07-25-2011: More Childish Bankruptcy? Really? Bribery Will Fix it?

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Constitution Watch

I have yet to meet a person capable of speech and seriously determined to stay out of prison, who believes it is possible to borrow forty cents of every dollar spent and do it indefinitely.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, an obnoxious teleprompter blast issues forth from the integrity challenged,  largely George Soros operated, White House bull horn and an ignorant herd of graft prone U.S. Senators and confused House Members raise their sanity challenged heads from the murky depths of our Washington D.C. asylum and stupidly, yet bravely begin chanting “Yes We Can”.  Who’d a’ thought?

Our entire Federal Bankruptcy – that would be all of it –  has been manufactured by Progressive Democrats,  Republicans and Independents on the floor of the House of Representatives in concert with Progressive, Washington D.C. bureaucrats and the lobbyists who hand feed them.  Our bankruptcy is not an accident.  Establishment Right and Progressive Left House members elected by our votes, voted for bankruptcy every step of the way, every single time – vote by vote.  You can look it up in the Congressional Record.  Bankruptcy is simple in spite of Progressive bleating and arm waving.  Bankruptcy means you’re broke.

Our irresponsible, immoral continuance of unconstitutional, profligate national spending does not bear serious adult discussion outside of indictment for fraud and criminal court;  yet grown men and women, whom we foolishly elected are discussing it and the sycophant, national press corp is selling it in sugary sound bites, like tooth rotted, carnival barkers on their littered, Washington carnival midway.  This is enough to make any Ivy League goat puke on its natty blue blazer, though it has no apparent effect on character challenged, insider “club members”.

Please – in your own self interest –  understand one thing.  If “we the people” still had a functional Constitution, the fiscal insanity we are now living with WOULD NEVER BE POSSIBLE AND COULD NOT HAPPEN.  The Federal spending that is bankrupting the United States is not authorized under our Constitution.  Period!  This irresponsible, unsustainable, illegal confiscation of our individual citizen wealth and it’s collectivist use to promote and transfer that wealth to gigantic, government sponsored monopolies while building  powerful, dumbed down voter constituencies is unconscionable, unacceptable;  and if we are to survive as a free people – must be stopped.

If “we the people” don’t stand up and stop this – then who will?

Is it possible voters might wake up and consider changing their voting habits now that it is painfully obvious that our supposed Representatives, duly elected to “govern” are utterly and hopelessly incapable of self discipline and actionable integrity?  The U.S. bankruptcy has been and still is being caused by the same Representatives who now “blah, blah, blah” about fixing  the mess they themselves, unconstitutionally voted for.  The House of Representatives – the only legislative body authorized to appropriate Federal spending in the U.S. –  intentionally caused this bankruptcy by Progressively purporting to fix things they had already broken and never had the Constitutional authority to waste “we the people’s” money on in the first place.

There are two easily identifiable forms of bribery popular in the Washington D.C. political ticket booths.  The first BRIBE, is the quid pro quo, acceptance of gratuitous money, support, press coverage and gifts – in whatever form – legal or illegal – by duly elected and/or appointed officials from monopolistic “special interests”.  The second BRIBE, is the confiscation of productive, private citizen wealth by the special interest operated, Federal government and its collectivist pay-out (sharing) to targeted voter constituencies, thereby locking in an ignorant, uninformed Progressive stranglehold on political power.  These illegitimately, bought and paid-for, Progressively targeted, uninformed voter constituencies now total more than 50% of the U.S. population, which pays very nearly zero – that would be none – of the annual U.S. national tax burden.  This is tantamount to slaves voting for their own imprisonment within the Progressive slave barn.

If you are a hard working, productive employee or small business owner;  your family’s money – your hard earned wealth; is being confiscated (taxed); after which,  chunks of it are “given” (re-distributed) to insider monopolists in the form of “price fixing”, special contracts, tax breaks and subsidies; while the remaining bloody chunks are “given” (spread the wealth around) to non-working parasites, who have now all but completely disenfranchised you by virtue of over-whelming, bought and paid-for numbers.  If you work for a living and  are voting for Establishment Right Republican, Marxist Left Democrat or Communist Independent politicians – you are voting to give away your own voting voice to non-workers.  Working America is paying “all” the bills and is very close to having absolutely nothing to say about it.  You have virtually no representation in government.  Call it communism; call it fascism; call it slavery;  call it feudal serfdom;  I call it Corporatism;  call it what you will – IT IS NOT FREEDOM.  Stop voting for this while you still have any vote at all.

There are three excellent solutions to this intractable acceptance of bribery.

The first, to be demanded by “we the people” is a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT to our Constitution.  Without this amendment the United States is finished as a free nation and your children are guaranteed a pathetic, socialist, non-future of compliant mediocrity – just like most of bankrupt Europe has hand cuffed itself to.

The second, to be demanded by “we the people” is an ENUMERATED POWERS ACT.  This act would require that all proposed Federal legislation contain a valid justification confirming its Constitutional legitimacy to become law.

The third, to be demanded by “we the people” is TERM LIMITS, accompanied by the elimination of all retirement benefits and pensions for the President, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  Bleeding “we the people” dry would no longer be a profession.  Election to public office would be a sacrifice, thereby returned to honor.

These three actions would go a very long way toward reigning in irresponsible elected officials incapable of self discipline or wisdom.  Politics is not the problem.  Special interests are not the problem.  Money itself is not the problem.  Lack of individual integrity is the problem.  You couldn’t find integrity in Washington D.C. with a drag line hook.  This means the “governed” must govern “the governors” as our Founders and Constitution intended.  Our failure will be the end of freedom as we have known it.

When any political candidate moves his or her lips, talking about a “living Constitution” – they are wanna be slave masters or slave master pawns;  nothing else.  The only legal document ever crafted on this earth recognizing your individual freedom, responsibility and liberty is the U.S. Constitution.  Believe otherwise at your peril.

Any government, including the U.S. government, claiming its caring desire to help you is a government that will entrap and enslave you.  Globalism is popular among the Neo-con Establishment Right as well as the Marxist Left as an alternative to our sovereign nation’s Constitution precisely because a government so huge, so faceless and so unaccountable will render it utterly impossible for any individual person to deal with.  Globalism is predictable, certain slavery.  The U.S. Constitution is your only protection.  Defend her or lose her.

Not choosing in this instance is your personal choice to walk away from our legacy of freedom into the economic captivity George Soros and friends are working so diligently to bring about.


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