07-08-2011: 10 Planks of Obamanation Raping The Fruited Plain

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch

While the American press focused our rapt attention on Weiner’s Weiner with the right hand, our Left Handed, Organizer in Chief took a break from golfing to prepare for his next Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  While preparing he had someone, we don’t know who, draft his latest assault on freedom:  Executive Order No. 13575, signed On June 09, 2011,  creating The White House Rural Council (WHRC).  The WHRC is intended to expand the role of government in monitoring and centrally managing our “sustainable rural communities”;  buzz words taken directly from the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Globalist program for so-called “Sustainable Development”.  For victims of Progressive mis-education, the euphemism “sustainable rural communities” can be simply translated from Progressive sound-bite-speak as “our food supply”.

1600 Watch has in the past pointed out that Obama, most of his Administration and at least half of Congress, including Establishment Right Republicans like Mitt Romney by the way, aggressively support at least seven of the ten Planks (1,2,3,4,5,6 &10) of the Communist Manifesto.  1600 Watch has extended the “the benefit of doubt” in not assuming that Marxist Obama and his traitorous Administration had any interest in the three agrarian Planks of the Manifesto; 7,8 & 10.  Creation of the WHRC and its obvious intent remove that doubt, now bringing the frightening total to 10.  Again, for victims of our very costly, dumbed down, de-education system;  10 of 10 would be “all of them”.  Marx only listed ten.  The Obama Administration, that is, our Federal government now champions them all.

Rhetoric aside, given the regressive Progressive record to date;  “American Sustainability” is clearly not a priority for our elected Representatives in Washington D.C.  In the real world, capital is required to fund research and development.  No capital equals none or at least severely limited research or development.  The world economic motor, hence the world’s supply of capital is fossil fuel driven.  Current technology offers no feasible replacement for fossil fuels in the short term.  Development of workable alternatives requires capital investment provided by successful entrepreneurship.  There is no other sustainable source of funding.  We know from history, that government take and waste is not sustainable for any length of time and will inevitably result in inflation and impoverishment regardless of calling it “stimulus”, crony subsidy, insider wealth transference, corruption, stupidity or something less flattering.

A successful capitalist earns profit, then invests a portion of that profit and puts it at risk in developing products, services and yes, jobs for the future;  not a complicated concept, but a workable one that history proves is self-sustaining, life-style enhancing and wealth generating.  Poor countries do not;  cannot afford to spend money (capital) on new pharmaceutical, medical, scientific, industrial, environmental or agrarian research and development.  All countries throughout history, who have turned left, down the Marxist road to conformist mediocrity have become poor.  China, the supposed Marxist success story has only been successful in-so-far as she has experimented with capitalism.  However, her limited form of Statist Capitalism and currency manipulation will not sustain her mostly slave labor, parasitic core for long.  China is near economic collapse and she knows it.  We on the other hand, focused on our current left handed “race to the bottom” apparently don’t know that.

U.S. business, thriving once upon a time in our previously wealthy country, has spent far more on new development endeavors than any other, anywhere, over time; and has carried and benefited the residents of this world via the new opportunities and abundance unleashed by American Republican government and its resultant entrepreneurism.  When government has stayed out of the way – no other  system has been its equal.  That is un-redacted historic fact in spite of monopolistic, collectivist tampering over the past one hundred years or so.  American free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty, increased the standard of living, solved environmental problems, grown more food and generated more realistic hope than any competing ideology in human history.  That’s just simple fact.

For those who notice such things, we’ve also tended to be “hell on wheels” in a war, but that talent is waning as well.  America’s ability to wage war has been in part due to her enviable, entrepreneurial ability to out-manufacture machines of war and munitions of war, while fighting a war.  That can’t happen when you don’t have factories or factory workers.  You may recall we’ve shipped most of those factory things overseas.  Actually we’ve shipped them over to the same people we’ll likely be fighting, as well as trying to buy food and oil from in the next World Globalist War.  Isn’t that sweet?  That’s called Globalist Planning 101.  You can study it at Harvard and other Ivy League schools now.  For $100,000 George Soros will give your group a speech about it.  George calls it the “open society”.  Obama studied it.  So did Bush.  So does most of Congress and our dreary press core.  They belong to the right clubs you know and attend all the proper study groups.  Personally, I call being really hungry, starvation.  That’s what a hundred million or so called it and died from in the U.S.S.R., China, North Korea, North Vietnam,  Cuba and other places visited by the hammer and sickle or the closed fist.

Our hapless 21st Century American government, on the other hand, by conflict of intent, negligent omission and/or ignorance, has chosen to embark on the annihilation of American entrepreneurial activity; has and is inhibiting business profitability through un-constitutional regulation and hence is destroying the only replenishment source of capital necessary to innovation and invention.  Unrestricted government regulation based on bad science and leftist political ideology rather than reason or the Rule of Law, has fostered and now protects the anti-capitalist, insider monopolies that thrive like parasitic monsters on the life blood of freedom and creativity.  Confiscating tax payer wealth and irresponsibly printing fiat money to gift insider monopolies with special privileges has decimated our independent family farms and community banks, has strangled entrepreneurial small business innovation and job creation, is driving talented doctors and nurses from the healthcare and pharmaceutical professions, has created a voracious, capital consuming, mindless government maw that is killing and maiming every possible avenue of private, capital building endeavor.  How any rational person having a measurable intelligence quotient can identify this historically failed, collectivist nonsense as “striving for sustainability” is astonishing.

Sustainability, by definition requires the replacement of resources as they are used.  Private enterprise and ingenuity are the only known sources of wealth creation in the utilization of, competition for and the replenishment of our natural resources.  To the extent government bleeds productive capital from private markets, those markets lose their ongoing ability to sustain current socio- economic activity and engender future activities.  Business can no longer invest and risk its capital because there isn’t any left.  Government over-reaching is not enhancing America’s sustainability;  it is killing it dead.  The government does not invest as Progressives love to parrot;  government takes and wastes.  Socialist government talks and capital flees overseas, which socialist government then blames on capitalism.  Capitalism never flees opportunity.  Capitalism flees bondage and that is now our government specialty.  No human, no nation and no world can sustain this.

Our family farms have all but vanished along with our small community banks and shortly, should we maintain our present course, successful small business will vanish as well; and along with them all hope of  sustainable freedom and opportunity disappear.  Government sanctioned and protected monopolies now thrive in the place of free markets and capitalist freedom.  The Corporatist, status quo reigns supreme;  dis-education fosters conformance and compliance;  competition and creativity are stifled and sustainability – well, that’s not on the horizon anymore, is it?  Governments tend to sustain tyranny as much as possible and for as long as possible.  The  biggest governments sustain tyranny best and ours is getting really big, really fast.  There are unfortunately,  no historic examples demonstrating tyranny’s ability to foster and sustain economic health or any other kind of health.  This suggests that we are trying to to see our future by staring at the rear view mirror.

We the Sheeple have allowed our government to sanction and suffocate our financial independence, our creativity, the education of our children, our medical care and health, our transportation and our press.  Now the government maw is going after our internet and food supply.  If you believe this can have a happy ending;  I’m sorry.


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