08-30-2010: If The White House Only Had A Boss?

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Connect The Dots, Uncategorized

If the American voter had elected a President in November of 2008 instead of a card board cut-out with a teleprompter parrot for a mouth it might be possible for the American people to get the lard butt, Federal government bully out of the way.  Problems would be solved and life would go on…but we didn’t do that.

Instead we elected a truth challenged Marxist whose ideology hasn’t proposed a new idea since 1848 and has never had a successful idea – ever.  Not one.  What the American people need in the White House is a baby-sitter boss to tell the man-child Obama what to do and when to do it.  Oh wait – we already have that don’t we?  Its name is Valerie Jarrett.  Another self serving criminal with a thief’s bag for a purse.  Oooppps!  Too bad we don’t have a press corps huh?  Maybe we’d a known?

Our molting, Wall Street owned, White House parrot and his entitled wife came off his expensive, Wall Street vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, fully refreshed and addressed our financially drowning nation from his yard perch with some diminutive, White House chatter this morning.  His impressive leading salvo is blaming those doggone minority Republicans who made him inherit ten years of their financial disaster and now are stopping his brilliant new $30 billion bank bailout, which is supposed to magically spur small business growth and development by making what the banks don’t take for themselves available for small business borrowing.  Thank God for our Wall Street parrot; we’re saved.  Actually, I hope you don’t live on the bottom of the cage like I do.  It’s gettin’ messy down here.

Of course, we’re not saved are we?  I’m not a particularly good number cruncher, but I think $30 billion is about 0.21% of our $14 trillion national economy.  Given that small business is responsible for something like 75% of all U.S. job creation, I suspect the White House baby-sitter might question how hard her bird is going to fight for this 0.21% boost.  Maybe the newspapers under the perch need changing and our bird is ill?  There’s been quite a bit of “bird stuff” emanating from the perch over the past 18 months.  Maybe JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs don’t understand that the cage needs to be kept clean for optimum parrot health or maybe they’re just shirking their dirty responsibility.  Is a time out required here, Valerie?  Where’s the doggone baby sitter?

I’m sorry, but making loans available to small businesses who have no customers makes as much sense as the old Democrat idea of issuing government backed mortgages to people who can’t afford to pay for them.  It’s called “subprime”. It made Wall Street billions, got lots of regulators elected and appointed and finally caused our 2008 financial collapse.  When will liberal world leaders, Bill Maher and Barack Obama understand that W. was far too stupid to figure out how to crash our economy in just 8-years?  I mean is W. stupid or not?  You can’t have it both ways.  Either W. brilliantly and creatively figured out single handedly, as accused, how to destroy our $14 trillion economy or he didn’t.  If he did, then certainly term limits solved the problem for us and our new White House parrot should have smooth sailing.  But the water’s still pretty choppy isn’t it?  Maybe One World Bush 43 wasn’t the entire problem?  Maybe we’re being lied to and the problem is actually a little more serious than the press corps says?

The fact is, the U.S. of A. has already driven off the Federal Reserve guided, unmarked, Keynesian cliff.  All that remains is the crash at the bottom so the over fed friends of the Federal Reserve Bank owners can vacuum up the pieces at garage sale prices.  Thelma and Louise can tell you more about how long it takes to arrive at the bottom than Obama, Bernanke, Geithner or your pathetic, lying press corps ever will.  The American dream will land at the bottom of the cliff in short order.  The new dream is 10% permanent unemployment and hopefully, survival.  For at least the next ten years or so, survival will be the only success.  Get used to it.

China, Indonesia and other places produce products with workers living at 10% of the cost of living in the U.S.  The American jobs that began fleeing overseas under the Reagan Congress and have been exiting ever since are gone and they are not coming back.  Not in our lifetime.  The United States manufacturing base and the jobs that went with it are gone.  Obama’s beloved unions that destroyed U.S. manufacturing with both government and corporate complicity have moved overseas with their new workers.  They don’t care.  We are now a consumer nation with a drastically declining income to consume with.  The U.S. is no longer economically self sufficient and we have our apathy and elected political parrots to thank for it.  If our cage is dirty, we voted for it.

Do any of us think that electricity in America at five times the cost of electricity in China is somehow five times better?  Aside from what Obama or his press corps tells you, an electron is an electron and a wire is a wire.  The wire and its electrons don’t know or care whether they are in China or anywhere else.  The people of the United States have been inexorably trapped into an unsustainable, inflated currency value and subsequent high cost of living, which are about to crash in a global market, which neither can, nor wishes to sustain it.  This is our economic reality and a change in tax policy or government spending is no longer sufficient to stop our fall from the Federal Reserve cliff tops.  The crash is now inevitable.  The question is not as Obama claims – “how do we stop a $14 trillion crash from proceeding at free fall velocity accelerated by the force of gravity”?  The only relevant questions are “how do we survive the crash and what do we do afterward – if we survive”?

Put on your crash helmets and set aside some food and water because the walk back from the crash is going to be a long one and there ain’t no economic ambulance on the way.  As Ron White once remarked after a plane ride from Flagstaff, “we’ll beat the rescue crew to the scene of the crash by thirty minutes”.  He at least hoped for a rescue crew.  We have only ourselves.

The upside here for the survivors is to put Washington D.C. in a permanent, sound proofed cage about 25% of its current bloated size and never, ever let it out again.  Our Founders warned endlessly about government tyranny, but we didn’t listen.  Maybe the crash will clean our ears out so we learn not to listen to experts.

As The Zen Trucker has often said, “experts are stupid”!


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