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Why is the unconstitutional intrusion of government into private enterprise through insider subsidies, discriminatory regulatory policy, etc., so wrong and why does it generate such enormously wasteful, destructive consequences?

Answer Numero Uno is “because it undermines and weakens free markets”.  Markets are weakened as government selected favorites (monopolies) are chosen for subsidy thereby establishing unfair advantage for the insider favorite over what should be “free market competition”.  Subsidies can be in the form of competition squelching regulation, discriminatory tax advantages (say 75,000 ridiculously expensive pages worth), direct grants, loan guarantees, etc.  Subsidies are invariably granted in exchange for a quid pro quo benefit (illegal by the way) to the corrupt sponsoring “grantor”, usually in the form of campaign contributions, trips or indirectly through biased media reporting, press releases, etc.  There are as many forms of subsidy as there are corrupt elected Federal Representatives (that would be 100 + 435 + 1 = 536 of them) held in the Washington D.C. political feed lots.  There are two feed lots:  Democrat and Republican.  Your wallet is the food source, 365/24/7.  {In fairness, 1600 Watch notes here, that Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul may possibly be excluded from this list of 536…we don’t attend the meetings so don’t really know.}

Answer Numero Dos, simply put, is “a motivated person is a hungry person”.  A highly motivated human is generally hungry for something.  It can be spiritual fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, knowledge, wealth, friendship, acceptance or perhaps as many different things as there are different people.  Motivation is the force that drives each individual within the human race to do something, not to do something, or in some cases not to do anything.  The person highly motivated to do as little as possible, to expend as little constructive energy as possible is in fact just as motivated as the world record holder in a sporting event, the wealthy business over-achiever, etc.  A business enterprise is made up of an integrated group of individual people and is motivated by the same principles as the individuals, though a common interest is usually shared.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a new start-up business offering a good or service has a 50% statistical probability of surviving 5-years.  It’s best for success that the founders of this start-up be a bit hungry.  Hunger and self interested economic survival forces the start-up to aggressively and effectively develop their product or service to a level of marketable profitability.  Failure to accomplish this goal is simply failure and it happens 50% of the time over the first five years of business life.  Profit is not a luxury nor a bad thing.  Profit is absolutely essential and wholly critical to entrepreneurial success, the pursuit of excellence and sustainable business life.  It is not easy to start a business and achieve success, that is, profit.  Faced with discriminatory government involvement by self interested bureaucrats at the behest of insider cronies and lobbyists, success for the non-insider is even less likely than the usual 50%, heads or tails probability normally anticipated.

Solar start-ups such as the now bankrupt Solyndra and the ensuing cover-up, Solyndra Gate or the financially troubled First Solar are prime current examples of insider quid pro quo direct back scratching and winking – all at the expense of the hard working tax payer who’s corrupt Washington Representatives enabled their fleecing by the clever CEO’s, management and lobbyists of these companies.  Why do I suggest something as “mean spirited” as fleeced?  Are, or at least were, these two start-up companies legitimate businesses?  Frankly, 1600 Watch doesn’t know, but here’s what we do know.

A start-up must become profitable in order to become a sustainable business entity.  No profit means endless financial bleeding and ultimately, dissolution of the entire effort.  This hunger, this survival requirement motivates individuals within the company to work 80 and 100 hour weeks to develop their product or service, solve problems, resolve issues and finally, to reach the point of sustainability called profit.  Government subsidy absolutely kills this healthy and necessary, though difficult process by curtailing or even eliminating the investment risk and the hunger.  It’s back-ass-wards wrong.

Individuals within the start-up organization are viciously and self destructively trapped by the subsidy, even if self induced, into thinking “Heck, I’m already making millions every year.  I don’t have to work 80 or 100 hours a week anymore.  I’m not desperate.  I’m traveling with my family and friends to China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places I can find cheap labor and no regulation.  I can easily work less, be a smidgen or so less effective and things will work out just fine…even my own Senator says so.  My God, it’s raining money.  It’s so easy.  We’re already a big time IPO and our product isn’t even competitive – yet.  We’re huge.  Success is certain.  Hey!  Where’s my quarterly bonus?  It should be much bigger than last quarter’s.”

The easily predictable next step is growing unsalable inventory; internal product issues becoming more and more irresolvable as responsible parties are less and less motivated to work hard; looming financial insolvency; and finally bankruptcy.  This completely predictable “crash and burn” outcome of government meddling through insider subsidies  can easily escalate to charges of criminal negligence, violation of fiduciary responsibility to share holders and even fraud.   And who caused this foreseeable disaster?   Our corrupt government Representatives did.  It is they who are culpable even when the company founders themselves are willing participants in the under-the-table subsidization process.

An exquisite current example of a more indirect approach to unethical, though apparently legal, government meddling in what should be free markets is what may eventually come to be known as Keystone Gate.  Here we ostensibly have the undermining of free market competition through the axiomatic interplay of various government agencies such as EPA and the Interior Department, elected officials such as Nebraska’s known to be for sale U.S. Senator,  Ben Nelson acting as private lobbyist (along with others) and Berkshire Hathaway, through its holdings in the Burlington Northern  Santa Fe LLC railroad as the private component all working behind the scenes in a classic Reverse Fascism political play, whereby the private sector uses government agencies to eliminate competition for itself.  This is a fantastic insider play by monopolists that will cost consumers a train load of money over the years (pun intended).

Environmental impact studies show the proposed Keystone pipeline to be preferable to shipping by rail in terms of impact.  The pipeline is economically the lowest cost, most viable, most efficient method of transporting large quantities of northern state crude oil to central and southern Gulf refineries.  Yet Berkshire Hathaway, through its holdings in the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, using its close insider (quid pro quo) ties to Senator Ben Nelson is slowly but surely winning the battle to benefit themselves immensely, thereby costing American as well as overseas beneficiaries the lowest cost oil and the most environmentally friendly alternative for shipping Bakken area crude.  In this case, indirect regulation is employed in place of direct subsidy, but the end result, as usual, is not in the best interest of consumers and tax payers.

Our elected Presidents, Senators and House Members each take an individually administered oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  When they engage in activities not in legal conformance, or at best unethical practices, clearly out of step with the overall public good and intent of our Rule of Law; they advertantly or inadvertently violate their elected trust and set the stage for these start-up founders as well as established cronies, all of whom are part of their electorate flock, so to speak; to injure not only themselves, but potentially every tax payer in the country, for which these Representatives supposedly stand.  This is wrong and is guaranteed tragedy before it even begins.  In the Keystone case, Berkshire Hathaway does not appear to be damaged, but U.S. citizens will be unnecessarily subjected to higher oil prices and an inferior environmental solution, which is damage aplenty.

As an aside, it should be noted that the gullible environmental groups fighting the pipeline, handsomely funded by Berkshire Hathaway and its friends, foolishly played straight into the fishing nets of Globalist hypocrite, Warren Buffett.  This deal is good for Mr. Buffett;  good for those rewarded by Mr. Buffett;  and bad for American citizens.

There is no moral justification for the under-the-table antics of Burlington Northern Santa Fe in Keystone Gate.  This is not free market capitalism.  It is government sanctioned monopoly, is abuse of power and is wrong.  In the more direct subsidy case, assuming Solyndra, First Solar and other start-ups began as legitimate private investments – and 1600 Watch believes that to be the case – as soon as they became “profitable” in an imaginary sense via loan guarantees, grants, etc., went public under the illusion of their subsidized cash flow and immediately began paying high salaries and bonuses from tax payer loan guaranteed largesse – THEY WERE DEAD COMPANIES TRADING, whether or not they realized it.

They were already swimming in money, thank you very much Washington D.C.  Burning entrepreneurial hunger was neutralized and with that motivational fire extinguished, the desperate need to effectively develop their product vanished.  The company founders had already become rich without actually having to endure the excruciating process of developing a viable, financially feasible product.  Now, the likely outcome, given the coming investigations, law suits and possible criminal charges will be the loss to our country of what may have been a viable technology had our stupidly corrupt Representatives kept their quid pro quo mitts to themselves and acted within their Constitutionally limited authority.

These pathetically short sighted business founders will be the bad guys, but just as in the case of the subprime debacle – it was and is our corrupt elected officials who are guilty of setting the stage and creating the contextual opportunity for stupid business, ultimately assuring imminent failure and the disastrous consequences for all parties involved.  The most highly damaged parties are the swindled tax payer and the home buyers, whose credit in good standing was trashed largely because the uneducated buyers trusted their bankers, who in turn were forced, though willing, conspirators in league with the corrupt Congressional Members who had been abusively intimidating them since the economically illiterate passage of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA).

1600 Watch does not respect nor defend the short sighted founders of these delusional green companies, nor with Mr. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, but it does empathize with their dilemma;  a dilemma perhaps any otherwise decent person could easily fall victim to.  We’re not throwing stones here;  just sayin’ it really ought to be fixed.  America could use some responsible Representation.  We don’t have a legal problem in Washington D.C.  We have an integrity challenged people problem.

The people of these United States and these start-up founders deserve better Representation than this corrupt herd of self serving career politicians currently serving in nearly all of our duly elected positions.  Since we the people are the voters – whose fault would the consistent moral failure of these integrity challenged politicians actually be?  Financially unfeasible green companies like Solyndra and First Solar will be the popular scape goats;  families will be destroyed;  folks may go to prison, but rest assured – our career criminal politicians will remain unscathed.  The true victims in the end are ultimately we the people as we are now deprived of what may have eventually become a wonderful green technology – if our government had just left it alone.

Mr. Steven Chu, our disappointing Secretary of Energy and Mr. Ken Salazar, our disappointing Secretary of Interior have shown themselves to be no better than corrupt consiglieres of street wise crime syndicates.  Their arrogantly reckless abuse and abhorrent waste of tax payer earnings to serve their own short sighted, collectivist agenda appears at best, to be criminally negligent and ought result in the investigation of their actions and if warranted, indictment.  As easy as it is to pick on Steven Chu or Ken Salazar;  where on earth are our trusted Representatives and their Congressional oversight?  I guess they’re all too busy lining their pockets and protecting their political career turf to actually spend time doing the job we pay them so handsomely to do?

Unconstitutional behavior can be a heavy burden as well as a conflict of interest.


The good ship America may list from time to time, but trust me on this one;  the American people will never learn to sink and cannot be taught to fail.  That said:

How on earth can our American ship of state list to port and starboard at the same time?

Helpful sidebar:  OK, if you’re a navigationally challenged victim of Progressive de-education;  according to; port is left and starboard is right when facing toward the front of the boat as taken from  Middle English sterbord  (noun);  Old English stēorbord,  equivalent to stēor  (steering) + bord  side (board);  both of which come from ancient shipping, say pre-900 A.D., where boats were typically steered from the right side.  If you matriculated to Columbia University (I’m sorry), have been noninvasively lobotomized and are still completely and unfortunately dazed and confused;  we are speaking metaphorically here by using terminology typically associated with  capsized ships to create imagery depicting a nation drowning in lies.  Whew!  The dumbing down of America reduces explanation to exhaustive redundance.  I sincerely apologize to those of you who slipped through the system, actually learned and still have the ability to reason deductively.  Please be patient here;  it’s a virtue insisted both the good Sisters of Notre Dame (grade school) as well as the good Christian Brothers (high school);  and believe me , these folks are stuck on truth.

The accepted CFR way to manage metaphorically listing left and right at the same time in America is magical;  is an elaborate lie;  and is properly named Globalism; a warm, fuzzy euphemism for One World economic slavery – or the establishment of world wide feudal serfdom as I prefer to call it.  The primary country in the world and in matter of degree the only country in the world excepting possibly Australia where this black magic occurs is the United States;  which stands alone as the only country in world history once having a Federal government established of, by and for the people (Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address), thereby necessitating the need for Globalist lies on both the Left and the Right, whereas in most countries only the Left lie is required to institute equality of economic enslavement.  The lie was spawned in Frankfurt, Germany in 1773, when the United States was still but a dream in the hearts and minds of a brave few.

Port herded movements such as Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, Code Pink and also the Starboard manipulated movements such as the Tea Party, have all correctly identified the obvious fact that freedom in America is rapidly vanishing.  Few of them, Starboard or Port have identified the empty rabbit hole (I say empty so as not to incriminate rabbits) steadily swallowing their freedom.  Left and Right ought realize that if they cannot join together in the war against Globalist economic slavery – both Left and Right will be Occupying, not Wall Street, but their new barn, where they will be rationed their genetically altered, aluminum resistant grain, not much differently than chickens, hogs and cattle.  This is in fact, precisely how the Global Elite view normal folk, though it is considered poor taste to mention it.

The dark, scary hole (let’s use that term and just avoid the bunny issue altogether), now a shallow grave for freedom, has not been dug by Democrats or Republicans.  It has not been dug by liberals or conservatives.  It is not a racial shovel;  nor rich / poor shovel;  nor hetero / homo shovel;  nor male / female shovel;  nor young / old shovel;  nor is it an environmental shovel or an urban renewal shovel or even a shovel between nations.  It is a giant, red and yellow excavator called One World.  The dark, scary excavator working the enormous, worldwide freedom pit is Globalism.

Dangerous Port side mutant George Soros refers to it as his Open Society, which means he’s open to grinding all of us whole.  He and his elitist friends envision earth having a population of about 500 million people.  Today’s population is on the up side of 6 billion.  You do the math for your Globalist future.  World wide famine anybody?  Anybody?  How about a few HAARP induced earthquakes and tsunamis?  Those could be pretty effective population reducers.

This freedom devouring pit is the few controlling the many using  cleverly orchestrated, divide and conquer mob rule as a base strategy to promote confusion, chaos and despair;  ultimately leading the many to deny their inherent individualism and replace it with the false hope, the lie of centralized government provided security – the historic reality of which, is uniform poverty.

Marxism will get a family of four about 800mg (1 3/4 lbs) of low quality sausage, a loaf or two of moldy bread, some beans or rice (not both) and a single bar of crappy soap per month, while the four try to stay sane in the central planner’s calculated, utopian vision of their two room, 12′ x 12′ (4m x 4m) concrete box home having one window, one door, one sink, one toilet, occasional electricity and occasional running, almost potable water – which means occasionally having functional sewer service.  One lamp is typically shared for reading, though there are no legally readable books anyway – so the dim, though beneficent government provided light just facilitates equal viewing of the shared, equal squalor.

The above described uniform destitution is commonly termed “fairness, in today’s Leftist idiomatic usage.  Equality of poverty, popularly referred to as “redistribution of wealth” among Leftist sheep who don’t actually have to live in it, is historic fact throughout communist Russia (U.S.S.R. until bankrupt), East Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and sadly, many other nations across the world.  It is slowly, though pervasively becoming prevalent across most of Europe, Australia and on a suddenly accelerating pace – here in what used to be free, prosperous, generous America.  Our Canadian brothers and sisters have intelligently veered back to Starboard and are much healthier and I hope safer for it.

The Left lie was never needed to enslave people until after the Left realized that violent takeover of the world was somewhat impractical and really, really messy.  40 million or more murdered in the Bolshevik utopia;  60 million or more murdered in the Maoist utopia;  11 million murdered in the Nazi utopia;  3 million of a total population of 6 million (if you’re a Columbia, Harvard or Yale grad – that would be 50%) murdered in the Cambodian (Pol Pot) utopia; and many millions more murdered in the smaller Marxist utopias of Nepal, Tibet and across Africa, South America and the rest of planet earth.

The Left lie began with the realization of demented folks like Antonio Gramsci, founder of Italian Communism, who realized Marxism could more practically prevail if spread like an intellectual disease inoculated as a supposed “better idea”.  This spiritually, mentally and physically abusive infection was enthusiastically embraced and spread by Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt morons, social deviate Saul Alinsky, cowardly professorial hypocrites Cloward and Pivens and too many others for dishonorable mention.  OK – maybe throw in Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Cass Sunstein, Anthony (Van) Jones, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Barack Hussein Obama and about half of Congress and the Supreme Circus so as not to be rude.

The overwhelming success of the societal parasites mentioned above is evidenced daily in Washington D.C., in every media outlet in the United States, in our text books, throughout academia, Hollywood and unfortunately in our voting booths as we uniformly and fairly vote for our own diminishment and denial as once free people…and here’s the funny part.  That “the joke’s on us”, which no Leftist I’ve ever met gets –  and in a previous life I’ve met retards from SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers, etc.  (You may enjoy knowing I used to foolishly carry Mao’s Redbook of quotations in my commie flannel shirt pocket at all times.)  The joke is that the international robber baron, bourgeoisie, capitalist pigs that the Left supposedly detests – CREATED THE LEFT;  FUND THE LEFT;  SUPPORT THE LEFT; AND USE THE LEFT to foment their divide and conquer strategy for chaos as mentioned above.

When the Left speak of CAPITALIST PIGS, they’re talking about productive workers and risk taking business owners such as you and I.  They never mention the true elite monopolists, who detest free market capitalism and who sponsor their conjoined ignorance.  That’s why THE FED, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, etc. are strictly verboten not only for the Left lemmings, but also for supposed conservative heroes such as Rush, Colter, Hannity, Ingram, O’Reilly, etc. and it looks like we can add Palin to the list as well.  Doc Savage is not one of these sell outs, which is why he is basically blacked out except by Ingram, which will get her into trouble I suspect.

The Establishment Right may be myopic and get a red ribbon for deceit and naivete, but you have to give the blue ribbon for stupid to the Marxist Left for pure, unadulterated gullibility.  Most of them actually believe if they say socialist instead of communist; they can remain free; while I and others like me will be incrementally coerced into working really hard so we can pay for their crap, while they sit on their butts collecting free government booty… but they would be wrong.  I and others like me will not consent to a life of servitude in the Globalist barn.

Of course, the international elite pigs we’re talking about here are not free market capitalists at all. As uber-monopolist and funding partner of the Bolshevik Revolution, John D. Rockefeller famously bragged, “Competition is a sin”.  These international elite operate exclusively on an elevated plane of government sponsored, regulatory agency protected, untaxed conglomerate monopoly where the myopic voters themselves now ignorantly cast their conditioned votes for corrupted Representation facilitating and protecting the reverse fascist monopolies eating their economic and political independence.  The elite are the bad guys, but neither the Left nor the Right seem to get that.

The gullible Left is harshly used by the Globalists to battle and hopefully destroy potential entrepreneurial free market competition from ever gaining a secure foothold against the established elite monopolies in banking, finance, communications, technology, energy, mining, metals, industry, shipping, transportation, etc. – and of course, to political party domination as well.  This is done by fighting tenaciously – and stupidly – for big centralized government with its unaccountable, impenetrable  bureaucracies, whose corrupt regulatory agencies have all but crushed capital creation and new small business in the United States.  Given that small business used to generate more than 70% of all new jobs – this is a catastrophically victorious economic tragedy won by the Leftist lemmings.

The immense, staggeringly huge, Starboard lie is the supposed Constitution waving, Establishment Neo-con Globalist Right of the Republican Party.  The elite handlers of this societal, worsted wool detritus actually generate the cash used to finance both the Globalist Left and the Globalist Right pawns.  In other words, both the Establishment Right and the anti-establishment Left dance on the same Globalist puppet master stage all paid for by precisely the same people.  The only political movement left in America, still on its feet against this depraved onslaught is THE TEA PARTY, though most tea drinkers don’t really see the big picture either.  The good news is, The Tea Party consists of conservatives and liberals, who correctly informed or not, have their hearts in the right place and their feet on the right path (pun intended).

The only warriors for freedom  in the United States, still on their feet, circa 2012 are the Libertarian leaning Independents who don’t like nor believe anybody and the Tea Party.  The threat posed to future Globalist control by the Tea Party is evidenced by the vicious attacks launched by both the Globalist funded Marxist Left and the Globalist funded Establishment Right.  That salient factoid ought to tell us all something.  The Establishment Right and Marxist Left, eloquently feign Starboard and feign Port, but in fact are both steering all of us straight to what will be controlled American gulags of economic and political  impotence.  We need to get off this sleek power boat of  REVERSE FASCISM – and soon, or it’s going to be a long, long swim to freedom for our kids.  It’s already too late for us;  this ship left Port in 1913 and we’ve been a little slow on the uptake.

Any national politician who claims to “desire change” and fails to even mention the rigid systemic barrier to change, which is the cartel formed by more than 3,000 think tanks, our own government representatives and appointees,  Federal Reserve Bank owners and their friends in league with the obscenely funded spider web of interlocking international, mega-conglomerate-regulatory protected-monopolies, news media, academia, publishing, Hollywood, etc.;  all fed a steady diet of Council on Foreign Relations Globalist gruel, whether Marxist or Neo-con – is a SELL OUT – bought and paid for by the Globalist elite.  That would be every politician on the national stage I know of excepting Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  If there are others of you I am not aware of – I’m sorry – you should be recognized for your courage and independence.

Before getting into it;  please note that compromise has led America to become the most indebted nation in world history and we accomplished that stupendously irresponsible  feat just since 2008.  The United States has borrowed more money over the past four years and is now paying more interest to the world’s international elite banking families than in its entire 232-year prior history.  Bankrupt nations are never strong nations capable of promoting continued abundance and opportunity, nor do they support environmental responsibility.  We would do well to remember that in November 2012.  Think about it the next time you consider a political candidate in light of the well worn 70% rule.  In a perfect world the 70% rule makes perfect sense.  Anybody seeing a perfect world here?  Anyone?  Anyone?

It’s practically un-American to remember who finished a close second in anything and just forget about recalling who finished third.  Americans used to prefer WINNERS to WHINERS and BLAMERS.  What general did Napoleon defeat at Waterloo?  Which astronauts were second and third to walk on the moon?  What driver placed second at the Indianapolis 500 last year?  Who batted .260 for the Yankees?  As American hero Ricky Bobby mistakenly grew up believing in Talladega Nights: “If you’re not first, you’re last!”  Yet in politics we’re told over and over again:  “Politicians must govern from the center.  We must go along to get along.  Compromise is essential.”  Essential to what?  Failure?  Essential to the abandonment of  healthy, meaningful principles upon which the most wealthy, most generous, most free, most uplifting, most powerful society ever seen on earth was built?

Organizer Obama relentlessly mewls from behind his Soros funded teleprompter that free market capitalism has never worked.  Obamanite, Open Society comrades don’t read unredacted history, so don’t realize that true free market capitalism has only failed to the extent it has been restricted by socialist style regulation.  Central planning doesn’t work other than to equally distribute poverty and spiritual devastation.  Ask any of the now disgraced Russian central planners.  Even Fidel Castro, Father of the 1959 Cuban Revolution candidly admitted to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine in a September, 2010 lunch interview, while discussing current economics; “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”  The old communists are quite open about it, but our trusty Globalist news outlets don’t report such inconvenient truths.

Following is an excerpt taken from The Failure of Socialism and Lessons For America, Part 2 written by Richard M. Ebeling in April, 1993.  Mr. Ebeling is the Ludwig von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College and serves as Vice President of academic affairs for the Future of Freedom Foundation.  His own words are far more compelling than any paraphrasing I might muster.

“During the last seventy years, the socialists had their chance to institute their ideal in many countries around the world. And in every case the result has been disastrous. Socialism in practice has produced tyranny, mass murder, poverty, corruption and cultural destruction. The rejection of socialism by the people of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union must be considered the ultimate indictment of the ideology that declared itself to be the liberator of mankind.

The socialist ideal contained three ideas at its core: economic central planning; the belief in collective or group rights; and the case for nationalized social services. The application of these three ideas in socialist countries resulted in economic chaos, social conflict and ethnic warfare, and the collapse of all basic services considered essential and desirable for normal and healthy life.

Yet here in America, at the very time that the end of socialism is heralded as the vindication of the American way of life — a way of life grounded in individual liberty, economic freedom and voluntary association — the American government, with the support of a sizable portion of the populace, continues down the road to socialism. The American people seem oblivious to the lessons to be learned from the socialist experience in other lands. And the ideas leading us further along our road to socialism are the same ones that lead other peoples to the dead-end of state control, economic stagnation, group conflict and societal decay.”

The above excerpt is factually correct and historically accurate.  Mr. Ebeling’s claim is more factually verifiable today, a decade later, than it was in 1993.  It’s burden of proof is fully contained within the devastated lives of those unfortunate souls residing in collectivist economies such as Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Poland, Ethiopia, Venezuela and now most of Europe.  In the face of this historically documented socialist failure, we as conservatives are asked to set reason aside and accept the “need to compromise” mantra endlessly repeated by our Globalist media outlets and even by some  supposed conservatives.  Unfortunately, reality demonstrates that acceptable conservative compromise means you as a conservative give up, shut up and do what you’re told by liberals.  Bi-partisanship means to do whatever liberals want – no questions asked or answered.  Factual historic failure of liberal policy doesn’t enter into it.

Liberals, a mystery to themselves are uninformed pawns, played like an emotional  fiddle by One World strategists – just as the Neo-con Establishment Right is.  They’re just two sides of the same Globalist coin rolling into the Rhodes/Milner collectivist hopper.  For liberals the U.N. will be the hopper lid.  For Neo-cons the U.S. will be the hopper lid.  Either way, “we the people” are in the hopper being cooked until done.

CFR conditioned pundits mindlessly and robotically repeat and the Sheeple apparently accept that today’s political candidates must and will pander (lie) to their uninformed base during the primaries and then quickly move to the center and pander (lie) to the uninformed independents to win the general election.  In the end, no one has the foggiest notion as to what the candidate believes or stands for, which is, of course, the whole point.  I get political reality, but wonder what the heck happened to the truth?  What does a candidate believe in, stand for or want?  What has this candidate done in their life?  Are cowardly pandering and outright lying, meritorious badges demonstrating a candidate’s ability or potential to compromise his or her integrity?  Is this the new gutter for political success?  Is this leadership to be aspired to?

Let’s look at a couple of prime examples.

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB):  signed into law by George W. Bush shortly after entering office as a near legendary piece of bi-partisan, compromise legislation partnered with the late socialist Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy.  This piece of signature education legislation was sold to us as a proud symbol of Progressive possibilities.  It promised to improve our pathetic schools and supposedly, would better prepare under-privileged young people in a harsh, competitive world.  If this wasn’t so destructively sad, it would be funny.  Talk about so-called conservatives helping make sure our inner city poor keep voting Democrat by keeping them penned in organized stockades of ignorance.  Whew!  This is dumb enough to make a goat puke.

This useless, misguided compromise legislation threw more wasted tax payer billions and new Federal testing at a uniformly failed educational system, Progressively designed from the ground up to dumb down the student, thereby creating more manageable collectivist drones.   What used to be on its worse day, an education system to be envied, is now completely denigrated by tenure programs and communist unions that traded honest learning and deductive reasoning for collectivist conditioning.  American education today is Global collectivist indoctrination.  There is no need for testing as there is no learning intended.  The dumbing down of America, started in earnest in the early 30’s by European refuse the likes of communist, Herbert Marcuse is nearly complete as evidenced by 50% voter approval ratings for Barack Hussein Obama and his historically blind, socialist regime in 2012.  This level of populist ignorance and apathy in the face of overwhelming negligence is truly astonishing.

So for education our conservative compromise purchased a lost and abandoned future for thousands of our American children within the Globalist collective nirvana.  Today’s U.S. high schools turn out graduates incapable of deductive reasoning.  Only 26% of 2012 high school grads will be proficient in math and 21% in science.   No Child Left Behind was one more nail in the coffin of education and a shiny gold star for dumbing down to Globalist indoctrination.  Bravo for compromise!

American education will again become successful at teaching and promoting learning when we finally realize as a nation and as responsible parents that the systemic problem in failed education is CURRICULUM, CURRICULUM, CURRICULUM, not misappropriated funding.

H.R. 1424, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:  signed into law by George W. Bush in October, 2008 thereby creating the $700 billion slush fund bailout known as Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP I).

As the Globalist beleaguered Bush so famously remarked, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”  Once you’ve agreed to shamelessly pay off Congressionally sponsored, regulatory agency protected  Wall Street monopolists having nothing what-so-ever to do with “free markets” – all with confiscated (taxed) tax payer dollars and sky high piles of interest donated to the private owners of the criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve Banking System;  nothing much remains to be done other than eloquently stating the retarded justification to the Sheeple;  and Bush did precisely that.  With the door opened wide by this ignorantly advertised crisis, we have now had too many TARP programs to count and the government sponsored wealth transfer to the elite is in the many trillions of dollars.  Talk about re-distribution of wealth;  well, there you have all you can take.  The original $700 billion wasn’t even a small down payment…and we the Sheeple actually vote for the Representative facilitators of this theft.  Bravo for compromise!

H.R. 4173, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010:  signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on July 21, 2010.  Bush’s  H.R. 1424 unlocked the door for world central banks to openly fleece the earnings of hard working American tax payers.  Obama’s H.R. 4173 threw away the key and tore the door off the hinges.  World central banking families now have full on U.S. regulatory support for driving the remaining independent banks out of business so as to finish establishing the 100% complete banking monopoly began in 1913 with passage of the Federal Reserve Act and expanded during the 1930’s.  It should be noted that no House Republicans voted for Dodd-Frank and only three so-called Republican Senators voted for it, but Bush’s H.R. 1424 had already paved the way for another Globalist onslaught.

As Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild so famously observed:  “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

So for economics and finance, conservative compromise has purchased the largest transfer of wealth from working Americans to the international Globalist elite in world history.  Bravo for compromise!  Here, here for CFR!

If you fail to see the reverse fascism inherent in our monopolist controlled government policy as instituted by greedy global conglomerates and maintained via corrupt regulatory agencies through thought conditioning think tanks, study groups, etc.  and as abetted by self aggrandizing, weak kneed, elected representatives – I can’t help you.  So-called conservative pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and others will absolutely;  under no conditions;  ever mention;  at least not without laughing;  that the think tank, study group system nursed by The Tavistock Institute on behalf of the Globalist created and maintained Rhodes/Milner Round Table, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, etc. dominate  and basically filter staffing positions for high level political appointments, regulatory agency positions, news outlets, TV anchors, publishing houses, academia and court appointments.

These highly conditioned, well connected, study group roasted drones are also involved in the bundling of campaign contributions for CFR approved candidates, especially those running for President of the United States.  You don’t have to be a CFR Member to be President, George W. Bush was not, but you do have to surround yourself with hundreds of CFR staffers and appointees.  The only non-CFR supported candidates who ran or are running for office in 2012 are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  Any politician who is not honest and open regarding CFR influence on his policies is either a liar or insane or both…and yes – I can hear your laughter now, but remember the words of Ram Dass, “If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.”

If you don’t or can’t conform to CFR study group-think, the possibility of State or National election is logistically beyond your grasp.  We still have free elections, but only for Globalist, CFR blessed candidates.  Without CFR concurrence, you will likely not be hired or appointed to Federal positions of authority.  If mistakenly hired – you will not be promoted and you will not last.  This is not conspiracy.  It is an effective management  strategy proven to work and it explains why normal people will routinely vote against their own best interests in favor of the Globalist Agenda of worldwide feudal serfdom.

It also explains how a relatively small group of heavily conditioned believers can effectively control a dumbed down population of more than 300 million.  Globalists are sick, not stupid.  Learn to think for yourself in spite of unionized American dis-education.

CFR openly writes about (See the CFR journal called “Foreign Affairs” published since 1922), openly speaks about and brags about their Globalist agenda to destroy U.S. sovereignty and disable private property rights for citizens.  It just doesn’t get reported by Globalist owned media outlets;  which is all media outlets including Fox News, AP and Reuters.  Every time a conservative compromises with liberals The Overton Window moves a little further Left and a few more freedoms are left behind.  This incremental process of reasonable compromise ends at the feudal feedlots where the Globalist elite will fatten us with just enough genetically modified, aluminum resistant grain to continue laboring and of course, voting for their well established system of self enslavement.

Vote well;  and if you’re a Globalist drone, I’m sure you’ll vote often.  Enjoy your spot in the feedlot and watch where you step.  The sheep dip gets pretty deep.  If you happen to prefer real freedom to paddock freedom, get informed, think for yourself and learn to stand up and say NO while we can still vote.

Obama is the most catastrophically destructive American mistake since Jimmy Carter, particularly in a few really choice low spots.  As an arrogant pathological liar, he’s at the head of the no-integrity class. As an economic illiterate, he stands below even his narcissistic, Chicago-communist contemporaries and the gutter doesn’t get any lower than that.  As an irresponsible, conditioned pawn of the elite Globalists who purchased his squatter’s seat in our White House, he is incompetent in most everything he does aside from boosting the teleprompter industry.  Because of his endless destructive policies, we the people will be on the receiving end of media driven, non-stop distraction, bitter in-fighting, time wasting finger pointing and useless argument, all sold by the lame stream media arm of the Democrat Party until November 2nd, that infamous date leaving us wading hip deep through STORM (Van Jones’ American Communist Manifesto) planned political chaos.

Obama’s recent pejorative remarks regarding the unelected status of Supreme Court Justices and their alleged lack of authority to question Congressional stupidity is in no way astonishing.  It is in fact, childishly transparent.  Obama knows full well why the Founders established a Supreme Court and he knows what Marbury versus Madison is and means.  That’s precisely why he labors so diligently to ignore his oath of office in undermining and disrespecting our Constitution and separation of powers between branches of government.  Obama is ignorantly incompetent and politically conditioned, not stupid.  That said, when you pick an argument with the Supreme Court, it’s a good idea to at least make rational, factual arguments.  Wrapping his silly arguments within not one, not two, but at least four blatant lies causes one to appear foppishly buffoonish or imagine this – a liar;  neither of which is likely to be taken seriously by Justices of the Supreme Court.  2012 strategy for Democrat handlers of our lying White House usurper is as follows:

Obama, nor his Democrat Party can run for re-election on their spectacular achievement of new record highs in race baiting, poverty pimping, lying, Federal debt, most vacations ever taken by a sitting President, most golf games played by a sitting President, highest travel expenses of a sitting President, private sector unemployment, small business bankruptcies, home foreclosures, sky rocketing gasoline and diesel fuel prices, decimating our military, expanding TSA into a totalitarian civilian police force and the expansion of Federal government Executive power beyond what any wanna-be dictator could hope for; and we won’t even get into the corrupt insider slush funds that have cost tax payers countless billions.  The bleeding never ends with this guy.  Since Obama can’t run on his record – he also can’t have we the people talking about it.  So what will he do?

Distraction and immature, adversarial aggression will be the keys to his success.  The Supreme Court attack is just the first taste of it.  His transparent strategy here is to convince the Sheeple – that would be the dumbest and least informed among us, about half of us now – that HE gave us health care…and now THE BIG BAD SUPREME COURT is going to take it away.  This isn’t a legal or Constitutional play for Obama.  This is pure political strategy.  He’s pretty sure that SCOTUS will shoot down his unconstitutional mandate.  If he can bully the court into at least honoring the non-existent severability clause, he can then easily turn this whole mess to his political advantage.  Even if SCOTUS does the right thing and surprisingly defends our Constitution and Rule of Law, which I doubt will happen, Obama will grab his STORM manual and be off to the races anyway.  Lies, division and acrimony are all he and his socialist Democrat Party comrades have to work with, so they will.

Obamacare is carefully designed to destroy private health insurance over a ten to twelve year period, leaving the Sheeple with zero choices and bureaucratic rationing in the end – just as folks in Europe are warning us.  If SCOTUS shoots down his mandate and retains the rest of the 2,700 pages of freedom crushing garbage;  and today’s court of Democrat appointed political hacks could easily do just that, he wins.  Obama will aggressively move to incite a brand new health care war for government-single payer coverage and will cleverly motivate the stupid, retarded and uninformed to take to the streets defecating and demanding that the nasty Conservatives be forced to give back the health care coverage HE so generously and courageously provided for them.  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) will quickly sink to the occasion and escalate to a much more emotional and destructive strategy as they ignorantly carry the collectivist conditioned ball for their own economic enslavement by George Soros and his elite Globalist cronies.  OWS believes that having universal coverage is the same as receiving care, which Europeans and Australians can assure you is not the case.  {For example, if you’re 72 years old or older in Australia and need a serious medical procedure – you go home to die.  You’re not worth care.}

Republicans, as always, will be too politically naive to articulate an effective response to the Democrat lies and mis-information overload (think Cloward and Pivens or Saul Alinsky) and the next seven months will be non-stop Republican catch-up as they pathetically limp along behind Obama’s sneers and arrogant snickers fighting every useless, unimportant conflagration spilled on them; and of course, never addressing any real issues, nor offering real solutions – which they actually have.  In the end it’s likely that the dumbest, meanest and most uninformed among us will carry the tragic November election for Obama and his race baiting,  poverty sustaining, brown-shirt Democrats – though I desperately hope I’ve got this one wrong.  If you are a hard working, tax paying, responsible citizen of the U.S.; you are about to be completely disenfranchised by the carefully constructed socialist Democrat Party welfare, racial and patronage votes.

Democrat strategists will continue to come up with dozens of stupid, emotionally charged non-issues for inconsequential debate, such as,  the pathetic race baiting and Martin family abuse in the Treyvon Martin case, the female golf membership debacle at Bobby Jones’ and Clifford Roberts’ famous Augusta Golf Club, etc., all handily targeted to keep teary eyed Republicans and the Sheeple from ever discussing Obama’s failure, laziness, arrogance and his over-whelming desire to install a communist style dictatorship in the U.S.  Bush II and the Right Wing Establishment set the Globalist stage for this frightening nonsense and now Obama and his ridiculous Marxist Congress are bringing home the tofu.  The politically naive Republicans will be chewed to bits by themselves and the lame stream media and the country will suffer immensely for it.  There are folks like Congressman David Schweikert of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District and a few others who have offered real life, practical solutions that would actually help those who need it, rather than just pander to them for uninformed votes.  These solutions never see the light of day in today’s Globalist media.  Take it from 1600 Watch;  real solutions will never be discussed in 2012.

American freedom and prosperity are just about finished and WE The Sheeple don’t even see it – we actually vote for it. 2012 is a turning point in American history.  We The Sheeple will rise to it and wake up or we won’t.  If we refuse to see the truth and demand the same from our elected representatives, our baby boomer kids will grow up to experience the return of Globalist feudal serfdom first hand.  What a crappy gift.  On the other hand, we could wake up, think for ourselves and demand the truth – in which case we wouldn’t be Sheeple anymore.  We would be real adult citizens responsibly managing our Representative Democracy.  What a concept?

Should we fail to wake up before November 2012, we will eventually realize that the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats are just two sides of the same Globalist coin.  The only difference is the disingenuous rhetoric pandering to the Right or Left; and the fact that the Marxists want the U.N. to sit on top of the pile and the Neo-cons want the U.S. to sit on top of the pile.  Any way you cut the Globalist cake, we the Sheeple lose our freedom.  The Sheeple think there’s a Democrat / Republican – Liberal / Conservative battle for power, but that’s not the problem – it’s a distraction.  That battle, though real enough in the sense that pro-wrestling is real, is just a surface symptom.  The real battle, the one the Globalist press has been conditioned to never speak of, is for our individual freedom from the voracious Globalist sharks.  When we finally catch on, it will be too late and our kids will have to bleed for the freedom we so cheaply gave away – if they ever want it back and I believe they will.  Thankfully, our kids are smarter and tougher than we have been.

All this insane doom and gloom could easily be avoided by simply demanding the truth and recognizing it when we see it.  Then politics would be fun again, instead of being a battle to the death for our economic independence, which is exactly what it has become today.