08-16-2010: How Do We Stop The White House War On America?

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Connect The Dots

Jimmy “the unknown peanut farmer” Carter, at the direction of the Trilateral Commission, which in flagrant violation of the Logan Act, marketed traitorous Jimmy, sold him to America and thereby set the stage for World War III by destabilizing the Middle East received a Nobel Peace Prize for his trouble.  The resulting Iranian Revolution of 1979 presented the world population with  the generous Islamic gifts of Hamas, al-Qaida and Hezbollah.  Amazing the ease with which a few well driven nails can confuse journalism school graduates and rewrite history.  All I can tell you as an ex 1960’s leftist is that peace movements get people killed.  Warriors respect each other.  Peace-niks respect no one, particularly themselves as they blindly march to their own destruction, ignoring history in their mistaken belief that weakness begets peace and calms the invader.

Busy Jimmy “the unknown peanut farmer” Carter also managed to plant the seeds for the inevitable, planned financial collapse of the U.S. with his Administration’s passing of the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977.  This act created the government regulatory intervention, which motivated bankers to new heights of tax payer guaranteed greed now referred to as the  “subprime” lending market, which finally destroyed the U.S. economy in 2008.  William Jefferson Clinton’s Administration vastly increased and expanded the disastrous Community Reinvestment Act in 1997 and the  George W. Bush Administration carefully layered the frosting on the cake and tipped the entire dessert cart on its side.  Obama is correct in blaming Bush, but treasonously and intentionally neglects to lay supporting responsibility for the “man caused disaster” on the other Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) participants who preceded Obama with their socialist nonsense.

We the tax payer are now left holding this corrupt, leaking bag of putrescent, political garbage masquerading as economic policy while it voraciously devours the unsuspecting, middle class under the tutelage and championing of moronic fools such as Oxford poisoned, University of California, Berkeley academic Robert Reich, former 22nd U.S. Secretary of Labor under Clinton or our latest Berkeley failure, Christine Romer.  With ignorantly redundant, socialist friends like Professor Reich and Professor Romer, what country needs enemies?

The treasonously corrupt Obama Administration now races destructively on like a headless horse galloping down the side of a mountain solely on the advice of socialist academics who couldn’t produce or identify a job if it fell on them.  To make matters worse, if that’s possible, Congress looks more and more like a herd of blind folded sprinters racing for the nearest economic cliff.  In the face of a Federal government clearly intent on destroying the United States middle class, whether by One World intent or stupidity, what is a person supposed to do?  How do we protect our families?  How do we defend against a White House and Congress that are devouring our livelihoods, dignity and families?

First, put aside some food, water and other necessary provisions – just in case I’m right (and I hope I’m not).  My prediction is, “we ain’t seen bad, but it’s comin'”. Our government is busy doing everything it possibly can to guarantee nothin’ but bad.   Second, as a citizen voter, do your own research and vote knowledgeably for candidates who might actually represent “we the people”.  This pretty much precludes the recycled detritus offered up by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) feedlots at RNC and DNC.  Most of this scum should be in prison eating tax payer funded baloney sandwiches, not in Washington D.C. dining on tax payer funded caviar and running their lunatic mouths.  We pay for these jerks either way, but stale baloney is more appropriate and less expensive, just as jail cells are less costly than sail boats.

Thirdly, get out of debt and be as self sufficient as soon as possible and to the maximum extent possible.   Debtors are slaves and we were not born to be slaves.  I know this is a tough one, but do as I say;  not as I do.  My wife and I are trudging up this steep, rocky hill ourselves and it isn’t easy, but it is necessary.  We can help each other do it.

Fourthly, which should maybe be firstly.  Get right spiritually whatever that means for you.  My wife and I were both born Catholic.  We’re now hybrid Christian Buddhists – or something;  who cares what you call it?  Just be good to your neighbor and yourself.  Pema Chodron writes on page 149 of Comfortable With Uncertainty;

“One of the most powerful Buddhist teachings is that as long as you are wishing for things to change, they never will.  As long as you’re wanting yourself to get better, you won’t.  As long as you are oriented toward the future, you can never just relax into what you already have or already are.”

The Zen Trucker adds to this, “Happiness is not getting what you want;  it’s wanting what you have”.  I have personally never accepted this lesson, but I’m trying.

My long winded point is this.  There’s not a damned thing wrong with you or I or with this country or the world.  It is what we choose to make it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We are responsible for our choices  and we create our own reality.  Yesterday’s mistakes were yesterday.  Today is both a new day and also the only day any of us will ever have, so make it count.  Do the right thing and your gut will tell you what the right thing is every time.  We don’t have to worry about that.

Doing the right thing will stop the White House war in its tracks.  Stand up and say NO when your gut says NO is the answer.  When your gut says YES is the answer, shout YES from the roof tops.  Burn your newspaper before reading it.  Tune your TV to a music channel or even better, turn it off or get rid of it.  Our national media is nothing but crap and can harm you just by listening or reading.  Garbage in;  garbage out.  In self defense, we should monitor what we let into our heads.  Instead of wasting our intelligence listening to O’Reilly explain that Obama isn’t a socialist, we can help the elderly lady next door weed her garden.  We can help our neighbor shovel their sidewalk.  We’ll all be healthier, feel better and the world will be a better place.  Tell your husband or wife you love him or her.  Give ’em a  hug and mean it.  They won’t be there for ever.

On a somewhat larger scale vote for candidates who promise to reduce government to 25% of its current bloated size and honor our Constitution.  Bring the troops home.  The rest of the world can spend their own money defending themselves.  They don’t need our kids or their precious blood.  That’s ours and we’ll keep it at home. We can kill invaders who are stupid enough to invade here;  we don’t need to be out looking for trouble.   Dump Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid.  Medical assistance, if needed,  can be provided locally at a reasonable cost under more human terms than some far fetched, corrupt Washington pogrom ever will.  Capitalism is tough, but has made more dreams come true than any system in history.  Regulation never dreamed anything and never made any dream come true.  We can defend ourselves better than any corrupt government ever will or can.  There’s nothing wrong with “buyer beware”.

Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.


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