  First you SCARE the people with a big bad bogeyman.  Second, you put a protection apparatus in place to supposedly protect the people from the bogeyman.  Third, you turn the protection apparatus against the people and use it to control them.  This ain’t governmental rocket science.  It’s just plain old historic tyranny comin’ on strong to a neighborhood near you.

If you’re laughing now and don’t believe you’re being controlled;  please respond and tell me just what you can do today without a permit or license of some kind from your local, State or Federal government.

Why would some heinous mutants do something like this?  Simple.  The one word answer is power.  The world’s central banking families, the Globalist elite want a global economic system of Neo-Feudalism with themselves at the top and peasants at the bottom with no independent middle class in between to irritate them and make life difficult.  Socialism has been their preferred tool of choice since the beginning of the twentieth Century.  Any form of top down, centralized government control is acceptable to the elite, but socialism is the easiest to sell to the uninformed.  Just about everyone understands communism is bad.  Fascism sounds horrible;  “but socialism – now that’s social justice”.

Of course, a nice national police force to enforce this social justice is still required in the event some hapless group should start thinking for themselves.  That police force is TSA.

The Globalist elite have built a well funded network consisting of thousands of think tanks and study groups all teaching the lucky invitees how to think about various issues.  The pitifully conditioned bureaucrats and press corps lemmings accepting invitations to these “prestigious” groups will now sally forth and happily and ignorantly sell whatever  ideas they’ve been brain washed with  to us.  It’s a great system and it’s been effective for decades.  No force required.   We vote for our own subjugation.  As an example, it explains why we think money is the reason our kids aren’t learning anything and test scores have flat lined for decades despite horrendous increases in education funding.  Hardly anyone notices that our schools no longer educate or teach kids to reason.  Our schools are nothing more than social conditioning centers and we the people act as though we have no idea what’s happened.

One of the primary things we’ve been taught to accept is the socialist nanny state, which now in its fourth U.S. generation is already collapsing, because that’s what all nanny states do.  Predictably, this means frustrated Americans will be in the streets breaking and burning things just like in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.  A smart person not sufficiently indoctrinated and dumbed down by our Progressive de-education system may still be capable of thinking; “Maybe this socialist nanny state thing ain’t workin’ so great?  Maybe we should go back to individual responsibility and take care of ourselves and our own?  Maybe we shouldn’t be paying these ridiculous tax rates any more for crap that doesn’t work for beans?”  This is a serious problem for the elite;  they know it’s coming;  and they are preparing for it.  TSA is being readied, along with our own military (Visit our Got Dictatorship? page.), to deal with feisty citizen unrest.  An OWS unrest that the Globalists themselves are openly funding and instigating through various George Soros supported organizations.  OWS is being successfully herded like sheep to a shearing and are simply too dumbed down to see the trap.  OWS is ignorantly bringing about precisely the police state they claim to detest.

Side bar:  Just a quick bit of advice.  Put away some food and supplies.  You’ll wish you had as this Globalist purge marches on and our bought and paid for CFR indoctrinated Congressional members do nothing to honor their oath of office on our behalf.  Every single Congressman and woman who acts as though we can have an operational Constitution and Rule of Law while at the same time placing our money supply in the hands of the world’s central banking elite is being used as a willing co-conspirator in this crime against humanity, intended or not.

TSA is the so-called protection apparatus created in step two of the strategy mentioned above.  TSA is supposed to defend us from the bogeyman.  Have you been in an airport lately?  Can anyone imagine they’re safer flying because grandpa and Aunt Marie took their shoes off and your beautiful daughter showed her T & A to TSA?  Seriously?  “No profiling!  No profiling!  Be fair!  Be fair!”  Are you kidding me?  Of course, if you’re going to put untrained high school students in security positions to save us – maybe they should be looking primarily at 30 to 40 year old Islamic nut jobs and not so much at your daughter’s T & A and grandpa’s feet.  This is the dumbest strategy since polio.

TSA is being expanded across the United States through its VIPR program and in 2010 conducted more than 8,000 domestic operations at bus terminals, train terminals, ferry boat terminals and highway weigh stations.  I guess everybody knows how unpatriotic our truckers are?  Real threat there.  You can’t make this crap up and simultaneously our idiot CFR conditioned Congress is opening our U.S. highways to trucks coming up from Mexico.  Now we’re safer.  This makes polio look like a gift.

The next step in the charade we’ll see and I predict it will begin this summer is an escalation in attempted violence by the Globalist funded and guided Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sheep.  You can expect to start seeing regular news alerts explaining how the Terrorism Task Force and other alphabet agencies are investigating terror threats of a more home grown variety and protecting us against them.  Of course, to do this properly will mean expanding TSA and other alphabet agencies dramatically.  You will shortly have to expect being stopped randomly along our highways to be subjected to unwarranted searches and seizures.  Go ahead and laugh, but that’s what’s comin’ our way.  Welcome to the Amerikan version of old East Berlin right here at home.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  {Johann Wolfgang von Goethe}

Socialism is always doomed to fail because the collective worker / beneficiary ratio always converges on 1:1 over time;  every time.  A quick study of any population in the world or any nanny state program in the world will over time demonstrate this convergence.  The collective doesn’t work mathematically and must go bankrupt as a certainty.  The one to one convergence suggests that the only rational solution to long term economic sustainability is free market capitalism and individual self reliance with a kicker for the disabled.  We’ll come back to the numbers later on.  First, a brief discussion regarding the true purpose of socialism and how the Federal Reserve Bank took us there.

Fact.  An event very often occurs within life’s arc between obstetrics and the morgue.  It’s called death and it happens a lot.  In fact, statistical data compiled over dozens of centuries  suggest that the physical body every person is born into;  will pass away.  Dust to dust;  ashes to ashes; as you may recall?  This statistical fact fully accounts for the reason that socialism has always failed and will continue to fail.  If we cure death;  socialism still won’t work because it’s a stupid idea, but the possibility of it working would at least exist.  Until a cure for physical death is discovered;  socialism remains a puerile and destructive concept popular only with the high school math challenged, tyrants, wanna-be tyrants and those who foolishly believe they can have something for nothing.

2nd Fact.  Socialism is a deceptive construct developed by the world’s central banking families who happen to own our Federal Reserve Bank(s) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), both privately held Delaware corporations, who together comprise the world’s largest, most voracious, monopolized criminal enterprise.  Socialism is an evil, top down, centralized control system enabling dictatorial government to be controlled by the dictator, who in turn is easily controlled by the Globalist elite, since they control the dictator’s money supply.  Think every G20 country as victims of elite central bankers.  Socialism is anathema to freedom.  The Federal Reserve Bank(s) are anathema to freedom.  We cannot be free while the FED families control our money supply.  This is a simple fact.

The following information demonstrates the world international Globalist Elite and their pawns to be mathematically challenged deviates, who have been chasing their own failure now for more than 200 years.  Unfortunately the independent middle class is the main entree in their faux pas smorgasbord of glutinous economic annihilation.

Full on U.S.S.R., Marxist-Leninist style, socialism with no privatization at all from which to steal collapsed in the third generation; a generation being 25 years as defined by today’s average  child bearing age for women.  Partial privatization coupled with populist, nanny state fascism as envisioned by Antonio Gramsci and employed throughout Europe and now the U.S., typically collapses in the fourth generation.  This predictable collapse in just a few generations is not theory.  It is historic fact.  Europe and the U.S. are living the early stages of nanny state collapse today.

The Bolshevik Revolution, kick started in October of 1917, funded by devious international elites the likes of John D. Rockefeller and friends was instigated and managed as an effective means of eliminating free market business competition through centralized, top down government control.  (Specifically at the time,  Russia was eliminated as a competitive threat to Standard Oil.)  The U.S.S.R. fully and completely bankrupted itself in 1989, after a gulag period of just 72 years.  More than 40 million innocent people were starved to death, imprisoned, tortured and murdered as the promise was implemented.  The promise was to share the wealth and achieve social justiceThe destitute, hope strangling reality was absolute control of all wealth and individual opportunity by the elite international banksters with nothing but equally distributed poverty and no justice what-so-ever for the unfortunate beneficiary/victims.

With the tragic success of the Bolshevik Revolution the elite now had their big scary bogeyman with which to promote a world wide cold war generating decades of military arms race competition as a nice profit center by financing all participants in the race to bankruptcy.  That’s a lot of interest payments.  We don’t declare war anymore, not since WW II,  so folks like the Rockefellers who enjoy financing both sides of every military conflict (think U.S. and Vietcong) are technically not guilty of treason.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other prestigious groups financed by the elite banksters are ever so useful in conditioning the thinking of our gullible political leaders, press, publishers and academics.  Very handy!  It’s a well thought out system of political de-powerment and economic enslavement by choice.

In the United States our somewhat more deceitful, though no less destructive financial demise began in 1913 upon creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and its never properly ratified 16th Amendment, which sprinkled Bolshevik Water on the imaginary, highly unconstitutional desire for the elite to tax individual labor.  This is obscene, but it was done anyway.  Our greedy, ignorant, self serving political hack Representatives under the criminal negligence of Woodrow Wilson accepted bribes and passed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913 (similar to the Obamacare travesty, passed on December 24, 2009.)  This act transferred the power to “create” U.S. currency to the Fed family crime syndicate along with an agreement to pay interest for each dollar of currency created.    In other words, our stupid Congress pays the Fed interest for money they could print for free themselves through our U.S. treasury as the Constitution originally established.  Creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank(s) implemented the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto.

The purpose of the improperly ratified 16th Amendment was to foster the illegal illusion that the FED had the authority (which they don’t – there is no law) to collect an income tax on our labor through its private collection agency, known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This illegal progressive tax (2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto) enabled the idiotic payment of illegal interest charges on our own money supply to the FED families by the uninformed tax payer – for the duration of its 100-year charter.  It also opened the door to the central banker’s desire to impose their socialist nanny state as they now had direct access via our uninformed consent to use our money to fund thier economic paddock.  The Nazis forced Jewish people to dig their own graves. In America today,  we actually vote for politicians who confiscate our money and use it to imprison us in their Neo-Feudal, Globalist barn of economic enslavement.

Can you imagine anything dumber than this and most of us don’t even know this is going on?  It’s no different than if I extorted you to pay me interest for the use of your own money as you take it out of your wallet.  It’s completely insane and with the exception of Representative Ron Paul, not one House Member or Senator will dare question this criminal lunacy.  They know all this and are pathetic cowards, bought and paid for.  The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has controlled the government of the United States since 1913.  The President is irrelevant.  Congress is irrelevant.  The Supreme Court is irrelevant.  You and I are irrelevant.  The Constitution is locked away and ignored by those sworn to uphold it.  The Rule of Law is dead.  The FED families do what they want.  Until we the people rudely take our money supply out of the hands of the FED families – we cannot be free.  Any politician who claims otherwise is a fool;  a liar;  or both.  Please stop voting for fools and liars.

The ever popular Fed inspired U.S. nanny state is in the initial stage of collapse after just 99 years, so it’s failing in the fourth generation.  Interestingly, the 100-Year Charter for the privately owned, Federal Reserve criminal enterprise expires in 2013.  THIS FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER MUST NOT BE RENEWED.  It will be interesting to see what lies we’ll be fed by our corrupt, treasonous House Members and U.S. Senators justifying renewal of our national economic slavery to the world’s international criminal elite.  NON-renewal of the Charter is our opportunity to regain economic freedom and instantly solve 95% of the world’s problems.  Don’t pass it by.  Don’t miss it.  Call your slimy Congressional Representatives and demand NON-renewal.  Let’s take the garbage out;  it stinks.

Socialism has been perniciously  infecting and enslaving the people of Europe since the 1920’s.  Europe is now addicted to uniform mediocrity.  The unfortunate frustration and even blood of our European brothers and sisters is on display as it sprawls across the streets of Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and even Great Britain, home of the Bank of England – the central banking seed from which our Fed was spawned by Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild and his elite friends.  Please note that America won its Revolutionary Battle for freedom begun in 1776, but lost the war for freedom on December 23, 1913 upon creation of the Federal Reserve System.  Europe, overall, is now in its 92nd year of socialist nanny state nonsense and is collapsing into economic destitution.  Again, this is not theory.  You can watch the pitiful suffering of Europe on any Globalist news network (that would be all of them) every evening as the reality of promised economic security reveals itself to be nothing more than a despicable control mechanism for elite greed.

This tragic history is not in itself the reason for systemic failure of the socialist nanny state.  The predictable failure lies solely in the numbers of population growth and mortality rates.  In any population, all those born eventually pass away.  In between birth and death are a variable number of living souls.  A percentage of these are working and contributing to the nanny state.  The remaining percentage are non-contributing beneficiaries of the nanny state.  The ratio of contributors to beneficiaries varies depending on mortality rates, health, medical advances and various population controls such as war, famine, etc., but ultimately and inexorably the balance tends toward 1:1, though it will likely never quite reach this assymtotic level.

Using the U.S. Social Security System (SS) as a typical example we find the following pattern.  In 1940, SS had 159.4 workers for each beneficiary.  In 1945 this ratio declined to 40 workers per beneficiary.  As of 2010 we had 2.9 workers per beneficiary.  The overall trend is toward 1:1, though it levels off as it approaches equilibrium.  Once this ratio declines to a level of 3:1 or so, the system is no longer economically sustainable by the working populace.  Beyond this point only mounting debt can sustain the system – for a while.  We observe this decline in ratio of workers to beneficiaries world wide in three to four generations depending on the severity of the socialist system and the amount of private entrepreneurship allowed.  The more privatization permitted, the longer the supporting source of wealth to confiscate from can survive thereby enabling this painful system a somewhat longer life.  This is why both China and Russia are now privatizing certain sectors of their economy.  There is no other way to survive.  It turns out, free market capitalism and individual responsibility is the only workable, equitable, self sustaining economic system ever devised.

The intent of socialism is never to share wealth as it is cleverly marketed by organizers, but to control and confiscate wealth by the central banks who support the bureaucrat puppets in maintaining power.  If we open our eyes we’ll quickly notice that the folks are never very well off in socialist countries.  They are uniformly poor, while their leaders and the bankers live like kings and queens.  Government regulation is cleverly employed by the elite through gullible government bureaucrats, not to protect the people, but to control the people and force them to labor for their elite puppet masters.  It is a sublime system, whose message of human subjugation is powerfully reinforced by thousands of well funded think tanks and foundations.  It’s great if you’re one of the elite.  It’s uniformly distributed poverty if you’re not among the elite.  This has been historic fact in every unfortunate country living under this severely limiting system whether by force or by uninformed, ignorant choice.

The only force currently standing against worldwide feudal serfdom for the masses at the hands of the international elite is the TEA PARTY movement in the United States.  The Catholic Church has fought valiantly world wide for decades, but is slowly succumbing to liberation theology and relative humanism, both of which are spiritual encroachment tools of totalitarianism sponsored by the elite.  The Roman Church is being steadily reduced to a collectivized outreach program with its historic spiritual message of free will and individual responsibility snuffed out like an old candle by the gusting winds of nihilism.  This incremental loss of Judeo-Christian morality is a world wide travesty.

Unfortunately most TEA Party folk are no more cognizant of the despicable strangle hold the Fed holds over our corrupted Republic than are any other citizens.  He who has the money machine makes the rules.  It’s not complicated.  It’s no longer about money for the Fed families – they have the machine for God’s sake.  It’s about power and control.  It’s about their vision for a world of elite and their slaves with no pesky independent middle class in between.  They are nearing their goal.  Please take the time to do your own research.  Have the courage to think for yourself.  Share your knowledge with others.  A central bank is a good idea, but not when it or they create our money and lure us ignorantly and complacently into Neo-Feudalism through warm and fuzzy, socialist sound bites.