02-14-2011: Progressive De-education = Indoctrination

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Weekly Constitution Watch

Opening Remark:  There are still many, very good teachers who care deeply about what they do.  I personally know a number of them.  The following is not about them and I thank them for their efforts – futile or not.  The following commentary is about our horribly destructive, Progressive School Administrations and their Leftist, anti-independent thought curriculum, which have and are destroying education in America – even in the hands of teachers who try.  The destruction of independent thought is an enormous nail in the coffin of individual liberty and it is a key note strategy in the Marxist play book for winning power through voter ignorance and the indoctrinated inability to reason.

Education in America has been attacked and degraded into rote collectivist indoctrination by Progressive Pawns for more than 100 years and has unfortunately been totally in Progressive hands for more than 60 years now.  The clear and present result is massive educational failure on every level with the near total loss of independent thinking as the rotted cherry on top.  Silicon valley now must hire its top techies from overseas.  Our top U.S. university grads can quote Mao, demand rights, hug trees and handle condoms with great facility, but basic English, quadratic equations, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics is beyond their interest and certainly their grasp.  The deductive ability to connect two general thoughts, thereby deriving a specific conclusion is for all practical purposes – out of reach for our average citizen.  Thank you Herbert Marcuse, C. Wright Mills and the  rest of your destructive anti-academic herd. Thought conditioning sound bites are all today’s average citizen voter is capable of absorbing.

Two environmental socialism cases in point.

Most liberal voters believe that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than hydrocarbon (gasoline) powered vehicles, though it has not proven true.  Liberals just blindly insist they are.  Electric vehicles can actually discharge more particulate matter into the atmosphere than gasoline powered vehicles;  their batteries are filled with toxic chemicals that must be disposed of and guess what;  these vehicles are charged with electricity, more than 50% of which is provided by fossil fueled power plants anyway.  “Recent research from the University of Tennessee, suggest electric cars in China have had an overall worse impact on the public health with regard to releasing particulate matter compared to those guzzling gas. The research conducted by Chris Cherry, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and graduate student Shuguang Ji, evaluated 34 major Chinese cities where electric vehicles, including bikes, outnumber conventional vehicles 2:1.”   {Taken from Daily News, UK}  Their research states that the number of electric cars have grown to more than 100 million in the country in the last decade and that the promised environmental purity is not being realized.  Quite the contrary.

The second colossal fallacy that liberals swallow hook, line and sinker and then mindlessly promote is that carbon dioxide is toxic.  I won’t even comment on how uneducated you have to be to accept that a naturally occurring compound created by oxygenated life forms is life threatening.  This goes beyond uneducated to just plain stupid.

I’m sorry, but it is not even remotely possible to successfully manage our Constitutional Republic with the astonishing level of uninformed ignorance now prevalent in our society…and the Marxist Progressives thoroughly understand this.  Of course they do – dumbing down to collective ignorance and the replacement of learning with indoctrination is their strategy.  Too bad most of us don’t get it.  Too bad that our indoctrinated press corp is the most voraciously aggressive group of proponents for this self destructive lunacy on the planet.  We are not becoming increasingly ignorant by accident.  We are becoming increasingly and collectively ignorant by focused intent.

50% of the U.S. voting constituency now pays no Federal Income Tax and receives some form of government subsidy.  This has become the single largest, least educated, least productive, least generous, most criminal, most indoctrinated, most selfish, most hopeless voting block yet created by power hungry Progressive Democrats in American history…and it is not by accident and it is certainly not due to a lack of educational funding.  Progressive de-education gets progressively worse (pun intended) every single year in spite of spiraling levels of spending.  Progressive success is guaranteed intellectual failure for our young students and will eventually assure our total loss of individual freedom.

The elimination of grades are one excellent example, of how Progressive ideology successfully inhibits actual learning.  Test scores, grades if you will, A through F are intended to provide a gauge, a simplistic measure of the level of success a particular student is having with the subject matter.  The grade in and of itself has little importance.  The earned grade is simply a guide as to the success of the teacher’s techniques and/or the student’s mastery of the subject.  A low grade suggests more work and significant improvement is needed by the student, teacher or both.  A high grade suggests the student and teacher  are ready to move on to new challenges.  The grade is a measure of the relative degree of educational achievement – nothing else.  It’s a simple and useful educational measuring tool for both teacher and student.

There is only a need for measurement as a gauge of learning when education and learning are actually the goal.  When indoctrination and social conditioning are the goal – no measurement of success is needed.  Only forced compliance of collectivist, herd behavior is required.  The Left’s highly regarded love of diversity is actually just forced conformism and the ruthless destruction of individual thought and action enforced by the ligature of intellectual strangulation dressed up as a pretty silk scarf.  Progressivism attacks and suffocates individualism and the pursuit of excellence on every front;  mentally, emotionally, physically and most of all, spiritually.

Unfortunately, in Progressive-land the “grade” becomes everything.  What the student does or doesn’t learn no longer matters.  Education itself becomes irrelevant.  The critical thing is “what grade has been assigned and how fair or unfair is this grade”?  The proper color marking pen being employed becomes critical.  How the student feels about this grade takes precedence over whether or not the student is learning anything at all?  The obvious pre-determined solution to this fabricated issue is rote collective sound bite  indoctrination.  This nonsense is sick enough, but it quickly gets worse in the delusional nirvana of Progressive-land.

There is always the possibility that a student may feel badly about receiving a low grade…and in Progressive-land, this is not fair.  Fairness, or social justice must be rigorously imposed.  A fair system providing equality of outcome must be developed.  A realistic and considerate assessment of the grading system and its appropriate relationship and meaning to both student and teacher must not be attempted.  Reality does not render actual performance measurement  fair in terms of social justice.  Mindless indoctrination is the new standard and eliminates any need for measurement or accountability.  Since all standards are conveniently eliminated, the meaningless outcome is always arbitrarily fair as determined by the present Czar of Indoctrination.

In a society inspired by individual liberty and respect for individual talents as driven by the powerful motor of free market capitalism, fairness is simple.  Equal opportunity is assured.  Outcomes are an individual matter.  A low grade means the teacher, the student, or more likely both will have to expend more effort in attaining the educational goal.  Both student and teacher strive to become the best they can be.  All individuals have varying strengths and weaknesses.  Some are good spellers.  Some excel in music.  Some are creative artists.  Some do well at math or love the subtleties of science.  Few, if any, excel at everything.  Equality of opportunity and respectful consideration are important for every individual.  Equality of outcome is impossible as it is an entirely individual matter determined by attribute, attitude, belief and desire.

In Progressive-land, however, we must mindlessly  insist on the impossible – that is, the equality of outcome.  We stridently deny the vast spectrum of talents, skills, interests, personalities and vagaries inherent within every individual human being.  By forcing equality of outcome, we ensure that some arbitrary scale of social justice is adhered to and that equal justice is bureaucratically eliminated.  Fairness will now be achieved by whatever arbitrary yardstick is the flavor of the day.  Sadly, educational fairness as defined by utopian Progressives constitutes educational real-world failure.  Why?

In a free market society, where every individual is paramount, the pursuit of excellence is encouraged and is in fact necessary to any level of personal achievement, academic or otherwise.  The less gifted are encouraged to be all they can be.  The whole is thereby benefited and lifted by the various parts no matter the degree of individual success.

In the centrally planned, collectivist model adhered to by Progressives the difficulty of raising the less gifted or less motivated to gifted achievement levels is both insurmountable and distastefully despised .  In the interest of arbitrary fairness, since the less gifted and unmotivated cannot be raised to unrealistic levels of achievement;  the hard working or gifted performers must be punished.  This is done by lowering the bar in any number of ways.  The standards of achievement can be reduced;  measurement of achievement may be downgraded or discontinued altogether;  grades may be eliminated entirely and all levels of achievement (competition) summarily eliminated.  If you conform – you are awarded an attendance medal – which everyone gets.

The predictable end result of the collectivist fairness system is that the high achiever is disincentivized as excellence is no longer rewarded or even acknowledged and in fact may be looked down upon as unfair.  The low achiever is rewarded unrealistically and now everyone loses all around the table.  The pursuit of excellence has been discouraged and the under achievers feel guilty about being rewarded in what may be an undeserved fashion.  At this point we have made grades and accountability meaningless and have deincentivized everyone from working hard as there is no benefit to doing so.

This basically is Progressive de-education in America, circa 2012.  It is a system that has failed by every educational measure and succeeded by any in-doctrinal measure.  Money and funding is not accountable for the failure of American education.  Progressive curriculum guidelines are the cause.  Ignorance and the inevitable loss of freedom are the effects.

Educated people are difficult to retain in the Marxist barns of ignorance and are extraordinarily difficult to manage.  Progressives eliminate this obstacle to centralized managerial control by replacing learning with indoctrination and social conditioning.  It’s effective.  It works.  We’re living it today in America.  That’s a big part of why America is a mess.


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