04-05-2012: 2012 Obama Strategy For Enabling Manchurian Induced Chaos

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood
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Obama is the most catastrophically destructive American mistake since Jimmy Carter, particularly in a few really choice low spots.  As an arrogant pathological liar, he’s at the head of the no-integrity class. As an economic illiterate, he stands below even his narcissistic, Chicago-communist contemporaries and the gutter doesn’t get any lower than that.  As an irresponsible, conditioned pawn of the elite Globalists who purchased his squatter’s seat in our White House, he is incompetent in most everything he does aside from boosting the teleprompter industry.  Because of his endless destructive policies, we the people will be on the receiving end of media driven, non-stop distraction, bitter in-fighting, time wasting finger pointing and useless argument, all sold by the lame stream media arm of the Democrat Party until November 2nd, that infamous date leaving us wading hip deep through STORM (Van Jones’ American Communist Manifesto) planned political chaos.

Obama’s recent pejorative remarks regarding the unelected status of Supreme Court Justices and their alleged lack of authority to question Congressional stupidity is in no way astonishing.  It is in fact, childishly transparent.  Obama knows full well why the Founders established a Supreme Court and he knows what Marbury versus Madison is and means.  That’s precisely why he labors so diligently to ignore his oath of office in undermining and disrespecting our Constitution and separation of powers between branches of government.  Obama is ignorantly incompetent and politically conditioned, not stupid.  That said, when you pick an argument with the Supreme Court, it’s a good idea to at least make rational, factual arguments.  Wrapping his silly arguments within not one, not two, but at least four blatant lies causes one to appear foppishly buffoonish or imagine this – a liar;  neither of which is likely to be taken seriously by Justices of the Supreme Court.  2012 strategy for Democrat handlers of our lying White House usurper is as follows:

Obama, nor his Democrat Party can run for re-election on their spectacular achievement of new record highs in race baiting, poverty pimping, lying, Federal debt, most vacations ever taken by a sitting President, most golf games played by a sitting President, highest travel expenses of a sitting President, private sector unemployment, small business bankruptcies, home foreclosures, sky rocketing gasoline and diesel fuel prices, decimating our military, expanding TSA into a totalitarian civilian police force and the expansion of Federal government Executive power beyond what any wanna-be dictator could hope for; and we won’t even get into the corrupt insider slush funds that have cost tax payers countless billions.  The bleeding never ends with this guy.  Since Obama can’t run on his record – he also can’t have we the people talking about it.  So what will he do?

Distraction and immature, adversarial aggression will be the keys to his success.  The Supreme Court attack is just the first taste of it.  His transparent strategy here is to convince the Sheeple – that would be the dumbest and least informed among us, about half of us now – that HE gave us health care…and now THE BIG BAD SUPREME COURT is going to take it away.  This isn’t a legal or Constitutional play for Obama.  This is pure political strategy.  He’s pretty sure that SCOTUS will shoot down his unconstitutional mandate.  If he can bully the court into at least honoring the non-existent severability clause, he can then easily turn this whole mess to his political advantage.  Even if SCOTUS does the right thing and surprisingly defends our Constitution and Rule of Law, which I doubt will happen, Obama will grab his STORM manual and be off to the races anyway.  Lies, division and acrimony are all he and his socialist Democrat Party comrades have to work with, so they will.

Obamacare is carefully designed to destroy private health insurance over a ten to twelve year period, leaving the Sheeple with zero choices and bureaucratic rationing in the end – just as folks in Europe are warning us.  If SCOTUS shoots down his mandate and retains the rest of the 2,700 pages of freedom crushing garbage;  and today’s court of Democrat appointed political hacks could easily do just that, he wins.  Obama will aggressively move to incite a brand new health care war for government-single payer coverage and will cleverly motivate the stupid, retarded and uninformed to take to the streets defecating and demanding that the nasty Conservatives be forced to give back the health care coverage HE so generously and courageously provided for them.  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) will quickly sink to the occasion and escalate to a much more emotional and destructive strategy as they ignorantly carry the collectivist conditioned ball for their own economic enslavement by George Soros and his elite Globalist cronies.  OWS believes that having universal coverage is the same as receiving care, which Europeans and Australians can assure you is not the case.  {For example, if you’re 72 years old or older in Australia and need a serious medical procedure – you go home to die.  You’re not worth care.}

Republicans, as always, will be too politically naive to articulate an effective response to the Democrat lies and mis-information overload (think Cloward and Pivens or Saul Alinsky) and the next seven months will be non-stop Republican catch-up as they pathetically limp along behind Obama’s sneers and arrogant snickers fighting every useless, unimportant conflagration spilled on them; and of course, never addressing any real issues, nor offering real solutions – which they actually have.  In the end it’s likely that the dumbest, meanest and most uninformed among us will carry the tragic November election for Obama and his race baiting,  poverty sustaining, brown-shirt Democrats – though I desperately hope I’ve got this one wrong.  If you are a hard working, tax paying, responsible citizen of the U.S.; you are about to be completely disenfranchised by the carefully constructed socialist Democrat Party welfare, racial and patronage votes.

Democrat strategists will continue to come up with dozens of stupid, emotionally charged non-issues for inconsequential debate, such as,  the pathetic race baiting and Martin family abuse in the Treyvon Martin case, the female golf membership debacle at Bobby Jones’ and Clifford Roberts’ famous Augusta Golf Club, etc., all handily targeted to keep teary eyed Republicans and the Sheeple from ever discussing Obama’s failure, laziness, arrogance and his over-whelming desire to install a communist style dictatorship in the U.S.  Bush II and the Right Wing Establishment set the Globalist stage for this frightening nonsense and now Obama and his ridiculous Marxist Congress are bringing home the tofu.  The politically naive Republicans will be chewed to bits by themselves and the lame stream media and the country will suffer immensely for it.  There are folks like Congressman David Schweikert of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District and a few others who have offered real life, practical solutions that would actually help those who need it, rather than just pander to them for uninformed votes.  These solutions never see the light of day in today’s Globalist media.  Take it from 1600 Watch;  real solutions will never be discussed in 2012.

American freedom and prosperity are just about finished and WE The Sheeple don’t even see it – we actually vote for it. 2012 is a turning point in American history.  We The Sheeple will rise to it and wake up or we won’t.  If we refuse to see the truth and demand the same from our elected representatives, our baby boomer kids will grow up to experience the return of Globalist feudal serfdom first hand.  What a crappy gift.  On the other hand, we could wake up, think for ourselves and demand the truth – in which case we wouldn’t be Sheeple anymore.  We would be real adult citizens responsibly managing our Representative Democracy.  What a concept?

Should we fail to wake up before November 2012, we will eventually realize that the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats are just two sides of the same Globalist coin.  The only difference is the disingenuous rhetoric pandering to the Right or Left; and the fact that the Marxists want the U.N. to sit on top of the pile and the Neo-cons want the U.S. to sit on top of the pile.  Any way you cut the Globalist cake, we the Sheeple lose our freedom.  The Sheeple think there’s a Democrat / Republican – Liberal / Conservative battle for power, but that’s not the problem – it’s a distraction.  That battle, though real enough in the sense that pro-wrestling is real, is just a surface symptom.  The real battle, the one the Globalist press has been conditioned to never speak of, is for our individual freedom from the voracious Globalist sharks.  When we finally catch on, it will be too late and our kids will have to bleed for the freedom we so cheaply gave away – if they ever want it back and I believe they will.  Thankfully, our kids are smarter and tougher than we have been.

All this insane doom and gloom could easily be avoided by simply demanding the truth and recognizing it when we see it.  Then politics would be fun again, instead of being a battle to the death for our economic independence, which is exactly what it has become today.


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