09-10-2010: White House Economic Eulogy

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

Unfortunately for the United States and I suppose the world,  we have a vulgar, dissonant leadership parody perched in our Oval Office.  Even more unfortunately, he never stops his squawking condescension or narcissistic preening.  This is something for a man-child who has never before held a legitimate job and is failing miserably at his first try. You might imagine some degree of humility showing itself somewhere, sometime, somehow;  but no.   Comrade Obama’s latest teleprompter reading break from perpetual vacation, which apparently he is good at, was loudly touted as his latest plan for economic health; but  is in reality an economic requiem for America.

His plan is to “do more of what we have plainly seen doesn’t work”.  As he so patronizingly read, the great and wonderful Oz-Obama “understands” my family’s  financial drought.  Well duh –  he and his Administration are intentionally causing it!  Of course he understands it.  Our own Federal government is openly fertilizing and watering the garden of financial depression seeded by more than thirty years of progressive  “subprime” ideology. The  Obamanation Administration understands  perfectly as they aggressively favor the weeds of totalitarianism that are now suffocating the prosperous, entrepreneurial flowers of our once free, middle class;  the most creative group of people who have ever existed on this planet;  the group of people on whose backs liberal parasites live.

The endless, empty ridicule of White House blame is a feeble distraction from the brutal, well planned economic collapse from which a few elite financiers and their CFR pawns will benefit.  A more degenerate, selfish group of elites has never existed on this planet.  Obama and our Congress work for them, not for us.  You may feel I over state this;  but then let me pose this question.  “Do you really believe it is an accident or coincidence that our Harvard educated President, his hundreds of Ivy League West Wing advisers, his dozens of elite czars, 100 members of the U.S. Senate and 435 members of the House of Representatives;  all fully supported by our slavish, make believe press, are as colossally stupid and destructive as the results of their policies indicate?” The probability of this coincidence, this randomness of destructive vacuity is so close to zero as to be silly.  The American economic demise is not an accident.  The U.S. economic collapse is planned and the Americans in on the planning have violated the Logan Act and must be indicted on charges of treason against the American people.

Two more years of the unfettered Obama Administration and Barack Hussein will have onerously earned his Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) merit badge for excelling in  “American middle class destruction”.  Listening to this fool read is embarrassing and makes the American people appear foolish in turn;  which apparently they may be, as it was us who voted this pathological, integrity challenged oaf  into office.  God bless Obama’s grandparents though.  Their generous  sacrifice, unfortunately wasted on Oafbama’s selfish behalf apparently justifies and over-shadows America’s immanent demise; at least within the empty hallways of grandchild Obama’s twisted mind.

As unfortunate a disreputable pawn as Obama may be, he is not the root problem;  just an easy target.  The POTUS bully pulpit indeed resonates, but the economic cancer virus resides and feeds within our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  It is here the treasonous bilge is flooded, our financial hull is breached and the future of our children is heartlessly drowned.  Obama is just the festering, misdemeanor sore;  Congress is the gangrenous, high crimes infection which must be cut out if we are to avoid amputation or even financial death.

Entrenched inner city progressive strongholds such as New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, East St. Louis, Oakland and East L.A. amply display and spot light the hopeless horror of liberal, progressive outcomes, when perpetrated upon decent people for decades.  This evil, failed foolishness is the vision held by CFR Progressives for the American middle class.  Inner city Detroit is our promised future under Wreckanomics (as Rush recently and aptly christened it). This same enslaving ideology imposed for decades has degenerated our schools and universities and hence our press, into pathetic hovels of dis-education and narrow minded ignorance fueled by a virulent hatred of any sign of non-conformance or individuality.  Progressive thugs have for many years locked our children within an impregnable prison of windowless, demoralizing propaganda and dis-empowering Utopian drivel, while subversively telling us apathetic parents, “this is the new education”.

The United States has been blindly driven off the Keynesian economic cliff by our drunken limo drivers in Congress at the cheering behest of  POTUS Bartenders, who generously dispense copious doubles of mind altering, teleprompter detritus on behalf of their Federal Reserve family owners; and that economy is now flying soundlessly  through space, breathlessly anticipating arrival at what will soon become the very messy crash site.  Only trickle downers, Thelma and Louise can predict from experience how long it will take to crash.  It is apparent that our useless, overpaid, West Wing academic econ advisers haven’t the foggiest notion, though they cling tirelessly and desperately to their bitter, anti-gun, tax and spend, Keynesian bibles.  Hoping against hope that insanity will finally become sane, they bleat and whine that their obdurate failure is Bush’s fault;  though they fail to admit that his mistake was made on their advice.  With failed leadership the corrupt caliber of this, what country could possibly need enemies?

Either Barack Obama is  hopelessly ignorant of economic principles and in perfectly good faith is incompetently leading our country straight to the negligent economic hell of collapse and depression;  or he is a traitorous, CFR Manchurian implant intentionally programed to aggressively destroy the American middle class.  Either way, his destructive policies as adopted by our treasonous Congress, implemented for another two years will easily require four decades or more to set right.  The Keynesian damage being inflicted on American entrepreneurship today coupled with the disastrous Federal policies of the past thirty years guarantee decades of fiscal pain for the U.S. and the world.  Hell on earth is in the making.  Our elected Federal Representatives have lit the flames of economic arson and our Constitutional freedoms are burning.

His latest proposed fiasco of $50 billion borrowed dollars, much of which promises to be flushed down the light rail toilet as supposed immediate stimulus is not even funny.  Light rail projects, just as many other public infrastructure projects languish in environmental, political, planning, budgetary purgatory for years before actually coming on line for permanent tax payer subsidy.  This sad, corrupt man so indebted to bankrupt unions is an ignorant dolt.  Busy work and more wasted dollars do not equal jobs or prosperity.

He claims small business tax credits will be the healing salve for our $14 trillion economic forest fire.  The tax credit requires first investing in plant, equipment, etc.  Who on earth is going to invest in new equipment in a market with no customers?  You can get more reliable advice than this in a lunatic asylum.  Maybe instead of new, historically inaccurate quotable area rugs; the Oval Office would be better served with thick, new  rubber wall paper.  This way POTUS won’t hurt himself when trying to lead.

Oafbama’s economic vision of hope is for permanent (real) American unemployment of 20% or more;  homelessness on a never before seen scale;  moral hopelessness; hunger;  intellectual vacuity;  emotional destitution;  cultural transformation; debt piled as far as the eye can see;  and a bankrupt military capability leveling the world playing field to his CFR mandate of “social justice” as it brutally crushes “equal justice” under our now thoroughly shredded Constitution.  Barack Husein Obama and his treasonous Congress have sold their ignorant souls for this despicable vision in exchange for the elite promise that as “rulers”, they will be well cared for as the protected “ruling class”, at the pathetic expense of the people they have sworn to protect.

The people’s White House and Halls of  Congress would be more appropriately remodeled as rubber walled prisons, rather than the criminal corridors of abusive power they have now become.  Politics is ugly.  It always has been, but we ought never mistake ugly politics for the deceitful overthrow of our entire society.  Obama’s “transformation” and “Change We Can Believe In” is nothing more than a Marxist coup overthrowing American self government by a silly progressive idea and a delusional false promise.

Our press corps enhanced ignorance of Obama’s origins and motives suggest the common child’s admonition “STRANGER DANGER”. ” Never take candy from a stranger.”  Perhaps we should employ the same advice so sagely given our children.  We would likely be safer, not to mention wealthier.

At any rate;  vote!  Vote like the wind!  Vote knowledgeably!  Washington D.C. and our White House are in need of a serious “tone adjustment” and we the voters can turn that knob.  Let’s get off the couch and turn it!  The hell with the remote!


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