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The primary cause of the 2008 collapse of U.S. banking is the progressive policy agenda enacted by the United States Congress beginning in 1977.  The greedy bankers were nothing more than willing participants and expensive shills.  Progressives, both Democrat and Republican,  are expert “voting block” builders.  Blacks, for example, constitute roughly 12% of the American population.  If you pander to them, expertly misinform them and promise a free ride with other people’s money you can reasonably expect 75% of them (they got 93% in 2008)  to vote for you.  Voila!  You suddenly have a 9% – 11% voter block constituency.  Samo – samo with Hispanics, gays, clean environmental proponents, etc.  All potentially become useful lemmings with which to build a power base.

Progressive politicians realized that if they could cajole banks into lending to poor people and take the credit for themselves – those poor people would vote for them.  All they had to do was demonize the unfair lending practice of “redlining” and demand fairness.  Wow!  A new progressive constituency that even free market conservatives would have to pay for.  The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 was born.  Problem – the banks said no, because they couldn’t stay in business lending money to folks who could not pay it back.  “Not to worry” the politicians said.  “The stupid tax payer will guarantee the debt through Fanny and Freddy.  If anything goes wrong, the ignorant tax paying voter will pick up the tab.”  The banks said, “You’re kidding”!  The politicians said, “No we’re not and if you don’t do it, we will be your enemies”!  The banks said, “Sign us up”!  The rest as they say is another historic tragedy created by Democrats and blamed on Republicans.

Bank owners and managers were certainly guilty of greed and irresponsibility, but don’t kid yourself.  Losing money is not in the best interest of any free market business, including banks.  If the U.S. Congress had not pushed the issue mightily under Clinton, Bush and now Obama the free market banks would never have agreed to this obvious stupidity.  The U.S. Congress selfishly  incentivized banks to lend money to people who could not pay it back.  They all understood this.  The banks went along because they could make billions in fees with zero risk as Congress unconstitutionally and illegally guaranteed the bad bank debt with our tax dollars.  Let’s not even mention, “what bank wants the U.S. Congress as an enemy”?  What bank manager doesn’t want the U.S. Congress to sanction and protect its own risk free, monopoly growth?

The so-called Wall Street demonstrators are correct in being upset and perhaps even in demonstrating, but in their uninformed ignorance they are choosing the wrong target and are marching in the wrong place.  They should be carrying signs and chanting on Pennsylvania Avenue, not on Wall Street.  God forbid, they should be informed voters rather than uninformed, useful idiots marching on George Soros’ dime on behalf of the elite.  The Wall Street excesses, bad practices and subsequent economic damage would never have occurred had our own elected Representatives not corruptly set the stage and provided protection.

Central banking is a necessary and expeditious worldwide business tool, but should never be allowed to lie in bed with our corrupt elected politicians.  Our banking problems are caused by government sponsored banking monopolies and what amounts to government protection rackets paid for by tax payers.  This is not free market capitalism.  The elite have conditioned the Wall Street demonstrators and their mis-informed supporters to believe that free market capitalism has failed and is the enemy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Capitalism requires responsibility and integrity to function.  Monopoly demands conformance through centralized tyranny.  The Wall Streeters think they’re fighting the capitalist pig bad guys.  Instead they are marching to their own detriment on behalf of the world’s monopolistic, free market hating, elite who actually sponsor these demonstrations and take advantage of the populace.  The mass ignorance of our citizenry is astonishing and profoundly disappointing.

Our uninformed, sign toting, victims of expensive Progressive mis-education urinating on Wall Street and defecating in our parks have it partially correct.  They understand that something is radically wrong with our economic and political systems.  Our Republic is no longer functional and our kids know it.  Unfortunately, this elitist funded, highly organized Sheeple Stampede will likely remain in complete ignorance of the root causes of their systemic societal disease.  Many of our kids along with lazy, delusional 60’s left-overs, supported by woefully uninformed Progressive politicians, labor union leaders, teachers and Hollywood good intentions are now rising in objection to…what?  They have no idea…and George Soros and friends will move mountains to make sure it stays that way.  For the elite – ignorance is king and the king is ruled by the king makers.

DOWN WITH FREE MARKET CAPITALISM the elite preach to the dim witted masses.  UP WITH CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT the elite preach to progressive de-educated dim bulbs.  YES WE CAN chant the highly conditioned brain dead sheeple.  Soon now, if we don’t wake up, we will all be living in the elite sheeple paddock waiting for some kind elitist to feed us our nanny state gruel.  Our feudal serfdom future is nearly certain.

The poisonous infection fatal to freedom is called communism.  It spreads by various masquerade of the day labels such as social justice, fairness, liberalism, Progressivism, fascism, etc., but it’s all the same sickness.  Civil rights, the environmental movement, gay rights, etc. are all collectivist tools co-opted and employed by the elite to organize lemmings into easily propagandized groups.  These groups ignorantly sally forth with their Tavistock designed buzzwords and catchy soundbites to rally their cause, never realizing that they are simply being used to further a centralized, dictatorial government structure favorable to international monopoly and the destruction of beneficial free markets.  All this to the benefit of the elite and the detriment of society at large.  So much for anarchy.  What a joke?

The elite do not believe in free market capitalism.  They believe in monopoly; particularly government protected monopoly.  Monopoly is best facilitated by centrally controlled, top down, highly regulated governmental structures.  Control the top and you effectively control everything.  Control the political purse strings and you effectively control the top.  Socialism is never about re-distributing wealth – it is about controlling wealth.  This is why the wealthiest families in the world – the elite, created, foster and love communism and gun control.  This is why these families own most of the world’s central banks, un-taxable international conglomerate monopolies, news agencies, publishing houses, television and radio outlets, etc. – all of which tout the proclaimed goodness of socialism.  We the sheeple are surrounded by thought conditioning outlets that never stop.  They propagandize their collectivist delusion 365 / 24 / 7 and we never seem to tire of buying it.  We have been mentally put to sleep by Progressive mis-education and the relentless onslaught of mass media propaganda and no longer ask reasonable questions.  We struggle hopelessly to survive within the prison of our own dis-functional minds; unable to think for ourselves.

For example, to use a current example.  How is it that Mitt Romney has never won a single straw poll, is obviously not a conservative, but is endlessly proclaimed to be the conservative Republican “front runner”?  This makes no factual sense.  Obviously Mr. Mitt is the “chosen” one and the elite will keep him in front of us until we finally accept his “chosen” status.  How else would you suppose we could foolishly elect a brutally destructive community organizer in 2008 to sit in our White House posing as a President of we the people?  He was manufactured, packaged and sold by the elite and we ignorantly bought this cardboard cutout, teleprompter reading,  puppet.  Now we and the world are paying for it and at least half of us are actually struggling righteously to garner four more years of mass Obamanomic destruction in 2012.  That is some seriously good Sheeple Herding.  Kudos to the elite.

A functional representative republic managed by an educated, responsible and virtuous populace is nearly impossible to tyrannically control.  Such a representative republic fosters individual freedom, self determination, opportunity and the pursuit of personal excellence.  Destroy education and the ability to think for one’s self, reduce personal responsibility to collectivist entitlement and ridicule virtue to virtual non-existence and guess what?  Your functional representative republic just vanished and your freedom and opportunity along with it.

The elite “HATE” our Republic.  Our so-called President HATES it.  Most of Congress (Establishment Right and Marxist Left) HATES it.  Half the Supreme Court HATES it.  Apparently a majority of us also HATE it.  At least our pathetic voting record would suggest so.

Our unique American Republic was formed in 1776 on the coat tails of a spiritual awakening.  The elite began their “One World” collectivist power grab in 1773 in Frankfurt, Germany under the evil vision of Mayer Amshel Bauer and  a dozen or so wealthy friends.  They have worked mightily to bring our Republic to her knees and do away with her and they are nearly there.  The elite force nothing – anymore.  They now “condition” our responses and we vote for our own feudal serfdom.

I hope and pray that we are near a new spiritual awakening now.  If not, we are doomed as a free people and the world is doomed with us.