02-07-2012: A Win Win Conservative Unemployment Benefit Strategy

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Opening remark:  This suggested strategy is not anti-Wall Street.  1600 Watch fully supports Wall Street and free market capitalism, though could do without the occasional corruption and rampant, government sanctioned, anti-free market monopolism.  1600 Watch is firmly and openly PRO-WEALTH for everyone.  The universe is not creatively limited and there is plenty to go around.  The world economies are not a zero sum environment.  1600 Watch recommends “not competing” for wealth, but “creating” wealth.  The difference in positive outcome is enormous.  That said:

The Obama Administration and Globalist neutered media successfully peddle the following misrepresentation: “Liberal Democrats are friends of the little people and shun Wall Street, while conservative Republicans eschew little people and embrace Wall Street”.  While the fact is that some of each above is actually the case on both sides of the aisle, the entire statement is largely made up.  For instance, lets take a look at a few of Obama’s top advisers so rarely mentioned in the press.

How about Warren Buffett who graciously loaned Goldman Sachs $5 billion in September of 2008 and recouped a tidy $3.7 billion gain by March of 2011.  What is that?  A 75% return over 2.5 years, that would be about 30% annualized.  Not bad for a 1%er in a stagnant 2% growth rate economy. Mr. Buffett also owns a significant interest in Wells Fargo and invested $5 billion, essentially tax payer guaranteed dollars in Bank of America at a 6% return.    Is Warren Buffett, second wealthiest man in America not Wall Street?  I’m not slamming Mr. Buffett here;  I like capitalism and Mr. Buffett is a smart guy – smarter than his mentor, Ben Graham; but first of all, some of this isn’t free market stuff at all; these are insider, monopolist deals with risk annulment guaranteed by an ineptly corrupt government’s “too big to fail” tax payer warranty.  Second of all, to suggest that Warren Buffett is not deeply entrenched in Wall Street is preposterous and is to know little or nothing about Mr. Buffett’s extensive and impressive background.

How about Microsoft IPO billionaire Bill Gates;  or Google founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page? Are IPO’s not just a bit Wall Streetish?  Would Bill, Sergey and Larry have any real money at all to lavish on the DNC superpacs without Wall Street?  These guys have considerable White House access.  How about Progressive politician Jon Corzine, Obama adviser, friend and campaign contributor, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and former Chairman and CEO of recently infamous MF Global?  No Wall Street here, huh?  How about Obama adviser Robert E. Rubin, former CEO of Citigroup and former Treasury Secretary under President William Jefferson Clinton?  How about known tax cheat Timothy Franz Geithner, former CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York appointed by Obama as U.S.  Treasury Secretary?  How about Obama handler and uber-insider, American Constitution detractor and globalist thug,  George Soros?  We could prattle on endlessly with this listing, but you get the point.  The Obama Administration is heavily wall papered (pun intended) with Wall Street insiders from floor to ceiling, whether or not the State controlled media ever bothers to mention it.

Anyway – let’s get to the point!  How can media despised conservatives overcome the monstrous quantities of journalistic misrepresentation and outright economic fallacy as are routinely sold to the American voter as touched on above?

Here’s one way.  An unemployment strategy that most true conservatives will not care for at first and normally, neither would 1600 Watch, but follow along.  A friend of mine came up with this and I believe it’s brilliant.

Propose that 50% of unemployment benefits be extended to all currently ineligible, unemployed workers who have been laid off – all the way back to 2007 when the recession began and extend those 50% benefits for six more years, say until January, 2018.  Why is this a win-win strategy?

First of all, it’s far beyond any socialist Democrat band aids ever proposed.

Secondly, because this proposal makes conservative Republicans unquestionable friends of the little guy.

Thirdly, it’s simply the right thing to do in spite of the obvious dis-incentive for beneficiaries of this policy to look for work.  Frankly, there ain’t many jobs out there and this is a one time proposal, so do you want to be right – or do you want to win?  Ultimately, the government will jump in with tons of borrowed dollars to give food stamps or other benefits away anyway, so get over it and gain some compassionate conservative political capital.  Go for it with gusto for once.

Fourthly, the addition of these unemployed workers to the unemployment benefit rolls will bump the fictitious 8% unemployment rate to a more realistic figure.  It won’t get to the dismal reality of 16% or 17%, but will likely bump above 10%, which the Marxist / Islamic supporting Obama Administration will no longer be able to cover up with fuzzy math and discounted victims of Obamanomics.

As retired four-star general and former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, Colin Powell once remarked to the late Tim Russert during a Meet The Press interview (Sept. 23, 2001); “I’ve never talked about overwhelming force, I’ve always talked about decisive force, meaning you go to the point of decision and that’s where you apply decisive force.”  Has the U.S. not clearly arrived at a precisely defined point of economic decision?

Lastly, even if the Senate refuses to discuss or bring this bill to a vote – conservative Republicans can scream from the roof tops for Harry Reid and the Obama Administration to defend their cold, heartless dismissal of help for the common working men and women of this country who deserve humane treatment and a little empathy.  If the bill passes Republicans win.  If the Senate kills it, Republicans win.

Will this policy actually help unemployment?  Short answer – no – of course not.  Longer answer – sort of, as indirectly it puts more money in the hands of people who will spend it.  Even though it’s borrowed government money, it still gets out there and I assure you – in the end it’s going to get out there anyway.  The socialist independents will love this, so go score some points.  If conservatives win in November 2012, they’ll have an opportunity to implement real solutions, but you can’t win, if you don’t play to win.


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