2018 Liberal Patronage Vote Demographics

Please take a look at the PRE & POST AMNESTY Voter demographics provided in the following link.

2016-2018 Liberal Voter Demographic

The Republican Party will require The Donald or better to win another national Presidential election…unless something changes…but as Hillary so famously screeched, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” as the Establishment Right is just the other side of the Marxist Left coin minted by the world’s Elite Global Syndicate.  Hegelian Dialectic in action; controlled conflict; predictable historic outcome.  As Ron Paul said – “we need a third party just to have a second party”.  The Obama Administration, with 99% Establishment Republican complicity has successfully built a government dependent PATRONAGE VOTER constituency now threatening to disenfranchise all of working MAIN STREET America – the world’s largest, most obscene banana republic ever dreamed of on earth by pathological Oligarchs and their Pawns of Privilege.  Hopefully President Trump is the shot in the arm America needs energizing a family oriented movement vacating entrenched political class corruption and media protection of inbred Oligarch greed, disgusting pedophilic practices and dare I say it?  Oligarch RESOURCE RAPE and WAR!!!  Time will tell if President Trump is real.

Clinton, HW & Wallace, 1983As voters we often ponder why nothing changes – Democrat to Republican.  Maybe it’s because the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right are all on the same Globalist Team, violating their oath of office, representing The Elite and not We The People?  As you can see from this 1983 photo;  Bush I and Clinton were already Globalist buddies three decades ago.  The Bush Crime Family literally built the Clinton Crime Family.  They appear publicly to be on different sides, but are not.  Both families serve the same global syndicate and no one else. Their reward for such treasonous dishonor is privilege and incredible wealth.  We The People are duped by Globalist pawns representing only the world’s Elite.  It’s time to wake up and take back our political parties or form an honorable third party – a likely path to failure.

1600 Watch projected a 53% Democrat vote for Obama and 47% vote for Romney in 2012.  The final numbers came in at 50% Obama and 48% Romney with 2% going to others.  Since 2012, the Obama Administration has been busily enlarging its government dependency vote using tax payer dollars, all unimpeded by Establishment Republicans, who posture and whine, but do nothing, ever – as they ride the same train track on a different rhetorical train leading to only one station.  If amnesty is forced through Congress, no longer likely, it will push the Democrat Socialist patronage vote to 63% of all U.S. eligible voters, thereby completely disenfranchising the conservative voice of hard working legal citizens, Democrat and Republican both, across the continent.  Democrat Socialism will run rampant, utterly without restraint – economic collapse a certainty with an impoverished, inhuman, transhumanist future beneath full spectrum dominance to follow.

The U.S. and Europe will experience a severe downturn economically beginning in late 2019  (per real-world, experienced analysts such as Martin Armstrong or Jim Sinclair) or sometime in 2020 anyway as buyer confidence in sovereign government notes, bonds and other securities continues to collapse.  We’ll finally see PPACA rationing of health care per the Complete Lives System as Federal revenues crash and burn.  The power and scope of treasonous economic damage unleashed by the Elite through D.C. pawns as sponsored via the Clinton, Bush II and Obama Administrations has empowered the world’s international conglomerate monopolies to the point it now requires more than 50 or 60 years to repair – if U.S. citizens and European citizens wake from their present Tavistock induced coma, developing the will to honestly address this greedy stupidity – a development not currently in evidence on Main Street in Europe or the U.S.  Too early to tell what President Trump is made of or precisely which flavor of Oligarchs he’s in bed with?

Click the above link to see the  1600 Watch analysis  of likely 2018 / 2020 Democrat voters – before and after possible amnesty.  The numbers demonstrate the harsh approaching reality of property owning, hard working, decent American citizens being completely disenfranchised by the overwhelming numbers of the government dependency, patronage vote.

Please note that though this page deals only with the liberal Democrat vote and not Republicans;  the RNC is on the same NWO bus as the DNC and differs only in meaningless rhetoric pitched to uninformed, apathetic voters.  The RNC and DNC agendas are 100% funded, managed and united with the statist Left and Right media in establishing a world totalitarian dictatorship controlled by the Elite via top down, centrally planned, collectivist style government.  It is already called “free range” dictatorship by astute observers such as Catherine Austin Fitts.  The only major disagreements between Left and Right controllers (controllers are not the political pawns we ignorantly cast votes for, but their handlers) are divided as to the spoils and whether a corrupt organization such as the U.N. will eventually run the NWO (Leftist view) or will the United States sit on top of the delusional dung heap (Rightist Neo-Con view)?  RNC and DNC voters, nearly 100% uninformed and heavily conditioned as to political agenda non-reality by skilled, Elite controlled media, publishing, education and entertainment are not only mindlessly walking into this totalitarian trap – they are unknowingly defending and promoting it themselves as though our problem is Left or Right; Anti-Establishment or Establishment.  We don’t see the Elite, who own and operate both the Left and the Right as any sort of issue, nor recognize the Elite as the real enemy of freedom.

Vote buying is not rocket science; even Democrat Socialists can do it and in fact are doing it.  Establishment Republicans, despite their useless public whining and pandering, are fully complicit in the abdication of American self-government.  It’s a Global Elite fixed game with Republican and Democrat voters ignorantly buying the lie, but I digress.  As Hitler once said, “Make the lie big and tell it often”.

1600 Watch now projects a growing, locked in liberal patronage vote in 2018 of at least 55% without amnesty;  63% if amnesty is foolishly approved (not likely).  This is an uninformed  patronage constituency, mentally conditioned members of which believe themselves to be necessarily dependent on government.  This gullible constituency will enter the voting booth and pull a Socialist Democrat voting lever no matter what or who.  This greedy, uninformed, government dependent group will never pull a lever for a fiscal conservative, any Republican, or any honest, responsible politician who professes respect for the Constitution of the United States of America, its Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law or “equal” opportunity as opposed to the lie of social justice and the forced outcome of what always turns out to be, poverty-stricken mediocrity.  Amnesty will cement the deal, conservatively (no pun intended) raising 55% to 63%.  Can you say GOOD-BYE CONSTITUTIONALLY RECOGNIZED  FREEDOMS.  GOOD-BYE REPUBLIC.

Why do we allow Global Elite Power Mongers not only to continue dumbing us down, but to actually aid and defend their efforts?  Why do we willingly pay for this denigration and support corrupt political candidates who openly foster economic enslavement through ignorance and apathy?  What is wrong with us?  Do we detest freedom?

As David Michael Lynch tells us:  Amnesty and Obamacare together are The Perfect Storm and will wipe out the American middle class, if permitted to occur.

If we wish to continue enjoying what little remains of freedom in America – the above analysis should not be taken lightly.  1600 Watch correctly predicted that the Republican Party could not win a national election in 2012.  If this insidious patronage vote issue is not effectively addressed, the same may hold true in 2020 or at some point thereafter, but by wider margins.  It appears as of 2018 the United States no longer has a functional two-party system, nor a free press and certainly not a functioning Constitutional Republic.  World Central Bank Owners via conditioned ignorance and apathy have slowly, incrementally strangled our Republic leaving only the bleached remains of its stripped skeletal carcass.  American citizens now live in an Administrative Free Range Dictatorship created via their own votes, ruled by unelected bureaucrats selected by the world’s largest monopolies.  Congress and the White House are irrelevant as is the Supreme Circus.

Our analysis does not even consider gullible union pawns or the more than 50% of U.S. citizens paying little or no Federal Income Tax, while receiving monthly government stipends of one sort or another.  Is it possible that this enormous patronage voter block will vote against the pandering promises made to them every election cycle by abusively disingenuous Socialist Democrats?  Not likely!  [I do not include Social Security or Medicare beneficiaries in the above stipend comment as this is a small portion of your confiscated money being returned to you basically without interest earnings, not a government gift.  Your legitimate interest earnings were distributed to the banksters and friends who had our politicians confiscate your money in the first place.]

Working class America, while paying all the bills, has been cleverly and completely disenfranchised.  If you are a small business owner – you no longer have an effective vote in any national election.   The Global Elite now control American political outcomes by using the uninformed patronage vote of people so uninformed, so  ignorant, they will vote against their own freedom and opportunity in exchange for the false promise of unearned, re-distributed wealth – which never materializes.  Electronic voter fraud and intelligence service CONTROL FILES take care of any liberty minded mavericks who may slip through the cracks.

Please note that socialism is never about re-distributing wealth.  Socialism is about confiscating wealth from the producers for re-distribution to Global Elite families through progressive taxation and other means, from which the Elite are exempt; and then controlling that wealth via political manipulation of the uninformed to their exclusive benefit.

Clearly, excepting meaningless rhetoric, there is no difference in Globalist agenda for the Establishment Right and the Marxist Left.  They differ only in that the Marxist Left would have the U.N. rule the World Socialist Dictatorship and the Neo-Con Establishment Right would have it ruled by the U.S.  Both views are equally depraved and are anathema to individual liberty and a free future of abundance and choice for peoples across the globe.

What if the illegal, mostly Hispanic patronage voters brought into the United States via amnesty turn out to be HARD WORKING, SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY, CONSERVATIVES WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN OUR CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW???  I ask the question because as a resident of Phoenix since 1985, I don’t know a single Hispanic who isn’t a hard working, freedom loving individual.  Just wondering?

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” {Thomas Jefferson}










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