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The Establishment Right leadership of the Republican Party is for the most part a group of Neo-con Globalists who work toward One World Governance and foresee the United States at the top of the world’s centrally controlled power pyramid.  This near sighted, Constitution pandering, liberty toxic group is most recently characterized by the Bush family and is routinely supported by folks like Charles Krauthammer, Carl Rove, Fox News, William Kristol of The Weekly Spectator and so on.

The Marxist Left of the Democrat Party, the rank and file comrades of which, don’t realize it, also  work diligently toward One World Governance, but envision the misanthropic United Nations (or something equally hopeless) at the pinnacle of world-wide, top down governmental abuse.  This poisonous and nasty group is most recently characterized by religious impersonator, Barack Hussein Obama and is supported by minions such as labor union leaders, George Soros and his Open Society, David Rockefeller, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrne, the entirety of the world press, nearly all of the world’s publishing houses, nearly all educational institutions, most of Hollywood including most comedians and musicians (excluding country music of course), countless foundations, think tanks and study groups; and uninformed activist gangs like the Weathermen, Weather Underground, Students For a Democratic Society, Black Panthers, Acorn, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, etc.  The list of these indoctrinated morons is practically endless.

The Marxist Left is doubly traitorous as they have ignorantly joined themselves at the hip with Islamic Extremists in attempting to throw a one-two punch at the face of western economic power and freedom.  Code Pink openly brags about their alleged protection by Hamas at the May 2010 Jew bashing flotilla debacle they are so proud of.  No common sense and no love of free speech or the First and Second Amendments with this obscenely obstreperous crowd.  Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrne, Code Pink and many other Leftist Logan Act violators conspired for more than two years organizing Egyptian activists in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s secular regime for replacement with Sharia Law by their friends in the  Muslim Brotherhood.

As most of you likely refuse to see, but I wish for our children’s sake you could or would, both the Establishment Right Republicans and Marxist Left Democrats are clearly at odds with the Constitutionally recognized freedoms of United States’ citizens;  and are simply two sides of the same cheaply minted, company store coin, but having very different, artificially contumelious rhetoric.  Both these groups hope to nudge us all to the sad return of world wide feudal serfdom, owned and operated by the international elite Globalist insiders, who fund and breed both these myopically pathetic herds of political pawns and thugs.

Both the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats despise the Tea Party Movement with its respect for our Founders’ wisdom, generosity, integrity, courage and total commitment to individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Marxist Left openly hates the Tea Party Movement.  The Establishment Right hates it as well, but never openly.  The Establishment Right takes a more veiled, passive aggressive approach to undermining Tea Party credibility.

The Republican Establishment is nearly apoplectic with anxiety and appears to be suffering from increasingly frequent panic attacks as they frightfully consider the unscripted potential of going into their 2012 Republican Convention without a locked in Progressive Sheeple Candidate.  After all, whether Democrat or Republican, Presidential candidates chosen through brokered (real) conventions have not historically tended to be electable.  Of course, there’s never been a TEA PARTY MOVEMENT before either… at least not since the halcyon days of the Boston Tea Party.  Maybe the Sheeple are waking up and rising?  Are  indecent middle class thoughts of leaving the 1984 Globalist thought control barn, contrary to the billions invested in costly Tavistock Training actually occurring?  Is this possible?

American politics isn’t just broken;  American politics is non-existent in any real sense of various factions vying for some reasonable balance of power and an effective voice in the people’s governance.  Even the uninformed Occupy Wall Streeters correctly recognize that something is systemically wrong.  True American politics has been replaced with mass, in-doctrinal ignorance, misinformation and outright lies by the openly delusional Marxist Left, the poorly dressed Progressive Left and the well dressed Establishment Right, all aided and abetted by fully comatose victims of public education – with the Globalist media enabling the outright lies, misinformation, redaction of fact and general misleading of the electorate every step of the uninformed way.  Objective journalism in 2012  is even more deceased than genuine political discourse.

The elite Globalists have employed their amazingly effective “think tank” and “study group” indoctrination strategies since WW II to the point where honesty in media and politics has been buried alive beneath the tundra of thousands of feet of frozen individual thought.  Elite Globalists, journalists and politicians are now held in a deep, incestuous  embrace, where any hint of  independence is brutally cut short by the breathless ligature of ignorance as it strangles all attempts at rational thought and plain common sense.

Unfortunately for the Establishment Right and the supposed anti-Establishment Left – just two sides of the same collectivist coin;  many of We The Sheeple are fed up with paying the bills and bleeding for someone else’s money while the elite insiders of Skull and Bones, Wolf’s Head, Scroll and Key, Porcellian Club, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the various Round Tables make corrupt deals and negotiate treasonous foreign policy behind the scenes in flagrant violation of the 1799 Logan Act.

The Republican Establishment, no more fans of our Constitution than the Marxist Left seem to be losing at least some of their control of Main Street political dialogue.  This, of course, is one reason why talk radio,  the internet and free speech is an issue for both the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right.  Both sides of the central planning crowd detest free speech and unbridled thought.  These two items create huge obstacles to the cheap and effective Global management of The Sheeple.  Sheeple starving in the barn are much easier to control and shear than fat, well fed Sheeple loose on the grassy hillsides.  This is accepted political fact in all Globalist circles.

The Establishment Right and Marxist Left are both working feverishly to convince we the people that the Tea Party Movement has run out of gas and is no longer relevant – but they would be wrong and you’re seeing it every single day as Progressive, big government Republicans try to convince genuine conservatives that they care about our Constitution, will legally represent we the people and will actually honor their oath of office.  What a thought.

The Establishment is in a panic because if the Republican convention opens without a clearly defined Sheeple Candidate – honest political debate will be forced to occur.  There will be no realistic way to control conservatives (read Tea Party folks), limit their speech and prevent them from opining as to the issues and candidates of their choice;  some of whom may actually be willing to represent the folks who pay their salaries and grandiose benefits.  I cannot think of a word to describe how obscenely distasteful the possibility of open debate must be for the blue blood Eastern Establishment power brokers.  It must truly be awful.

The question is, “will it, open debate that is, be good for us – we the people”?  If utter chaos reigns free, then it’s a 100% guarantee that America Hater, Barack Obama will be reelected to finish the trashing of America he so ardently pursued throughout his destructive first term.  Obama’s success is the utter destruction of American prosperity and freedom as it has been known.

On the other hand, a true conservative candidate with actual principles and a sincere belief in our Rule of Law could be chosen, in which case Obama and his traitorous Administration will be swept into the garbage can of historic tragedy, where they belong.  The Establishment insists and the Left concurs, which should tell you something,  that only a moderate Republican can win a national election, though the selection of Progressive moderates like John McCain, along with their cowardly compromise is precisely what has brought the United States to the brink of financial bankruptcy, moral decay and spiritual destitution.

It is simply not possible to compromise with a liberal.  The only way to have a voice in the face of liberal bullying is to win elections and replace them, liberals that is, with intelligent human beings.  True conservatives win elections.  Moderates lose elections.  The majority of our U.S. population is conservative and endowed with common sense.  Neither the Establishment Right or the Marxist Left wants us to be cognizant of that fact, because this particular fact may destroy their ability to maintain a strangle hold on their treasonous power.


If we care anymore about having a future of freedom, safety, abundance and generosity – it is critical that we as individual people begin paying attention to what our proposed leaders are “doing”, not “saying”.  We must vote only for those candidates who aggressively support and have the personal courage to actively articulate and fight for our Constitutionally recognized freedoms regardless of political party.  We must vote for candidates committed to getting our over-reaching government out of our lives.  These candidates will never be associated with the Progressive Left  or the Establishment Right, which are just two rhetorical sides of the same unconstitutional coin.  You will not hear these candidates mentioned in any positive way by the international, Elite controlled media.  You must find them on your own.  Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer and other media figures cannot and will not help you.  Intentions aside, they are largely lost within the narrow confines of their study group world view.  They do not spend much time in the real world.

The sycophant, state controlled, liberal U.S. media with Media Matters at its White House connected, Soros (read elite) funded core would have the uninformed voter believe that whatever course we choose in dealing with the current U.S. financial bankruptcy, we must not return to the policies of the Bush years that brought us to the brink of disaster.  Really?  The entire scope of the problem is limited to a ranch in Crawford, Texas?  Seriously?  Al Gore, Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews may swallow that.  1600 Watch will not.

First of all, the financial meltdown of late 2008 was caused by nothing more than an old fashioned,  well executed Islamic bear raid on financial firms such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others.  It’s called FINANCIAL TERRORISM, though our own thoroughly gelded, politically correct government officials won’t say it.  The weapon of financial destruction employed, is referred to as “naked short selling” by industry market makers.  It is a viciously destructive tool and can only be used when regulatory restrictions against this practice are lifted or are unenforced as our conflict-of-interest prone government agencies chose to do.

The engine of doom known as naked short selling has not been available on Wall Street for quite some time…since the 1930’s as a matter of fact, when a regulatory framework was put in place to prevent a recurrence of the crash leading to the Great Depression.  This protective framework was removed by our dumb elected Representatives and their even dumber SEC appointees, which beautifully and gullibly set the stage for the incredible bear raid of 2008.  Mr. Kevin Freeman describes this scenario in great detail throughout his fascinating newest book, Secret Weapon, published by Regnery Publishing in 2012.

The first step in setting the stage for our 2008 financial meltdown was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA) signed into law on October 12, 1977 by vacuous Trilateral Commission pawn, President Jimmy Carter.  This socialist act and its later enforcement by subsequent CFR selected Presidents and their corrupt Administrations basically coerced banks to stop the practice of “redlining” and lend money to poor people who had no hope of paying back the loans.  This liberal Democrat lunacy led directly to the now infamous economic tragedy known as  “subprime”, which destroyed the good faith and credit of thousands of uninformed decent folks who made the mistake of trusting their bank, which was lying in an incestuous unmade bed with their corrupt government, just like HIV infected crack whores.  This short sighted government policy also served as powerful motivation for big banks to defend themselves and creatively turn lemons into lemonade through the creation of untraceable new financial derivative instruments such as mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, etc.

The second step in decorating the stage for a predictable financial fiasco was the partial repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 – while who was President?  Oh – Mr. William Jefferson Clinton with Mr. Robert E. Rubin as Treasury Secretary.  Rubin fought tenaciously for repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act under the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act.  This permitted commercial banks to foolishly conduct business and take on risks previously limited to  investment banks – a REALLY BAD IDEA.

It was Citigroup who in 1998, prior even to repeal of Glass-Steagall, led the charge in creating new financial instruments such as the now infamous mortgage backed securities.  Who was a former CEO of Citigroup?  Oh – that would be Robert E. Rubin, Mr. Clinton’s Treasury Secretary.  No inbreeding here, huh?

The next big mistake occurred in 2004, when the SEC abolished the rule requiring broker-dealers never to leverage borrowing against assets by more than 12 to 1.  The five biggest banks to quickly jump into this abyss were Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.  No 2008 problems there?  Actually by December of 2008, Mr. Freeman informs us, all five of these firms were either bankrupt, absorbed by other firms or received generous tax payer funded bailouts via the privately owned, taxpayer backed, Federal Reserve. (My somewhat incendiary words, not Mr. Freeman’s.)

By 2008 other dubious credit derivatives such as credit default swaps were endemic.  From 2001 through 2007 the credit default swaps (CDS) market grew from $1 trillion to more than $62 trillion or about five times U.S. annual GDP.  Did I mention that these credit derivatives are 100% unregulated.  No transparency what-so-ever.  Did I mention that Robert E. Rubin,  along with Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and SEC Chair Arthur Levitt, fought voraciously against any and all regulation of these untraceable derivatives?  Our incestuous global elite banking masters had seriously figured out how to capitalize on stupid government policy with maximum profit while simultaneously transferring all risk to the uninformed tax payer, who ignorantly jumped for joy at the prospect of cheap loans for anybody.  Life was good.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chair Ms. Brooksley Born fought a lonely battle in favor of regulating these instruments.  Ms. Born was a brave voice in the soon to be bloody, shark patch battling with common sense against these elitist pawns, but unfortunately for we the people,  lost every battle.  Suddenly, Main Street citizens were reduced to chum for the hungry elitist sharks.  When Mr. Larry Summers was crowned Treasury Secretary, he too, jumped on the band wagon against financial derivative regulation and was powerfully seconded by Mr. Greenspan.

Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “these derivatives are the root of the credit crunch”.  Mr. De Soto in case you don’t know, is an economist who regularly has to deal with death threats by communists for openly discussing the fact that poverty throughout the world is generally driven or exacerbated by the lack of private property rights.  He and his colleagues calculate the amount of “dead capital” in untitled assets held by the world’s poor as “at least $9.3 trillion“—a sum that dwarfs the amount of foreign aid given to the developing world since 1945.  You won’t get this information from Paul Krugman, Bill Maher or Michael Moore – ever.  It doesn’t match their indoctrinated world view.

Mr. Freeman goes on to explain in Secret Weapon that one reason these derivatives are so dangerous is that they are not required by law to be recorded.  Therefore they are not tracked and are not tied to the assets they represent.  In short Mr. Freeman tells us “Nobody knows precisely how many there are, where they are and who is finally accountable for them”.  As we all now know, this is precisely why uninformed U.S. tax payers pay billions of dollars every year to fund the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to not keep track of anything important – like say $62 trillion dollars of financial securities brokered by firms under their regulatory over sight.

The final cog in the Islamic financial attack machinery was jacking oil prices from around $50 per barrel in 2007 to nearly $150 per barrel by late 2008, thereby weakening the American and world economies considerably.  Islamic market makers speculated within wholly nontransparent, so-called “black markets” along with tail gaiters like George Soros, all of whom profited enormously in the oil run up preceded in planned series by the 2001 Twin Towers attack and later by the orchestrated 2008 Wall Street meltdown.  All together this amounted to a decade long financial terror attack on U.S. and world markets mounted by Islamic extremists, supported by their hateful governments, aided by foolish Sharia compliant western banks, compounded by Western speculators like insider thug, George Soros and apparently missed completely by our complacent – or perhaps compliant – I’m not sure which – irresponsible political leadership and negligent, possibly corrupt regulatory agencies.

We can safely and confidently say, at this point,  that our Federal government is too big to succeed.  Can we stop making it unconstitutionally larger and even more clumsy?  Can we consider making it 43% smaller to fit its own cash flow or as lying government enablers would say, budget?  You know?  The one the Obama Administration hasn’t produced for three years so we the people can’t see in writing, the treasonous financial destruction being wrought by our own nontransparent, bankrupt government.  Do any of you still believe any of this idiocy is an accident?  Do you not yet suspect that perhaps Barrack Hussein Obama, whom we know virtually nothing factual about – ought to at least be investigated as a potential Islamic / Marxist co-conspirator in the obvious attempt to weaken America?  What little we do know regarding Barack Obama and his life long associates suggest we at least ask a question or two in our own defense.

This is the incestuous stupidity that weakened the overall U.S. financial markets and set the stage for the Islamic naked short selling weapon of financial destruction to do its thing.  The United States now has an interlocking marriage of government with multinational corporations working against we the people instead of for we the people.  This parasitic relationship is fostered by both the Marxist Left and Establishment Right working along separate, but united rhetorical paths.  The Obama Administration is now treasonously working to coerce religion into this incestuous fold.  History tells us that whenever government becomes married to both private business and religion – the near future can be described using terms such as doom, catastrophe,  calamity, pain, disaster, tragedy, meltdown, shock, collapse and struggle.

If we care at all about our kid’s futures we must make the effort to obtain truthful information.  We must realize that our entire press corp is now an elite Pravda style propaganda machine.  Some of it is Establishment Right;  some of it Marxist Left;  virtually none of it is true.  All of it is caught up in a strategy to destroy America’s middle class via a wealth transference program to the world’s multinational elite.  Do your own research.  Reach your own conclusions.  Cast your own vote.

Our failure to wake up and hunt down the simple truth in today’s virulent political world, is tantamount to willingly purchasing our own slavery, by the pound, from the elite slave master’s auction block; such slavery obscenely offered as security, but in fact, serving as the unbreakable manacles of spiritual destitution and economic collectivist poverty.  The U.S. financial quagmire and dire threat to liberty has not in fact been caused by George W. Bush.  It has been caused by decades of complacent voter ignorance, leading to Presidential candidates limited to and supplied by the international elite, along with unqualified, self serving elected officials of both the Democrat and Republican Parties,  few of whom recognize a conflict of interest; who in turn appoint corrupt agency staffers and political hack court justices who illegally legislate from the bench;  and all of this paid for and tolerated by the uninformed voter against his or her own best interest.

We citizens of America cannot and will not remain free at our current level of economic illiteracy and political gullibility.

Opening Remark:  There are still many, very good teachers who care deeply about what they do.  I personally know a number of them.  The following is not about them and I thank them for their efforts – futile or not.  The following commentary is about our horribly destructive, Progressive School Administrations and their Leftist, anti-independent thought curriculum, which have and are destroying education in America – even in the hands of teachers who try.  The destruction of independent thought is an enormous nail in the coffin of individual liberty and it is a key note strategy in the Marxist play book for winning power through voter ignorance and the indoctrinated inability to reason.

Education in America has been attacked and degraded into rote collectivist indoctrination by Progressive Pawns for more than 100 years and has unfortunately been totally in Progressive hands for more than 60 years now.  The clear and present result is massive educational failure on every level with the near total loss of independent thinking as the rotted cherry on top.  Silicon valley now must hire its top techies from overseas.  Our top U.S. university grads can quote Mao, demand rights, hug trees and handle condoms with great facility, but basic English, quadratic equations, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics is beyond their interest and certainly their grasp.  The deductive ability to connect two general thoughts, thereby deriving a specific conclusion is for all practical purposes – out of reach for our average citizen.  Thank you Herbert Marcuse, C. Wright Mills and the  rest of your destructive anti-academic herd. Thought conditioning sound bites are all today’s average citizen voter is capable of absorbing.

Two environmental socialism cases in point.

Most liberal voters believe that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than hydrocarbon (gasoline) powered vehicles, though it has not proven true.  Liberals just blindly insist they are.  Electric vehicles can actually discharge more particulate matter into the atmosphere than gasoline powered vehicles;  their batteries are filled with toxic chemicals that must be disposed of and guess what;  these vehicles are charged with electricity, more than 50% of which is provided by fossil fueled power plants anyway.  “Recent research from the University of Tennessee, suggest electric cars in China have had an overall worse impact on the public health with regard to releasing particulate matter compared to those guzzling gas. The research conducted by Chris Cherry, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and graduate student Shuguang Ji, evaluated 34 major Chinese cities where electric vehicles, including bikes, outnumber conventional vehicles 2:1.”   {Taken from Daily News, UK}  Their research states that the number of electric cars have grown to more than 100 million in the country in the last decade and that the promised environmental purity is not being realized.  Quite the contrary.

The second colossal fallacy that liberals swallow hook, line and sinker and then mindlessly promote is that carbon dioxide is toxic.  I won’t even comment on how uneducated you have to be to accept that a naturally occurring compound created by oxygenated life forms is life threatening.  This goes beyond uneducated to just plain stupid.

I’m sorry, but it is not even remotely possible to successfully manage our Constitutional Republic with the astonishing level of uninformed ignorance now prevalent in our society…and the Marxist Progressives thoroughly understand this.  Of course they do – dumbing down to collective ignorance and the replacement of learning with indoctrination is their strategy.  Too bad most of us don’t get it.  Too bad that our indoctrinated press corp is the most voraciously aggressive group of proponents for this self destructive lunacy on the planet.  We are not becoming increasingly ignorant by accident.  We are becoming increasingly and collectively ignorant by focused intent.

50% of the U.S. voting constituency now pays no Federal Income Tax and receives some form of government subsidy.  This has become the single largest, least educated, least productive, least generous, most criminal, most indoctrinated, most selfish, most hopeless voting block yet created by power hungry Progressive Democrats in American history…and it is not by accident and it is certainly not due to a lack of educational funding.  Progressive de-education gets progressively worse (pun intended) every single year in spite of spiraling levels of spending.  Progressive success is guaranteed intellectual failure for our young students and will eventually assure our total loss of individual freedom.

The elimination of grades are one excellent example, of how Progressive ideology successfully inhibits actual learning.  Test scores, grades if you will, A through F are intended to provide a gauge, a simplistic measure of the level of success a particular student is having with the subject matter.  The grade in and of itself has little importance.  The earned grade is simply a guide as to the success of the teacher’s techniques and/or the student’s mastery of the subject.  A low grade suggests more work and significant improvement is needed by the student, teacher or both.  A high grade suggests the student and teacher  are ready to move on to new challenges.  The grade is a measure of the relative degree of educational achievement – nothing else.  It’s a simple and useful educational measuring tool for both teacher and student.

There is only a need for measurement as a gauge of learning when education and learning are actually the goal.  When indoctrination and social conditioning are the goal – no measurement of success is needed.  Only forced compliance of collectivist, herd behavior is required.  The Left’s highly regarded love of diversity is actually just forced conformism and the ruthless destruction of individual thought and action enforced by the ligature of intellectual strangulation dressed up as a pretty silk scarf.  Progressivism attacks and suffocates individualism and the pursuit of excellence on every front;  mentally, emotionally, physically and most of all, spiritually.

Unfortunately, in Progressive-land the “grade” becomes everything.  What the student does or doesn’t learn no longer matters.  Education itself becomes irrelevant.  The critical thing is “what grade has been assigned and how fair or unfair is this grade”?  The proper color marking pen being employed becomes critical.  How the student feels about this grade takes precedence over whether or not the student is learning anything at all?  The obvious pre-determined solution to this fabricated issue is rote collective sound bite  indoctrination.  This nonsense is sick enough, but it quickly gets worse in the delusional nirvana of Progressive-land.

There is always the possibility that a student may feel badly about receiving a low grade…and in Progressive-land, this is not fair.  Fairness, or social justice must be rigorously imposed.  A fair system providing equality of outcome must be developed.  A realistic and considerate assessment of the grading system and its appropriate relationship and meaning to both student and teacher must not be attempted.  Reality does not render actual performance measurement  fair in terms of social justice.  Mindless indoctrination is the new standard and eliminates any need for measurement or accountability.  Since all standards are conveniently eliminated, the meaningless outcome is always arbitrarily fair as determined by the present Czar of Indoctrination.

In a society inspired by individual liberty and respect for individual talents as driven by the powerful motor of free market capitalism, fairness is simple.  Equal opportunity is assured.  Outcomes are an individual matter.  A low grade means the teacher, the student, or more likely both will have to expend more effort in attaining the educational goal.  Both student and teacher strive to become the best they can be.  All individuals have varying strengths and weaknesses.  Some are good spellers.  Some excel in music.  Some are creative artists.  Some do well at math or love the subtleties of science.  Few, if any, excel at everything.  Equality of opportunity and respectful consideration are important for every individual.  Equality of outcome is impossible as it is an entirely individual matter determined by attribute, attitude, belief and desire.

In Progressive-land, however, we must mindlessly  insist on the impossible – that is, the equality of outcome.  We stridently deny the vast spectrum of talents, skills, interests, personalities and vagaries inherent within every individual human being.  By forcing equality of outcome, we ensure that some arbitrary scale of social justice is adhered to and that equal justice is bureaucratically eliminated.  Fairness will now be achieved by whatever arbitrary yardstick is the flavor of the day.  Sadly, educational fairness as defined by utopian Progressives constitutes educational real-world failure.  Why?

In a free market society, where every individual is paramount, the pursuit of excellence is encouraged and is in fact necessary to any level of personal achievement, academic or otherwise.  The less gifted are encouraged to be all they can be.  The whole is thereby benefited and lifted by the various parts no matter the degree of individual success.

In the centrally planned, collectivist model adhered to by Progressives the difficulty of raising the less gifted or less motivated to gifted achievement levels is both insurmountable and distastefully despised .  In the interest of arbitrary fairness, since the less gifted and unmotivated cannot be raised to unrealistic levels of achievement;  the hard working or gifted performers must be punished.  This is done by lowering the bar in any number of ways.  The standards of achievement can be reduced;  measurement of achievement may be downgraded or discontinued altogether;  grades may be eliminated entirely and all levels of achievement (competition) summarily eliminated.  If you conform – you are awarded an attendance medal – which everyone gets.

The predictable end result of the collectivist fairness system is that the high achiever is disincentivized as excellence is no longer rewarded or even acknowledged and in fact may be looked down upon as unfair.  The low achiever is rewarded unrealistically and now everyone loses all around the table.  The pursuit of excellence has been discouraged and the under achievers feel guilty about being rewarded in what may be an undeserved fashion.  At this point we have made grades and accountability meaningless and have deincentivized everyone from working hard as there is no benefit to doing so.

This basically is Progressive de-education in America, circa 2012.  It is a system that has failed by every educational measure and succeeded by any in-doctrinal measure.  Money and funding is not accountable for the failure of American education.  Progressive curriculum guidelines are the cause.  Ignorance and the inevitable loss of freedom are the effects.

Educated people are difficult to retain in the Marxist barns of ignorance and are extraordinarily difficult to manage.  Progressives eliminate this obstacle to centralized managerial control by replacing learning with indoctrination and social conditioning.  It’s effective.  It works.  We’re living it today in America.  That’s a big part of why America is a mess.

Opening remark:  This suggested strategy is not anti-Wall Street.  1600 Watch fully supports Wall Street and free market capitalism, though could do without the occasional corruption and rampant, government sanctioned, anti-free market monopolism.  1600 Watch is firmly and openly PRO-WEALTH for everyone.  The universe is not creatively limited and there is plenty to go around.  The world economies are not a zero sum environment.  1600 Watch recommends “not competing” for wealth, but “creating” wealth.  The difference in positive outcome is enormous.  That said:

The Obama Administration and Globalist neutered media successfully peddle the following misrepresentation: “Liberal Democrats are friends of the little people and shun Wall Street, while conservative Republicans eschew little people and embrace Wall Street”.  While the fact is that some of each above is actually the case on both sides of the aisle, the entire statement is largely made up.  For instance, lets take a look at a few of Obama’s top advisers so rarely mentioned in the press.

How about Warren Buffett who graciously loaned Goldman Sachs $5 billion in September of 2008 and recouped a tidy $3.7 billion gain by March of 2011.  What is that?  A 75% return over 2.5 years, that would be about 30% annualized.  Not bad for a 1%er in a stagnant 2% growth rate economy. Mr. Buffett also owns a significant interest in Wells Fargo and invested $5 billion, essentially tax payer guaranteed dollars in Bank of America at a 6% return.    Is Warren Buffett, second wealthiest man in America not Wall Street?  I’m not slamming Mr. Buffett here;  I like capitalism and Mr. Buffett is a smart guy – smarter than his mentor, Ben Graham; but first of all, some of this isn’t free market stuff at all; these are insider, monopolist deals with risk annulment guaranteed by an ineptly corrupt government’s “too big to fail” tax payer warranty.  Second of all, to suggest that Warren Buffett is not deeply entrenched in Wall Street is preposterous and is to know little or nothing about Mr. Buffett’s extensive and impressive background.

How about Microsoft IPO billionaire Bill Gates;  or Google founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page? Are IPO’s not just a bit Wall Streetish?  Would Bill, Sergey and Larry have any real money at all to lavish on the DNC superpacs without Wall Street?  These guys have considerable White House access.  How about Progressive politician Jon Corzine, Obama adviser, friend and campaign contributor, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and former Chairman and CEO of recently infamous MF Global?  No Wall Street here, huh?  How about Obama adviser Robert E. Rubin, former CEO of Citigroup and former Treasury Secretary under President William Jefferson Clinton?  How about known tax cheat Timothy Franz Geithner, former CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York appointed by Obama as U.S.  Treasury Secretary?  How about Obama handler and uber-insider, American Constitution detractor and globalist thug,  George Soros?  We could prattle on endlessly with this listing, but you get the point.  The Obama Administration is heavily wall papered (pun intended) with Wall Street insiders from floor to ceiling, whether or not the State controlled media ever bothers to mention it.

Anyway – let’s get to the point!  How can media despised conservatives overcome the monstrous quantities of journalistic misrepresentation and outright economic fallacy as are routinely sold to the American voter as touched on above?

Here’s one way.  An unemployment strategy that most true conservatives will not care for at first and normally, neither would 1600 Watch, but follow along.  A friend of mine came up with this and I believe it’s brilliant.

Propose that 50% of unemployment benefits be extended to all currently ineligible, unemployed workers who have been laid off – all the way back to 2007 when the recession began and extend those 50% benefits for six more years, say until January, 2018.  Why is this a win-win strategy?

First of all, it’s far beyond any socialist Democrat band aids ever proposed.

Secondly, because this proposal makes conservative Republicans unquestionable friends of the little guy.

Thirdly, it’s simply the right thing to do in spite of the obvious dis-incentive for beneficiaries of this policy to look for work.  Frankly, there ain’t many jobs out there and this is a one time proposal, so do you want to be right – or do you want to win?  Ultimately, the government will jump in with tons of borrowed dollars to give food stamps or other benefits away anyway, so get over it and gain some compassionate conservative political capital.  Go for it with gusto for once.

Fourthly, the addition of these unemployed workers to the unemployment benefit rolls will bump the fictitious 8% unemployment rate to a more realistic figure.  It won’t get to the dismal reality of 16% or 17%, but will likely bump above 10%, which the Marxist / Islamic supporting Obama Administration will no longer be able to cover up with fuzzy math and discounted victims of Obamanomics.

As retired four-star general and former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, Colin Powell once remarked to the late Tim Russert during a Meet The Press interview (Sept. 23, 2001); “I’ve never talked about overwhelming force, I’ve always talked about decisive force, meaning you go to the point of decision and that’s where you apply decisive force.”  Has the U.S. not clearly arrived at a precisely defined point of economic decision?

Lastly, even if the Senate refuses to discuss or bring this bill to a vote – conservative Republicans can scream from the roof tops for Harry Reid and the Obama Administration to defend their cold, heartless dismissal of help for the common working men and women of this country who deserve humane treatment and a little empathy.  If the bill passes Republicans win.  If the Senate kills it, Republicans win.

Will this policy actually help unemployment?  Short answer – no – of course not.  Longer answer – sort of, as indirectly it puts more money in the hands of people who will spend it.  Even though it’s borrowed government money, it still gets out there and I assure you – in the end it’s going to get out there anyway.  The socialist independents will love this, so go score some points.  If conservatives win in November 2012, they’ll have an opportunity to implement real solutions, but you can’t win, if you don’t play to win.