07-29-2011: Federal Mandates Equal Federally Sponsored Monopolies

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch

We like to think that our Federal government and its bottomless abyss of regulatory agencies along with their 150,000 pages of regulatory “special interest written” nightmare are in the best interest of “we the little people”;  that these agencies function on behalf of the poor citizen, too dumb to fend for themselves.  This thinking is, of course, incorrect, naive and borders on the masochistic, self abuse of our own economic survival and ultimately, our freedom.  The regulatory function today, including the criminally abusive taxing authority of the privately owned IRS, is to eliminate competition for insiders, protect price fixing through government mandates and to reward all criminals involved.

There may have once been a useful purpose for regulatory oversight in terms of consumer protection, but that day is long gone.  Today our criminal, regulatory agencies are nothing more than expensive revolving doors connecting our vibrant “game the system” training grounds with the upper management of supra-national conglomerates well versed in using these same agencies to strengthen and protect their monopolistic stranglehold on whatever price fixed, non-competitive industry they happen to be in.  We see it in insurance, banking, oil, autos, so-called green products, communist labor union promotion, etc.  It’s an endless feeding trough supplied by the struggling wallets of hard working, though uninformed citizens.

Example One:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came out this week with its new, more draconian fuel efficiency standards requiring manufacturers of cars and light trucks to build vehicles meeting the new standard of 54.5 mpg by 2025.  This is to “help us” in the war against anthropogenic (man caused) global warming.

Sidebar:  There is, of course, climate change – always, but man caused global warming is an enormous hoax that has proved immensely profitable for highly subsidized, insider green companies, most of which are not even economically feasible, much less capable of earning profit in competitive markets.  The so-called consensus on this is a cherry picked fabrication and has been proved to be so by hundreds of scientists and climatologists – none of whom can garner any press and all of whom have been demonized and ridiculed by Al Gore Brown Shirts.

NASA released this week, more than a decade of satellite collected climate data demonstrating without question that the U.N. climate models are wrong – and wrong by a lot.  Carbon dioxide, man made or otherwise, is not trapping earth’s heat within earth’s atmosphere as U.N. models assume and predict.  Enormous amounts of heat are being emitted just as a rational person might expect.  Non-redacted climatological data show at best a temperature flat line and if anything a very slight cooling trend – not a warming trend.  Data must be cherry picked and/or redacted to show a warming trend.  End of sidebar.

The true purpose of this EPA regulation is not to protect citizens of the world or the environment.  The narrowly focused purpose is to federally mandate enormously expensive, economically unfeasible vehicles the consumer won’t willingly waste their money on; eliminate consumer choice within the Federal mandate thereby locking in a non-competitive price range consumers are forced to pay; which will then be followed by tax payer funded subsidies so these auto monopolies can transfer middle class wealth to the elite, insider controllers of these monopolies.  There is nothing complicated here.  It’s just plain old, grand scale larceny and unconstitutional, government bureaucrat malfeasance, which would be punishable if we still had a functioning Rule of Law and a Constitution.

Example Two:
OIL.  Federal government regulatory agencies have systematically and unconstitutionally destroyed American fossil fuel independence beneath the guise of protecting us and the earth.  Forget the simple fact that development of new alternative energy sources can only be sustainably funded by today’s profit.  Forget the fact that the Bakken reserves in North Dakota, Montana and Canada total more than 500 billion barrels at $60/barrel per our own U.S.G.S. estimates, as compared to the exaggerated reserves of Saudi Arabia at a mere 250 billion barrels for which we are currently paying $100/barrel.  This is simple straight forward price fixing and our own Federal government bureaucrats are facilitating it for their elite handlers.  It’s just another massive wealth transfer from the working middle class to the elite, while the elite stores their U.S. reserves for future sale at higher profit margins with astronomic pricing forced on consumers by their own government.  Follow the money and look for dirty hands – they’re dirty all over Washington D.C. and you can smell the larceny on ’em.

Example Three:
Al Gore’s curly light bulbs.  Edison’s incandescent light bulb has been deemed “inefficient” and the U.S. government, through the bipartisan, heavily euphemistic Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), has mandated its forced Darwinian extinction (light bulb genocide actually) as of 2012.  Socialist lemmings at the EU and our Aussie brothers and sisters are purportedly following suit.  Incandescent bulbs are being replaced with hazardous, heavy metal, Argon/Mercury laden,  fluorescent curly bulbs.  This will help the environment, hey?  These fluorescent bulbs are more efficient – they emit less heat energy than incandescent bulbs, but that has nothing to do with Federal government market manipulation and the wholesale dictatorial destruction of an entire industry.

The real purpose of EISA is to Federally mandate the extinction of fluorescent light bulb industry competition, thereby fixing an obnoxiously high price for the only product remaining in the marketplace.  Don’t you wish you were a government favored fluorescent bulb insider, so you too could charge any price you want for your product?  Success is guaranteed if you just purchase the right politicians.

There are dozens of good examples of Federally mandated profit centers for insiders.  Remember unleaded gasoline?  As soon as un-leaded was mandated, the per gallon price of unleaded spiked and never came down.  Diesel fuel went up and never came down again either.  Whenever your do gooder Federal regulatory agency purports to help you;  duck and hide your wallet, because your pocket is about to be picked clean again…and again…and again.  It’s astonishing that adult people vote for this.

U.S. regulatory agencies have become nothing more than expensive half-way houses where lazy, communist delinquents, forlorn of productive job skills, can feed copiously at the public trough, while posing as effete intellectuals.  These Marxist Progressive parasites spend their lives producing nothing, contributing nothing, risking nothing, while loudly and self righteously condemning any and all who are trying to be productive members of society.  They are disgusting leeches and these out of control Federal agencies running unconstitutionally amok around a neutered Congress, self-relegated to irrelevance, should be shut down one by one, once and for all.  They are not only a waste of time and money in and of themselves;  more importantly, they aid and abet grand larceny and the wholesale theft of citizen wealth.

Real free markets are self correcting via competition and will flush the frauds down the toilet quickly and efficiently.  The occasional problem would be far less threatening than the certainty of dictatorial abuse by immoral  Federal agencies bloated with their own lust for tyrannical power and an unquenchable thirst for our dwindling freedoms.  The only beneficiaries of government regulation in 2011 are the unconstitutional Ruling Class Pawns and their elite, international handlers.

We the people are voting to make ourselves the main entree and don’t even realize it.


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