09-03-2010: 1600 Pennsyvania Ave: Regulatory Abortion Clinic

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch
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Before we begin, please bear with a remark or two.  There is nothing wrong with America!  There is nothing wrong with you or I!  We the people can and will solve our problems and resolve our differences and imperfections.  We don’t need a corrupt, integrity challenged, Federal government to do anything for us – except get out of our way!  We do not require a godless, Marxist transformation of one iota of our unalienable rights, our human dignity, or our lives.



As Ronald Reagan famously noted, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution;  government is the problem”.

And as The Zen Trucker has remarked, “Federal regulation has never helped make one single dream come true”.

However, most any over reaching, bureaucratic regulation has the power to strangle a dream at inception.  The U.S. now has more than 150,000 pages of dream strangling regulation wielding a mind numbing, tax code scalpel of 65,000 pages.  We might call it “entrepreneurial abortion”. Dream killing has unfortunately become common practice in the Washington D.C. small business abortion clinic and Barack Obama is the new hack.  He and his corrupt Congress are unfortunately, very good at mutilating new business and even better at performing late term abortions on what have been successful, existing small businesses.

Obama, a parrot like pawn of monopoly obsessed, international central banking and his ignorant, progressive Congress love the practice of suffocation by regulation.  For example, their deceptive, so-called health care reform written by delusional, communist organizers (not by our criminal elected Congress) in conjunction with monopolistic corporations have now legalized gigantic, fascist, mega-conglomerate monopolies, which will dwarf  the obscene State bounded insurance monopolies already mandated by your precious Federal government regulation.  If you think you’re stuck in ankle deep, health care mud now – just give Obamacare quicksand a chance.  We’ll be more than just lucky to live through that.  Insurance companies may well be corrupt, but they pale next to your average Congressman or U.S. Senator and certainly next to this political prostitute we currently have residing in “the people’s” White House.  Obamacare is a lie so rotten, so huge and so foul as to cause the iron stomach of a barn yard goat to puke…and we the uninformed people voted for the skanks who put us in this merciless pit, but conveniently excluded themselves from the muck.

A second putrid example of small business abortion is the incredible “so-called “financial reform” scheme.  The uninformed people of the United States were saddled with the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise in 1913 along with the progressive income tax by Communist Woodrow Wilson in league with international central banking and his foolish Congress.  Central banking families were granted legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth at that time;  but were not guaranteed unlimited access.  Puppet Obama and his criminal Congress have now granted that full guarantee of perpetual, legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth.  We the people will now bear 100% of the risk of international central banking, but none of the profit.

Your White House Manchurian and every single Congressman and Senator voting for these two obscene travesties of justice should receive life imprisonment for regulatory extortion, Federal government larceny, high crimes and misdemeanors. This is not a joke!  This would be equal justice.  Instead we will live with the indignity of legalized theft masquerading as social justice.  Michael Savage gets it right when he describes liberalism as a mental disorder.  Apparently the Bank of England, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs own The Left, The Right and American government.  Think of your average RNC or DNC bespoke Congressmen and U.S. Senators as international banking’s neutered, house broken pets walked on very short leashes.  We the people obediently follow behind with the poop bags and scoopers.

Worse than corrupt, moronic regulators and paralyzing regulations are economically challenged, abusers of Federal power, who just print and borrow through the privately owned Federal Reserve to waste and transfer your hard earned wealth to the elite families of the oligarchy.  The castrated idiots – and that’s not just Obama by the way –  recently living rent free in our White House (whom we ignorantly voted for) and the Keynesian morons surrounding them have driven the U.S. economy off a cliff.  This is no longer business abortion.  It has now become full fledged economic mass murder and free market genocide. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Bank owner’s he works for are not concerned in the least about fixing what they intentionally orchestrated.  Their only concern is for “we the people” not to catch on to the fact that they intentionally caused our economy to collapse once again for their brutish, selfish personal gain.

The elite oligarchy intent is to run the world with government sponsored international  monopolies standing above and apart from any and all national governments and legal boundaries including and specifically the U.S. Constitution.  Free market competition will be wiped out near any endeavor worth real money or real power.  This has largely taken place already.  Obama’s financial reform, written by central bankers for central banking’s families, has nothing whatever to do with consumer protection, other than to guarantee perpetual consumer loss translated into elite wealth.  Its purpose is to reinforce and protect these high powered, insider monopolies from our prying eyes and to assure they win the race to our uninformed pocketbooks.  Barack Obama and most members of Congress along with the majority of our Federal management level employees are career criminals beholden to their Council On Foreign Relations life support system.  None of these indoctrinated drones work for “we the people”.  We the people just foolishly pay the bills racked up for their elite benefit.

So how do we fix this?

Step One. Realize that our primary American political issue is not Democrat or Republican;  liberal or conservative.  Our problem is corruption and weak representatives, force fed by CFR on the DNC and RNC feed lots to do the bidding of an obese, greedy, monopoly prone, international financial oligarchy.  Neither the RNC nor the DNC can be trusted to offer candidates that actually represent “we the people”.  Those days are gone.  The differing rhetoric mimics choice, but there are no choices;  just two sides of the same CFR coin and both sides come up tails.  We no longer “choose” political candidates.  We “select” from a heavily jaundiced, heavily financed, herd of fatted, indoctrinated eunuchs.  Today’s fraudulent facsimile of a voting system is a disgrace to what was once our Constitutional Republic.  We cannot remain a free people under the failed lack of honest leadership and abhorrent, systemic corruption practiced by our current crop of abysmal crooks costumed and fed to look like real political candidates. John F. Kennedy, given all his flaws, may have been our last honest statesmen and I believe he was murdered for it.  Leadership requires genuine human courage with all its flaws;  not media created, cardboard cut-outs, wired with teleprompters and painted to resemble courage.

I acknowledge that there are a few genuinely good people in office and I sincerely thank them for their efforts on our behalf.  I also acknowledge that they have failed their oath of office in protecting our Constitution and “we the people” and have generally conducted themselves in a cowardly and timid manner, insufficient to overcome the systemic totalitarian rot that has corroded our once proud capital and reduced it to the equivalent of a dysfunctional, third world banana republic.  The traitorous behavior typical of Washington D.C.  today is not acceptable and neither are the good and decent cowards who live within it at our expense!

The Federal Reserve families in concert with their CFR trained, criminal government pets have intentionally inflated the value of our U.S. dollar to their benefit.  They will now deflate it to their benefit.  The U.S. is no longer globally competitive with a fiat currency inflated cost of living five or ten times the cost of living in most places in the world.  The U.S. manufacturing and jobs that have gone overseas are not coming back until American workers are paid $1.00 U.S. per day – the same as their global competition is paid.  This is not an accident and it will not be fixed with a tax increase here or a spending cut there regardless which traitorous RNC or DNC criminal sits in Congress or the White House.  The United States is in very serious economic trouble and if we are not careful it will finish swallowing our freedom – what’s left of it.

Step Two. We vote all incumbent members of the House of Representatives out of office in November.  They will be replaced by more Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) indoctrinated morons, but that’s OK.  The new scum will get the message sooner or later.  Those who are too corrupt or stupid to understand that they are to represent “we the people” and not the international financial oligarchy will be voted out in November, 2012.  We keep doing this until we start getting decent, honest people in office.  It will take decades, not years to accomplish this miracle.

Step Three. We vote all incumbent U.S. Senators coming up for re-election in November out of office.  We continue this process each election cycle until we clean the smelly garbage out of our U.S. Senate Chamber.  The current crop of corrupt pets are soiling our expensive Senate Chamber carpeting.  I for one, am getting tired of carpet cleaning.  We should also make note of the fact that this disreputable herd of house broken, Senatorial pets have advise and consent authority over the political hacks being appointed to The Supreme Court by the pet in charge of the White House.  This is no small matter as fully half the justices couldn’t find our Constitution if they mistakenly stepped on it;  and they step on it regularly.  This is not an effective prescription for the enhancement of individual freedom and self government under The Rule of Law.  The U.S. Rule of Law is nearly dead and our duly elected, irresponsible  Senate Members play a major role as  accomplices and get-a-way drivers for Justices who might better serve the country in line at a food bank or in jail, rather than on the bench.

Step Four. We vote only for those candidates who stridently support term limits for both the House and Senate.  It is sadly obvious that neither house is capable of policing itself nor its members in a manner conducive to “self government”.  The oath of office requiring members to “protect and defend” our Constitution is a pathetic joke.  We no longer have an operational Constitution.  Congress has degenerated into a disgraceful whore’s free-for-all with votes selling to the highest bidder.  This is not self government.  This is a disgraceful abomination leading directly to indentured servitude for the uninformed voter.

Happy voting in November and every November thereafter!  Vote to live!  Live to vote!


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