07-02-2011: We Are What We Think

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch

“We are not what we think we are;  we are what we think.”  {The Zen Trucker as borrowed from someone forgotten, which happens a lot.}

The above statement is true due to our creative human role in Divine Providence, whether or not we choose to accept our inherent individual responsibility in this role or not.  Given our human proclivity for “following” rather than “leading” and more importantly, frequently allowing our thinking to be “conditioned” by others as opposed to “arising” from the depths of our own hearts; this concept is important relative to freedom and has consequences both good and bad.

Our heart, our soul, if you prefer, is that core part of our spiritual nature connecting us directly to Divine Providence.  In other words, we don’t just learn truth – we are truth – when we’re healthy.  We devolve into other things to the extent we are not healthy as our role in Divine Providence is to exercise “free will”.  We choose to love; or not.  We create our reality moment by moment;  choice by choice.  If Divine Providence is infinite;  then by definition we are each a small finite part of that infinity.  We are infinity.  We cannot be apart from it.  This metaphysical fact carries with it the burden of creative responsibility.

Do we choose to create a negatively divided, wantonly destructive, selfish reality driven by fear, anxiety and greed, wherein we malign,hinder, frustrate and finally hate each other as a matter of course?  Or do we choose to create a generous, kind, loving reality wherein we help and support each other as neighbors, friends and family?  Not to choose is to choose.  We are each responsible for our human choices in this matter and can, in fact, make this a much better world by choosing generously and positively.  If you don’t know how to choose, ask your Universal Creator for help.  That is helping yourself.

I’m raising this significant, though somewhat esoteric issue because the United States of America, along with most of the world, no longer has a functional, responsible, free press.  We have in its place a malignant, ideology driven, astonishingly ignorant CORPORACRATIC propaganda machine continuously conditioning our views and thinking with “sound bites” in place of thought.  Replacing thoughts with sound bites over time destroys human rationality, causes our attention to become unstable and flighty, and reduces the power of our intentions to nothing more than futile wishing.  The PROPAGANDISTS want this.  Do we?

A few things to think about.

When the Leader of the Free World, President of the United States proclaims “we must each share in mutual sacrifice”, what is that about?  Why don’t we instead make a plan to “share in mutual benefit and abundance”?  The difference is a simple choice and a different way of thinking, having enormous differences in outcome for we the people.

When our so-called political leaders are conditioning us as sheeple – they like to say that in order to fix our bankrupt condition, which they themselves caused, we should empower them to punish the successful among us, tear down their entrepreneurial effort, confiscate their abundance and give it to whom they choose.  Why instead, don’t we ask the successful among us to show us how to be more successful ourselves?  Free market capitalists are big on this teaching thing because successful people can more ably sustain other enterprises than unsuccessful people.  There is mutual benefit in mentoring success.

A true capitalist will always mentor success and can only function to pursue excellence in a free society.  An insider monopolist such as George Soros on the other hand, never mentors success.  He mentors subjugation, ignorance and economic captivity to his own agenda and that of his greedy insider friends.  Sick people like George Soros mentor centralized control of our lives, activity and wealth to the detriment of freedom and the pursuit of excellence in exchange for mutual poverty, both economically and spiritually.

The Corporacratic press, in league with our mis-guided government is bullying us into a conditioned mediocrity whereby people are easily manipulated and controlled for uses and purposes that frequently are not in their best interest.  We must think for ourselves if we are to remain free.  The mass media can be dangerous as an effective tool in abusive hands, nudging us steadily toward our freely chosen economic confinement.

The people of Greece, Portugal, Spain and England are in the streets today because they gave their hard earned wealth to their nanny government(s) and now that their mis-guided nanny state is failing they are left without options or ability to fend for themselves.  They freely chose to be without individual choices and now suffer in the cesspool of collective, political impotence.  There is nothing left for them, but hopeless violence.  Is this the America we vote for?  Is this the “sharing” we want for our children?

We are what we think and as such, we ought to think freely and clearly for ourselves.


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