06-11-2011: The Numbers; Obama’s Likely 2nd Term; America’s Demise?

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch
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Voting Population Summary

The link above uses population data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and uses voter percentages significantly more conservative than for example, 2008 voter data compiled by the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut.  Roper data makes this case even more compelling.

The link above shows a spread sheet developed by the professionally observant 1600 Watch staff depicting a likely Democrat voter breakdown for the November 2012 elections.  1600 Watch developed this simplistic analysis to investigate why Obama’s job approval ratings are so low, yet his personal approval ratings remain high.  In some respects this is typical in that Presidential “personal” and “job” approval ratings are frequently, if not usually divergent, but one wonders if within what appears to be typical, there may lie significant trend information.

As The Zen Trucker has noted, “If things seem different than they appear;  it’s because they are”.

The numbers show that excepting Federal, State and local government employees,  likely Democrat voters make up approximately 55,107,000 voters, that is, about 41% of the 133 million U.S. voting population.  We have today approximately 18,452,000 Federal, State & local government employees having employment compensation packages well in excess of that typically enjoyed in the private sector.  This 14% of U.S. voters is not likely to get excited about any candidate running for elected office and who may be promoting cuts to government spending and balancing government budgets.  It appears that approximately 80% of  government employees consistently vote Democrat, which adds nearly 15 million Democrat voters to the roles and comprise 53% of the 133 million voting population.  This data is a bit sobering if you prefer a balance of power in a so-called two party contest.

It becomes even more sobering if we consider that these 14.7 million government worker Democrats have family members who are axiomatically vested in these high paying government jobs as well.  If one half of these 14.7 million Democrat voting government workers have spouses or voting age children who also vote Progressive Democrat; our 53% stated above, becomes 58%. That’s not too doggoned far from 2/3 of American voters.  Obviously, government patronage votes appear to be an important component of Democrat voter block strategy and the beauty is, working conservatives are paying for more than half of it through taxes.  You may recall that the lower 50% income strata pay virtually no income tax what-so-ever, which means that as a practical matter, working Americans of every persuasion are uniformly financing and locking in the Progressive Democrat power base whether they know it or not;  or like it or not…and we haven’t even mentioned the Marxist unions.

Given as an example, that Roper Center data shows 67% of voting Hispanics voting Democrat in 2008; while 1600 Watch conservatively (no pun intended) projects only 57% for the estimated percentage of likely Hispanic Democrat voters in 2012;  it’s pretty easy to see why Democrats are nearly drunk with the idea of illegal amnesty for what… I don’t know, let’s say 11 million to 30 million Hispanic illegals, more than 70% of whom will be cajoled against their own best interest to vote Progressive Democrat.  The success of this Progressive Democrat political strategy guarantees the complete dis-enfranchisement of America’s fruited plain even though the hard working, fruited plain is paying 99% of all the bills.  Can you say SUCKER?

While the voters of America have been drowning in the 24-hour, press corps slop focused on our “growing” Keynesian economy and its meteoric rise in the “right direction”, along with other distractions such as, Moochelle’s wonderfully luscious White House garden and her eliminate the fat kids program, her fabulous trip to Spain, Arab Spring, Libyagate, Obama’s Royal Toast, Weinergate, which U.S. allies Obama is insulting now;  which U.S. enemy he is apologizing or bowing to;  though I seldom hear mention of the covert operations going on in Yemen;  our golf pro, community organizer In Chief and his Marxist Democrat cronies have been and are steadily building a highly paid, dependency loyal, patronage constituency inside our very own Federal, State and local governments.  We gotta give credit where credit’s due.  We the people have been had and we voted for this scheme…at least a lot of us did.

Building bigger government isn’t just about confiscating our working wealth and distributing it to favored insiders and government sanctioned monopolies like the new curly light bulb companies…let me mention here that only fools believe that socialism distributes wealth to the little people.  It’s also very much about building a highly dependent, patronage voter constituency that ain’t going away anytime soon, if I understand what Congress is not talking about.

Anyway, this is why 1600 Watch believes the fruited, conservative plain has a serious up-hill battle on its hands, if it thinks that Progressive RINO’s like Gingrich and Romney; fake Tea Party, One World Globalists like Rick Perry (Texas Governor); or very compelling, ex-Federal Reserve bankster Herman Cain (who 1600 Watch is desperately trying to trust) are going to take down the National State media, King Obama and/or the Progressive, Democrat Ruling Senate in 2012.  Seriously folks – we really need to wake up.  The good part of the American experiment may be over if we don’t.

The really good news is that serious Americans – that would be Tea Partiers –  do appear to be waking up.  If we can get the sleep out of our eyes, maybe pray a little and start voting in a more informed way – the half baked, central bank controlled, monopoly loving, make-believe free markets we have suffered with so far may all be brought to an end and driven out of “OUR HOUSE”.  The world has never seen or experienced true capitalism or true free markets unleashed to their full potential;  nor has the world shared the incredible benefits that will mutually and commonly prevail if we can successfully vote Marxism in all its putrescent forms out of our governments and lives.

Spill the sugary kool-aid and drink some tea with your friends.  It’ll be good for your family, your country and the world.


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