05-28-2011: Competition versus Collectivist, Legislative Corruption

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Weekly Constitution Watch

Free markets, to the extent they are allowed to function are self regulating.  Fraud cannot compete with knowledge, skill, determination, passion and hard work on a level playing field.  I’m personally against government programs such as Medicare, but as an example, if Medicare were put on a competitive footing, the $90 billion in annual estimated fraud we continually and impotently discuss would quickly self correct and be eliminated by the simple fact that people will not spend their hard earned dollars on bogus services or bogus charges.  A Medicare patient today has no idea whether an MRI actually costs the provider $80, $800 or $8,000 and hence has no mechanism for making a prudent choice as to service providers.  This is a poorly constructed system guaranteed to render patient choice to the realm of uninformed sucker, while creating an opulent nest for fraud.

To the extent that government, through legislation or regulation interferes with free markets, we have the intended (fraud) or unintended (negligence) consequence of shortages, overages, waste, stagnation and general diminution of consumer benefit.  Government tends to break whatever it tries to fix.  Usually it is trying to fix what it has already broken.  Even Karl Marx understood that free market pricing should never be messed with as it is the only known means of effectively and efficiently  distributing goods and services.

Does this mean we should have no legislation or regulation?  Of course not, but people are people, and they need to be protected from themselves in a manner that does not become tyrannical and that does not sponsor government sanctioned monopoly by the politically connected insider.  The Founders of the United States understood this and dealt with it by creating a Constitution and Rule of Law that limits the biggest threat to a free people, that is, government, while at the same time recognizing the unalienable right of people to freely live their lives and thrive.  Our Constitutional Republic, should the Constitution be adhered to, provides a protective umbrella for people to safely work beneath, while at the same time limits the reach of that government making it nearly impossible to take on dictatorial power.  Our Constitution guarantees a “level playing” field.

Legislators legislating for the sake of legislating is the single most serious threat existent to the freedom and prosperity of the American citizen today.  The 2nd paragraph of Section 4, Article 1 of our Constitution states, “The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be [on the first Monday in December,] unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.”  This paragraph was Amended by Section 2 of the 20th Amendment which reads, “The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall begin at noon on the 3rd day of January, unless they shall by law appoint a different day.”

The apparent thinking of the Founders was that legislation was not thought to be a necessary part of daily life, but rather a necessary evil to be lived with, yet constrained if freedom was to be preserved.  The Founders clearly understood the very real fact that “politics corrupts economics”.  This is diametrically opposed to the fallacious Progressive concept suggesting that “economics corrupts politics”.**  Our Founders certainly never envisioned our potentially corruptible, elected Representatives legislating the entire year.  We shouldn’t either.

Free speech can unfortunately, lend itself to the potential abuse of power by those who speak convincingly and would wield power unwisely.  This does require an uninformed electorate population, hence the current state of American dis-education and dishonest or at least ignorant journalism.  When your legislator campaigns to help you, consider where his or her campaign dollars and media support come from and remember the words of the very politically connected John D. Rockefeller, “Competition is a sin”.  You might also bear in mind the words of The Zen Trucker who said, “If things seem different than they appear, it’s because they are.”

Some negative consequences of legislators corruptly stepping in it and thereby splashing the citizenry have been:
1.  A central bank system created by the world’s international elite purported to protect the average citizen from improper central bank practices, but in fact simply transferring banker’s business risk to the tax payer while retaining profits privately.  This system coupled with interlocking ownership and directorship of media and industrial entities also enables the private owners of these banks and conglomerates to leverage money into political control of  political candidates – most of whom will dance to the correct tune and garner support and a few others who will not dance at all and will be destroyed.  This then leads to the investment of confiscated tax payer dollars through subsidies, tax breaks, etc.  into various insider business enterprises whereby the tax dollars are risked and the profits are retained by the insiders.  It’s all pretty cozy – and expensive.  War, incidentally is one of the most popular insider businesses and would not even be possible without the central banking monopoly.
2.  Anti-trust laws written by politically connected “robber barons” that purport to protect the average citizen, but in fact endorse and protect insider monopolies.

3.  New Deal policies purported to ease economic stress, but actually exacerbate that stress and facilitate the “taking” of citizen property and wealth for the benefit of political insiders in banking and conglomerate farming.  These policies have all but destroyed small independent community banks and the family farm and in doing so have hobbled the self sufficiency of the American people.  One of the largest farmers (sic) I know of today is George Soros and that is not a joke.  George’s favorite pass -time is making money while destroying the self sufficiency of nations and enabling collectivist one world government.  He’s playing with America now.

4.  A more modern New Deal program is the Bush Administration’s TARP, which publically demonized big banks while actually protecting, enriching at tax payer expense and covering up the fact that the 2008 financial collapse was caused by the joint effort of a corrupt Congress working in tandem with politically connected central bank owners through the unconstitutional, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) signed into law by Jimmy Carter on October 12, 1977.  Did you notice the Rothschild consortium controlled banks that were supposedly failing and within 14 months were declaring the highest profit margins in their corporate conglomerate history?  Did you notice how JP Morgan Chase heroically bought Bear Stearns assets for pennies on the dollar using your tax payer dollars through intervention of the Federal Reserve.  Slick huh?  That was all done with the tacit approval of our corrupt legislators.

5. Another more modern New Deal scam is Obamacare.  This pogrom purports to help us, is bankrupt before it even begins, and necessitates enormous government debt ad infinitum, all of which pays interest to the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks, while providing very convenient controls over the forced collectivist behavior of American citizens.  The only purpose of Obamacare is for politically connected insiders to “make money” , while the poor sap citizen suffers with the rationing of health care services at the hands of government bureaucrats who believe they are smarter than you.  Incidentally, the 15 member rationing committee was not created by Obamacare.  It was created and funded by the so-called “stimulus bill” prior to the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  Under this legislation, should your physician decide to offer medical treatment – not approved by the appropriate committee – before hand, he or she is to be fined $100,000 for the first offense and will go to prison for the second offense.  You can look this up for yourself in the minutes of Congressional Hearings that our journalists don’t report on.

At risk of boredom I won’t provide more examples, but you can quickly uncover dozens for yourself with a little searching if interested.  My point in all this is that we cannot “fix” Washington D.C. and separate it from special interests through ignored ethics provisions, forgotten Oaths of office or even term limits.  I have come to believe that both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate should be limited to a single two-week legislative  session each calendar quarter or something similar.  This time constraint would force legislators to use their time more legitimately and effectively, since they obviously have no ability or integrity with which to police their own corrupt actions.  It would keep our elected Representatives spread out across the country and would make it more logistically difficult for lobbyists to function as they would lose their compact little, Washington D.C.  fishing hole for most of the year.  You might think of it as placing the taking of your unalienable rights “off-limits” for as much time as possible.

** Refer to National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) working paper No. 10952, entitled “The Concept of Systematic Corruption in American Political and Economic History” authored by Mr. John Joseph Wallis in December, 2004.

  1. Namari says:

    Hey, that post leaves me fieelng foolish. Kudos to you!


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