06-10-2011: Social Justice Smothers Souls and is Strangling America.

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch

The average American citizen as of 2011, and I hope 2012, still freely votes and can preserve freedom for their children and grandchildren, but it will require a national awakening and resurgence of vigilant patriotism along with, I believe a sincere request for the assistance of Divine Providence, just as it did in the days of 1773 through the Revolutionary War and through the Constitutional Convention ending in 1787.  This awakening, should it occur will allow us to continue “voting for freedom“, thereby overcoming the persistent blight of Marxism for at least a little while longer.  Our failure to awaken prior to November 2012 will likely result in the future necessity of our children and grandchildren “bleeding for freedom” in order to take back the unalienable rights our Sixties generation foolishly gave up in return for the pathetic promise of a Nanny State that failed before it began.

Socialism has not ended well anywhere on earth and it will not end well in its second attempt here in the U.S.  Our first historic socialist attempt was, of course, at Jamestown from 1607 through 1610, which failed miserably under the negative incentives of forced collectivization and indentured servitude from the time of Captain John Smith until the first official Governor, Lord De La Warr made private property ownership possible.  After that, private enterprise with the help of tobacco farming led to a thriving prosperity in Jamestown.**

The bloody disease of Marxism used to be more generally referred to as Communism and was imposed by force on the unfortunate victims of Russia and later the entire U.S.S.R., China, Nazi Germany (a variant), Cuba, North Korea, North Viet Nam and other sad places.  More than 100 million decent people were starved, imprisoned, tortured and murdered that “the worker’s party” might thrive – at least for those that survived the forced re-education.  Of course, we know now that there was no thriving and this force thing wasn’t really working either, so Marxists began to listen closely to clever, delusional busy bodies like Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky and others of their ilk, who promoted the incremental idea of Marxism through an arbitrary form of freely chosen, government slavery idyllically referred to now as “social justice” .

Social justice is a nice sounding euphemism for an arbitrary system of mob rule insuring “no justice” and is subtly enforced today using various different labels, names and a supposedly better idea injected into the mass consciousness over a long period of time.  This failing, freedom eating, incentive devouring infection is what we now live with in most of Europe and America today along with its various pseudonyms such as socialism, progressivism, liberalism or the errant cousin fascism.  Semantic nit picking aside, it’s all just Marxism, lies and pain.  Social justice is not and never will be “equal justice”, call it what we will.

Making it worse is the infiltration of Marxist nuts into every social network imaginable with the subsequent turning of focus from the intended goal to, of course, Marxism.  For example, the environmental movement has largely become a national movement against private property rights and attacks hundreds of small businesses on a daily basis in farming, lumber, fishing, etc.  The persistent and destructive environmental onslaught, viciously waged against our own citizens, Constitution, freedom, common sense and rational thinking is nothing more than liberal bullying, mindless, Marxist vigilantism and Progressive mob rule, as Ann Coulter might articulately describe it.  The sexual / feminist / gay rights / civil rights / animal rights movements have become manipulative tools for advancing special favors, funding and treatments for select societal groups;  a basis for attacking less Progressively favored, less select groups;  and finally, a poisonous vehicle for undermining our families, Churches, personal initiative and Constitution based Rule of Law.

The idea of social justice is a poorly lit, grimy, back door entrance to the prison of intellectual enslavement as spawned within the dark belly of Marxist delusion, all locked down with the guilt gilded key of “political correctness”.  All the dried out branches of collectivist thought hacked from the dead tree of Marxism, such as communism, socialism, fascism, etc.  demand social justice, which simply put requires the equality of outcome for divergent persons and societies.  Outcome equality in turn requires that high achievers or winners, if you will, be punished and underachievers, losers if you will,  be rewarded.  Winners and losers must be forced or coerced to choose a common denominator called fairness, which as a standard, by practical necessity lies close to the bottom of the barrel.

There is, in fact, no fairness or justice to be found within the morally bereft concept of social justice.  No people, no society in history has ever prospered under this form of government driven, government controlled, government dis-incentivized tyranny – freely chosen or by force.  Socialism is, in fact, about controlling and taking wealth from productive labor;  not sharing it, excepting its distribution to well connected government insiders whose monopolies are heavily subsidized via the taxed (confiscated) wealth of the well populated middle class.  Social justice and it’s half sister, political correctness are today’s incremental tools of choice used for leveraging uninformed voters into forced sharing and actually choosing and freely voting for arbitrarily adjudicated social justice for the chosen ones in what otherwise, might remain a free and equal society.

Hitler’s brown shirts or Mao’s dreary, gray uniforms appropriately depict the subjugation of the soul as limited to neither light nor dark, black nor white, but only to a dingy brown or faded gray neutrality, devoid of life, color or humanness.  All of life’s wonderful challenge, opportunity and the pursuit of excellence is crushed beneath the forced depravity of equal sameness, where the hopeless loser lives with the guilt of unearned reward and the vibrant winner is frustrated by forced idleness and mediocrity.  Contentment is not possible.  Achievement is hopeless.

Socialism is akin to confiscating the good seed of productive labor, carelessly throwing it down upon hard, infertile  ground, then leaving it to wither and die as the central planning, farm manager silently and hopelessly writes a report as the seed tries valiantly to root;  to fulfill its nature, but it can’t.  The seed finally just sprouts as best it can, sputters pathetically, tragically dies and is finally trampled underfoot and wasted.  Socialism is easy, requires no personal responsibility or integrity, certainly no ingenuity as this is discouraged and punished;  but unfortunately and consistently, produces little value and much pain for manager and worker alike.  The written planning report will none-the-less reflect another glowing success and positive outcome for all.

Capitalism on the other hand offers equality of opportunity, leaves outcomes to us as individuals and rewards ingenuity.  It is never easy, requires both personal responsibility and integrity and to the extent such is not realized, fails much like socialism itself.   However, where responsibility is taken seriously and incentivized the pursuit of excellence flourishes and the standard of living, even for the under achievers is raised substantially.  This is historic fact.  Also of historic fact, is the importance of a balance of power in fine tuning the capitalist system to maximize its potential benefit.  Hence the primary importance and necessary care taking of our Constitutional Republic with its built in balance of power between our three branches of government.   The wisdom and effort of our Founders carefully planted good seed in fertile ground, but the tree of liberty must always be watered and nurtured or it will die.  There is no one but ourselves to perform this watering and nourishing.  To the extent we encourage or allow our government to take on our own personal responsibilities, our garden of liberty is guaranteed to turn to dust.

Governments don’t care, don’t build, don’t create and don’t give, regardless what government loving socialists tell us.  If you observe carefully, you’ll quickly and consistently notice that socialist dialogue and thinking, such as it is, is limited to complaint, criticism, ridicule, demonization, character assassination, mis-direction, mis-representation and outright lies.  Socialists are uniformly and always Phase I thinkers in terms of and as Dr. Thomas Sowell describes Phase I thinking in Applied Economics.  A socialist by conditioning is incapable of asking, “and what happens next”…and “what happens after that”?  A socialist is only trained to destroy, to tear down and to diminish the basic building blocks of productive society.  They know nothing and care less about creating, building or re-building what they have destroyed.

Unfortunately for America and the world in the year 2011, liberal socialists have been much more clever, some might say cunning, at the practice of politics and mass voter manipulation than are conservative capitalists.  This becomes even more overwhelming when we add in the Establishment Progressive Republicans like Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney and others who are conservative in name only.  The odds are heavily against any successful resurgence or awakening with regard to Constitutional principles and the American people actually voting for their own independence in November 2012.  We are being smothered and choked to stupidity by ignorant, irresponsible Marxism; a sycophant Leftist press and to that extent I believe it is nearly certain that Barack Insane Obama will be re-elected for his second term…but not absolutely certain and we’ll go over the numbers and make that case next week.

**An un-redacted account of Jamestown’s founding (referenced here) is provided in “A Patriot’s History of the United States” by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen as published by Sentinel in 2004 on pages 16 through 18.


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