08-06-2010: The Child’s Train That RNC and DNC Built Around The White House

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

This ain’t no sound bite!  Posted 08-03-2010.

I personally hope the Republicans fail to regain majorities in either the House or the Senate in November 2010.  If successful in November, the Republicans will immediately be blamed for the worsening 2011 financial collapse and the reasons for Keynesian (Marxist) failure will be clouded.  Let the progressive Democrats lie in their bed.  It will be better in the long run for the country, in spite of the immense short term pain.  By short term I’m talking about two decades or so.  It will take at least two decades of ferociously hard work;  three to four decades of half-hearted work to undo the economic damage done by the Obama Administration in less than two years.  The money capital of the world is now London;  don’t expect a return to New York in our lifetime.  Freedom isn’t free and voters need to revisit the idea that elections have consequences – especially when our uninformed votes elect irresponsible, delusional organizers to public office.  Short term pain is, I believe, preferable to long term strangulation by broken Marxist promises.  None-the-less, also beware of Republican saviors because these Council On Foreign Relations ( CFR) drones can’t save us either.  CFR drones unwittingly and sometimes wittingly serve their master and their master is not “we the people” – ever.

Progressive Democrats fight viciously for what they ignorantly believe no matter how enormous the policy failure or catastrophic the outcome.  Progressive Democrats are 100%, fully indoctrinated, completely destructive Marxists incapable of rational independent thought.  Main stream Democrats, basically Kennedy or Reagan Democrats, such as my 85-year old parents, apparently have no inkling that their party has been hi-jacked by America hating Marxists.  Either they don’t understand or they don’t care.  As a practical matter regarding freedom, it makes no difference which.  Progressive Democrats are a freedom train wreck, but at least they tell you that.

Republicans on the other hand quietly and ineffectively parrot conservative talk, but do nothing but place hold for continuous governmental movement to the left, that is, centralized government control.  I cannot recall an example of Republican leadership undoing a leftist Democrat policy or moving the Overton Window even one single inch back to the right, that is, more limited government.  It never happens.  The RNC shyly nudges “we the people” to the same slave plantation the DNC aggressively and rudely shoves us into.  Either way, once through the slave gate it no longer matters how you got there.

Take immigration / naturalization policy for example.  The last Presidential Administration to enforce Federal immigration law was the 8-year, General Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration, which ended in 1961; 49-years ago.  This is five continuous decades of both Republican and Democrat Administrations overtly refusing to protect and defend the sovereign borders and “we the people” of the United States.  All Presidents, U.S. Senators and Members of The House have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, yet not one single Administration since Eisenhower has honored their oath.

To showcase the point along with blatant disrespect for our Rule of Law under the Constitution,  incompetent, political hack, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently filed a lawsuit against the good peo0ple of Arizona in a U.S. District court, which appears not to have jurisdiction for the suit.  I’m not an attorney, but I can read.  Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of our Constitution plainly states:

“In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.”

If I, as a layman, read this correctly, the lower courts, including a U.S. District Court, do not have legal jurisdiction in any case in which a State is party.  The “original jurisdiction” of the Supreme Court is not alterable by Congress, whereas the Court’s appellate jurisdiction is.  Interestingly, Federal Judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton Appointee,  apparently knows little, if anything about the basis for our Rule of Law either.  She apparently had no legal jurisdiction to issue a ruling on this case involving the State of Arizona.  This is the paucity of talent with which we are attempting to manage a Constitutional Republic;  and we wonder why it’s failing.  Either these people are hopelessly incompetent or they are intentionally undermining our Rule of Law;  or both.

In recent times, both the George W. Bush and Barrack Hussein Obama Administrations have openly proclaimed and flaunted refusal to honor their oaths of office;  have ignored or even repudiated the Constitution they swore to uphold;  have proudly refused to respect the Legislative Branch of government and tyrannically did and continue to do whatever “insiders” want them to do.  If this is not “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, what is?  Given that more than 75% of the American people, regardless of party affiliation want our sovereign borders secured; clearly, our Federal elected representatives no longer represent “we the people”.  The Federal government of the United States has slowly degenerated into the world’s largest, graft ridden, corrupt, hopelessly inept, blatantly dishonest banana republic farce in world history.  The question becomes “if we the people are not running this Keystone Cops carnival of corruption, then who the hell is”?

Let’s take another example;  the failing U.S. financial condition.  World economic history offers no examples of successful Keynesian Economic Theory as applied to real life.  By successful I specifically mean “good for people” or in the best interests of individual people.  Yet Progressive Democrats blindly, stubbornly and destructively insist that they represent the little guy and that Federal economic policy must follow Keynesian Theory.  That is, bleed the money from the people and waste it on big government corruption.  Make note, that the John F. Kennedy, Ronald W. Reagan and William J. Clinton Administrations largely departed from Keynesian Theory with offsetting free market principles and achieved a high degree of economic health, productivity and prosperity.  Progressive Democrats today lie successfully and rewrite history when they openly deny the offsetting free market principles employed by these Administrations and claim Keynesian spending and taxation as the sole causative factor of prosperity.

Supposed, fiscally conservative Republicans have historic economic fact powerfully on their side of this Keynesian / free market debate, yet never make a cohesive, convincing  argument defending the health, vigor and power of free markets.  They cannot even coherently defend the historical fact of rising government revenues and increased prosperity resulting from virtually any combination of lower taxation rates and/or reduced government spending, either or both of which leave money in private markets where it is available for investment and growth.  You don’t even have to get it right to have it work.  Mitch McConnell, Senior Republican Senator from Kentucky and Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner were both hopelessly interviewed on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace on August 1st.  These two men are nationally recognized as prominent leaders of what are thought to be fiscally conservative Republicans.  On the surface they are fiscally conservative, but beneath the weak rhetoric, are they really?  These two men failed miserably to provide any cohesive or convincing answer to Mr. Wallace’s questions on their own positions or Obama’s.  They both quacked incessantly like broken records about lowering taxes, but never explained why this is important.  They criticized the Obama Administration for over spending and intending to raise taxes in a recession, but never offered an understandable explanation of why the policy is both economically and morally wrong.  This dual interview was nauseating to observe and made both McConnell and Boehner appear doltish at best and disingenuous at the worse.

We could go on with thousands of words outlining further examples of this DNC / RNC paradox, but these two examples make the point sufficiently without even touching on foreign policy or social issues.  The rational voter concerned about freedom must question why the seemingly different RNC / DNC rhetoric always ends up leading America toward the same negative outcome;  increased, more tyrannical, centralized government? How can this be?

The answer is that the RNC and DNC are not on opposite or opposing sides of any issue at all. They have each been conditioned along different, though paradoxically, a singular, rhetorical track aligned in a circle;  not unlike a child’s first toy train set.  No matter how fast or how long the track is traveled;  or which direction you travel;  or which intermediate stop you choose;  ultimately you can only arrive at one station.  Your arrival at that station is simply a matter of time and eventuality.   Once on the train, your only limited choices are to go past the station;  stop short of the station;  or get off at the station.  This carefully constructed paradox offers the allusion of free choice to voters, but in fact relentlessly herds them, or as committed Marxist, Cass Sunstein, Barack Obama’s hand picked Regulatory Czar would say, “nudges” them through their own willing vote toward guaranteed indentured servitude under the State provided, newly created, U.S. hybrid form of fascist/socialist “protection”.  This paradox is so well constructed that it requires no conspiracy whatever to carry any free society, specifically ours, to its inevitable demise and loss of independence.  The only safe solution for the voter is:  DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN.

Let’s dissect this paradox and see how it works and why we so easily fall prey to it.  We learn in engineering school that when a problem is too big or to complex to conceptually grasp, it must be broken into component parts.  By beginning with a starting point, of which you are certain is factually correct or true, you then proceed to resolve each of the more easily understood component parts of the overall problem, one at a time, until finally the entire puzzle is tied together, solved and a solution can be designed and put into effect.  It’s just the practical application of scientific theory.  Let’s apply this simple engineering practice to American politics to determine how and why we are willingly voting to give up our freedom.

We can define the question to be resolved as:  “How and why do American voters of all political persuasions continue to vote for candidates who confiscate the fruits of their hard earned labor; give most of those fruits away to special “insiders”;  and use the remaining fruits to unjustly control the voter’s behavior”?

Our starting point or first “truth” and certainty of fact is “both Republicans and Democrats desire power”.  This fact is not arguable and can therefore be used as a safe and certain  starting point or foundation for our investigation.  The first small piece and the most straight forward part of the puzzle we come to is the progressive Democrat and his or her Marxist ideology.  The progressive Democrat openly and arrogantly proclaims that they will take your wealth;  take your freedom;  rule you beneath the banner Rule Of Man;  and in exchange they promise to take care of you.  It does not get any simpler, nor straight forward than that.  The tricky part is “what does it mean to be taken care of”?

History amply demonstrates equal socialist squalor for everybody outside the elite insider class and their pawns, the ruling class.  One bar of soap per month per family housed within some sort of poorly heated or cooled, over crowded hovel is not atypical.  The allowable square footage necessary per person to live is actually calculated.  Every aspect of life is poorly allocated though incompetent central planning.  Not enough of what people need;  too much of what they don’t need;  and nothing anyone can do about it as the resulting bureaucracy is simply too large, too unwieldy and too corrupt to manage effectively.  Social justice?  Absolutely!  Equal justice?  Not a chance!  The progressive Democrat doesn’t give two hoots about the deplorable conditions under which you live and will tell any lie and cover over any truth to convince you otherwise.  They will take their power, if you let them.

The progressive Democrat is an elitist who believes that the little people, “we the people” are too stupid and too lazy to take care of ourselves.  They believe that “we the people” are an inconvenience standing in the way of their own elite and, of course, “socially just” entitlement.  We the people must be controlled and forced to labor on their elite, all knowing behalf after which, they may agree to care for us should we be found deserving.  They justify their greed and lust for power on the backs of “the people’s” stupidity as necessary for the “overall good” of society.  The progressive Democrat is a godless, obsessive,  inhuman societal monster hellbent on total control and the annihilation of decency.  Democrat socialism under a despotic government is no different than middle age, feudal serfdom under Royalty.  The immoral outcome is the same.  Your family will never accumulate wealth;  will never better itself economically and will never be free.  Of course, the socialists neglect to share that part.

The second small piece of the puzzle is somewhat less obvious and also more complicated.  The so-called conservative Republican and his or her warped ideology.  This ideology will take your freedom as well;  but it allows you to live a little better;  let’s say as a house slave as opposed to a field hand.  This ideology prefers you to be productive and to live well enough so as to remain politically calm and submissive.  By encouraging and even assisting you to be economically productive, government revenues rise significantly and power is attained without the barbarity of progressive “taking”.  It’s the more humane approach to slavery.  You won’t have anything to say about anything;  you will do what you’re told;  you will shop at the company store instead of the government store;  and you will be allowed to live comfortably if you so choose and are able to maintain productivity.  The wealth you cannot accumulate will quietly and politely vanish into hidden profit centers held by government sponsored, monopolistic, gigantic, multi-national corporations who have eliminated competitive free markets via corrupt government regulation;  and now simply must charge more for their own greedy survival and to continue offering you your employment and your life style.  The ugly government taking through compulsory, confiscatory taxation is no longer necessary, but the money trail leads to the same vault and the vault isn’t yours.

The progressive Democrat concept is simply Draconian.  You will go along to get along;  or you will be re-educated;  or you will be eliminated.  The 1960’s Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) spawned The Weathermen, later The Weather Underground, which accepted the notion that 25% or so of the American population at the time, that’s more than 20 million citizens would necessarily have to be eliminated as there was no possibility of successful re-education.  I can assure you William Ayers and Barack Obama, that I cannot be re-educated.  I will have to be eliminated.  It would be wise for main stream Democrats to wake from their political coma and begin paying attention.  These mutant progressives are serious and they mean what they say.  Unfortunately, they now inhabit our White House, the entire three floors of the West Wing, half the Supreme Court and more than half of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The more conservative Republican concept is somewhat more generous.  You may recall the phrase;  “a kinder, gentler conservative”?  I personally prefer this system of slavery, but make no mistake about it;  slavery it is.  Does it really matter whether your shackles are forged by the State or by an amorphous, interlocking group of multi-national corporations;  or both?

If we wish to be free, both the RNC and DNC must be mucked out and clean bedding must be provided.  We can no longer tolerate the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) functioning as the intellectual feedlot for both parties and the national press corp.  New blood is requisite for our survival as a free people.  Do not support any incumbent candidate.  Do not support or vote for any of the poisoned, fatted calves selected for voting by the CFR mutilated RNC or DNC.  Ignore the media or at least accept their tripe for the drivel it is.  Do your own research.  Do not believe one word I say or anyone else says.  Learn the truth for yourself.  Most people believe the Dems are against what Obama condescendingly and deceitfully calls “Wall Street Fat Cats” and that Republicans are in bed with them.  Yet the truth is Wall Street now contributes nearly $5 to Democrats for every $1 to Republicans.  What does this tell you?

Vote wisely!  Stay free!  Support independent “people’s” candidates.  STAY OFF THE TRAIN.  IT WILL MAKE YOU DIZZY AND WILL EAT YOUR FREEDOM.


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