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Our United States’ government “of, by and for the people” has been carefully assembled within a structural framework of Judeo / Christian principles learned, developed and tested over many centuries of human endeavor.  That framework and those principles in turn are set upon a firm foundation of unalienable human rights endowed by our Creator and recognized by our Constitution.  Our U.S. Constitution and Rule of Law recognize and enumerate that we are each born as free individuals having equal opportunity.  We are not made free nor are we granted freedom by any government.  These basic principles have become facts of history; are the basis of and have set in motion the pursuit of excellence resulting in the most free, most creative, most prosperous, most generous nation and people on earth.  The Rule of Law has made this possible.  The entire system, to be redundant, is called a Constitutional Republic.  There has never been another like it.  It is precious, is the envy of the world and many have given their lives, their fortunes and their honor, that we and ours might enjoy it.  Unfortunately, the concern posed by Benjamin Franklin following the ratification of our Constitution has finally come home to roost.  Mrs.  Powel asked Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”   Mr. Franklin’s unhesitating response was “A Republic, if you can keep it”?

There are, as we know, many other systems of government ranging from tribes and tribal chieftains to monarchies to various forms of parliamentary government, some of which are a combination of systems and finally to dictatorships.  All of today’s common forms of government excepting the Constitutional Republic are basically founded upon principals rather than principles.  In other words, non-republican, governmental success is entirely dependent upon the limited quality, ability and strength of principal leadership; never upon immutable, self sustaining principles as embodied within the self governing power of the citizens themselves.  The quality of leadership with its inherent strengths and weaknesses are all that bind these non-republican types of governments in place; a fact duly noted by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, which notoriously outlined his own singular vision for a principality capable of overcoming these deficiencies. The non-republican citizen is stuck with good leadership or bad, along with the ensuing quality of life and whatever limited freedoms may be permitted, depending on the nature of a particular principal at a given time.  There are laws, but these laws are arbitrarily imposed upon the people, without restraint, at the mercy of the principal.

Our Constitutional Republic and its founding principles have been under attack since the day she was born, as those who would unfairly prosper by the labor of others find it difficult to manipulate, control and confiscate from the weaker among us under our system of “equal justice”.  The single most dangerous threat currently posed to our Constitutional Republic, our prosperity and our individual freedom is Progressivism and its deceitful, historically false promise of an intentionally undefined “social justice”, which is of course, nothing more than equally allocated poverty wrapped in a historically failed Utopian package of fruitless central planning and forced compliance.   This insidious, often murderous disease has many guises and numerous names, such as, liberalism, socialism, communism or its mutant form, fascism; but this delusional infection, by any euphemistic name, is always fatal to freedom and ultimately falls under the totalitarian mantle of Marxism.  Under Marxist / Leninism there are no principles; only principals and the distinction between the two is no small thing.

Over the course of the last century Marxism has steadily lied, cheated and stolen its immoral, controlling way into our lives and American culture.  To the extent that Marxist principals have infiltrated our society through the Federal Reserve and its wealth devouring income tax and subsequently poisoned our governmental processes; our founding principles and Rule of Law have been excoriated, demeaned and finally are being trampled and removed.  The principals inhabiting our White House and the three floors of its Executive West Wing have, over the years, slowly rendered the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate irrelevant.  Our stochastically mutated Supreme Court is being used to incrementally replace our immutable founding principles with the highly flammable delusion of “court precedent” and “case history”.  This perversion of the simple, unalienable principles of justice as enumerated in our Constitution enables the slow, deceitful attrition of our Rule of Law by the obsequious persistence of the greedy, beguiling, rule of man by self serving principals with their insatiable need for power, wealth and control.  This is a socialist, monopoly controlled prescription, which history amply demonstrates, and even Fidel Castro now painfully admits, is inevitably doomed to failure.  Historically, socialism has inevitably descended, along a hopeless path, littered with promises that cannot be kept, to a permanent basement of spiritual and financial depression.

As The Zen Trucker has notably remarked, “Going downhill is fast and easy, but you can stop real hard when you find the bottom”!

The midterm elections to be held this November will mark a notable turning point in American history.  Either the American people will have woken sufficiently from the crippling, Marxist hypnosis that has been attempted; or they will not.  If we awaken and vote with clear heads in November for honest candidates who will represent “we the people” and stand firmly for our unalienable rights; Divine Providence will, as always, honor our request for guidance.  If we do not; we can rest assured that Divine Providence will honor that request and we will be left on our own to deal with evil how we will.  An obvious fact of history is the steady decline of American fortunes since the public abandonment of our Creator in 1962 at the ignorant insistence of progressive power mongers.  How much longer do we wander aimlessly in the desert, led by errant principals before admitting to ourselves that we have taken the wrong course in abandoning our principles?

Do we as a people wish to continue this progressive downhill descent on our own as led by our faulty, imperfect principals; or do we consider exercising our free will with a respectful request for Divine Providence to please assist us in reclaiming our founding principles?  We cannot serve two masters.  We cannot be free and not-free at the same time.  We must choose.  November, 2010 will mark the first phase of our nationally awakened choosing between freedom or servitude; principles or principals.

History will dutifully record the outcome of our choice, but our children will actually live with it.  This is not a Democrat / Republican issue.  It’s not a liberal / conservative issue.  This is an issue between a free people; their government, which has gone off the tracks; and whether or not that people will choose to remain free.

Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (1894 – 1971) painfully commented toward the end of his life as a communist principal of the U.S.S.R., “I am up to my elbows in blood”.  Should the United States choose to continue down its current path, what quotes might our own future principals offer?


One World Government, One World Governance, Globalism;  three different themes on the same power shift and outcome.  The outcome is one centralized government;  or a network of centrally controlled governments with three classes of people:  The uber rich international Elite;  The Ruling Class Pawns;  and The Slaves.   Socialism promises re-distribution of wealth from the very wealthy to the much less wealthy.  Given that there are millions of the “not so wealthy” that’s where the votes are, so they get the promises.  The misinformed votes then confidently deliver the political power, but the promise is never delivered.  The only delivery is uniform poverty;  both spiritual and financial.

The actual intent of socialism is to stop short at the point of establishing centralized government control by force or by coercion;  then eliminating free market competition through government regulation written and developed by “insiders”;  control the wealth;  and finally, reduce the overall population to centrally planned feudalism, basically slavery.  In other words, government regulation is used to promulgate and protect government sponsored monopolies owned and operated by insiders.  Restrictions on speech, media prostitution and propaganda are used to incrementally manipulate the general population into ignorantly voting for their own indoctrinated enslavement.

The new incrementalism proposed by Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky and others is now considered preferable to the starvation, imprisonment, rape, torture and murder employed in Cuba, Cambodia, China and Russia, when re-education attempts didn’t result in effective population complacency.  Our own Weather Underground, now living comfortably and elegantly in our White House, dressed respectably in their new bespoke, wool suits, at our expense, foresaw the probable need to eliminate twenty-five percent (25%), say 20 million or so American citizens who would likely not respond acceptably to re-education.  With today’s American population of 308 million, that thinking would require the elimination of 77 million of us.  I hope to figure prominently within that number.  I believe we can appropriately consider the turning off of the irrigation water to 500,000 acres of prime California cropland a test case.  We as a people, as expected, did nothing.  Can you say “starvation”?  The citizens learned quickly to say it in Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea.  The Gulf Oil drilling moratorium is an obvious second test case within the self sufficiency industrial area.  Again we have done nothing.

Why kill people, when a few well placed lies can easily get them to vote for their own permanent indentured servitude?  Socialism is the preferred tool of the international elite.  The ground level socialists like Van Jones, Bill Ayers and others are easily manipulated fools, who buy the dream, but will be eliminated when they are no longer useful.  Do these egotistical morons actually believe they too will become “elite” once centralized control has been established?  Do they believe they will be allowed by the elite to freely express themselves and continue to manipulate public perception once slavery is the norm?  These folks are going to be surprised.  Their own educated ability to manipulate the masses will ultimately pose a threat to  elite power and suddenly their ability becomes their own elimination guarantee.

The international elite do many things, but sharing wealth  isn’t one of them.  (By the way, this treatise is not a criticism of free market capitalism, the most generous economic system the world has yet seen.  The elite do not believe in free markets.  We don’t even know what capitalism is because we do not have it.  We have an aborted fascist subversion of it.) The sharing of propagandized ideas is another matter.  With the influence of popular thought, they are generous to a fault.  Essentially Bolshevism and its various spawned forms were and are the seeds planted by the elite, intended to grow incrementally into world domination by themselves, the elite oligarchy.  Islam uses the same play book, only with a religious twist.  Both socialism and Islam are used and manipulated by the international oligarchy to foment world chaos, continually applying pressure on world populations to lean toward One World Governance for the promise of order and a release from chaos and hopelessness.  This incremental infection is systemically implanted through organizations such as The Bilderberg Group, The Tavistock Institute, Royal Institute For International Affairs (RIIA), Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and hundreds of others, which are used to convince, cajole and embed certain desired philosophies, theories, and ideas, which in turn become popular media views and eventually give birth to public policies.

Neocons, or neoconservatives are something else altogether.  Neoconservatives are also committed internationalists, but are generally anti-communist and view the world as a place best ruled by beneficent United States elites.  Neocons also believe many other things, most of them conservative and good by the way, but what sets them apart from other conservative folks like myself is their belief that the world should in fact be dominated by the United States.  You may recall the George W. Bush / Donald Rumsfeld litany of spreading freedom and democracy throughout the world.  This is, of course, just another form of globalism promoted primarily by ex-liberals of the sixties;  hence “new” conservative or Neocon.  Neocons tend to be a painful  thorn in the hide of Islam.  In this sense socialist CFR Globalists are buddies with CFR Neocons.

Prominent Neocons you may be familiar with are people such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Krauthamer, William Kristol, Fred Barnes and too many others to name.  Personally, I’ll choose the Neocon view over Globalism any day of the week, if these are my only two choices.  (I don’t consider Islam to be a choice.)  As a practical matter, it may well be, that these are, in the end, our only realistic two options.  Charles Krauthammer is not a fool.

Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) spent his entire adult life and dedicated his Papacy to his role as Catholic leader and as such, his role and responsibility  in geo-politics.  Many claimed he sacrificed the internal workings of his church in doing so.  Good, bad or otherwise, this is what John Paul II did.  Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest and prominent exorcist, wrote extensively in his  The Keys of This Blood about John Paul’s work and dedication in this area of our lives.  Pope John Paul II seemed to accept that a One World Government was likely  inevitable.  He argued that should such be the case, the critical issue was not whether or not we would have One World Government; but what form would that government take?

I am not a Bilderberg Member nor a Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) member.  I am not invited to the meetings so I can only conjecture as to the nature of discussions and study group content.  However, observing newspapers and what typically spews forth from our dumbed down media services and Congress, it appears their is a great divide among Bilderberg, RIIA, CFR and TC Members.  It also appears that Pope John Paul II was correct in that the geopolitical battle being fought within these organizations is not whether or not we shall have Globalism and the much vaunted New World Order;  NO;  but who will sit atop the pile and what form of government or governance shall ensue.  The two sides line up on the Chess Board of life with the Marxists around their black king and the Neocons around their white king.

Which side do each of us line up on?  Not to choose is to choose?  Like it or not;  we are all players on the Chess Board.  Marxist Globalists like Barack Hussein Obama stand on one side;  Neocons such as Newt Gingrich stand on the other.  Is there a realistic third option or must we fight for one of the two?  I just write.  You decide!

Fortunately for America and the world, the Bilderberg Group has been so successful since 1954 that they’ve become a bit lackadaisical.  Asleep at the helm of their Dupe The World slave ship you might say.  Their trained CFR rabbit, BHO turns out to be a snail.  Oouucchh!  Thank God for small miracles though, because if the work ethic challenged BHO’s aversion to work wasn’t so powerful, we would be even more screwed than we already are.  Who foresaw golf as possibly saving the world?  Can you say golf is history in the making?

World War III is not inevitable, but it will take some doing to derail it at this point.  Plans for World Wars I, II and II were laid by the elite international oligarchy, some might say scum, at least as far back as 1871.  Baloney you say!  Well, maybe so, but you and I are still going to have our place in history, so call it and me whatever you want.  It’s very cool that the Bilderbergs secretly go by the Mayan Calendar isn’t it?  Just kidding.

Why would I make such a statement regarding WW III and what does it have to do with BHO and hoops?

Leaving debate regarding organic fossil versus chemical abiotic oil sources aside, there is still no short term oil shortage in the world;  not for the next couple of centuries or so at least.  There are, however, some issues regarding the international oligarchy’s business plan for the world.  One portion of the plan calls for increased oil prices in the near term, while at the same time inhibiting development and modernization in certain parts of the world, such as the so-called, Slavic* countries, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  If you think I’m kidding , start an energy company and try to be globally successful without becoming a Bilderberg Group member.  Good luck with that!

The so-called oil shortage being sold to us by the integrity challenged, CFR press corps, which is all of the U.S. press corps, is nothing more than Federal regulatory strangulation fostered by the symbiotic relationship between our CFR politicians and their monopoly sponsored beneficiaries, in this case large, international energy conglomerates.  Think of it this way.  There is no shortage of land near San Francisco, yet land is scarce and expensive.  Why?  The answer is zoning regulations and land use prohibitions, both of which cause an artificial scarcity by limiting developable supply.  The enormous demand for now very scarce land resources results in escalating prices…and you thought insiders like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were stupid.  Shame on you!

Likewise, Federal regulation brought about by corrupt, elected Federal Representatives and appointed regulators – none of whom would identify a “conflict of interest” if it fell on them;  and it did and does – causes artificial limitations in supply.  These artificial limitations can be used for various purposes, one of which is to drive up prices and profits;  another is to eliminate competition while strengthening monopoly control;  and a third is to generate fear and hostility in an oil based world economy.  Illicit government regulations can easily target certain areas and companies for discrimination and others for favoritism.  Knowing the timing and reach of corrupt regulatory reforms ahead of time, because you the monopoly yourself wrote them, enables both the simplified control of otherwise complex markets as well as generous profit taking in those same global commodities markets.

There are few things handier than having CFR trained,  well placed, very corrupt, very friendly regulators around who will implement your regulations thereby eliminating your competitors for you.  Call it “Monopoly by Government”.  As John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil as well as usurper in charge of Russian oil, so famously remarked, “Competition is a sin”.  If you think we’ve got it tough at Bilderberg meetings, you should wear Putin’s shoes.  That dude has got an uphill battle.

Why do you suppose Bilderberg insider George Soros is openly divesting himself of anything related to the U.S. dollar, while simultaneously investing in global commodities such as gold or the Brazilian oil company Petrobras?  Does Georgie take these positions so he can loose money and forfeit his place at the power table?  Of course not!  George Soros takes these positions because he is an international oligarchy insider and he knows the United States is going down and other things are going up.  He knows this because he is part of the team orchestrating it and he doesn’t care whether you and I know it or not.  As far as George and his Bilderberg friends are concerned, “tough titty”.  Too bad for us that our so-called Federal Representatives suckle at George’s titty and not ours.

The Bilderberg Group and its heavily compensated pawns have been de-industrializing the U.S. since the 1980’s under the great conservative Ronald Reagan.  Not much in geo-politics is what it seems.  Reagan did the best he could, but he sure wasn’t invincible.  At this point in time, circa 2010, the industrial might of the United States is gone.  It’s highly skilled industrial work force is gone.  With its manufacturing and industrial might and work force bled off to other targeted countries around the globe, the United States has freely given its strategic power away.  When your copper and your steel come from a country you are at war with, you have a serious problem.  Laptops are nice, but I’ve never seen one kick a tank’s butt and we don’t make them anymore anyway.

There are so many examples of insider political contamination and monopoly power mongering we could write several books about it.  Actually people have written books about it, but no one reads them.  Anyway you get the picture.  So what is Obama’s role in all this?

BHO is the new pied piper of U.S. doom, though that’s not really all his fault.  I mean, look what he married.  All U.S. Presidents since 1913 have been pied pipers of U.S. doom, though some played a better oligarchic tune than others.  Some even fought the oligarchy.  Their brief political tenure placed their names prominently on the assassination roles of history, except for Nixon, whom the press corps lackeys mindlessly destroyed.  Nixon had personal problems, which played easily into the hands of his tormentors, but they were not directly related to his beef with CFR drone Henry Kissinger, nor to his downfall.

In today’s world the middle class of the United States of America stands as the last impediment to One World Governance and the complete control of all wealth and all people on planet earth by the oligarchy.  America’s  Constitution and resulting Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law must be destroyed.  It is BHO’s job to put the frosting on the Carter, Bush, Clinton, cake.  Fortunately, for us, unfortunately for the oligarchy, it turns out BHO is lazy.  His tiny fuel tank ran out of gas after just a couple of years or so and he is no longer selling.

This is an enormous opportunity for “we the people”.  Our corrupt legislators and Faustian regulators have artificially and crookedly created a world dependency on Middle East oil.  The Arab /  Israeli conflict is now the fuse set to light the oil dependency bomb.  The Obama Administration is doing its abject best to stay out of the way of this, though they were actually supposed to be selling it and carrying the ball.  Obama’s fumble is now our 4th quarter opportunity.  We’re playing under the two minute rule, so we grab the ball or lose.

There is no need for this coming nuclear war.  Just because the Bilderberg business plan calls for a reduced world population of 2 billion instead of 6 billion does not require us to play.  We the people can start throwing the garbage out of Washington D.C. and our White House now, in 2010.  This may stop or at least delay the war.  A few simple votes, an election or two, enforcement of the Logan Act, term limits, an enumerated powers act, a couple of decades and our House will be clean again.

We can’t win if we don’t vote!  Incidentally, World War III and hoops share nothing in common excepting overpaid thugs.  The hoops thing was just a teaser.

*  I use the term Slavic loosely to cover a wide geographic area.  More specifically I suppose we are talking about Western Slavic – Czechs, Moravians, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks and Serbs;  Eastern Slavic – Belarusians, Russians and Ukranians;  and Southern Slavic – Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes.

Our hopelessly corrupt and confused House of Representatives and U.S. Senate led by the White House bully pulpit, cheered on by the indoctrinated press and fully abetted by the heavily compromised Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) along with its associated think tanks, foundations and study groups, most of which routinely violate the Logan Act are completely out of control and pose an imminent and dire threat to our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law.  The United States and the world are being pushed over the Globalist cliff by over-studied, under-educated, immoral, ideological fools led by an international elite group of greedy families who could not identify integrity if rudely impaled upon an integrity stake.

Our Federal government, properly constrained by our Constitution would be approximately 10% of its current, bloated, liberty devouring size.  90% of what our elected Federal officials do and spend is not legally authorized under our Constitutional Republic.  I don’t know if this questionable behavior legally renders our elected officials criminal, but as a practical matter, what difference?  Giving the benefit of the doubt, at the least – Strict Term Limits and An Enumerated Powers Act are absolutely essential if the U.S. is to survive its own elected fools of government much longer.

Incompetence and negligence are oft observed aspects of human endeavor, particularly when the magnifying lens of centralized control is imposed.  Misrepresentation and obfuscation add to the shady side of the towering pile.  Abuse of power eventually becomes the craggy peak from which the dark side of the collectivist mountain, now  heavily trafficked, is all that can be seen.  The bright, sunny, success side of the achievement mountain with its verdant green pastures below, becomes obscured.  The sunny side of  human possibility is now inaccessible to normal people as the trail heads have been collectively obliterated, the unused trails themselves are overgrown and the tram has been taken down.  Out of sight, out of mind; an old Globalist, now new Progressive credo.

The average citizen no longer realizes success or the pursuit of excellence as possibilities.  The one size fits all view and therefore the only surviving dream becomes scaling the darkened, pathetic pinnacle of slavery survival, hoping against hope that our beneficently bankrupt government can still “give” some portion of what was ours back.  Achievement is forgotten.  It lies broken and battered at the base of a rocky, crumbling debt cliff as Nancy, Harry and friends pirouette at the sun blighted cliff top, cheering on the death of American freedom.

If the American people wish to pass on the birthright of freedom to their children and future generations;  our Federal government must be stopped.

It is not possible to successfully manage a country of 308 million people with power mad, psuedo-leaders who believe:

1. The way to grow short term prosperity is to strangle achievement, competition and entrepreneurship with 150,000 pages of Federal regulation and a 65,000 page monopoly favorable, competition discriminatory, confiscatory tax code, while simultaneously gobbling up every available dime of private capital for distribution to insider slush funds.

2. The way to grow long term prosperity is to replace financially viable, revenue generating,  self sustaining, long term, small business employment opportunities with financially nonviable, unsustainable, non-revenue generating, short term government spending on busy work projects, which needed or not, expire when the borrowed money expires;  not to mention the unsustainable debt service.

3. The way to bolster a globally competitive U.S. industrial / manufacturing base is to stridently support corrupt union hierarchies, whose greedy policies are “about” workers not “for” workers and whose Cloward and Piven’s ideology drive American jobs overseas to slave labor markets where capitalism and freedom are already dead.

4. The way to solve an immoral government spending addiction is to borrow more Federal Reserve fiat money and pay interest on it, while taxing all middle class revenue sources to extinction.

5. The way to solve an unsustainable borrowing addiction is to run the Federal Reserve printing press and pay the Federal Reserve Bank owners interest on the inflation devalued  paper.

6. The way to finance and construct a strong military defense capability is to bankrupt the nation by paying interest to the Federal Reserve owners, while entering into unenforceable defense treaties and agreements.

7. The way to ensure a free citizenry is to unconstitutionally disarm them under an illegal, international small arms treaty negotiated by an incompetent, possibly criminal Secretary of State, while simultaneously criminalizing divergent political views and regulating the balance of speech.

8. The way to protect the environment is to claim that carbon dioxide, a necessary, though minor component of life consisting of 0.038% of all atmospheric constituents on earth, is a toxic threat requiring an immoral, illegal, compulsory, transfer of hard earned, American middle class wealth to the elite, criminal, international oligarchy through the scam of carbon trading.

9. The way to redistribute wealth through “social justice” is simply to collectively confiscate it from the workers, give it to the international elite and force the world population into equal poverty and ignorant subservience.

10. The way to salvage hemorrhaging national budgets is to invite 20 million or so uneducated, unskilled, illegal immigrants to partake of government largess illegally provided by interest paying funds borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank owners;  all of which incidentally will establish an insurmountable one-party patronage vote insuring a permanent American Povertochracy.

Anyone with an IQ greater than thirty or so, with the possible exception of Bill Maher or Michael Moore could continue to add to this corrupt list of ideas, concepts and policies every illicit, one of which, takes or grants “rights” by illegal government mandate in outright defiance of our God given “rights” and Rule Of Law as recognized by our Constitution and established by our Constitutional Republic.

The Federal government of the United States stands in outright contempt of its own moral and legal foundation and has now declared war on the freedom, God given rights and the survival of its own people.  The first question we must ask is, “when does legal debauchery, incompetence and negligence become recognized as malfeasance and when should this malfeasance be appropriately identified by a vigilant people as high crimes, misdemeanors and treason?

It no longer appears reasonable nor prudent for the American people to assign incompetence as the guiding factor of our certain collapse.  It is not rationally arguable that our Presidents, House of Representatives, U.S. Senate and Supreme Court have jointly brought the United States to the crumbling edge of calamity by accident…nor even by coincidental, individual malfeasance.  Our demise is a well orchestrated plan.  Those pursuant to this plan must be indicted and their actions adjudicated within a court of law – our Law.  Denial will be our certain end as a free nation.

The second question is, “do we have the courage as a nation to look at this treacherous plan objectively”?  The third question is, “do we as a people have the fortitude to carry this investigation through to its rightful and just conclusion”?

Self government requires the vigilance and hard work of governing the governors. Our failure to rise up and to carry this burden of responsibility spells the end of self governance.  Accepting this historic burden as handed down by our Founders and taking a hard look at its sometimes distasteful baggage will sustain our will as a free people and will in turn pass our incredible heritage on to our children and to future generations.

Cowardice will not prevail.  Denial will not prevail.  Complacency will not prevail.  Gentle, politically correct measures will not prevail because freedom is never free.  Freedom is never given or granted.  Freedom is taken from the hands of those who would unjustly withhold it.  History tells the tale and history will not be denied.

The People’s dishonored White House along with the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) establishment pets at DNC and  RNC are all jointly in fierce competition with the grass roots American citizen.  If the people win this race they will take back their individual freedom and will once again have the opportunity to prosper.  Should the White House and CFR indoctrinated establishment win, the average American citizen will be reduced to indentured servitude at the hands of the Federal Reserve owner’s and their elite families.

The “ruling” establishment elite have now taken firm unconstitutional, control of our country and through their 16-lb Saul Alinsky sludge hammer, liberal progressive socialism, are bludgeoning the once independent, American middle class into over whelmed, Cloward and Piven’s debt dust.  Our elected Federal politicians are either dense beyond my limited ability to imagine or are securely seated on the front of the Cloward and Piven’s bus as it rolls through Chaosville to hell.  Even worse and more unfortunately, it is probable that at least two thirds of these corrupt, deceitful officials have actually purchased their Cloward and Piven’s bus tickets to hell with their professional Washington D.C. Dunce Cards and our money.  One might ask at this point, “who are the dunces”?

The attempted thinking, if it can be called that, of the retarded denizens of Washington D.C. has been thoroughly dumbed down, first by our progressive school system;  and secondly through involvement with foundations and think tanks controlled by the world’s international financial elite, whose insatiable greed and lust for power poisons victim participants on contact through a process of re-educational osmosis.  The osmosis process extracts intelligence and replaces it with a delusional program suggesting that if human society is to survive, there must be only three classes of people;  The Elite;  The Elite’s Ruling Class pawns;  and of course The Slaves.  Just to be clear – it’s not The Slaves who run this pogrom and if you’re reading this, guess what part of the pogrom you fall into.

Given that the United States was founded just 230-years ago as a Constitutional Republic “of, by and for the people”, this totalitarian coup is a rather drastic demonstration of human ability to rain on its own parade.  The most free human population ever seen on earth has now voted itself into economic slavery; a collective act of stupidity that defies comprehension.  Even today, circa 2010, with U.S. poverty levels back at 1965 levels in spite of countless trillions stolen from hard working America and wasted on Keynesian spending, home foreclosures at record breaking highs, unemployment toying with a now permanent level of 10%, World War III looming on the horizon, the country itself embarrassingly and thoroughly bankrupt and our national capital infected with wall to wall thieves and liars;  nearly half the country thinks our elected Federal Representatives are doing a good job.  This is dumbing down at a truly stupendous level and does not bode well for our chances of survival as free humans.  For God’s sake, Harry Reid is still being considered for re-election in Nevada instead of being indicted on charges of corruption.

This is not a Democrat / Republican issue.  These two hopelessly corrupt, morally inept, establishment parties couldn’t find integrity or leadership if they were caught up in an integrity/leadership downpour.  They are bought, paid for and packaged by insanely  greedy special interests and are no longer worth talking about or supporting.  Listening to representatives of these two parties and believing their gutter trash lies is akin to standing in your kitchen, looking at a filthy street urchin who has just soiled his foul smelling pants, has broken into your house, has his dirty hand in your cookie jar and is now promising to make you wealthy.  Buying into this ridiculous promise will guarantee your family a one room, dirt floor shack on the new Amerikan Plantation;  and guess what?  You’ll be sharing your shack and your rotted beans with the other unwashed fools who also believed this god forsaken, hopeless promise.

NOTHING WORTHWHILE IS FREE!  GET PASSED IT!  Giving up $1 to your heinously corrupt government and then hoping for at least $0.10 back is not a workable success strategy for prosperity.  Why are we listening to this nonsense?  How long are we going to take it?  How much more proof that socialism doesn’t work do we need?

If we as a people have any functional brain power left we will plug our ears whenever a DNC or RNC pawn is lying nearby.  Vote for independent candidates who believe in “we the people”.  The time to rudely remove our Federal government from our rectums is now.  The only source of wealth in this country is you.  The only source of courage in this country is you.  The only source of life in this country is you.  The only source of freedom, independence and prosperity in this country is you.

Stop listening to a bunch of spoiled, selfish, egomanical, thieving 60’s retreads who never worked a day in their pathetic lives.  These fools don’t know squat about anything real.  These sixties junkies have no answers.  Their attempts to think are garbage.  Throw it and them out.  It is time for real people to start really running our government. If we don’t, these insolent punks will do it for us and the outcome is Cuba, Russia or China – take your pick; though you and I will HAVE NO CHOICES LEFT.  The spoiled punks in the soiled pants will be doing the choosing.


Unfortunately for the United States and I suppose the world,  we have a vulgar, dissonant leadership parody perched in our Oval Office.  Even more unfortunately, he never stops his squawking condescension or narcissistic preening.  This is something for a man-child who has never before held a legitimate job and is failing miserably at his first try. You might imagine some degree of humility showing itself somewhere, sometime, somehow;  but no.   Comrade Obama’s latest teleprompter reading break from perpetual vacation, which apparently he is good at, was loudly touted as his latest plan for economic health; but  is in reality an economic requiem for America.

His plan is to “do more of what we have plainly seen doesn’t work”.  As he so patronizingly read, the great and wonderful Oz-Obama “understands” my family’s  financial drought.  Well duh –  he and his Administration are intentionally causing it!  Of course he understands it.  Our own Federal government is openly fertilizing and watering the garden of financial depression seeded by more than thirty years of progressive  “subprime” ideology. The  Obamanation Administration understands  perfectly as they aggressively favor the weeds of totalitarianism that are now suffocating the prosperous, entrepreneurial flowers of our once free, middle class;  the most creative group of people who have ever existed on this planet;  the group of people on whose backs liberal parasites live.

The endless, empty ridicule of White House blame is a feeble distraction from the brutal, well planned economic collapse from which a few elite financiers and their CFR pawns will benefit.  A more degenerate, selfish group of elites has never existed on this planet.  Obama and our Congress work for them, not for us.  You may feel I over state this;  but then let me pose this question.  “Do you really believe it is an accident or coincidence that our Harvard educated President, his hundreds of Ivy League West Wing advisers, his dozens of elite czars, 100 members of the U.S. Senate and 435 members of the House of Representatives;  all fully supported by our slavish, make believe press, are as colossally stupid and destructive as the results of their policies indicate?” The probability of this coincidence, this randomness of destructive vacuity is so close to zero as to be silly.  The American economic demise is not an accident.  The U.S. economic collapse is planned and the Americans in on the planning have violated the Logan Act and must be indicted on charges of treason against the American people.

Two more years of the unfettered Obama Administration and Barack Hussein will have onerously earned his Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) merit badge for excelling in  “American middle class destruction”.  Listening to this fool read is embarrassing and makes the American people appear foolish in turn;  which apparently they may be, as it was us who voted this pathological, integrity challenged oaf  into office.  God bless Obama’s grandparents though.  Their generous  sacrifice, unfortunately wasted on Oafbama’s selfish behalf apparently justifies and over-shadows America’s immanent demise; at least within the empty hallways of grandchild Obama’s twisted mind.

As unfortunate a disreputable pawn as Obama may be, he is not the root problem;  just an easy target.  The POTUS bully pulpit indeed resonates, but the economic cancer virus resides and feeds within our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  It is here the treasonous bilge is flooded, our financial hull is breached and the future of our children is heartlessly drowned.  Obama is just the festering, misdemeanor sore;  Congress is the gangrenous, high crimes infection which must be cut out if we are to avoid amputation or even financial death.

Entrenched inner city progressive strongholds such as New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, East St. Louis, Oakland and East L.A. amply display and spot light the hopeless horror of liberal, progressive outcomes, when perpetrated upon decent people for decades.  This evil, failed foolishness is the vision held by CFR Progressives for the American middle class.  Inner city Detroit is our promised future under Wreckanomics (as Rush recently and aptly christened it). This same enslaving ideology imposed for decades has degenerated our schools and universities and hence our press, into pathetic hovels of dis-education and narrow minded ignorance fueled by a virulent hatred of any sign of non-conformance or individuality.  Progressive thugs have for many years locked our children within an impregnable prison of windowless, demoralizing propaganda and dis-empowering Utopian drivel, while subversively telling us apathetic parents, “this is the new education”.

The United States has been blindly driven off the Keynesian economic cliff by our drunken limo drivers in Congress at the cheering behest of  POTUS Bartenders, who generously dispense copious doubles of mind altering, teleprompter detritus on behalf of their Federal Reserve family owners; and that economy is now flying soundlessly  through space, breathlessly anticipating arrival at what will soon become the very messy crash site.  Only trickle downers, Thelma and Louise can predict from experience how long it will take to crash.  It is apparent that our useless, overpaid, West Wing academic econ advisers haven’t the foggiest notion, though they cling tirelessly and desperately to their bitter, anti-gun, tax and spend, Keynesian bibles.  Hoping against hope that insanity will finally become sane, they bleat and whine that their obdurate failure is Bush’s fault;  though they fail to admit that his mistake was made on their advice.  With failed leadership the corrupt caliber of this, what country could possibly need enemies?

Either Barack Obama is  hopelessly ignorant of economic principles and in perfectly good faith is incompetently leading our country straight to the negligent economic hell of collapse and depression;  or he is a traitorous, CFR Manchurian implant intentionally programed to aggressively destroy the American middle class.  Either way, his destructive policies as adopted by our treasonous Congress, implemented for another two years will easily require four decades or more to set right.  The Keynesian damage being inflicted on American entrepreneurship today coupled with the disastrous Federal policies of the past thirty years guarantee decades of fiscal pain for the U.S. and the world.  Hell on earth is in the making.  Our elected Federal Representatives have lit the flames of economic arson and our Constitutional freedoms are burning.

His latest proposed fiasco of $50 billion borrowed dollars, much of which promises to be flushed down the light rail toilet as supposed immediate stimulus is not even funny.  Light rail projects, just as many other public infrastructure projects languish in environmental, political, planning, budgetary purgatory for years before actually coming on line for permanent tax payer subsidy.  This sad, corrupt man so indebted to bankrupt unions is an ignorant dolt.  Busy work and more wasted dollars do not equal jobs or prosperity.

He claims small business tax credits will be the healing salve for our $14 trillion economic forest fire.  The tax credit requires first investing in plant, equipment, etc.  Who on earth is going to invest in new equipment in a market with no customers?  You can get more reliable advice than this in a lunatic asylum.  Maybe instead of new, historically inaccurate quotable area rugs; the Oval Office would be better served with thick, new  rubber wall paper.  This way POTUS won’t hurt himself when trying to lead.

Oafbama’s economic vision of hope is for permanent (real) American unemployment of 20% or more;  homelessness on a never before seen scale;  moral hopelessness; hunger;  intellectual vacuity;  emotional destitution;  cultural transformation; debt piled as far as the eye can see;  and a bankrupt military capability leveling the world playing field to his CFR mandate of “social justice” as it brutally crushes “equal justice” under our now thoroughly shredded Constitution.  Barack Husein Obama and his treasonous Congress have sold their ignorant souls for this despicable vision in exchange for the elite promise that as “rulers”, they will be well cared for as the protected “ruling class”, at the pathetic expense of the people they have sworn to protect.

The people’s White House and Halls of  Congress would be more appropriately remodeled as rubber walled prisons, rather than the criminal corridors of abusive power they have now become.  Politics is ugly.  It always has been, but we ought never mistake ugly politics for the deceitful overthrow of our entire society.  Obama’s “transformation” and “Change We Can Believe In” is nothing more than a Marxist coup overthrowing American self government by a silly progressive idea and a delusional false promise.

Our press corps enhanced ignorance of Obama’s origins and motives suggest the common child’s admonition “STRANGER DANGER”. ” Never take candy from a stranger.”  Perhaps we should employ the same advice so sagely given our children.  We would likely be safer, not to mention wealthier.

At any rate;  vote!  Vote like the wind!  Vote knowledgeably!  Washington D.C. and our White House are in need of a serious “tone adjustment” and we the voters can turn that knob.  Let’s get off the couch and turn it!  The hell with the remote!

Before we begin, please bear with a remark or two.  There is nothing wrong with America!  There is nothing wrong with you or I!  We the people can and will solve our problems and resolve our differences and imperfections.  We don’t need a corrupt, integrity challenged, Federal government to do anything for us – except get out of our way!  We do not require a godless, Marxist transformation of one iota of our unalienable rights, our human dignity, or our lives.



As Ronald Reagan famously noted, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution;  government is the problem”.

And as The Zen Trucker has remarked, “Federal regulation has never helped make one single dream come true”.

However, most any over reaching, bureaucratic regulation has the power to strangle a dream at inception.  The U.S. now has more than 150,000 pages of dream strangling regulation wielding a mind numbing, tax code scalpel of 65,000 pages.  We might call it “entrepreneurial abortion”. Dream killing has unfortunately become common practice in the Washington D.C. small business abortion clinic and Barack Obama is the new hack.  He and his corrupt Congress are unfortunately, very good at mutilating new business and even better at performing late term abortions on what have been successful, existing small businesses.

Obama, a parrot like pawn of monopoly obsessed, international central banking and his ignorant, progressive Congress love the practice of suffocation by regulation.  For example, their deceptive, so-called health care reform written by delusional, communist organizers (not by our criminal elected Congress) in conjunction with monopolistic corporations have now legalized gigantic, fascist, mega-conglomerate monopolies, which will dwarf  the obscene State bounded insurance monopolies already mandated by your precious Federal government regulation.  If you think you’re stuck in ankle deep, health care mud now – just give Obamacare quicksand a chance.  We’ll be more than just lucky to live through that.  Insurance companies may well be corrupt, but they pale next to your average Congressman or U.S. Senator and certainly next to this political prostitute we currently have residing in “the people’s” White House.  Obamacare is a lie so rotten, so huge and so foul as to cause the iron stomach of a barn yard goat to puke…and we the uninformed people voted for the skanks who put us in this merciless pit, but conveniently excluded themselves from the muck.

A second putrid example of small business abortion is the incredible “so-called “financial reform” scheme.  The uninformed people of the United States were saddled with the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise in 1913 along with the progressive income tax by Communist Woodrow Wilson in league with international central banking and his foolish Congress.  Central banking families were granted legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth at that time;  but were not guaranteed unlimited access.  Puppet Obama and his criminal Congress have now granted that full guarantee of perpetual, legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth.  We the people will now bear 100% of the risk of international central banking, but none of the profit.

Your White House Manchurian and every single Congressman and Senator voting for these two obscene travesties of justice should receive life imprisonment for regulatory extortion, Federal government larceny, high crimes and misdemeanors. This is not a joke!  This would be equal justice.  Instead we will live with the indignity of legalized theft masquerading as social justice.  Michael Savage gets it right when he describes liberalism as a mental disorder.  Apparently the Bank of England, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs own The Left, The Right and American government.  Think of your average RNC or DNC bespoke Congressmen and U.S. Senators as international banking’s neutered, house broken pets walked on very short leashes.  We the people obediently follow behind with the poop bags and scoopers.

Worse than corrupt, moronic regulators and paralyzing regulations are economically challenged, abusers of Federal power, who just print and borrow through the privately owned Federal Reserve to waste and transfer your hard earned wealth to the elite families of the oligarchy.  The castrated idiots – and that’s not just Obama by the way –  recently living rent free in our White House (whom we ignorantly voted for) and the Keynesian morons surrounding them have driven the U.S. economy off a cliff.  This is no longer business abortion.  It has now become full fledged economic mass murder and free market genocide. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Bank owner’s he works for are not concerned in the least about fixing what they intentionally orchestrated.  Their only concern is for “we the people” not to catch on to the fact that they intentionally caused our economy to collapse once again for their brutish, selfish personal gain.

The elite oligarchy intent is to run the world with government sponsored international  monopolies standing above and apart from any and all national governments and legal boundaries including and specifically the U.S. Constitution.  Free market competition will be wiped out near any endeavor worth real money or real power.  This has largely taken place already.  Obama’s financial reform, written by central bankers for central banking’s families, has nothing whatever to do with consumer protection, other than to guarantee perpetual consumer loss translated into elite wealth.  Its purpose is to reinforce and protect these high powered, insider monopolies from our prying eyes and to assure they win the race to our uninformed pocketbooks.  Barack Obama and most members of Congress along with the majority of our Federal management level employees are career criminals beholden to their Council On Foreign Relations life support system.  None of these indoctrinated drones work for “we the people”.  We the people just foolishly pay the bills racked up for their elite benefit.

So how do we fix this?

Step One. Realize that our primary American political issue is not Democrat or Republican;  liberal or conservative.  Our problem is corruption and weak representatives, force fed by CFR on the DNC and RNC feed lots to do the bidding of an obese, greedy, monopoly prone, international financial oligarchy.  Neither the RNC nor the DNC can be trusted to offer candidates that actually represent “we the people”.  Those days are gone.  The differing rhetoric mimics choice, but there are no choices;  just two sides of the same CFR coin and both sides come up tails.  We no longer “choose” political candidates.  We “select” from a heavily jaundiced, heavily financed, herd of fatted, indoctrinated eunuchs.  Today’s fraudulent facsimile of a voting system is a disgrace to what was once our Constitutional Republic.  We cannot remain a free people under the failed lack of honest leadership and abhorrent, systemic corruption practiced by our current crop of abysmal crooks costumed and fed to look like real political candidates. John F. Kennedy, given all his flaws, may have been our last honest statesmen and I believe he was murdered for it.  Leadership requires genuine human courage with all its flaws;  not media created, cardboard cut-outs, wired with teleprompters and painted to resemble courage.

I acknowledge that there are a few genuinely good people in office and I sincerely thank them for their efforts on our behalf.  I also acknowledge that they have failed their oath of office in protecting our Constitution and “we the people” and have generally conducted themselves in a cowardly and timid manner, insufficient to overcome the systemic totalitarian rot that has corroded our once proud capital and reduced it to the equivalent of a dysfunctional, third world banana republic.  The traitorous behavior typical of Washington D.C.  today is not acceptable and neither are the good and decent cowards who live within it at our expense!

The Federal Reserve families in concert with their CFR trained, criminal government pets have intentionally inflated the value of our U.S. dollar to their benefit.  They will now deflate it to their benefit.  The U.S. is no longer globally competitive with a fiat currency inflated cost of living five or ten times the cost of living in most places in the world.  The U.S. manufacturing and jobs that have gone overseas are not coming back until American workers are paid $1.00 U.S. per day – the same as their global competition is paid.  This is not an accident and it will not be fixed with a tax increase here or a spending cut there regardless which traitorous RNC or DNC criminal sits in Congress or the White House.  The United States is in very serious economic trouble and if we are not careful it will finish swallowing our freedom – what’s left of it.

Step Two. We vote all incumbent members of the House of Representatives out of office in November.  They will be replaced by more Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) indoctrinated morons, but that’s OK.  The new scum will get the message sooner or later.  Those who are too corrupt or stupid to understand that they are to represent “we the people” and not the international financial oligarchy will be voted out in November, 2012.  We keep doing this until we start getting decent, honest people in office.  It will take decades, not years to accomplish this miracle.

Step Three. We vote all incumbent U.S. Senators coming up for re-election in November out of office.  We continue this process each election cycle until we clean the smelly garbage out of our U.S. Senate Chamber.  The current crop of corrupt pets are soiling our expensive Senate Chamber carpeting.  I for one, am getting tired of carpet cleaning.  We should also make note of the fact that this disreputable herd of house broken, Senatorial pets have advise and consent authority over the political hacks being appointed to The Supreme Court by the pet in charge of the White House.  This is no small matter as fully half the justices couldn’t find our Constitution if they mistakenly stepped on it;  and they step on it regularly.  This is not an effective prescription for the enhancement of individual freedom and self government under The Rule of Law.  The U.S. Rule of Law is nearly dead and our duly elected, irresponsible  Senate Members play a major role as  accomplices and get-a-way drivers for Justices who might better serve the country in line at a food bank or in jail, rather than on the bench.

Step Four. We vote only for those candidates who stridently support term limits for both the House and Senate.  It is sadly obvious that neither house is capable of policing itself nor its members in a manner conducive to “self government”.  The oath of office requiring members to “protect and defend” our Constitution is a pathetic joke.  We no longer have an operational Constitution.  Congress has degenerated into a disgraceful whore’s free-for-all with votes selling to the highest bidder.  This is not self government.  This is a disgraceful abomination leading directly to indentured servitude for the uninformed voter.

Happy voting in November and every November thereafter!  Vote to live!  Live to vote!