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If the American voter had elected a President in November of 2008 instead of a card board cut-out with a teleprompter parrot for a mouth it might be possible for the American people to get the lard butt, Federal government bully out of the way.  Problems would be solved and life would go on…but we didn’t do that.

Instead we elected a truth challenged Marxist whose ideology hasn’t proposed a new idea since 1848 and has never had a successful idea – ever.  Not one.  What the American people need in the White House is a baby-sitter boss to tell the man-child Obama what to do and when to do it.  Oh wait – we already have that don’t we?  Its name is Valerie Jarrett.  Another self serving criminal with a thief’s bag for a purse.  Oooppps!  Too bad we don’t have a press corps huh?  Maybe we’d a known?

Our molting, Wall Street owned, White House parrot and his entitled wife came off his expensive, Wall Street vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, fully refreshed and addressed our financially drowning nation from his yard perch with some diminutive, White House chatter this morning.  His impressive leading salvo is blaming those doggone minority Republicans who made him inherit ten years of their financial disaster and now are stopping his brilliant new $30 billion bank bailout, which is supposed to magically spur small business growth and development by making what the banks don’t take for themselves available for small business borrowing.  Thank God for our Wall Street parrot; we’re saved.  Actually, I hope you don’t live on the bottom of the cage like I do.  It’s gettin’ messy down here.

Of course, we’re not saved are we?  I’m not a particularly good number cruncher, but I think $30 billion is about 0.21% of our $14 trillion national economy.  Given that small business is responsible for something like 75% of all U.S. job creation, I suspect the White House baby-sitter might question how hard her bird is going to fight for this 0.21% boost.  Maybe the newspapers under the perch need changing and our bird is ill?  There’s been quite a bit of “bird stuff” emanating from the perch over the past 18 months.  Maybe JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs don’t understand that the cage needs to be kept clean for optimum parrot health or maybe they’re just shirking their dirty responsibility.  Is a time out required here, Valerie?  Where’s the doggone baby sitter?

I’m sorry, but making loans available to small businesses who have no customers makes as much sense as the old Democrat idea of issuing government backed mortgages to people who can’t afford to pay for them.  It’s called “subprime”. It made Wall Street billions, got lots of regulators elected and appointed and finally caused our 2008 financial collapse.  When will liberal world leaders, Bill Maher and Barack Obama understand that W. was far too stupid to figure out how to crash our economy in just 8-years?  I mean is W. stupid or not?  You can’t have it both ways.  Either W. brilliantly and creatively figured out single handedly, as accused, how to destroy our $14 trillion economy or he didn’t.  If he did, then certainly term limits solved the problem for us and our new White House parrot should have smooth sailing.  But the water’s still pretty choppy isn’t it?  Maybe One World Bush 43 wasn’t the entire problem?  Maybe we’re being lied to and the problem is actually a little more serious than the press corps says?

The fact is, the U.S. of A. has already driven off the Federal Reserve guided, unmarked, Keynesian cliff.  All that remains is the crash at the bottom so the over fed friends of the Federal Reserve Bank owners can vacuum up the pieces at garage sale prices.  Thelma and Louise can tell you more about how long it takes to arrive at the bottom than Obama, Bernanke, Geithner or your pathetic, lying press corps ever will.  The American dream will land at the bottom of the cliff in short order.  The new dream is 10% permanent unemployment and hopefully, survival.  For at least the next ten years or so, survival will be the only success.  Get used to it.

China, Indonesia and other places produce products with workers living at 10% of the cost of living in the U.S.  The American jobs that began fleeing overseas under the Reagan Congress and have been exiting ever since are gone and they are not coming back.  Not in our lifetime.  The United States manufacturing base and the jobs that went with it are gone.  Obama’s beloved unions that destroyed U.S. manufacturing with both government and corporate complicity have moved overseas with their new workers.  They don’t care.  We are now a consumer nation with a drastically declining income to consume with.  The U.S. is no longer economically self sufficient and we have our apathy and elected political parrots to thank for it.  If our cage is dirty, we voted for it.

Do any of us think that electricity in America at five times the cost of electricity in China is somehow five times better?  Aside from what Obama or his press corps tells you, an electron is an electron and a wire is a wire.  The wire and its electrons don’t know or care whether they are in China or anywhere else.  The people of the United States have been inexorably trapped into an unsustainable, inflated currency value and subsequent high cost of living, which are about to crash in a global market, which neither can, nor wishes to sustain it.  This is our economic reality and a change in tax policy or government spending is no longer sufficient to stop our fall from the Federal Reserve cliff tops.  The crash is now inevitable.  The question is not as Obama claims – “how do we stop a $14 trillion crash from proceeding at free fall velocity accelerated by the force of gravity”?  The only relevant questions are “how do we survive the crash and what do we do afterward – if we survive”?

Put on your crash helmets and set aside some food and water because the walk back from the crash is going to be a long one and there ain’t no economic ambulance on the way.  As Ron White once remarked after a plane ride from Flagstaff, “we’ll beat the rescue crew to the scene of the crash by thirty minutes”.  He at least hoped for a rescue crew.  We have only ourselves.

The upside here for the survivors is to put Washington D.C. in a permanent, sound proofed cage about 25% of its current bloated size and never, ever let it out again.  Our Founders warned endlessly about government tyranny, but we didn’t listen.  Maybe the crash will clean our ears out so we learn not to listen to experts.

As The Zen Trucker has often said, “experts are stupid”!


{Posted 08-17-2010}

Today’s typical progressive is a mental midget (no slander meant toward little people) whose inability to reason juxtaposed against a tragic ignorance of history leaves them hungrily chasing their vestigial tails like the quintessential psychotic cartoon canine.  They detest freedom of speech and swell near to bursting with vitriol over any pretense of opposing views or differing opinion. They never tire of calling me racist, homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, hateful, etc., yet it is they who ceaselessly and obsessively sustain ignorant bigotry by pointing out supposed differences between races, sexes, sexual preference, etc.  They pathetically cannot let it go and be what it is.  They have to stir the pot of divisive hatred at all times and then point to me as though I care one way or another.

For reasons I don’t pretend to understand, the new bar for progressive leadership in the U.S. anyway has been set to new lows by comedians.  Towering intellectual dwarfs the likes of  sleepy U.S. Senator Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Bill Maher have become the anointed collective voice of modern progressivism, though they tend think of themselves as “libertarians”, which is ample proof of their uphill mental challenge.

As an example, Bill Maher appeared August 24th, 2009 on America’s premier liberal, political debate program,  The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien where he offered his enlightened opinion as to how Obama should get so-called health care reform passed.   “Forget getting the sixty votes or sixty percent — sixty percent of people don’t believe in evolution in this country — he just needs to drag them to it, like I said, they’re stupid; get health care done, with or without them.”

Just 60-days later, on October 9, 2009, on his own HBO program, Maher was cleverly debating the effectiveness of government proposed flu vaccinations with Dr. Bill Frist, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee and stated, “Why would you let them be the ones to stick a disease into your arm? I would never get a swine flu vaccine or any vaccine. I don’t trust the government, especially with my health.”

So which schizophrenic opinion is it?  Advocate totalitarianism in August and down with trust in government in October?  This is a typical example of a liberal progressive who imagines himself a libertarian trying to think coherently.  The problem of course is that Obama and his Comintern are trying to run the country with this dazed and confused parody of irrational comedic thought.  Maher may not take himself seriously as he makes a good living by expedient verbal slight of hand, but Obama does – take himself seriously that is.  The problem is sadly one thing, but for the elitist, confused liberals and the rest of us unwashed it is not the tragedy.  The tragedy unfortunately leaps off the comedic stage and morphs quickly into political reality for the unsuspecting audience.

The morbid audience reality for hundreds of millions is amply demonstrated by redacted, now largely unread history.  Agreement by socialists as to what socialism actually  is or should be as a preferred specific brand is rarely agreed upon and the disputes have generally taken on catastrophic proportions;  at least for the losers and always for the audience.  Two prime examples are the Stalinist socialists versus the Trotskyites in early communist Russia or the Marxist socialists in Germany versus Hitler’s adopted National Socialists.  All sides of both these debates understood perfectly that beneath the umbrella of a “free market” both sides could freely express and market their views.  As soon as one side or the other assumed power, however, all bets were off and the debate was over along with the immediate death of free speech and the elimination of anyone foolish enough to go there.  The success of one socialist party did not subdue the other;  it eliminated it.  Today’s historically ignorant progressive does not comprehend this consistent historic reality;   or perhaps they do.

The point here is that otherwise good and funny people who have significant rhetorical access to millions of people ignorantly and for the time being, freely support political views potentially disastrous to our Constitutional Republic.  This is pretty dumb, considering that when you view a Marxist such as Barack Hussein Obama from a historical perspective, you quickly realize that his delusional p0licies and mentally unstable motivations are totalitarian in nature.  When Mr. Franken, Ms. Garofalo and Mr. Maher win their battle, should they be so unlucky as to silence people such as myself, they will instantly loose their ability to make public declarations.  They will no longer be useful and they will be silenced or if still stubbornly grasping a microphone, eliminated.  A Marxist winner is never foolish enough to permit potentially variant voices to exist, especially when they wear glasses as Mr. Franken and Ms. Garofalo both do.

Cambodia’s Pol Pot, with the help of Jane Fonda and others of her generation, my lost generation actually, taught the rest of the aspiring Marxist world what to do with people who wear glasses.  Of course, our progressive schools don’t teach that do they?  The unfortunate truth is that the very funny indoctrinated comedians of today will be eaten along with the rest of us once Marxism wins; and at present it looks to be White House Marxism by three lengths as they turn down the home stretch and Oh My God, Constitution just stumbled.  It’s either a miracle or it’s gonna’ be Marxism by four lengths.

I for one, believe in miracles.

Jimmy “the unknown peanut farmer” Carter, at the direction of the Trilateral Commission, which in flagrant violation of the Logan Act, marketed traitorous Jimmy, sold him to America and thereby set the stage for World War III by destabilizing the Middle East received a Nobel Peace Prize for his trouble.  The resulting Iranian Revolution of 1979 presented the world population with  the generous Islamic gifts of Hamas, al-Qaida and Hezbollah.  Amazing the ease with which a few well driven nails can confuse journalism school graduates and rewrite history.  All I can tell you as an ex 1960’s leftist is that peace movements get people killed.  Warriors respect each other.  Peace-niks respect no one, particularly themselves as they blindly march to their own destruction, ignoring history in their mistaken belief that weakness begets peace and calms the invader.

Busy Jimmy “the unknown peanut farmer” Carter also managed to plant the seeds for the inevitable, planned financial collapse of the U.S. with his Administration’s passing of the Community Reinvestment Act in 1977.  This act created the government regulatory intervention, which motivated bankers to new heights of tax payer guaranteed greed now referred to as the  “subprime” lending market, which finally destroyed the U.S. economy in 2008.  William Jefferson Clinton’s Administration vastly increased and expanded the disastrous Community Reinvestment Act in 1997 and the  George W. Bush Administration carefully layered the frosting on the cake and tipped the entire dessert cart on its side.  Obama is correct in blaming Bush, but treasonously and intentionally neglects to lay supporting responsibility for the “man caused disaster” on the other Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) participants who preceded Obama with their socialist nonsense.

We the tax payer are now left holding this corrupt, leaking bag of putrescent, political garbage masquerading as economic policy while it voraciously devours the unsuspecting, middle class under the tutelage and championing of moronic fools such as Oxford poisoned, University of California, Berkeley academic Robert Reich, former 22nd U.S. Secretary of Labor under Clinton or our latest Berkeley failure, Christine Romer.  With ignorantly redundant, socialist friends like Professor Reich and Professor Romer, what country needs enemies?

The treasonously corrupt Obama Administration now races destructively on like a headless horse galloping down the side of a mountain solely on the advice of socialist academics who couldn’t produce or identify a job if it fell on them.  To make matters worse, if that’s possible, Congress looks more and more like a herd of blind folded sprinters racing for the nearest economic cliff.  In the face of a Federal government clearly intent on destroying the United States middle class, whether by One World intent or stupidity, what is a person supposed to do?  How do we protect our families?  How do we defend against a White House and Congress that are devouring our livelihoods, dignity and families?

First, put aside some food, water and other necessary provisions – just in case I’m right (and I hope I’m not).  My prediction is, “we ain’t seen bad, but it’s comin'”. Our government is busy doing everything it possibly can to guarantee nothin’ but bad.   Second, as a citizen voter, do your own research and vote knowledgeably for candidates who might actually represent “we the people”.  This pretty much precludes the recycled detritus offered up by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) feedlots at RNC and DNC.  Most of this scum should be in prison eating tax payer funded baloney sandwiches, not in Washington D.C. dining on tax payer funded caviar and running their lunatic mouths.  We pay for these jerks either way, but stale baloney is more appropriate and less expensive, just as jail cells are less costly than sail boats.

Thirdly, get out of debt and be as self sufficient as soon as possible and to the maximum extent possible.   Debtors are slaves and we were not born to be slaves.  I know this is a tough one, but do as I say;  not as I do.  My wife and I are trudging up this steep, rocky hill ourselves and it isn’t easy, but it is necessary.  We can help each other do it.

Fourthly, which should maybe be firstly.  Get right spiritually whatever that means for you.  My wife and I were both born Catholic.  We’re now hybrid Christian Buddhists – or something;  who cares what you call it?  Just be good to your neighbor and yourself.  Pema Chodron writes on page 149 of Comfortable With Uncertainty;

“One of the most powerful Buddhist teachings is that as long as you are wishing for things to change, they never will.  As long as you’re wanting yourself to get better, you won’t.  As long as you are oriented toward the future, you can never just relax into what you already have or already are.”

The Zen Trucker adds to this, “Happiness is not getting what you want;  it’s wanting what you have”.  I have personally never accepted this lesson, but I’m trying.

My long winded point is this.  There’s not a damned thing wrong with you or I or with this country or the world.  It is what we choose to make it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We are responsible for our choices  and we create our own reality.  Yesterday’s mistakes were yesterday.  Today is both a new day and also the only day any of us will ever have, so make it count.  Do the right thing and your gut will tell you what the right thing is every time.  We don’t have to worry about that.

Doing the right thing will stop the White House war in its tracks.  Stand up and say NO when your gut says NO is the answer.  When your gut says YES is the answer, shout YES from the roof tops.  Burn your newspaper before reading it.  Tune your TV to a music channel or even better, turn it off or get rid of it.  Our national media is nothing but crap and can harm you just by listening or reading.  Garbage in;  garbage out.  In self defense, we should monitor what we let into our heads.  Instead of wasting our intelligence listening to O’Reilly explain that Obama isn’t a socialist, we can help the elderly lady next door weed her garden.  We can help our neighbor shovel their sidewalk.  We’ll all be healthier, feel better and the world will be a better place.  Tell your husband or wife you love him or her.  Give ’em a  hug and mean it.  They won’t be there for ever.

On a somewhat larger scale vote for candidates who promise to reduce government to 25% of its current bloated size and honor our Constitution.  Bring the troops home.  The rest of the world can spend their own money defending themselves.  They don’t need our kids or their precious blood.  That’s ours and we’ll keep it at home. We can kill invaders who are stupid enough to invade here;  we don’t need to be out looking for trouble.   Dump Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid.  Medical assistance, if needed,  can be provided locally at a reasonable cost under more human terms than some far fetched, corrupt Washington pogrom ever will.  Capitalism is tough, but has made more dreams come true than any system in history.  Regulation never dreamed anything and never made any dream come true.  We can defend ourselves better than any corrupt government ever will or can.  There’s nothing wrong with “buyer beware”.

Plan for tomorrow, but live for today.

If misrepresenting the truth were considered “felony lying” Barack Obama would be in Federal prison, not the White House.  It would be challenging to house him properly because at least 90% of our corrupt, ruling class, 435 House and 100 U.S. Senate Members would have arrived in the slammer ahead of him.  If the “felony lying” law were properly written, it would require that sentencing for each separate offense be served consecutively.  This means that our average elected Congressional Representative who now lives like a prince in the case of Nancy Pelosi or princess in the case of Barney Frank would be serving nearly infinite life sentences with no possibility of parole.  “We the people” would still pay for everything, but the cost of government would be significantly reduced and we would not be subjected to as much television drivel.

We were told repeatedly and unequivocally by delusional Marxist, Barack Obama, his ethically challenged Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius and every progressive liar in Congress, that Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” were not included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), now known generally as Obamacare… and this was true of course.  These corrupt, reprehensible con artists neglected to tell us, however, that the “Death Panels”, your basic European style rationing committee, had already been signed into law as part of the so-called $830 billion , unread, de-stimulus bill passed in February, 2010;  far in advance of the destroy our health care bill.  This rationing committee is called the Federal Coordinating Council on Comparitive Effectiveness Research.  The American people have been massively lied to and heads should roll for it.  Why should Congress be exempt from moral law and legal responsibility for their corrupt actions? Why are the highly over-compensated Members of Congress not held legally accountable for intentionally, fraudulent acts that would put any small business person behind bars for doing much, much less damage to the consumer?  Congress makes Bernie Madoff look like a highly desirable Sunday School Teacher.

As another leadership malfeasance example; if pathological liar Nancy Pelosi were appropriately rewarded for her prodigious verbal incontinence by being appointed Speaker of the Big House instead of Speaker of the House the savings would be spectacular.   This entitled little liar spends about $60,000 on her private jet, per trip, flying to and from home on weekends.  On those occasions she chooses to use a military aircraft, I’ve read the cost is only $28,000 per weekend.  In other words, we could house career criminal, plastic Nancy in a nice prison cell with private toilet and sink for an entire year on less than she typically steals and spends in one weekend on her private jet.  This is easily a pilferage savings of more than $2 million annually and we haven’t even touched on her booze, feed bag or other perks;  and we certainly haven’t touched on the trillions of hard earned tax dollars this woman believes are her’s to confiscate and give away to “insiders”.

“We the people”  should seriously consider a Congressional prison for “felony lying”. Given the stature of individuals such a facility would house, it doesn’t have to be very expensive.  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio could set  up a Congressional Tent City for pennies and baloney.  At least with stale baloney for lunch the inmates wouldn’t go into withdrawal and I’m sure Barney would enjoy his pink skivvies, though Nancy likely would not.  Where else  in society is it acceptable to steal and lie?  Our political candidates now routinely lie during primaries to jazz up their base;  then they lie some more in the general election to bamboozle the masses.  By election day no one has any idea what they stand for, although this is in part because they usually don’t stand for anything accept graft and power.  They’ll turn somersaults for that.  Any fool can justify not reading a bill before voting on it when you have no standards or beliefs anyway.  These days on top of the candidate’s lies we are further entertained through the entire election cycle as we listen to moronic journalism school majors seriously explaining each candidate’s lying strategy for winning.  What on earth is wrong with these people?  A lie is not a strategy.  It’s just a lie.  Call it what it is.

On Main Street, when one person lies to another person and cheats them in a business deal it’s fraud.  In the case of publicly traded companies involving securities, RICO statutes can be invoked lifting the corporate veil, thereby allowing victims to go after the criminals personally.  In government, however, vicious, elected representatives lie through their teeth every single day, commit fraud on an unimaginable scale, steal trillions of tax dollars and give it away to their friends and beneficiaries to benefit themselves.  Why is there no legal consequence for this criminal behavior? A mistake is a mistake.  A lie is a lie.  Fraud is fraud.  Enough is enough!

When the President says he or she will not raise taxes and then he or she promotes policies raising taxes, especially hidden taxes – he or she  should be held liable.  When Congress says there will be no death panels and it turns out there are death panels – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.  When Congress says it will cost $10 billion dollars and it turns out to cost $100 billion dollars – those voting in favor should be held liable.  When Congress wastes more than $1 trillion dollars on special interest give-a-ways and calls it job stimulus;  and no jobs are created – those voting in favor of – should be held accountable.  When Congress passes illegal legislation sponsoring gigantic monopolies held by “insider” international business conglomerates – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.  When Congress targets certain groups for “insider” favoritism and other groups for Draconian discrimination – those voting in favor of – should be held liable.

Since when and by what Constitution does our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have a special license to steal our earnings, discriminate against some and favor others? Our progressive tax system for example basically exempts the uber rich “insider” from any tax at all.  The tax code then discriminates against middle class entrepreneurial success with exorbitant rates rendering it nearly impossible for a small business to grow up and compete with the big “insider” dogs.  The punitive and discriminatory tax code is further strengthened by exempting the bottom economic rungs from any tax at all guaranteeing the beneficiaries of such largess will vote in mass for candidates espousing discriminatory tax policies forever.  Welfare on top;  welfare on the bottom;  feudal serfdom in the middle. The Congress of the United States led by the Liar In Chief,  is basically discriminating against the American middle class by legislating and regulating it into slavery.  It is time the middle class stood up for itself and rendered the political practice of stealing and lying illegal.

It’s time to stop thinking in terms of “voting” for candidates.  Instead, think in terms of “hiring” a candidate to work for you.  If you “hire” someone to work for you;  how long would you tolerate that employee’s theft, lies and irresponsibility?

I don’t like new laws and I don’t like new prisons, but in the case of Congress and our openly treasonous White House, we definitely need a new Tent City.  Congress works for “we the people” not the other way around.  When the White House and Congress have convinced themselves that they are destined to “rule” rather than “govern” they have violated the trust of the American people and shall be stopped.  Our now chronically criminal ruling class can be stopped in the voting booth.  They can be stopped in prison, where most of them belong.  Or as a last resort we can recall the words of Thomas Jefferson from his November 13, 1787 letter to William Smith where he famously states, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.  I would hope our vote will do.

This ain’t no sound bite!  Posted 08-03-2010.

I personally hope the Republicans fail to regain majorities in either the House or the Senate in November 2010.  If successful in November, the Republicans will immediately be blamed for the worsening 2011 financial collapse and the reasons for Keynesian (Marxist) failure will be clouded.  Let the progressive Democrats lie in their bed.  It will be better in the long run for the country, in spite of the immense short term pain.  By short term I’m talking about two decades or so.  It will take at least two decades of ferociously hard work;  three to four decades of half-hearted work to undo the economic damage done by the Obama Administration in less than two years.  The money capital of the world is now London;  don’t expect a return to New York in our lifetime.  Freedom isn’t free and voters need to revisit the idea that elections have consequences – especially when our uninformed votes elect irresponsible, delusional organizers to public office.  Short term pain is, I believe, preferable to long term strangulation by broken Marxist promises.  None-the-less, also beware of Republican saviors because these Council On Foreign Relations ( CFR) drones can’t save us either.  CFR drones unwittingly and sometimes wittingly serve their master and their master is not “we the people” – ever.

Progressive Democrats fight viciously for what they ignorantly believe no matter how enormous the policy failure or catastrophic the outcome.  Progressive Democrats are 100%, fully indoctrinated, completely destructive Marxists incapable of rational independent thought.  Main stream Democrats, basically Kennedy or Reagan Democrats, such as my 85-year old parents, apparently have no inkling that their party has been hi-jacked by America hating Marxists.  Either they don’t understand or they don’t care.  As a practical matter regarding freedom, it makes no difference which.  Progressive Democrats are a freedom train wreck, but at least they tell you that.

Republicans on the other hand quietly and ineffectively parrot conservative talk, but do nothing but place hold for continuous governmental movement to the left, that is, centralized government control.  I cannot recall an example of Republican leadership undoing a leftist Democrat policy or moving the Overton Window even one single inch back to the right, that is, more limited government.  It never happens.  The RNC shyly nudges “we the people” to the same slave plantation the DNC aggressively and rudely shoves us into.  Either way, once through the slave gate it no longer matters how you got there.

Take immigration / naturalization policy for example.  The last Presidential Administration to enforce Federal immigration law was the 8-year, General Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration, which ended in 1961; 49-years ago.  This is five continuous decades of both Republican and Democrat Administrations overtly refusing to protect and defend the sovereign borders and “we the people” of the United States.  All Presidents, U.S. Senators and Members of The House have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, yet not one single Administration since Eisenhower has honored their oath.

To showcase the point along with blatant disrespect for our Rule of Law under the Constitution,  incompetent, political hack, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently filed a lawsuit against the good peo0ple of Arizona in a U.S. District court, which appears not to have jurisdiction for the suit.  I’m not an attorney, but I can read.  Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of our Constitution plainly states:

“In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.”

If I, as a layman, read this correctly, the lower courts, including a U.S. District Court, do not have legal jurisdiction in any case in which a State is party.  The “original jurisdiction” of the Supreme Court is not alterable by Congress, whereas the Court’s appellate jurisdiction is.  Interestingly, Federal Judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton Appointee,  apparently knows little, if anything about the basis for our Rule of Law either.  She apparently had no legal jurisdiction to issue a ruling on this case involving the State of Arizona.  This is the paucity of talent with which we are attempting to manage a Constitutional Republic;  and we wonder why it’s failing.  Either these people are hopelessly incompetent or they are intentionally undermining our Rule of Law;  or both.

In recent times, both the George W. Bush and Barrack Hussein Obama Administrations have openly proclaimed and flaunted refusal to honor their oaths of office;  have ignored or even repudiated the Constitution they swore to uphold;  have proudly refused to respect the Legislative Branch of government and tyrannically did and continue to do whatever “insiders” want them to do.  If this is not “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, what is?  Given that more than 75% of the American people, regardless of party affiliation want our sovereign borders secured; clearly, our Federal elected representatives no longer represent “we the people”.  The Federal government of the United States has slowly degenerated into the world’s largest, graft ridden, corrupt, hopelessly inept, blatantly dishonest banana republic farce in world history.  The question becomes “if we the people are not running this Keystone Cops carnival of corruption, then who the hell is”?

Let’s take another example;  the failing U.S. financial condition.  World economic history offers no examples of successful Keynesian Economic Theory as applied to real life.  By successful I specifically mean “good for people” or in the best interests of individual people.  Yet Progressive Democrats blindly, stubbornly and destructively insist that they represent the little guy and that Federal economic policy must follow Keynesian Theory.  That is, bleed the money from the people and waste it on big government corruption.  Make note, that the John F. Kennedy, Ronald W. Reagan and William J. Clinton Administrations largely departed from Keynesian Theory with offsetting free market principles and achieved a high degree of economic health, productivity and prosperity.  Progressive Democrats today lie successfully and rewrite history when they openly deny the offsetting free market principles employed by these Administrations and claim Keynesian spending and taxation as the sole causative factor of prosperity.

Supposed, fiscally conservative Republicans have historic economic fact powerfully on their side of this Keynesian / free market debate, yet never make a cohesive, convincing  argument defending the health, vigor and power of free markets.  They cannot even coherently defend the historical fact of rising government revenues and increased prosperity resulting from virtually any combination of lower taxation rates and/or reduced government spending, either or both of which leave money in private markets where it is available for investment and growth.  You don’t even have to get it right to have it work.  Mitch McConnell, Senior Republican Senator from Kentucky and Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner were both hopelessly interviewed on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace on August 1st.  These two men are nationally recognized as prominent leaders of what are thought to be fiscally conservative Republicans.  On the surface they are fiscally conservative, but beneath the weak rhetoric, are they really?  These two men failed miserably to provide any cohesive or convincing answer to Mr. Wallace’s questions on their own positions or Obama’s.  They both quacked incessantly like broken records about lowering taxes, but never explained why this is important.  They criticized the Obama Administration for over spending and intending to raise taxes in a recession, but never offered an understandable explanation of why the policy is both economically and morally wrong.  This dual interview was nauseating to observe and made both McConnell and Boehner appear doltish at best and disingenuous at the worse.

We could go on with thousands of words outlining further examples of this DNC / RNC paradox, but these two examples make the point sufficiently without even touching on foreign policy or social issues.  The rational voter concerned about freedom must question why the seemingly different RNC / DNC rhetoric always ends up leading America toward the same negative outcome;  increased, more tyrannical, centralized government? How can this be?

The answer is that the RNC and DNC are not on opposite or opposing sides of any issue at all. They have each been conditioned along different, though paradoxically, a singular, rhetorical track aligned in a circle;  not unlike a child’s first toy train set.  No matter how fast or how long the track is traveled;  or which direction you travel;  or which intermediate stop you choose;  ultimately you can only arrive at one station.  Your arrival at that station is simply a matter of time and eventuality.   Once on the train, your only limited choices are to go past the station;  stop short of the station;  or get off at the station.  This carefully constructed paradox offers the allusion of free choice to voters, but in fact relentlessly herds them, or as committed Marxist, Cass Sunstein, Barack Obama’s hand picked Regulatory Czar would say, “nudges” them through their own willing vote toward guaranteed indentured servitude under the State provided, newly created, U.S. hybrid form of fascist/socialist “protection”.  This paradox is so well constructed that it requires no conspiracy whatever to carry any free society, specifically ours, to its inevitable demise and loss of independence.  The only safe solution for the voter is:  DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN.

Let’s dissect this paradox and see how it works and why we so easily fall prey to it.  We learn in engineering school that when a problem is too big or to complex to conceptually grasp, it must be broken into component parts.  By beginning with a starting point, of which you are certain is factually correct or true, you then proceed to resolve each of the more easily understood component parts of the overall problem, one at a time, until finally the entire puzzle is tied together, solved and a solution can be designed and put into effect.  It’s just the practical application of scientific theory.  Let’s apply this simple engineering practice to American politics to determine how and why we are willingly voting to give up our freedom.

We can define the question to be resolved as:  “How and why do American voters of all political persuasions continue to vote for candidates who confiscate the fruits of their hard earned labor; give most of those fruits away to special “insiders”;  and use the remaining fruits to unjustly control the voter’s behavior”?

Our starting point or first “truth” and certainty of fact is “both Republicans and Democrats desire power”.  This fact is not arguable and can therefore be used as a safe and certain  starting point or foundation for our investigation.  The first small piece and the most straight forward part of the puzzle we come to is the progressive Democrat and his or her Marxist ideology.  The progressive Democrat openly and arrogantly proclaims that they will take your wealth;  take your freedom;  rule you beneath the banner Rule Of Man;  and in exchange they promise to take care of you.  It does not get any simpler, nor straight forward than that.  The tricky part is “what does it mean to be taken care of”?

History amply demonstrates equal socialist squalor for everybody outside the elite insider class and their pawns, the ruling class.  One bar of soap per month per family housed within some sort of poorly heated or cooled, over crowded hovel is not atypical.  The allowable square footage necessary per person to live is actually calculated.  Every aspect of life is poorly allocated though incompetent central planning.  Not enough of what people need;  too much of what they don’t need;  and nothing anyone can do about it as the resulting bureaucracy is simply too large, too unwieldy and too corrupt to manage effectively.  Social justice?  Absolutely!  Equal justice?  Not a chance!  The progressive Democrat doesn’t give two hoots about the deplorable conditions under which you live and will tell any lie and cover over any truth to convince you otherwise.  They will take their power, if you let them.

The progressive Democrat is an elitist who believes that the little people, “we the people” are too stupid and too lazy to take care of ourselves.  They believe that “we the people” are an inconvenience standing in the way of their own elite and, of course, “socially just” entitlement.  We the people must be controlled and forced to labor on their elite, all knowing behalf after which, they may agree to care for us should we be found deserving.  They justify their greed and lust for power on the backs of “the people’s” stupidity as necessary for the “overall good” of society.  The progressive Democrat is a godless, obsessive,  inhuman societal monster hellbent on total control and the annihilation of decency.  Democrat socialism under a despotic government is no different than middle age, feudal serfdom under Royalty.  The immoral outcome is the same.  Your family will never accumulate wealth;  will never better itself economically and will never be free.  Of course, the socialists neglect to share that part.

The second small piece of the puzzle is somewhat less obvious and also more complicated.  The so-called conservative Republican and his or her warped ideology.  This ideology will take your freedom as well;  but it allows you to live a little better;  let’s say as a house slave as opposed to a field hand.  This ideology prefers you to be productive and to live well enough so as to remain politically calm and submissive.  By encouraging and even assisting you to be economically productive, government revenues rise significantly and power is attained without the barbarity of progressive “taking”.  It’s the more humane approach to slavery.  You won’t have anything to say about anything;  you will do what you’re told;  you will shop at the company store instead of the government store;  and you will be allowed to live comfortably if you so choose and are able to maintain productivity.  The wealth you cannot accumulate will quietly and politely vanish into hidden profit centers held by government sponsored, monopolistic, gigantic, multi-national corporations who have eliminated competitive free markets via corrupt government regulation;  and now simply must charge more for their own greedy survival and to continue offering you your employment and your life style.  The ugly government taking through compulsory, confiscatory taxation is no longer necessary, but the money trail leads to the same vault and the vault isn’t yours.

The progressive Democrat concept is simply Draconian.  You will go along to get along;  or you will be re-educated;  or you will be eliminated.  The 1960’s Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) spawned The Weathermen, later The Weather Underground, which accepted the notion that 25% or so of the American population at the time, that’s more than 20 million citizens would necessarily have to be eliminated as there was no possibility of successful re-education.  I can assure you William Ayers and Barack Obama, that I cannot be re-educated.  I will have to be eliminated.  It would be wise for main stream Democrats to wake from their political coma and begin paying attention.  These mutant progressives are serious and they mean what they say.  Unfortunately, they now inhabit our White House, the entire three floors of the West Wing, half the Supreme Court and more than half of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The more conservative Republican concept is somewhat more generous.  You may recall the phrase;  “a kinder, gentler conservative”?  I personally prefer this system of slavery, but make no mistake about it;  slavery it is.  Does it really matter whether your shackles are forged by the State or by an amorphous, interlocking group of multi-national corporations;  or both?

If we wish to be free, both the RNC and DNC must be mucked out and clean bedding must be provided.  We can no longer tolerate the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) functioning as the intellectual feedlot for both parties and the national press corp.  New blood is requisite for our survival as a free people.  Do not support any incumbent candidate.  Do not support or vote for any of the poisoned, fatted calves selected for voting by the CFR mutilated RNC or DNC.  Ignore the media or at least accept their tripe for the drivel it is.  Do your own research.  Do not believe one word I say or anyone else says.  Learn the truth for yourself.  Most people believe the Dems are against what Obama condescendingly and deceitfully calls “Wall Street Fat Cats” and that Republicans are in bed with them.  Yet the truth is Wall Street now contributes nearly $5 to Democrats for every $1 to Republicans.  What does this tell you?

Vote wisely!  Stay free!  Support independent “people’s” candidates.  STAY OFF THE TRAIN.  IT WILL MAKE YOU DIZZY AND WILL EAT YOUR FREEDOM.