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We like to think that our Federal government and its bottomless abyss of regulatory agencies along with their 150,000 pages of regulatory “special interest written” nightmare are in the best interest of “we the little people”;  that these agencies function on behalf of the poor citizen, too dumb to fend for themselves.  This thinking is, of course, incorrect, naive and borders on the masochistic, self abuse of our own economic survival and ultimately, our freedom.  The regulatory function today, including the criminally abusive taxing authority of the privately owned IRS, is to eliminate competition for insiders, protect price fixing through government mandates and to reward all criminals involved.

There may have once been a useful purpose for regulatory oversight in terms of consumer protection, but that day is long gone.  Today our criminal, regulatory agencies are nothing more than expensive revolving doors connecting our vibrant “game the system” training grounds with the upper management of supra-national conglomerates well versed in using these same agencies to strengthen and protect their monopolistic stranglehold on whatever price fixed, non-competitive industry they happen to be in.  We see it in insurance, banking, oil, autos, so-called green products, communist labor union promotion, etc.  It’s an endless feeding trough supplied by the struggling wallets of hard working, though uninformed citizens.

Example One:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came out this week with its new, more draconian fuel efficiency standards requiring manufacturers of cars and light trucks to build vehicles meeting the new standard of 54.5 mpg by 2025.  This is to “help us” in the war against anthropogenic (man caused) global warming.

Sidebar:  There is, of course, climate change – always, but man caused global warming is an enormous hoax that has proved immensely profitable for highly subsidized, insider green companies, most of which are not even economically feasible, much less capable of earning profit in competitive markets.  The so-called consensus on this is a cherry picked fabrication and has been proved to be so by hundreds of scientists and climatologists – none of whom can garner any press and all of whom have been demonized and ridiculed by Al Gore Brown Shirts.

NASA released this week, more than a decade of satellite collected climate data demonstrating without question that the U.N. climate models are wrong – and wrong by a lot.  Carbon dioxide, man made or otherwise, is not trapping earth’s heat within earth’s atmosphere as U.N. models assume and predict.  Enormous amounts of heat are being emitted just as a rational person might expect.  Non-redacted climatological data show at best a temperature flat line and if anything a very slight cooling trend – not a warming trend.  Data must be cherry picked and/or redacted to show a warming trend.  End of sidebar.

The true purpose of this EPA regulation is not to protect citizens of the world or the environment.  The narrowly focused purpose is to federally mandate enormously expensive, economically unfeasible vehicles the consumer won’t willingly waste their money on; eliminate consumer choice within the Federal mandate thereby locking in a non-competitive price range consumers are forced to pay; which will then be followed by tax payer funded subsidies so these auto monopolies can transfer middle class wealth to the elite, insider controllers of these monopolies.  There is nothing complicated here.  It’s just plain old, grand scale larceny and unconstitutional, government bureaucrat malfeasance, which would be punishable if we still had a functioning Rule of Law and a Constitution.

Example Two:
OIL.  Federal government regulatory agencies have systematically and unconstitutionally destroyed American fossil fuel independence beneath the guise of protecting us and the earth.  Forget the simple fact that development of new alternative energy sources can only be sustainably funded by today’s profit.  Forget the fact that the Bakken reserves in North Dakota, Montana and Canada total more than 500 billion barrels at $60/barrel per our own U.S.G.S. estimates, as compared to the exaggerated reserves of Saudi Arabia at a mere 250 billion barrels for which we are currently paying $100/barrel.  This is simple straight forward price fixing and our own Federal government bureaucrats are facilitating it for their elite handlers.  It’s just another massive wealth transfer from the working middle class to the elite, while the elite stores their U.S. reserves for future sale at higher profit margins with astronomic pricing forced on consumers by their own government.  Follow the money and look for dirty hands – they’re dirty all over Washington D.C. and you can smell the larceny on ’em.

Example Three:
Al Gore’s curly light bulbs.  Edison’s incandescent light bulb has been deemed “inefficient” and the U.S. government, through the bipartisan, heavily euphemistic Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), has mandated its forced Darwinian extinction (light bulb genocide actually) as of 2012.  Socialist lemmings at the EU and our Aussie brothers and sisters are purportedly following suit.  Incandescent bulbs are being replaced with hazardous, heavy metal, Argon/Mercury laden,  fluorescent curly bulbs.  This will help the environment, hey?  These fluorescent bulbs are more efficient – they emit less heat energy than incandescent bulbs, but that has nothing to do with Federal government market manipulation and the wholesale dictatorial destruction of an entire industry.

The real purpose of EISA is to Federally mandate the extinction of fluorescent light bulb industry competition, thereby fixing an obnoxiously high price for the only product remaining in the marketplace.  Don’t you wish you were a government favored fluorescent bulb insider, so you too could charge any price you want for your product?  Success is guaranteed if you just purchase the right politicians.

There are dozens of good examples of Federally mandated profit centers for insiders.  Remember unleaded gasoline?  As soon as un-leaded was mandated, the per gallon price of unleaded spiked and never came down.  Diesel fuel went up and never came down again either.  Whenever your do gooder Federal regulatory agency purports to help you;  duck and hide your wallet, because your pocket is about to be picked clean again…and again…and again.  It’s astonishing that adult people vote for this.

U.S. regulatory agencies have become nothing more than expensive half-way houses where lazy, communist delinquents, forlorn of productive job skills, can feed copiously at the public trough, while posing as effete intellectuals.  These Marxist Progressive parasites spend their lives producing nothing, contributing nothing, risking nothing, while loudly and self righteously condemning any and all who are trying to be productive members of society.  They are disgusting leeches and these out of control Federal agencies running unconstitutionally amok around a neutered Congress, self-relegated to irrelevance, should be shut down one by one, once and for all.  They are not only a waste of time and money in and of themselves;  more importantly, they aid and abet grand larceny and the wholesale theft of citizen wealth.

Real free markets are self correcting via competition and will flush the frauds down the toilet quickly and efficiently.  The occasional problem would be far less threatening than the certainty of dictatorial abuse by immoral  Federal agencies bloated with their own lust for tyrannical power and an unquenchable thirst for our dwindling freedoms.  The only beneficiaries of government regulation in 2011 are the unconstitutional Ruling Class Pawns and their elite, international handlers.

We the people are voting to make ourselves the main entree and don’t even realize it.


I have yet to meet a person capable of speech and seriously determined to stay out of prison, who believes it is possible to borrow forty cents of every dollar spent and do it indefinitely.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, an obnoxious teleprompter blast issues forth from the integrity challenged,  largely George Soros operated, White House bull horn and an ignorant herd of graft prone U.S. Senators and confused House Members raise their sanity challenged heads from the murky depths of our Washington D.C. asylum and stupidly, yet bravely begin chanting “Yes We Can”.  Who’d a’ thought?

Our entire Federal Bankruptcy – that would be all of it –  has been manufactured by Progressive Democrats,  Republicans and Independents on the floor of the House of Representatives in concert with Progressive, Washington D.C. bureaucrats and the lobbyists who hand feed them.  Our bankruptcy is not an accident.  Establishment Right and Progressive Left House members elected by our votes, voted for bankruptcy every step of the way, every single time – vote by vote.  You can look it up in the Congressional Record.  Bankruptcy is simple in spite of Progressive bleating and arm waving.  Bankruptcy means you’re broke.

Our irresponsible, immoral continuance of unconstitutional, profligate national spending does not bear serious adult discussion outside of indictment for fraud and criminal court;  yet grown men and women, whom we foolishly elected are discussing it and the sycophant, national press corp is selling it in sugary sound bites, like tooth rotted, carnival barkers on their littered, Washington carnival midway.  This is enough to make any Ivy League goat puke on its natty blue blazer, though it has no apparent effect on character challenged, insider “club members”.

Please – in your own self interest –  understand one thing.  If “we the people” still had a functional Constitution, the fiscal insanity we are now living with WOULD NEVER BE POSSIBLE AND COULD NOT HAPPEN.  The Federal spending that is bankrupting the United States is not authorized under our Constitution.  Period!  This irresponsible, unsustainable, illegal confiscation of our individual citizen wealth and it’s collectivist use to promote and transfer that wealth to gigantic, government sponsored monopolies while building  powerful, dumbed down voter constituencies is unconscionable, unacceptable;  and if we are to survive as a free people – must be stopped.

If “we the people” don’t stand up and stop this – then who will?

Is it possible voters might wake up and consider changing their voting habits now that it is painfully obvious that our supposed Representatives, duly elected to “govern” are utterly and hopelessly incapable of self discipline and actionable integrity?  The U.S. bankruptcy has been and still is being caused by the same Representatives who now “blah, blah, blah” about fixing  the mess they themselves, unconstitutionally voted for.  The House of Representatives – the only legislative body authorized to appropriate Federal spending in the U.S. –  intentionally caused this bankruptcy by Progressively purporting to fix things they had already broken and never had the Constitutional authority to waste “we the people’s” money on in the first place.

There are two easily identifiable forms of bribery popular in the Washington D.C. political ticket booths.  The first BRIBE, is the quid pro quo, acceptance of gratuitous money, support, press coverage and gifts – in whatever form – legal or illegal – by duly elected and/or appointed officials from monopolistic “special interests”.  The second BRIBE, is the confiscation of productive, private citizen wealth by the special interest operated, Federal government and its collectivist pay-out (sharing) to targeted voter constituencies, thereby locking in an ignorant, uninformed Progressive stranglehold on political power.  These illegitimately, bought and paid-for, Progressively targeted, uninformed voter constituencies now total more than 50% of the U.S. population, which pays very nearly zero – that would be none – of the annual U.S. national tax burden.  This is tantamount to slaves voting for their own imprisonment within the Progressive slave barn.

If you are a hard working, productive employee or small business owner;  your family’s money – your hard earned wealth; is being confiscated (taxed); after which,  chunks of it are “given” (re-distributed) to insider monopolists in the form of “price fixing”, special contracts, tax breaks and subsidies; while the remaining bloody chunks are “given” (spread the wealth around) to non-working parasites, who have now all but completely disenfranchised you by virtue of over-whelming, bought and paid-for numbers.  If you work for a living and  are voting for Establishment Right Republican, Marxist Left Democrat or Communist Independent politicians – you are voting to give away your own voting voice to non-workers.  Working America is paying “all” the bills and is very close to having absolutely nothing to say about it.  You have virtually no representation in government.  Call it communism; call it fascism; call it slavery;  call it feudal serfdom;  I call it Corporatism;  call it what you will – IT IS NOT FREEDOM.  Stop voting for this while you still have any vote at all.

There are three excellent solutions to this intractable acceptance of bribery.

The first, to be demanded by “we the people” is a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT to our Constitution.  Without this amendment the United States is finished as a free nation and your children are guaranteed a pathetic, socialist, non-future of compliant mediocrity – just like most of bankrupt Europe has hand cuffed itself to.

The second, to be demanded by “we the people” is an ENUMERATED POWERS ACT.  This act would require that all proposed Federal legislation contain a valid justification confirming its Constitutional legitimacy to become law.

The third, to be demanded by “we the people” is TERM LIMITS, accompanied by the elimination of all retirement benefits and pensions for the President, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  Bleeding “we the people” dry would no longer be a profession.  Election to public office would be a sacrifice, thereby returned to honor.

These three actions would go a very long way toward reigning in irresponsible elected officials incapable of self discipline or wisdom.  Politics is not the problem.  Special interests are not the problem.  Money itself is not the problem.  Lack of individual integrity is the problem.  You couldn’t find integrity in Washington D.C. with a drag line hook.  This means the “governed” must govern “the governors” as our Founders and Constitution intended.  Our failure will be the end of freedom as we have known it.

When any political candidate moves his or her lips, talking about a “living Constitution” – they are wanna be slave masters or slave master pawns;  nothing else.  The only legal document ever crafted on this earth recognizing your individual freedom, responsibility and liberty is the U.S. Constitution.  Believe otherwise at your peril.

Any government, including the U.S. government, claiming its caring desire to help you is a government that will entrap and enslave you.  Globalism is popular among the Neo-con Establishment Right as well as the Marxist Left as an alternative to our sovereign nation’s Constitution precisely because a government so huge, so faceless and so unaccountable will render it utterly impossible for any individual person to deal with.  Globalism is predictable, certain slavery.  The U.S. Constitution is your only protection.  Defend her or lose her.

Not choosing in this instance is your personal choice to walk away from our legacy of freedom into the economic captivity George Soros and friends are working so diligently to bring about.

In Short:
“Spending” is the obvious one word problem definition.
“Stop spending” is the obvious two word solution.
Any other answer is incorrect or a lie.

Another Short Answer:
“Stop voting” for people who are lying to you!”

Portraying Annual Federal Spending in terms of a 24-hour day:
Corporate Jet Loophole – 15 seconds
Oil Company Subsidies – 2.2 minutes
Bush Tax Cuts – 2.4 minutes
Our Three 2011 Wars – 3 hours
Mandatory Entitlement Spending – 16 hours

Please note:  Tax increases or decreases have absolutely nothing to do with the simple fact that our irresponsible House of Representatives spends too much.  These two discussions are not related.  If we quadruple taxes;  does that now mean our Federal government doesn’t spend beyond its means?

Do not be distracted by the discussion of symptoms or vested special interest scare tactics.  The problem is un-Constitutional SPENDING.  Social Security and Medicare are required by Federal law to be paid.  Payment of those mandated entitlement expenses is not a choice as Obama threatens.  Barack Obama and all Progressive D’s and R’s are irresponsible liars.  Believe them, support them and vote for them at your peril.  We cannot remain free and support Democrat Marxist Globalists or Republican Neo-con Globalists.  They all detest your freedom and crave YOUR money – for only slightly different reasons.

Long Answer: The American economic turmoil engendered by inappropriate, unconstitutional, short sighted government policies vis a vis 2011 is not as complicated as we are told by politicians and pundits.  Contrary to Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and other globalist outlets, the United States is not confronted with a mysterious,  irresolvable financial dilemma.  After all, if you’re sinking into debt, are feeling guilty about your irresponsibility or just don’t want to continue sinking into the inevitable quagmire of financial defeat;  you could consider spending less.  This concept would be helpful advice for any adult person, business, city, county, state or country finding itself mired in this foolish circumstance.  You might think that even socially engineered, Harvard and Yale grads could grasp this idea, but apparently not.

Constitutional Fact:
Of our three branches of government, only our House of Representatives has the authority to appropriate Federal spending.  If the United States is bankrupt and is subsequently weakened and beholden to those who hold the credit strings – it’s because our House of Representatives wants our country bankrupt.  Individually elected House Members are violating their oaths of office and are voting for this un-constitutional nonsense, plain and simple.  There is no other reason.  We would do well never to lose track of this simple, Constitutional fact; especially while paddling painfully upstream through the  statist media cloud of dense intellectual fog typically enveloping the mindless sound bites of political obfuscation.  Confusion is an effective means of control.  {You just read a sentence full even if it’s true – which it is.}

The United States is confronted, not with an outwardly imposed, incurable, viral economic infection, but with an internal, political vacuum of honest leadership,  integrity and to some extent, knowledge; all hopelessly addicted to a strident political determination, fully vested in self-political interest,  never to address our self caused, economic dilemma in any real way – ever.  The unconstitutional confiscation of our citizen’s money and its political use in “buying” votes and controlling our behavior is much too valuable to self aggrandizing, career politicians, many of whom should be in jail, not Congress or the White House.  The U.S. debt problem and subsequent depression is completely repairable – providing there is a will to fix it;  which there is not.

To date – politics trumps economics.  This is not a Democrat/Republican problem; nor a conservative / liberal problem.  It’s a case of mistaken identity boxed in completely by corrupt elected officials having competing political ideologies, hell bent on self justification rather than economic reality.  Political greed, lust for power and empty promises can purport to defy economic gravity, but ultimately failure is imminent – and you and I are and will pay for it along with our children.  Continuing to desperately race down this dead end road in full-on, Georgia Overdrive invites certain tragedy and basic indentured servitude.  Traveling this road, no outcome beyond the bounds of economic perdition is possible.  Debt and freedom cannot exist together regardless what the teleprompter claims.

Let’s take a minute to define the economic context here, shall we?  The United States has two (2) realistic alternatives to its existing and burgeoning debt.

  1. Default.
  2. Don’t default.

Any fool including our financially un-educated, Borrower in Chief can handle Option 1.  Stubbornly maintain the status quo, pay lip service to it with meaningless rhetoric and more outrageous promises;  or worse – double down on more spending and up the ante on the Fed’s coming QE 3.  Guaranteed failure for all sides.

{By the way  – Quantitative Easing (QE) consists of nothing more than foolishly printing fiat money with which to buy our own pathetic debt because no one else is dumb enough.  This used to be called “monetizing”our debt and its bad.}  Following Europe’s bankrupt and frequently bloody footsteps is generally not a good idea.

The three (3) Congressional possibilities regarding Option 2 are:

  • Cut spending
  • Increase tax revenues
  • Cut spending & increase tax revenues

There’s our entire list of possibilities.  Any politician or adviser who complicates this further has an agenda we had better identify because it won’t be in our best interest as citizens. The underlying, causative problem itself is attempting to manage a national ( or global for that matter) economy by employing and enforcing political agendas as opposed to employing basic economic principles.  It’s no different than trying to win a baseball game by employing the rules of football.  You’re going to lose.  The opposing baseball team playing by baseball rules will win 100% of the time.

Economics is like gravity.  It doesn’t care what political party you belong to or what ideology you adhere to.  On earth, if you throw a ball into the air, it will rise until the force of gravity equals the upward applied force and momentum (at the apex), after which the ball will begin to be pulled downward – toward the center of the earth – accelerating per the force of gravity.  Throw as many different balls as many times as you want, in as many different ways as you want, as hard or softly as you want;  the result will always be the same.  Your ball or your technique will not obviate the gravitational constant.  To oppose this concept on earth is to be insane.

In the real world, politics tends to override economics.  Progressive Marxists believe otherwise, but they are factually incorrect and history painfully demonstrates this to be so.  We are unfortunately, witnessing this historical occurrence once again.  Political agenda(s) driven by those who seek power over us, always after our money and wealth, would have us believe gravity and economic principles  don’t apply in these United States, nor I suppose anywhere else on earth.  Their current agendas, whether Left or Right, have been thrown into the air, have arrived at their respective apex and are now going to be pulled down.  To oppose this inevitable result is insane.

Gravitationally  speaking, the default option leads directly to economic collapse either in the near term or in the not too distant future.  The result of economic collapse leads directly to currency de-valuation; spiraling commodity costs; shortages of various kinds, including food and gasoline; interruptions in electric and natural gas service; etc.  If Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Great Britain, that is most of Europe – our current Administration’s sacred model, are any example – and they are – we will also see civil unrest and hungry, angry neighbors in our own streets.

Most of our politicians, by ignorance or intent, are dueling over perceived, economic symptoms with useless, placebo prescriptions that are in fact poisonous and highly toxic to the well being of our country.  Their own long term,  political career – in itself a problem – causes them to deny economic gravity and drives them to blindly pursue their own selfish interest, which will ultimately damage both them and us.  Our Founders developed a powerful vaccine called the Constitution, to protect us against this eventuality, but we have listened to Progressives, spurned the vaccine and are now defenseless against political snake bite.

Our survival as a healthy nation requires that” we the people” replenish our Constitutional vaccine, revitalize its latent power and use it to encourage and demand that our elected representatives “stop lying and stop spending”.  Even a tiny amount of integrity will carry us a very long way.  If the Progressive spoiling of America is not reigned in soon by rational common sense;  we will learn the true meaning of “bad”.

Any politician or pundit talking flatulently about budgetary “out years” or promising fiscally responsible budgets beginning in 2014 or later cannot be taken seriously and is basically a coward, a liar or both.  George W. Bush may have been a Neo-con Globalist hack and Barack Hussein Obama may be a Marxist Globalist hack, but neither of them had or has the power to spend. Spending is the problem.  Our House of Representatives is the spender.  Stop spending is the solution.

We can plan to spend less as adults or we can remain children and be suddenly forced to stop spending with no plan at all.  Which do you think may work out better for Grandma, Grandpa, you and I and our children’s future?

While the American press focused our rapt attention on Weiner’s Weiner with the right hand, our Left Handed, Organizer in Chief took a break from golfing to prepare for his next Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  While preparing he had someone, we don’t know who, draft his latest assault on freedom:  Executive Order No. 13575, signed On June 09, 2011,  creating The White House Rural Council (WHRC).  The WHRC is intended to expand the role of government in monitoring and centrally managing our “sustainable rural communities”;  buzz words taken directly from the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Globalist program for so-called “Sustainable Development”.  For victims of Progressive mis-education, the euphemism “sustainable rural communities” can be simply translated from Progressive sound-bite-speak as “our food supply”.

1600 Watch has in the past pointed out that Obama, most of his Administration and at least half of Congress, including Establishment Right Republicans like Mitt Romney by the way, aggressively support at least seven of the ten Planks (1,2,3,4,5,6 &10) of the Communist Manifesto.  1600 Watch has extended the “the benefit of doubt” in not assuming that Marxist Obama and his traitorous Administration had any interest in the three agrarian Planks of the Manifesto; 7,8 & 10.  Creation of the WHRC and its obvious intent remove that doubt, now bringing the frightening total to 10.  Again, for victims of our very costly, dumbed down, de-education system;  10 of 10 would be “all of them”.  Marx only listed ten.  The Obama Administration, that is, our Federal government now champions them all.

Rhetoric aside, given the regressive Progressive record to date;  “American Sustainability” is clearly not a priority for our elected Representatives in Washington D.C.  In the real world, capital is required to fund research and development.  No capital equals none or at least severely limited research or development.  The world economic motor, hence the world’s supply of capital is fossil fuel driven.  Current technology offers no feasible replacement for fossil fuels in the short term.  Development of workable alternatives requires capital investment provided by successful entrepreneurship.  There is no other sustainable source of funding.  We know from history, that government take and waste is not sustainable for any length of time and will inevitably result in inflation and impoverishment regardless of calling it “stimulus”, crony subsidy, insider wealth transference, corruption, stupidity or something less flattering.

A successful capitalist earns profit, then invests a portion of that profit and puts it at risk in developing products, services and yes, jobs for the future;  not a complicated concept, but a workable one that history proves is self-sustaining, life-style enhancing and wealth generating.  Poor countries do not;  cannot afford to spend money (capital) on new pharmaceutical, medical, scientific, industrial, environmental or agrarian research and development.  All countries throughout history, who have turned left, down the Marxist road to conformist mediocrity have become poor.  China, the supposed Marxist success story has only been successful in-so-far as she has experimented with capitalism.  However, her limited form of Statist Capitalism and currency manipulation will not sustain her mostly slave labor, parasitic core for long.  China is near economic collapse and she knows it.  We on the other hand, focused on our current left handed “race to the bottom” apparently don’t know that.

U.S. business, thriving once upon a time in our previously wealthy country, has spent far more on new development endeavors than any other, anywhere, over time; and has carried and benefited the residents of this world via the new opportunities and abundance unleashed by American Republican government and its resultant entrepreneurism.  When government has stayed out of the way – no other  system has been its equal.  That is un-redacted historic fact in spite of monopolistic, collectivist tampering over the past one hundred years or so.  American free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty, increased the standard of living, solved environmental problems, grown more food and generated more realistic hope than any competing ideology in human history.  That’s just simple fact.

For those who notice such things, we’ve also tended to be “hell on wheels” in a war, but that talent is waning as well.  America’s ability to wage war has been in part due to her enviable, entrepreneurial ability to out-manufacture machines of war and munitions of war, while fighting a war.  That can’t happen when you don’t have factories or factory workers.  You may recall we’ve shipped most of those factory things overseas.  Actually we’ve shipped them over to the same people we’ll likely be fighting, as well as trying to buy food and oil from in the next World Globalist War.  Isn’t that sweet?  That’s called Globalist Planning 101.  You can study it at Harvard and other Ivy League schools now.  For $100,000 George Soros will give your group a speech about it.  George calls it the “open society”.  Obama studied it.  So did Bush.  So does most of Congress and our dreary press core.  They belong to the right clubs you know and attend all the proper study groups.  Personally, I call being really hungry, starvation.  That’s what a hundred million or so called it and died from in the U.S.S.R., China, North Korea, North Vietnam,  Cuba and other places visited by the hammer and sickle or the closed fist.

Our hapless 21st Century American government, on the other hand, by conflict of intent, negligent omission and/or ignorance, has chosen to embark on the annihilation of American entrepreneurial activity; has and is inhibiting business profitability through un-constitutional regulation and hence is destroying the only replenishment source of capital necessary to innovation and invention.  Unrestricted government regulation based on bad science and leftist political ideology rather than reason or the Rule of Law, has fostered and now protects the anti-capitalist, insider monopolies that thrive like parasitic monsters on the life blood of freedom and creativity.  Confiscating tax payer wealth and irresponsibly printing fiat money to gift insider monopolies with special privileges has decimated our independent family farms and community banks, has strangled entrepreneurial small business innovation and job creation, is driving talented doctors and nurses from the healthcare and pharmaceutical professions, has created a voracious, capital consuming, mindless government maw that is killing and maiming every possible avenue of private, capital building endeavor.  How any rational person having a measurable intelligence quotient can identify this historically failed, collectivist nonsense as “striving for sustainability” is astonishing.

Sustainability, by definition requires the replacement of resources as they are used.  Private enterprise and ingenuity are the only known sources of wealth creation in the utilization of, competition for and the replenishment of our natural resources.  To the extent government bleeds productive capital from private markets, those markets lose their ongoing ability to sustain current socio- economic activity and engender future activities.  Business can no longer invest and risk its capital because there isn’t any left.  Government over-reaching is not enhancing America’s sustainability;  it is killing it dead.  The government does not invest as Progressives love to parrot;  government takes and wastes.  Socialist government talks and capital flees overseas, which socialist government then blames on capitalism.  Capitalism never flees opportunity.  Capitalism flees bondage and that is now our government specialty.  No human, no nation and no world can sustain this.

Our family farms have all but vanished along with our small community banks and shortly, should we maintain our present course, successful small business will vanish as well; and along with them all hope of  sustainable freedom and opportunity disappear.  Government sanctioned and protected monopolies now thrive in the place of free markets and capitalist freedom.  The Corporatist, status quo reigns supreme;  dis-education fosters conformance and compliance;  competition and creativity are stifled and sustainability – well, that’s not on the horizon anymore, is it?  Governments tend to sustain tyranny as much as possible and for as long as possible.  The  biggest governments sustain tyranny best and ours is getting really big, really fast.  There are unfortunately,  no historic examples demonstrating tyranny’s ability to foster and sustain economic health or any other kind of health.  This suggests that we are trying to to see our future by staring at the rear view mirror.

We the Sheeple have allowed our government to sanction and suffocate our financial independence, our creativity, the education of our children, our medical care and health, our transportation and our press.  Now the government maw is going after our internet and food supply.  If you believe this can have a happy ending;  I’m sorry.

“We are not what we think we are;  we are what we think.”  {The Zen Trucker as borrowed from someone forgotten, which happens a lot.}

The above statement is true due to our creative human role in Divine Providence, whether or not we choose to accept our inherent individual responsibility in this role or not.  Given our human proclivity for “following” rather than “leading” and more importantly, frequently allowing our thinking to be “conditioned” by others as opposed to “arising” from the depths of our own hearts; this concept is important relative to freedom and has consequences both good and bad.

Our heart, our soul, if you prefer, is that core part of our spiritual nature connecting us directly to Divine Providence.  In other words, we don’t just learn truth – we are truth – when we’re healthy.  We devolve into other things to the extent we are not healthy as our role in Divine Providence is to exercise “free will”.  We choose to love; or not.  We create our reality moment by moment;  choice by choice.  If Divine Providence is infinite;  then by definition we are each a small finite part of that infinity.  We are infinity.  We cannot be apart from it.  This metaphysical fact carries with it the burden of creative responsibility.

Do we choose to create a negatively divided, wantonly destructive, selfish reality driven by fear, anxiety and greed, wherein we malign,hinder, frustrate and finally hate each other as a matter of course?  Or do we choose to create a generous, kind, loving reality wherein we help and support each other as neighbors, friends and family?  Not to choose is to choose.  We are each responsible for our human choices in this matter and can, in fact, make this a much better world by choosing generously and positively.  If you don’t know how to choose, ask your Universal Creator for help.  That is helping yourself.

I’m raising this significant, though somewhat esoteric issue because the United States of America, along with most of the world, no longer has a functional, responsible, free press.  We have in its place a malignant, ideology driven, astonishingly ignorant CORPORACRATIC propaganda machine continuously conditioning our views and thinking with “sound bites” in place of thought.  Replacing thoughts with sound bites over time destroys human rationality, causes our attention to become unstable and flighty, and reduces the power of our intentions to nothing more than futile wishing.  The PROPAGANDISTS want this.  Do we?

A few things to think about.

When the Leader of the Free World, President of the United States proclaims “we must each share in mutual sacrifice”, what is that about?  Why don’t we instead make a plan to “share in mutual benefit and abundance”?  The difference is a simple choice and a different way of thinking, having enormous differences in outcome for we the people.

When our so-called political leaders are conditioning us as sheeple – they like to say that in order to fix our bankrupt condition, which they themselves caused, we should empower them to punish the successful among us, tear down their entrepreneurial effort, confiscate their abundance and give it to whom they choose.  Why instead, don’t we ask the successful among us to show us how to be more successful ourselves?  Free market capitalists are big on this teaching thing because successful people can more ably sustain other enterprises than unsuccessful people.  There is mutual benefit in mentoring success.

A true capitalist will always mentor success and can only function to pursue excellence in a free society.  An insider monopolist such as George Soros on the other hand, never mentors success.  He mentors subjugation, ignorance and economic captivity to his own agenda and that of his greedy insider friends.  Sick people like George Soros mentor centralized control of our lives, activity and wealth to the detriment of freedom and the pursuit of excellence in exchange for mutual poverty, both economically and spiritually.

The Corporacratic press, in league with our mis-guided government is bullying us into a conditioned mediocrity whereby people are easily manipulated and controlled for uses and purposes that frequently are not in their best interest.  We must think for ourselves if we are to remain free.  The mass media can be dangerous as an effective tool in abusive hands, nudging us steadily toward our freely chosen economic confinement.

The people of Greece, Portugal, Spain and England are in the streets today because they gave their hard earned wealth to their nanny government(s) and now that their mis-guided nanny state is failing they are left without options or ability to fend for themselves.  They freely chose to be without individual choices and now suffer in the cesspool of collective, political impotence.  There is nothing left for them, but hopeless violence.  Is this the America we vote for?  Is this the “sharing” we want for our children?

We are what we think and as such, we ought to think freely and clearly for ourselves.