May 19, 2011: Favors, Waivers, Corruption and an Irrelevant Congress

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Constitution Watch

Barack Hussein Obama, Organizer in Chief, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and too many others to name lied, arm twisted and finally just resorted to making a mockery of The People’s House and Senate in forcing the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) now affectionately known as Obamacare.  All we heard from these Constitutionally abusive politicians and our sycophant press corps was how great this legislation was for America.  I find it hilarious that just one year later our fallacious Federal Government has now granted waiver 1,372 to Harry Reid’s rapturous State of Nevada.  The whole damn State opted out.

The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO), the arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) responsible for administering the waiver program has been accused of overstepping its statutory authority in issuing the waivers, but naturally no one will look into this seriously.  Cronyism is much too important to the smooth functioning of our corrupt banana republic  and the uber wealthy interests it tends to represent.

Now I’m not suggesting that important United States regulatory authority is being misused to favor friends of the Obama Administration with waivers freeing their various organizations from what have already been seen to be catastrophically damaging effects of this latest Marxist dream to control people’s lives while confiscating their earnings in the name of social justice.  You can reach that conclusion yourselves should you find it appropriate…and to be nice, I haven’t even mentioned the obscene amounts of interest the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks will collect on the Obamacare debt as it quickly spirals beyond comprehension.  No conflicts of interest in sight.

I’m just noticing with some interest that the very people and organizations such as SEIU, other unions and insider corporate conglomerates who aggressively supported and vociferously helped sell this legislative abortion are now the very first in line to plead hardship and opt out of the program.  Dozens of waivers have been granted to ultra high end businesses and restaurants in Nancy Pelosi’s Congressional District.  Given Ms. Pelosi’s feral, almost virulent support of this nightmare, not to mention her tearfully vaunted support of “the little guy”, isn’t the granting of these waivers a bit odd?  Why isn’t pugnacious Pelosi convincing these folks how great this pogrom is for them?  Dirty Harry Reid has actually obtained a waiver for his entire State of Nevada.  Isn’t that great?

According to Steve Larsen, Director of CCIIO, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee have all been granted partial, 1-year  waivers for PPACA.  Isn’t this sweet?  Congress legislates laws for all of us;  social justice you may recall;  and then some government bureaucrat just decides who obeys the law and who doesn’t.  What the heck is going on over at HHS?  Who do these people work for?  The tax payers? Apparently not.

Maybe they’re just wanna be Eric Holders like over at USDOJ where they just consider who they like and who they don’t and apply the laws of the land non-uniformly, so as to achieve that elusive goal of social justice.  Hell;  who needs equal justice when you can have tyrannically imposed social justice?  Why do we bother with a House of Representatives and a U.S. Senate at all?  Congress doesn’t even bother to defend its turf;  it just wastes our money.  Why don’t we get rid of Congress and save our money?  Our Courts, particularly the Supreme Circus legislates from the bench for us anyway.  Why should we keep wasting money on an incompetent Congress that no other branch of government pays any attention to.  It’s kind of silly isn’t it?

It becomes increasingly apparent to anyone having an Intelligence Quotient above thirty or so and not in a coma that the United States no longer has a functioning Constitutional Republic nor Rule of Law.  If you disagree with this observation, then perhaps you can explain to the secured bondholders of Chrysler and GM how it is that the government of the United States simply  “took” their bond holder equity.  Where is that equity now?  Is Joe Biden watching over it?

Maybe you can explain to those who’ve just lost their homes, how or why it is that the banks have been made whole with confiscated and/or printed tax payer TARP dollars and yet retain the right to foreclose and “take” your property.  The mortgage loan was created from thin air in the first place with an electronic keyboard entry;  no one invested any real money other than the defaulting homeowner, yet the bank, who invested zero walks away with everything including the kitchen sink.  Why doesn’t the defaulting home owner, the only party who contributed real money and sweat into the deal keep the house?  I guess this is the social justice everyone is talking about.  For my part, I have never understood what was wrong with “equal justice” in the first place.

Anyway, I’m just noticing that within and under the umbrella of what used to be our Constitutional Republic and “equal justice”;  we now seem to be voting for delusional fanatics who appear to work for the world central banking consortium, not for “we the people”;  who worship at the alter of insider conferred “social justice”; and are slowly devolving our precious, individual liberty and pursuit of excellence, into a hybrid sort of socialist/fascist form of White House, regulatory dictatorship overseen by people we never voted for and don’t even know.

Is this what “we the people”  want?  If not, maybe “we the people”  should consider obtaining better information and voting in a more informed way.  History amply demonstrates that freedom generally doesn’t last forever.  Are we about to become another entry in the historical “freedom lost” record?  I hope not.


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