09-18-2010: When Is A Traitor Finally A Traitor?

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Constitution Watch

Our hopelessly corrupt and confused House of Representatives and U.S. Senate led by the White House bully pulpit, cheered on by the indoctrinated press and fully abetted by the heavily compromised Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) along with its associated think tanks, foundations and study groups, most of which routinely violate the Logan Act are completely out of control and pose an imminent and dire threat to our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law.  The United States and the world are being pushed over the Globalist cliff by over-studied, under-educated, immoral, ideological fools led by an international elite group of greedy families who could not identify integrity if rudely impaled upon an integrity stake.

Our Federal government, properly constrained by our Constitution would be approximately 10% of its current, bloated, liberty devouring size.  90% of what our elected Federal officials do and spend is not legally authorized under our Constitutional Republic.  I don’t know if this questionable behavior legally renders our elected officials criminal, but as a practical matter, what difference?  Giving the benefit of the doubt, at the least – Strict Term Limits and An Enumerated Powers Act are absolutely essential if the U.S. is to survive its own elected fools of government much longer.

Incompetence and negligence are oft observed aspects of human endeavor, particularly when the magnifying lens of centralized control is imposed.  Misrepresentation and obfuscation add to the shady side of the towering pile.  Abuse of power eventually becomes the craggy peak from which the dark side of the collectivist mountain, now  heavily trafficked, is all that can be seen.  The bright, sunny, success side of the achievement mountain with its verdant green pastures below, becomes obscured.  The sunny side of  human possibility is now inaccessible to normal people as the trail heads have been collectively obliterated, the unused trails themselves are overgrown and the tram has been taken down.  Out of sight, out of mind; an old Globalist, now new Progressive credo.

The average citizen no longer realizes success or the pursuit of excellence as possibilities.  The one size fits all view and therefore the only surviving dream becomes scaling the darkened, pathetic pinnacle of slavery survival, hoping against hope that our beneficently bankrupt government can still “give” some portion of what was ours back.  Achievement is forgotten.  It lies broken and battered at the base of a rocky, crumbling debt cliff as Nancy, Harry and friends pirouette at the sun blighted cliff top, cheering on the death of American freedom.

If the American people wish to pass on the birthright of freedom to their children and future generations;  our Federal government must be stopped.

It is not possible to successfully manage a country of 308 million people with power mad, psuedo-leaders who believe:

1. The way to grow short term prosperity is to strangle achievement, competition and entrepreneurship with 150,000 pages of Federal regulation and a 65,000 page monopoly favorable, competition discriminatory, confiscatory tax code, while simultaneously gobbling up every available dime of private capital for distribution to insider slush funds.

2. The way to grow long term prosperity is to replace financially viable, revenue generating,  self sustaining, long term, small business employment opportunities with financially nonviable, unsustainable, non-revenue generating, short term government spending on busy work projects, which needed or not, expire when the borrowed money expires;  not to mention the unsustainable debt service.

3. The way to bolster a globally competitive U.S. industrial / manufacturing base is to stridently support corrupt union hierarchies, whose greedy policies are “about” workers not “for” workers and whose Cloward and Piven’s ideology drive American jobs overseas to slave labor markets where capitalism and freedom are already dead.

4. The way to solve an immoral government spending addiction is to borrow more Federal Reserve fiat money and pay interest on it, while taxing all middle class revenue sources to extinction.

5. The way to solve an unsustainable borrowing addiction is to run the Federal Reserve printing press and pay the Federal Reserve Bank owners interest on the inflation devalued  paper.

6. The way to finance and construct a strong military defense capability is to bankrupt the nation by paying interest to the Federal Reserve owners, while entering into unenforceable defense treaties and agreements.

7. The way to ensure a free citizenry is to unconstitutionally disarm them under an illegal, international small arms treaty negotiated by an incompetent, possibly criminal Secretary of State, while simultaneously criminalizing divergent political views and regulating the balance of speech.

8. The way to protect the environment is to claim that carbon dioxide, a necessary, though minor component of life consisting of 0.038% of all atmospheric constituents on earth, is a toxic threat requiring an immoral, illegal, compulsory, transfer of hard earned, American middle class wealth to the elite, criminal, international oligarchy through the scam of carbon trading.

9. The way to redistribute wealth through “social justice” is simply to collectively confiscate it from the workers, give it to the international elite and force the world population into equal poverty and ignorant subservience.

10. The way to salvage hemorrhaging national budgets is to invite 20 million or so uneducated, unskilled, illegal immigrants to partake of government largess illegally provided by interest paying funds borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank owners;  all of which incidentally will establish an insurmountable one-party patronage vote insuring a permanent American Povertochracy.

Anyone with an IQ greater than thirty or so, with the possible exception of Bill Maher or Michael Moore could continue to add to this corrupt list of ideas, concepts and policies every illicit, one of which, takes or grants “rights” by illegal government mandate in outright defiance of our God given “rights” and Rule Of Law as recognized by our Constitution and established by our Constitutional Republic.

The Federal government of the United States stands in outright contempt of its own moral and legal foundation and has now declared war on the freedom, God given rights and the survival of its own people.  The first question we must ask is, “when does legal debauchery, incompetence and negligence become recognized as malfeasance and when should this malfeasance be appropriately identified by a vigilant people as high crimes, misdemeanors and treason?

It no longer appears reasonable nor prudent for the American people to assign incompetence as the guiding factor of our certain collapse.  It is not rationally arguable that our Presidents, House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and Supreme Court have jointly brought the United States to the crumbling edge of calamity by accident…nor even by coincidental, individual malfeasance.  Our demise is a well orchestrated plan.  Those pursuant to this plan must be indicted and their actions adjudicated within a court of law – our Law.  Denial will be our certain end as a free nation.

The second question is, “do we have the courage as a nation to look at this treacherous plan objectively”?  The third question is, “do we as a people have the fortitude to carry this investigation through to its rightful and just conclusion”?

Self government requires the vigilance and hard work of governing the governors. Our failure to rise up and to carry this burden of responsibility spells the end of self governance.  Accepting this historic burden as handed down by our Founders and taking a hard look at its sometimes distasteful baggage will sustain our will as a free people and will in turn pass our incredible heritage on to our children and to future generations.

Cowardice will not prevail.  Denial will not prevail.  Complacency will not prevail.  Gentle, politically correct measures will not prevail because freedom is never free.  Freedom is never given or granted.  Freedom is taken from the hands of those who would unjustly withhold it.  History tells the tale and history will not be denied.


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