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Before we begin insulting both Republicans and Democrats I offer the following comment.  To the best of my knowledge, outside Barrack Hussein Obama and his churlish wife, Michelle,  there is not a single Democrat or Republican on the national political stage, who despises the independence, financial freedom and generosity enjoyed and displayed  by the American people to the extent it simply must be snuffed out.  Not one.

I may disagree with delusional Progressive views held by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and many Establishment Republicans, including those currently running for the Republican Presidential nomination;  but I do not believe that any of these folks hate America.  Barack Obama clearly and openly does.  He has been indoctrinated since birth to do so.  Obama has been fabricated, funded, used and employed by Globalists to bring the independent American middle class to its financial knees, ripening it for One World Government compliance.

Our failure as citizen voters to grasp the nature of 2012 American politics within the contextual battle for Globalist One World totalitarianism is our failure to understand American political motivation at all.  Our continued failure and uninformed ignorance is costing us our independence.

The 2012 Presidential election is critical, not because CEO Obama is a lying Marxist;  but because Obama as our CEO is a Marxist who utterly despises our Constitution, is sickened by the concept of “equal justice” as disposed by our Judeo-Christian based Rule of Law and viscerally hates middle class financial independence and personal freedom.  Barrack Obama views your freedom as a threat to his Controller’s agenda and is a dangerous aberation even within today’s Socialist Democrat Party.  Any Republican or any other Democrat I know of, would be better for the people of America and the world than this hateful, one man destructothon.  Your informed vote is important;  please think for yourself and cast it in November as best you can.

There are only two rational explanations for the losing political strategy so far employed by Republican Party Presidential candidates in the lead up to the 2012 November election.  The first is that Republicans are  just plain lousy at running effective political campaigns and don’t mind being embarrassingly herded by Progressive Democrat strategists and liberal hate mongers.

The second, less obvious explanation is that the Globalist Establishment Right leadership of the Republican Party is on board with the Globalist Democrat agenda and has no intention of derailing its direction, which is why freedom loving Tea Party folk can’t get no RNC  support.  Conjoined hatred of the Tea Party movement is also your sign as to the fact that both the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right are two sides of the same Globalist coin.  From the comfy cushions of my arm chair, it appears both explanations of Republican failure apply.  This erudite conclusion is based largely on the recently unveiled, highly controversial, though eminently brilliant and widely applicable, Netanyahu Duck Doctrine.

Before we go any further, just to enlighten my victimized brothers and sisters of Progressive reeducation.  Globalism is a focus group tested, euphemistic term used in place of  the generally unacceptable phrase, One World Government.  For the purposes of this critique, dictatorial Globalism is our walking, quacking duck pretending to be a philanthropic friend of the people.  George Soros has named the totalitarian duck Open Society.  It masquerades under other euphemistic names and ever changing deceitful phrases such as social justice, fairness, transformation, hope and change or the over used cliche, the common good.

There are two stalwart opponents in the world-wide battle for Elite One World Governance and neither believes in your independence.  They are the Marxist Left, Open Society team characterized by George Soros and friends, along with nematodes the likes of Barrack and Michelle Obama or Bill and Hillary Clinton to name prominent American examples;  and of course, the Neocon Right team characterized by the more homespun Bush family and friends or the eloquent Charles Krauthammer, Carl Rove or William Kristol.  The Marxist Left team wants all sovereign nations dictatorially ruled by the ignorant pawns populating the United Nations thug club.  The Neocon Right side prefers all sovereign nations be sat on by the United States of America.  Both Globalist view points are hopelessly short sighted, immoral in terms of Natural Law, in denial of human nature and are extremely dangerous to your health and well being.

Understand that both these poisonous groups view American middle class financial independence as the single biggest obstacle to tyrannical One World Government.  Their view of the middle class is from different angles, but their goals are the same.  The American middle class will be forced into One World compliance.  One World requires that the Constitution of the United States be done away with.  Destroying our Constitution absolutely requires that all foundational basis in Natural Law as compiled over several centuries of Judeo-Christian experience and teaching be exorcized from our society.  When an ignorant soldier the likes of Michelle Obama openly states that our American history and way of life must be changed – she’s not kidding.  Ignorance and redaction of historical fact are primordial Globalist tools.

I’m sorry, but any American citizen failing to understand that the Constitution of the United States is the most powerfully inspired political document ever written;  and that this document is the only political document on earth recognizing our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – this citizen is tragically stupid and is slowly costing all of us our freedom.

The two Globalist arch enemies battle each other publicly with harsh opposing rhetoric, but in fact never jeopardize any policy progress either has made in nudging the Sheeple into their feudal paddock.  Some sheep baaaa for the Right and some for the Left, but all, excepting the international elite are headed blindly and  inexorably to the same Globalist holding pen…unless they choose to stand up and say NO.  People tend to become uncomfortable (because we’ve been conditioned) when discussing  One World Government enslavement, but there is no need for fear.  The only power any Globalist individual, family or group has over us is their ability to manipulate us into saying and/or voting YES in favor of their nonsense.  A simple NO brings their influence and power to an end…but of course we haven’t been paying attention – that is, we have failed to correctly identify THE DUCK – and we therefore, haven’t learned the importance of the NO position when it comes to our own freedom and the true safety of our children and neighbors.

The well worn, time tested Globalist behavioral strategy is to motivate the Left Sheeple to futilely and angrily battle it out with the Right Sheeple over perceived symptoms of societal distress, but always steer both teams away from root causes and real solutions.  An issue is worth lots of money, political capital and eventually power.  Solutions are of no value to a Globalist.  Solutions make things better.  Globalists require and therefore attempt to instigate or even cause economic problems, chaos, societal pain, war and mass suffering all of which are used to soften the mark (that would be us) for greater collective acceptance of plantation life in the barn.  {Just watch how we will be going to Uganda soon.}

Globalists prefer to use the softer term “security” to the more obvious debtor’s prison or barn, which I guess they feel sounds unseemly when applied to their view of human cattle.  Unresolved issues can last forever (think undefined War on Terror) and remain effective tools for continued propagation of ignorance, indoctrination and motivation if managed properly;  and from where I sit, they’re doing a bang-up job.  More than half our uninformed population are now ignorantly voting for their own economic enslavement, deceitfully and articulately disguised as security.

Here’s a broad generalization for you – AND 1600 WATCH STANDS BY IT.  “All Globalists – every last one of them are delusionally psychotic, shameless liars, who greedily envision themselves dining in the castle while being served by you and I as their dumbed down feudal serfs.”  This observation applies equally to the Rothschild and Rockefeller type elites as well as their foolish pawns, the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Ayres or George H.W. Bush, all of whom are eliminated as soon as their usefulness is no longer useful to their elite Comrades.  Don’t believe me – read a history book.

If you choose not to start taking these demented thugs seriously, remember what I just told you later on when you’re starving in your cold, dirt floor shack;  trying to clean up enough to presentably serve your wealthy elite masters…and NO, I am not kidding or being my usually facetious self.  This is precisely where your despicably ignorant Federal government bureaucrats such as totally unregulated, Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein or Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius are nudging you.  We don’t see it because we’re not being loaded in box cars – yet;  we’re actually voting for our spot on the Globalist plantation.  That in a nutshell is the entire issue.  Be free or don’t.  It’s up to you and I, not some over dressed suit in Washington D.C.

Should you continue to be distracted and waste time arguing valiantly as to whether or not we can have salt on a restaurant table, a turkey sandwich in our child’s lunch box, what sucker will pay for our contraception, what kind of car we can drive or to what extent we can heat our homes – go for it;  but realize that as we foolishly consent to be distracted by arguing endlessly over trivialities – our treasonous Federal government officials, elected and appointed, are illegally sanctioning our Constitutional Rule of Law and are incrementally removing our freedoms.  If you’re still reading and disagree with me;  please take the time to comment and list for me and other readers all those countries throughout human history who have gained their freedom, lost it or gave it away and then got it back.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a very short list.

The Neocon Right Globalists support anti-sovereignty gains made by the Marxist Left and vice versa.  They rail openly against each other during elective herding cycles, but when in power, quietly place hold and very carefully layer excuses as to why nothing can be changed.  This routine flip flop becomes painfully obvious just in observing the power baton hand off from Bush I to Clinton;  from Clinton to Bush II;  and from Bush II to Obama.  Nothing of significance changes.  We just keep inexorably creeping toward increasingly monolithic, unmanageable, centralized government control.  Globalists of both sides have no respect for citizens and the eight year trade off strategy works every time because today’s average uninformed voter naively believes the indoctrinated elite press corps tripe and in any case, appears to have the attention span of a sound bite flea.

Both the Marxist Left and the Neocon Right believe that once their plantation is built and you and I are hopelessly confined within it;  then they will get rid of the other side and hold the golden chalice themselves.  This identical scenario is also playing out in the parasitical marriage of the Marxist Left with Islamic Terrorists.  They use each other to the same end, that is, destroying economic independence and the western way of life, thinking they will simply eliminate the other at the end of the bloody cul-de-sac.  Basically they are all idiots, never have a new play, but are none-the-less very, very dangerous.

It ought to be obvious to anyone not in a coma, excepting maybe MSNBC, CNN or Fox viewers, that the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats trade the gilded throne of American political disingenuity every eight years and faithfully place hold for each as long as all parties are playing nicey, nicey with the destruction of American sovereignty.  There are exceptions for the shockingly inept, such as Trilateral Commission pawn Jimmy Carter, but these inconveniences are rare and generally speaking the Global rotation is eight years on;  eight years off.  I’d like to think Obama is another exception, but I’m not seeing that just yet.

I used to find it farcical watching American voters flock to the voting booth believing there is actually a Left /Right contest, but not anymore.  The average voter is helplessly conditioned to believe whatever the elite owned and operated media shamelessly tell him or her.  It has reached a level of uninformed irresponsibility that places American freedom as once recognized by our Constitution and Rule of Law – not only at risk, but possibly in the grave.

The once farcical, now threatening pretense of feigned battle between the well scripted Establishment Right and the even better scripted anti-Establishment Left is non-existent in terms of American freedom and financial independence.  Both sides detest our Constitutionally recognized, unalienable rights and seek to dictatorially control us by means of ever growing, less and less identifiable, less manageable, irrevocably futile, centralized government.  They just use different rhetoric, but both trains are headed to the same camp and you don’t want to be there.

My advice is to stop listening to the Establishment Right and the Marxist Left entirely.  Observe what they both do because what they do is the same; is real; and it counts.  What they spew from between their wetted, drooling lips is deceitful and dangerous.  Think independently for yourself.  We can work together for the truth and keep our freedom if we can simply learn to say NO to Globalist deceit and stop uselessly hating each other over stupid contrived symptoms of nonexistent issues.

If TRUTH and FREEDOM aren’t our issues in November 2012, we’re going to lose both.


Over-paid professors of indoctrination at Columbia and other Progressive Propaganda centers can argue the metaphysical nuances of Marxist nanny state versus free market Capitalist ideology, but as a practical matter of system sustainability, any serious consideration of collectivist social programs is pointless.  The inexorable march of time coupled with both fertility or infertility dooms Marxist social programs to certain failure.

Even a moderate grasp of high school algebra will quickly demonstrate that collectivist social programs based on the Marxist model are unsustainable for more than a few generations.  Failure is demonstrably imminent by the fourth generation in all countries – no known exceptions.  There is simply no need for debate on the merit or lack thereof for collectivist Marxism versus free market Capitalism since the socialist concept is hopelessly doomed before it begins.

For the moment, setting algebra aside, nanny state failure is observable historic fact via the economic conditions prevalent throughout the late U.S.S.R. and now in Russia, China (in spite of media propaganda), North Korea, Cuba, most bankrupt countries in Europe and now here in bankrupt America.  Over the past hundred or so years – roughly four generations for the unfortunate folks in the late U.S.S.R. (since 1917) and three active generations (since roughly 1930) for the rest of us we see the full on systemic collapse of collectivist social programs.  Why?  What drives this collapse?

Facetiously, we can say algebra collapses Marxism, but more correctly, simple population growth is the villain and we simply model population via an exponential function such as:  the population at time two is equal to the population at time one, times the natural logarithm to base e, raised to the power of the rate of population growth multiplied by the time period in years.  Sounds a little complicated, but it’s not.  Even a propagandized Harvard grad student can do this.

The highly regarded Social Security (SS) Administration is a good example of predictable, steady, systemic failure over time.  It is such an obvious, easily predictable failure, that some have pejoratively referred to it as a Ponzi Scheme – which as a practical matter, regardless of myopic intent, it is.  The following data is taken directly from the Social Security Administration website at, and also from  There is some discrepancy in data provided at these two SS site locations, but nothing significantly impacting our analysis.

Per historical records shown on the Social Security Administration website:

In 1940 – 35,390,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 222,000 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 159.4 workers to 1 recipient.

By 1945 – 46,390,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 1,106,000 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 41.9 workers to 1 recipient.

By 1970 – 93,090,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 25,700,924 beneficiaries;  that is a ratio of 3.6 workers to 1 recipient.

In 2010 – 156,7250,000 workers paid for SS benefits collected by 54,032,097 beneficiaries; that is a ratio of 2.9 workers to 1 recipient.

You do not have to be a statistician or a math major to see these numbers can’t work for any length of time.  A quick review of population figures across countries throughout the world as well as for the entire global population yield similar growth rates. The data suggests that belief in Marxist based social programs requires three foundational elements;  algebraic ignorance,  financial illiteracy and plausible denial of reality.  Most liberals seem to retain and consistently express all three of these foundational elements.

To promote Marxist based, nanny state social programs while not actually believing in them is simply to lie.  Lie to obtain and hold  power.  Lie on the basis of stubborn ignorance and self hatred.  I don’t have the answer to this condition, but the outcome is always and uniformly – a Progressive would say “fairly” – bad.

The collapse of Marxist inspired social programs whereby the collectivist workers support the collectivist non-workers is guaranteed before it begins by simple population demographics.  Population growth is powered by five basic forces;  time, birth rate (fertility, fecundity), death rate (mortality), immigration and emigration.  Population growth rates are further impacted by extraneous factors such as social/cultural proclivities, disease, medical science, war, famine, etc.

Russia with its thriving Bolshevik head start is fully into its fourth nanny state generation and completely imploded in 1989 and collapsed in 1991.  Many erudite factors have been blamed, but simple, high school algebra tells the whole truth.  No other explanation is necessary to demonstrate the predictable and painful economic collapse of these good people.  Even sadder is the fact of more than 40 million starved to death or murdered to force this system of spiritual annihilation in place to begin with.

Ignoring the obvious and well known history of communism, both Europe and now the United States have accepted the profligate rhapsodies of the Left; are well into their third nanny state generations and are already feeling the pains of coming collapse.  If we don’t stop this scourge now – our children – the fourth generation will live the brutal fullness of it.

There is no need for further socialist nanny state experimentation or the resulting pain.  High school algebra has bravely shown us the truth.  If only we’d listened in class.  A healthy society requires real solutions by real people, not criminal fantasies put forth by career criminals, the Ruling Class Pawns of inbred Elite Oligarchs.

For those interested in the numbers, please refer to the following link.

SS From 1970 – 2011

Have fun!