10-01-2010: Principles or Principals?

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

Our United States’ government “of, by and for the people” has been carefully assembled within a structural framework of Judeo / Christian principles learned, developed and tested over many centuries of human endeavor.  That framework and those principles in turn are set upon a firm foundation of unalienable human rights endowed by our Creator and recognized by our Constitution.  Our U.S. Constitution and Rule of Law recognize and enumerate that we are each born as free individuals having equal opportunity.  We are not made free nor are we granted freedom by any government.  These basic principles have become facts of history; are the basis of and have set in motion the pursuit of excellence resulting in the most free, most creative, most prosperous, most generous nation and people on earth.  The Rule of Law has made this possible.  The entire system, to be redundant, is called a Constitutional Republic.  There has never been another like it.  It is precious, is the envy of the world and many have given their lives, their fortunes and their honor, that we and ours might enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the concern posed by Benjamin Franklin following the ratification of our Constitution has finally come home to roost.  Mrs.  Powel asked Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”   Mr. Franklin’s unhesitating response was “A Republic, if you can keep it”?

There are, as we know, many other systems of government ranging from tribes and tribal chieftains to monarchies to various forms of parliamentary government, some of which are a combination of systems and finally to dictatorships.  All of today’s common forms of government excepting the Constitutional Republic are basically founded upon principals rather than principles.  In other words, non-republican, governmental success is entirely dependent upon the limited quality, ability and strength of principal leadership; never upon immutable, self sustaining principles as embodied within the self governing power of the citizens themselves.  The quality of leadership with its inherent strengths and weaknesses are all that bind these non-republican types of governments in place; a fact duly noted by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, which notoriously outlined his own singular vision for a principality capable of overcoming these deficiencies. The non-republican citizen is stuck with good leadership or bad, along with the ensuing quality of life and whatever limited freedoms may be permitted, depending on the nature of a particular principal at a given time.  There are laws, but these laws are arbitrarily imposed upon the people, without restraint, at the mercy of the principal.

Our Constitutional Republic and its founding principles have been under attack since the day she was born, as those who would unfairly prosper by the labor of others find it difficult to manipulate, control and confiscate from the weaker among us under our system of “equal justice”.  The single most dangerous threat currently posed to our Constitutional Republic, our prosperity and our individual freedom is Progressivism and its deceitful, historically false promise of an intentionally undefined “social justice”, which is of course, nothing more than equally allocated poverty wrapped in a historically failed Utopian package of fruitless central planning and forced compliance.   This insidious, often murderous disease has many guises and numerous names, such as, liberalism, socialism, communism or its mutant form, fascism; but this delusional infection, by any euphemistic name, is always fatal to freedom and ultimately falls under the totalitarian mantle of Marxism.  Under Marxist / Leninism there are no principles; only principals and the distinction between the two is no small thing.

Over the course of the last century Marxism has steadily lied, cheated and stolen its immoral, controlling way into our lives and American culture.  To the extent that Marxist principals have infiltrated our society through the Federal Reserve and its wealth devouring income tax and subsequently poisoned our governmental processes; our founding principles and Rule of Law have been excoriated, demeaned and finally are being trampled and removed.  The principals inhabiting our White House and the three floors of its Executive West Wing have, over the years, slowly rendered the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate irrelevant.  Our stochastically mutated Supreme Court is being used to incrementally replace our immutable founding principles with the highly flammable delusion of “court precedent” and “case history”.  This perversion of the simple, unalienable principles of justice as enumerated in our Constitution enables the slow, deceitful attrition of our Rule of Law by the obsequious persistence of the greedy, beguiling, rule of man by self serving principals with their insatiable need for power, wealth and control.  This is a socialist, monopoly controlled prescription, which history amply demonstrates, and even Fidel Castro now painfully admits, is inevitably doomed to failure.  Historically, socialism has inevitably descended, along a hopeless path, littered with promises that cannot be kept, to a permanent basement of spiritual and financial depression.

As The Zen Trucker has notably remarked, “Going downhill is fast and easy, but you can stop real hard when you find the bottom”!

The midterm elections to be held this November will mark a notable turning point in American history.  Either the American people will have woken sufficiently from the crippling, Marxist hypnosis that has been attempted; or they will not.  If we awaken and vote with clear heads in November for honest candidates who will represent “we the people” and stand firmly for our unalienable rights; Divine Providence will, as always, honor our request for guidance.  If we do not; we can rest assured that Divine Providence will honor that request and we will be left on our own to deal with evil how we will.  An obvious fact of history is the steady decline of American fortunes since the public abandonment of our Creator in 1962 at the ignorant insistence of progressive power mongers.  How much longer do we wander aimlessly in the desert, led by errant principals before admitting to ourselves that we have taken the wrong course in abandoning our principles?

Do we as a people wish to continue this progressive downhill descent on our own as led by our faulty, imperfect principals; or do we consider exercising our free will with a respectful request for Divine Providence to please assist us in reclaiming our founding principles?  We cannot serve two masters.  We cannot be free and not-free at the same time.  We must choose.  November, 2010 will mark the first phase of our nationally awakened choosing between freedom or servitude; principles or principals.

History will dutifully record the outcome of our choice, but our children will actually live with it.  This is not a Democrat / Republican issue.  It’s not a liberal / conservative issue.  This is an issue between a free people; their government, which has gone off the tracks; and whether or not that people will choose to remain free.

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (1894 – 1971) painfully commented toward the end of his life as a communist principal of the U.S.S.R., “I am up to my elbows in blood”.  Should the United States choose to continue down its current path, what quotes might our own future principals offer?


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