08-13-2010: Is Our White House and Congress Guilty of “Felony Lying”?

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

If misrepresenting the truth were considered “felony lying” Barack Obama would be in Federal prison, not the White House.  It would be challenging to house him properly because at least 90% of our corrupt, ruling class, 435 House and 100 U.S. Senate Members would have arrived in the slammer ahead of him.  If the “felony lying” law were properly written, it would require that sentencing for each separate offense be served consecutively.  This means that our average elected Congressional Representative who now lives like a prince in the case of Nancy Pelosi or princess in the case of Barney Frank would be serving nearly infinite life sentences with no possibility of parole.  “We the people” would still pay for everything, but the cost of government would be significantly reduced and we would not be subjected to as much television drivel.

We were told repeatedly and unequivocally by delusional Marxist, Barack Obama, his ethically challenged Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius and every progressive liar in Congress, that Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” were not included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), now known generally as Obamacare… and this was true of course.  These corrupt, reprehensible con artists neglected to tell us, however, that the “Death Panels”, your basic European style rationing committee, had already been signed into law as part of the so-called $830 billion , unread, de-stimulus bill passed in February, 2010;  far in advance of the destroy our health care bill.  This rationing committee is called the Federal Coordinating Council on Comparitive Effectiveness Research.  The American people have been massively lied to and heads should roll for it.  Why should Congress be exempt from moral law and legal responsibility for their corrupt actions? Why are the highly over-compensated Members of Congress not held legally accountable for intentionally, fraudulent acts that would put any small business person behind bars for doing much, much less damage to the consumer?  Congress makes Bernie Madoff look like a highly desirable Sunday School Teacher.

As another leadership malfeasance example; if pathological liar Nancy Pelosi were appropriately rewarded for her prodigious verbal incontinence by being appointed Speaker of the Big House instead of Speaker of the House the savings would be spectacular.   This entitled little liar spends about $60,000 on her private jet, per trip, flying to and from home on weekends.  On those occasions she chooses to use a military aircraft, I’ve read the cost is only $28,000 per weekend.  In other words, we could house career criminal, plastic Nancy in a nice prison cell with private toilet and sink for an entire year on less than she typically steals and spends in one weekend on her private jet.  This is easily a pilferage savings of more than $2 million annually and we haven’t even touched on her booze, feed bag or other perks;  and we certainly haven’t touched on the trillions of hard earned tax dollars this woman believes are her’s to confiscate and give away to “insiders”.

“We the people”  should seriously consider a Congressional prison for “felony lying”. Given the stature of individuals such a facility would house, it doesn’t have to be very expensive.  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio could set  up a Congressional Tent City for pennies and baloney.  At least with stale baloney for lunch the inmates wouldn’t go into withdrawal and I’m sure Barney would enjoy his pink skivvies, though Nancy likely would not.  Where else  in society is it acceptable to steal and lie?  Our political candidates now routinely lie during primaries to jazz up their base;  then they lie some more in the general election to bamboozle the masses.  By election day no one has any idea what they stand for, although this is in part because they usually don’t stand for anything accept graft and power.  They’ll turn somersaults for that.  Any fool can justify not reading a bill before voting on it when you have no standards or beliefs anyway.  These days on top of the candidate’s lies we are further entertained through the entire election cycle as we listen to moronic journalism school majors seriously explaining each candidate’s lying strategy for winning.  What on earth is wrong with these people?  A lie is not a strategy.  It’s just a lie.  Call it what it is.

On Main Street, when one person lies to another person and cheats them in a business deal it’s fraud.  In the case of publicly traded companies involving securities, RICO statutes can be invoked lifting the corporate veil, thereby allowing victims to go after the criminals personally.  In government, however, vicious, elected representatives lie through their teeth every single day, commit fraud on an unimaginable scale, steal trillions of tax dollars and give it away to their friends and beneficiaries to benefit themselves.  Why is there no legal consequence for this criminal behavior? A mistake is a mistake.  A lie is a lie.  Fraud is fraud.  Enough is enough!

When the President says he or she will not raise taxes and then he or she promotes policies raising taxes, especially hidden taxes – he or she  should be held liable.  When Congress says there will be no death panels and it turns out there are death panels – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.  When Congress says it will cost $10 billion dollars and it turns out to cost $100 billion dollars – those voting in favor should be held liable.  When Congress wastes more than $1 trillion dollars on special interest give-a-ways and calls it job stimulus;  and no jobs are created – those voting in favor of – should be held accountable.  When Congress passes illegal legislation sponsoring gigantic monopolies held by “insider” international business conglomerates – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.  When Congress targets certain groups for “insider” favoritism and other groups for Draconian discrimination – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.

Since when and by what Constitution does our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have a special license to steal our earnings, discriminate against some and favor others? Our progressive tax system for example basically exempts the uber rich “insider” from any tax at all.  The tax code then discriminates against middle class entrepreneurial success with exorbitant rates rendering it nearly impossible for a small business to grow up and compete with the big “insider” dogs.  The punitive and discriminatory tax code is further strengthened by exempting the bottom economic rungs from any tax at all guaranteeing the beneficiaries of such largess will vote in mass for candidates espousing discriminatory tax policies forever.  Welfare on top;  welfare on the bottom;  feudal serfdom in the middle. The Congress of the United States led by the Liar In Chief,  is basically discriminating against the American middle class by legislating and regulating it into slavery.  It is time the middle class stood up for itself and rendered the political practice of stealing and lying illegal.

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of “voting” for candidates.  Instead, think in terms of “hiring” a candidate to work for you.  If you “hire” someone to work for you;  how long would you tolerate that employee’s theft, lies and irresponsibility?

I don’t like new laws and I don’t like new prisons, but in the case of Congress and our openly treasonous White House, we definitely need a new Tent City.  Congress works for “we the people” not the other way around.  When the White House and Congress have convinced themselves that they are destined to “rule” rather than “govern” they have violated the trust of the American people and shall be stopped.  Our now chronically criminal ruling class can be stopped in the voting booth.  They can be stopped in prison, where most of them belong.  Or as a last resort we can recall the words of Thomas Jefferson from his November 13, 1787 letter to William Smith where he famously states, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.  I would hope our vote will do.

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