02-23-2012: Is The Tea Party Triggering An Establishment Right Panic Attack?

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

The Establishment Right leadership of the Republican Party is for the most part a group of Neo-con Globalists who work toward One World Governance and foresee the United States at the top of the world’s centrally controlled power pyramid.  This near sighted, Constitution pandering, liberty toxic group is most recently characterized by the Bush family and is routinely supported by folks like Charles Krauthammer, Carl Rove, Fox News, William Kristol of The Weekly Spectator and so on.

The Marxist Left of the Democrat Party, the rank and file comrades of which, don’t realize it, also  work diligently toward One World Governance, but envision the misanthropic United Nations (or something equally hopeless) at the pinnacle of world-wide, top down governmental abuse.  This poisonous and nasty group is most recently characterized by religious impersonator, Barack Hussein Obama and is supported by minions such as labor union leaders, George Soros and his Open Society, David Rockefeller, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrne, the entirety of the world press, nearly all of the world’s publishing houses, nearly all educational institutions, most of Hollywood including most comedians and musicians (excluding country music of course), countless foundations, think tanks and study groups; and uninformed activist gangs like the Weathermen, Weather Underground, Students For a Democratic Society, Black Panthers, Acorn, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, etc.  The list of these indoctrinated morons is practically endless.

The Marxist Left is doubly traitorous as they have ignorantly joined themselves at the hip with Islamic Extremists in attempting to throw a one-two punch at the face of western economic power and freedom.  Code Pink openly brags about their alleged protection by Hamas at the May 2010 Jew bashing flotilla debacle they are so proud of.  No common sense and no love of free speech or the First and Second Amendments with this obscenely obstreperous crowd.  Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrne, Code Pink and many other Leftist Logan Act violators conspired for more than two years organizing Egyptian activists in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s secular regime for replacement with Sharia Law by their friends in the  Muslim Brotherhood.

As most of you likely refuse to see, but I wish for our children’s sake you could or would, both the Establishment Right Republicans and Marxist Left Democrats are clearly at odds with the Constitutionally recognized freedoms of United States’ citizens;  and are simply two sides of the same cheaply minted, company store coin, but having very different, artificially contumelious rhetoric.  Both these groups hope to nudge us all to the sad return of world wide feudal serfdom, owned and operated by the international elite Globalist insiders, who fund and breed both these myopically pathetic herds of political pawns and thugs.

Both the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats despise the Tea Party Movement with its respect for our Founders’ wisdom, generosity, integrity, courage and total commitment to individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Marxist Left openly hates the Tea Party Movement.  The Establishment Right hates it as well, but never openly.  The Establishment Right takes a more veiled, passive aggressive approach to undermining Tea Party credibility.

The Republican Establishment is nearly apoplectic with anxiety and appears to be suffering from increasingly frequent panic attacks as they frightfully consider the unscripted potential of going into their 2012 Republican Convention without a locked in Progressive Sheeple Candidate.  After all, whether Democrat or Republican, Presidential candidates chosen through brokered (real) conventions have not historically tended to be electable.  Of course, there’s never been a TEA PARTY MOVEMENT before either… at least not since the halcyon days of the Boston Tea Party.  Maybe the Sheeple are waking up and rising?  Are  indecent middle class thoughts of leaving the 1984 Globalist thought control barn, contrary to the billions invested in costly Tavistock Training actually occurring?  Is this possible?

American politics isn’t just broken;  American politics is non-existent in any real sense of various factions vying for some reasonable balance of power and an effective voice in the people’s governance.  Even the uninformed Occupy Wall Streeters correctly recognize that something is systemically wrong.  True American politics has been replaced with mass, in-doctrinal ignorance, misinformation and outright lies by the openly delusional Marxist Left, the poorly dressed Progressive Left and the well dressed Establishment Right, all aided and abetted by fully comatose victims of public education – with the Globalist media enabling the outright lies, misinformation, redaction of fact and general misleading of the electorate every step of the uninformed way.  Objective journalism in 2012  is even more deceased than genuine political discourse.

The elite Globalists have employed their amazingly effective “think tank” and “study group” indoctrination strategies since WW II to the point where honesty in media and politics has been buried alive beneath the tundra of thousands of feet of frozen individual thought.  Elite Globalists, journalists and politicians are now held in a deep, incestuous  embrace, where any hint of  independence is brutally cut short by the breathless ligature of ignorance as it strangles all attempts at rational thought and plain common sense.

Unfortunately for the Establishment Right and the supposed anti-Establishment Left – just two sides of the same collectivist coin;  many of We The Sheeple are fed up with paying the bills and bleeding for someone else’s money while the elite insiders of Skull and Bones, Wolf’s Head, Scroll and Key, Porcellian Club, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the various Round Tables make corrupt deals and negotiate treasonous foreign policy behind the scenes in flagrant violation of the 1799 Logan Act.

The Republican Establishment, no more fans of our Constitution than the Marxist Left seem to be losing at least some of their control of Main Street political dialogue.  This, of course, is one reason why talk radio,  the internet and free speech is an issue for both the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right.  Both sides of the central planning crowd detest free speech and unbridled thought.  These two items create huge obstacles to the cheap and effective Global management of The Sheeple.  Sheeple starving in the barn are much easier to control and shear than fat, well fed Sheeple loose on the grassy hillsides.  This is accepted political fact in all Globalist circles.

The Establishment Right and Marxist Left are both working feverishly to convince we the people that the Tea Party Movement has run out of gas and is no longer relevant – but they would be wrong and you’re seeing it every single day as Progressive, big government Republicans try to convince genuine conservatives that they care about our Constitution, will legally represent we the people and will actually honor their oath of office.  What a thought.

The Establishment is in a panic because if the Republican convention opens without a clearly defined Sheeple Candidate – honest political debate will be forced to occur.  There will be no realistic way to control conservatives (read Tea Party folks), limit their speech and prevent them from opining as to the issues and candidates of their choice;  some of whom may actually be willing to represent the folks who pay their salaries and grandiose benefits.  I cannot think of a word to describe how obscenely distasteful the possibility of open debate must be for the blue blood Eastern Establishment power brokers.  It must truly be awful.

The question is, “will it, open debate that is, be good for us – we the people”?  If utter chaos reigns free, then it’s a 100% guarantee that America Hater, Barack Obama will be reelected to finish the trashing of America he so ardently pursued throughout his destructive first term.  Obama’s success is the utter destruction of American prosperity and freedom as it has been known.

On the other hand, a true conservative candidate with actual principles and a sincere belief in our Rule of Law could be chosen, in which case Obama and his traitorous Administration will be swept into the garbage can of historic tragedy, where they belong.  The Establishment insists and the Left concurs, which should tell you something,  that only a moderate Republican can win a national election, though the selection of Progressive moderates like John McCain, along with their cowardly compromise is precisely what has brought the United States to the brink of financial bankruptcy, moral decay and spiritual destitution.

It is simply not possible to compromise with a liberal.  The only way to have a voice in the face of liberal bullying is to win elections and replace them, liberals that is, with intelligent human beings.  True conservatives win elections.  Moderates lose elections.  The majority of our U.S. population is conservative and endowed with common sense.  Neither the Establishment Right or the Marxist Left wants us to be cognizant of that fact, because this particular fact may destroy their ability to maintain a strangle hold on their treasonous power.


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