09-19-2010: Lazy Boy Recliner In The White House

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Connect The Dots
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Fortunately for America and the world, the Bilderberg Group has been so successful since 1954 that they’ve become a bit lackadaisical.  Asleep at the helm of their Dupe The World slave ship you might say.  Their trained CFR rabbit, BHO turns out to be a snail.  Oouucchh!  Thank God for small miracles though, because if the work ethic challenged BHO’s aversion to work wasn’t so powerful, we would be even more screwed than we already are.  Who foresaw golf as possibly saving the world?  Can you say golf is history in the making?

World War III is not inevitable, but it will take some doing to derail it at this point.  Plans for World Wars I, II and II were laid by the elite international oligarchy, some might say scum, at least as far back as 1871.  Baloney you say!  Well, maybe so, but you and I are still going to have our place in history, so call it and me whatever you want.  It’s very cool that the Bilderbergs secretly go by the Mayan Calendar isn’t it?  Just kidding.

Why would I make such a statement regarding WW III and what does it have to do with BHO and hoops?

Leaving debate regarding organic fossil versus chemical abiotic oil sources aside, there is still no short term oil shortage in the world;  not for the next couple of centuries or so at least.  There are, however, some issues regarding the international oligarchy’s business plan for the world.  One portion of the plan calls for increased oil prices in the near term, while at the same time inhibiting development and modernization in certain parts of the world, such as the so-called, Slavic* countries, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  If you think I’m kidding , start an energy company and try to be globally successful without becoming a Bilderberg Group member.  Good luck with that!

The so-called oil shortage being sold to us by the integrity challenged, CFR press corps, which is all of the U.S. press corps, is nothing more than Federal regulatory strangulation fostered by the symbiotic relationship between our CFR politicians and their monopoly sponsored beneficiaries, in this case large, international energy conglomerates.  Think of it this way.  There is no shortage of land near San Francisco, yet land is scarce and expensive.  Why?  The answer is zoning regulations and land use prohibitions, both of which cause an artificial scarcity by limiting developable supply.  The enormous demand for now very scarce land resources results in escalating prices…and you thought insiders like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were stupid.  Shame on you!

Likewise, Federal regulation brought about by corrupt, elected Federal Representatives and appointed regulators – none of whom would identify a “conflict of interest” if it fell on them;  and it did and does – causes artificial limitations in supply.  These artificial limitations can be used for various purposes, one of which is to drive up prices and profits;  another is to eliminate competition while strengthening monopoly control;  and a third is to generate fear and hostility in an oil based world economy.  Illicit government regulations can easily target certain areas and companies for discrimination and others for favoritism.  Knowing the timing and reach of corrupt regulatory reforms ahead of time, because you the monopoly yourself wrote them, enables both the simplified control of otherwise complex markets as well as generous profit taking in those same global commodities markets.

There are few things handier than having CFR trained,  well placed, very corrupt, very friendly regulators around who will implement your regulations thereby eliminating your competitors for you.  Call it “Monopoly by Government”.  As John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil as well as usurper in charge of Russian oil, so famously remarked, “Competition is a sin”.  If you think we’ve got it tough at Bilderberg meetings, you should wear Putin’s shoes.  That dude has got an uphill battle.

Why do you suppose Bilderberg insider George Soros is openly divesting himself of anything related to the U.S. dollar, while simultaneously investing in global commodities such as gold or the Brazilian oil company Petrobras?  Does Georgie take these positions so he can loose money and forfeit his place at the power table?  Of course not!  George Soros takes these positions because he is an international oligarchy insider and he knows the United States is going down and other things are going up.  He knows this because he is part of the team orchestrating it and he doesn’t care whether you and I know it or not.  As far as George and his Bilderberg friends are concerned, “tough titty”.  Too bad for us that our so-called Federal Representatives suckle at George’s titty and not ours.

The Bilderberg Group and its heavily compensated pawns have been de-industrializing the U.S. since the 1980’s under the great conservative Ronald Reagan.  Not much in geo-politics is what it seems.  Reagan did the best he could, but he sure wasn’t invincible.  At this point in time, circa 2010, the industrial might of the United States is gone.  It’s highly skilled industrial work force is gone.  With its manufacturing and industrial might and work force bled off to other targeted countries around the globe, the United States has freely given its strategic power away.  When your copper and your steel come from a country you are at war with, you have a serious problem.  Laptops are nice, but I’ve never seen one kick a tank’s butt and we don’t make them anymore anyway.

There are so many examples of insider political contamination and monopoly power mongering we could write several books about it.  Actually people have written books about it, but no one reads them.  Anyway you get the picture.  So what is Obama’s role in all this?

BHO is the new pied piper of U.S. doom, though that’s not really all his fault.  I mean, look what he married.  All U.S. Presidents since 1913 have been pied pipers of U.S. doom, though some played a better oligarchic tune than others.  Some even fought the oligarchy.  Their brief political tenure placed their names prominently on the assassination roles of history, except for Nixon, whom the press corps lackeys mindlessly destroyed.  Nixon had personal problems, which played easily into the hands of his tormentors, but they were not directly related to his beef with CFR drone Henry Kissinger, nor to his downfall.

In today’s world the middle class of the United States of America stands as the last impediment to One World Governance and the complete control of all wealth and all people on planet earth by the oligarchy.  America’s  Constitution and resulting Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law must be destroyed.  It is BHO’s job to put the frosting on the Carter, Bush, Clinton, cake.  Fortunately, for us, unfortunately for the oligarchy, it turns out BHO is lazy.  His tiny fuel tank ran out of gas after just a couple of years or so and he is no longer selling.

This is an enormous opportunity for “we the people”.  Our corrupt legislators and Faustian regulators have artificially and crookedly created a world dependency on Middle East oil.  The Arab /  Israeli conflict is now the fuse set to light the oil dependency bomb.  The Obama Administration is doing its abject best to stay out of the way of this, though they were actually supposed to be selling it and carrying the ball.  Obama’s fumble is now our 4th quarter opportunity.  We’re playing under the two minute rule, so we grab the ball or lose.

There is no need for this coming nuclear war.  Just because the Bilderberg business plan calls for a reduced world population of 2 billion instead of 6 billion does not require us to play.  We the people can start throwing the garbage out of Washington D.C. and our White House now, in 2010.  This may stop or at least delay the war.  A few simple votes, an election or two, enforcement of the Logan Act, term limits, an enumerated powers act, a couple of decades and our House will be clean again.

We can’t win if we don’t vote!  Incidentally, World War III and hoops share nothing in common excepting overpaid thugs.  The hoops thing was just a teaser.

*  I use the term Slavic loosely to cover a wide geographic area.  More specifically I suppose we are talking about Western Slavic – Czechs, Moravians, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks and Serbs;  Eastern Slavic – Belarusians, Russians and Ukranians;  and Southern Slavic – Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes.

  1. Caro says:

    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of suhnsine.


  2. Katherine says:

    This forum nedeed shaking up and you’ve just done that. Great post!


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