05-25-2011: City of David Occupied By Whom?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Connect The Dots

While historically sketchy, many historians seem to agree that David defeated the Philistines and united the surrounding hill farmers with the people of the Canaanite plains, thus establishing the Kingdom of Israel and its capital city, now called Jerusalem.  This is thought to have occurred in the 11th or 10th century B.C., though some accounts say 7th or 6th century B.C.  In either case, the Jerusalem area was inhabited by Jews and others at least 600 years before the birth of Christ and 1,200 years prior to the birth of Muhammad.

Christianity began to take root as an offshoot of the Jewish faith later in the first century A.D. after the death of Christ.  Christians who fail to understand that Christ was a Jew and that the roots of Christianity lie deep within the Jewish faith apparently don’t understand Christianity, but that’s another discussion.

Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca in 570 A.D.  He and many of his followers migrated to Medina in 622 A.D. to escape persecution.  This event marks the beginning of the Islamic or Hijri calendar.  Muhammad passed away in 632 A.D. and was, of course, the founder of the religion of Islam.  Historically, Islamic belief is first spread by military force and then by political and religious subjugation of the conquered peoples.  Islam is not generally spread as a better idea or as a more attractive religious tradition.  Islam is dedicated to the worldwide spread of the Islamic Caliphate and is not open to compromise or debate.  Our choices as non-believers are convert to Islam;  to pay a tax as inferiors; or to be killed.  There are no other choices for Israel or ultimately, for us.

It would be in our best self interest to come to grips with this salient fact and deal with it accordingly.  It might also make sense for us to realize that in many Muslim countries it is not only permissible, but highly respectable to lie or mis-represent to non-believers or even to other Muslims when doing business.  Naivete when dealing with the people of Islam is not a good idea.  The straight forward, honest American approach to business is considered by many if not most Islamic leaders to be weak, pitiful and stupid.

For Barack Hussein Obama to publically suggest that the Israeli people are interlopers in the general area of the City of Jerusalem, which King David himself founded many centuries before Muhammad was even born;  and further, to imply or even state that Israel somehow has a responsibility to get out of the way of Islam suggests either an astonishing lack of historical knowledge or some disingenuous agenda of his own with regard to the people of Israel and Islam.

The Muslim/Jew/Christian apple cart was pretty much tipped over, of course, by the British Balfour Declaration in 1917 and good, bad or otherwise, the battle for Israel / Palestine was on.  I’m not going into this as anyone can read the history for themselves.  Regardless of where any of us stand on this particular issue, the fact is that the Jewish people have defended and protected religiously significant, historic monuments residing in and around Jerusalem regardless of which religion the monument may be precious to.  The wonderful people of Islam on the other hand, typically at least deface and usually obliterate monuments significant to any belief other than Islam.  Dividing Jerusalem per Obama’s suggestion will turn “Old Jerusalem” back to the Palestinians thereby guaranteeing the destruction of centuries old monuments precious to both Christians and Jews who have lived in the area 600-years and 1,200-years before Islam respectively.

If the Jews are to be considered unreasonable occupiers of Israel and Jerusalem, then certainly Americans must be unreasonable occupiers of the United States;  particularly as the Jews arrived in the area of Israel centuries before Islam was even born, whereas Americans arrived in North America centuries after the Native Americans were here.  I don’t consider Mexico in this argument because outside southern Arizona and southern California, the people of Mexico never settled much of the desert southwest;  therefore their claims are bogus and unfounded.

None of this matters I guess as Obama as usual says one meaningless thing on Monday;  back pedals to a different position on Tuesday;  and finally changes the subject altogether on Wednesday, just before going golfing.  I only write this to remind ourselves that nothing the people of Islam say to unbelievers can be taken at face value and as we’ve plainly seen,  the religion of peace is actually a religion of hatred and ignorance.  It may be true that only 10% of Islam (that’s about 150 million nut jobs) is jihad/terrorist oriented, but we should realize that at least 25% of Islam (that’s about 375 million) support the extremists;  25% (about 375 million) are quietly neutral;  and about 15% (about 225 million) are against the violently pursued Caliphate.

The bad news in all this is that the genuinely peaceful moderates of Islam are the ones who support the mosques financially and thereby provide meeting places around the globe for extremists to recruit and teach their mindless hatred.  In this regard the moderate people of Islam are fully culpable for what their violent brothers and sisters are doing as the mosques would not even exist without moderate support.  The world needs the so-called moderate people of Islam to gather their courage, begin speaking up and to ostracize their extremist brethren from the mosques.  This, of course, requires a great deal of bravery as such an act of courage entitles moderates to a sentence of death at the hands of their own extremist brothers an sisters.

  1. Zavrina says:

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for stietng me straight.


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