09-17-2010: White House Urchins, DNC and RNC Competing With Americans

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

The People’s dishonored White House along with the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) establishment pets at DNC and  RNC are all jointly in fierce competition with the grass roots American citizen.  If the people win this race they will take back their individual freedom and will once again have the opportunity to prosper.  Should the White House and CFR indoctrinated establishment win, the average American citizen will be reduced to indentured servitude at the hands of the Federal Reserve owner’s and their elite families.

The “ruling” establishment elite have now taken firm unconstitutional, control of our country and through their 16-lb Saul Alinsky sludge hammer, liberal progressive socialism, are bludgeoning the once independent, American middle class into over whelmed, Cloward and Piven’s debt dust.  Our elected Federal politicians are either dense beyond my limited ability to imagine or are securely seated on the front of the Cloward and Piven’s bus as it rolls through Chaosville to hell.  Even worse and more unfortunately, it is probable that at least two thirds of these corrupt, deceitful officials have actually purchased their Cloward and Piven’s bus tickets to hell with their professional Washington D.C. Dunce Cards and our money.  One might ask at this point, “who are the dunces”?

The attempted thinking, if it can be called that, of the retarded denizens of Washington D.C. has been thoroughly dumbed down, first by our progressive school system;  and secondly through involvement with foundations and think tanks controlled by the world’s international financial elite, whose insatiable greed and lust for power poisons victim participants on contact through a process of re-educational osmosis.  The osmosis process extracts intelligence and replaces it with a delusional program suggesting that if human society is to survive, there must be only three classes of people;  The Elite;  The Elite’s Ruling Class pawns;  and of course The Slaves.  Just to be clear – it’s not The Slaves who run this pogrom and if you’re reading this, guess what part of the pogrom you fall into.

Given that the United States was founded just 230-years ago as a Constitutional Republic “of, by and for the people”, this totalitarian coup is a rather drastic demonstration of human ability to rain on its own parade.  The most free human population ever seen on earth has now voted itself into economic slavery; a collective act of stupidity that defies comprehension.  Even today, circa 2010, with U.S. poverty levels back at 1965 levels in spite of countless trillions stolen from hard working America and wasted on Keynesian spending, home foreclosures at record breaking highs, unemployment toying with a now permanent level of 10%, World War III looming on the horizon, the country itself embarrassingly and thoroughly bankrupt and our national capital infected with wall to wall thieves and liars;  nearly half the country thinks our elected Federal Representatives are doing a good job.  This is dumbing down at a truly stupendous level and does not bode well for our chances of survival as free humans.  For God’s sake, Harry Reid is still being considered for re-election in Nevada instead of being indicted on charges of corruption.

This is not a Democrat / Republican issue.  These two hopelessly corrupt, morally inept, establishment parties couldn’t find integrity or leadership if they were caught up in an integrity/leadership downpour.  They are bought, paid for and packaged by insanely  greedy special interests and are no longer worth talking about or supporting.  Listening to representatives of these two parties and believing their gutter trash lies is akin to standing in your kitchen, looking at a filthy street urchin who has just soiled his foul smelling pants, has broken into your house, has his dirty hand in your cookie jar and is now promising to make you wealthy.  Buying into this ridiculous promise will guarantee your family a one room, dirt floor shack on the new Amerikan Plantation;  and guess what?  You’ll be sharing your shack and your rotted beans with the other unwashed fools who also believed this god forsaken, hopeless promise.

NOTHING WORTHWHILE IS FREE!  GET PASSED IT!  Giving up $1 to your heinously corrupt government and then hoping for at least $0.10 back is not a workable success strategy for prosperity.  Why are we listening to this nonsense?  How long are we going to take it?  How much more proof that socialism doesn’t work do we need?

If we as a people have any functional brain power left we will plug our ears whenever a DNC or RNC pawn is lying nearby.  Vote for independent candidates who believe in “we the people”.  The time to rudely remove our Federal government from our rectums is now.  The only source of wealth in this country is you.  The only source of courage in this country is you.  The only source of life in this country is you.  The only source of freedom, independence and prosperity in this country is you.

Stop listening to a bunch of spoiled, selfish, egomanical, thieving 60’s retreads who never worked a day in their pathetic lives.  These fools don’t know squat about anything real.  These sixties junkies have no answers.  Their attempts to think are garbage.  Throw it and them out.  It is time for real people to start really running our government. If we don’t, these insolent punks will do it for us and the outcome is Cuba, Russia or China – take your pick; though you and I will HAVE NO CHOICES LEFT.  The spoiled punks in the soiled pants will be doing the choosing.


  1. Mayank says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.


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