03-02-2012: Algebra Kills Social Security…and Medicare…and Socialism

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Over-paid professors of indoctrination at Columbia and other Progressive Propaganda centers can argue the metaphysical nuances of Marxist nanny state versus free market Capitalist ideology, but as a practical matter of system sustainability, any serious consideration of collectivist social programs is pointless.  The inexorable march of time coupled with both fertility or infertility dooms Marxist social programs to certain failure.

Even a moderate grasp of high school algebra will quickly demonstrate that collectivist social programs based on the Marxist model are unsustainable for more than a few generations.  Failure is demonstrably imminent by the fourth generation in all countries – no known exceptions.  There is simply no need for debate on the merit or lack thereof for collectivist Marxism versus free market Capitalism since the socialist concept is hopelessly doomed before it begins.

For the moment, setting algebra aside, nanny state failure is observable historic fact via the economic conditions prevalent throughout the late U.S.S.R. and now in Russia, China (in spite of media propaganda), North Korea, Cuba, most bankrupt countries in Europe and now here in bankrupt America.  Over the past hundred or so years – roughly four generations for the unfortunate folks in the late U.S.S.R. (since 1917) and three active generations (since roughly 1930) for the rest of us we see the full on systemic collapse of collectivist social programs.  Why?  What drives this collapse?

Facetiously, we can say algebra collapses Marxism, but more correctly, simple population growth is the villain and we simply model population via an exponential function such as:  the population at time two is equal to the population at time one, times the natural logarithm to base e, raised to the power of the rate of population growth multiplied by the time period in years.  Sounds a little complicated, but it’s not.  Even a propagandized Harvard grad student can do this.

The highly regarded Social Security (SS) Administration is a good example of predictable, steady, systemic failure over time.  It is such an obvious, easily predictable failure, that some have pejoratively referred to it as a Ponzi Scheme – which as a practical matter, regardless of myopic intent, it is.  The following data is taken directly from the Social Security Administration website at, http://www.ssa.gov/history/ratios.html and also from http://www.ssa.gov/oact/STATS/OASDIbenies.html.  There is some discrepancy in data provided at these two SS site locations, but nothing significantly impacting our analysis.

Per historical records shown on the Social Security Administration website:

In 1940 – 35,390,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 222,000 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 159.4 workers to 1 recipient.

By 1945 – 46,390,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 1,106,000 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 41.9 workers to 1 recipient.

By 1970 – 93,090,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 25,700,924 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 3.6 workers to 1 recipient.

In 2010 – 156,7250,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 54,032,097 beneficiaries; that is a ratio of 2.9 workers to 1 recipient.

You do not have to be a statistician or a math major to see these numbers can’t work for any length of time.  A quick review of population figures across countries throughout the world as well as for the entire global population yield similar growth rates. The data suggests that belief in Marxist based social programs requires three foundational elements;  algebraic ignorance,  financial illiteracy and plausible denial of reality.  Most liberals seem to retain and consistently express all three of these foundational elements.

To promote Marxist based, nanny state social programs while not actually believing in them is simply to lie.  Lie to obtain and hold  power.  Lie on the basis of stubborn ignorance and self hatred.  I don’t have the answer to this condition, but the outcome is always and uniformly – a Progressive would say “fairly” – bad.

The collapse of Marxist inspired social programs whereby the collectivist workers support the collectivist non-workers is guaranteed before it begins by simple population demographics.  Population growth is powered by five basic forces;  time, birth rate (fertility, fecundity), death rate (mortality), immigration and emigration.  Population growth rates are further impacted by extraneous factors such as social/cultural proclivities, disease, medical science, war, famine, etc.

Russia with its thriving Bolshevik head start is fully into its fourth nanny state generation and completely imploded in 1989 and collapsed in 1991.  Many erudite factors have been blamed, but simple, high school algebra tells the whole truth.  No other explanation is necessary to demonstrate the predictable and painful economic collapse of these good people.  Even sadder is the fact of more than 40 million starved to death or murdered to force this system of spiritual annihilation in place to begin with.

Ignoring the obvious and well known history of communism, both Europe and now the United States have accepted the profligate rhapsodies of the Left; are well into their third nanny state generations and are already feeling the pains of coming collapse.  If we don’t stop this scourge now – our children – the fourth generation will live the brutal fullness of it.

There is no need for further socialist nanny state experimentation or the resulting pain.  High school algebra has bravely shown us the truth.  If only we’d listened in class.  A healthy society requires real solutions by real people, not criminal fantasies put forth by career criminals, the Ruling Class Pawns of inbred Elite Oligarchs.

For those interested in the numbers, please refer to the following link.

SS From 1970 – 2011

Have fun!


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