07-30-2010: Outside American Education Failure

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Connect The Dots

Barack Obama announced on the world’s foremost educational forum, The View (taped this past Wednesday, aired Thursday, July 29th) that his incompetent progressive Administration has made great progress in reforming education.  I thought for a moment it was a new “scared straight” program.  Actually, I guess it was.

According to The U.S. Department of Education the Federal government provides about 10.5% of elementary and secondary education funding through several different agencies.   Federal monies (your money) are contributed by The Department of Education (ED) itself;  the Department of Health and Human Services Head Start Program;  and the Department of Agriculture’s School Lunch program.  Given the 10.5% overall Federal funding level either Mr. Obama suffers from megalomania or the Feds have figured out how to get exponential returns on their normal incompetence.  At any rate when a Marxist claims success, you know it’s bad for you and brutally bad for kids.

It’s not illegal for the criminally insane to write ineptly dangerous, progressive text books, nor to successfully infiltrate our schools since 1920 or so, in order to indoctrinate our kids with their ill-conceived, historically failed Marxist delusions.   It is however, irresponsible, negligent and permanently damaging for parents to actually allow their local school districts and boards to incompetently spend our hard earned money on it.  For any school system at any level to mistakenly allow deranged imbeciles the likes of Bill Ayers or Bernardine Dohrn near their children is irresponsible, shameful and just plain stupid.  Our first Amendment protects opinion and speech, demented or not, but does not compel  anyone to listen to the drivel and certainly not to pay for the privilege of drowning in it.

These cowardly Marxist reprobates, hypocritically living off the benefit of capitalism, now inhabit not only our schools, but also our White House and both Houses of Congress.  Our Federal, State and local agencies are literally littered with this unproductive, lazy, brain dead detritus.  They are incrementally destroying our Supreme Court and Rule of Law.  We have allowed political correctness to silence our outrage, dull our minds and implicitly grant our “consent”.  These militant, morally deficient, Marxist revolutionaries are blindly and maniacally attempting to destroy the only government system on earth that will allow them the freedom to express their insane views.  They are so indoctrinationally deluded they think they will hold power and retain the right to speak once their precious socialist dictator has been seated.

Given human history, at least those portions not progressively redacted, there are no examples of Marxist economic equality or the right to think or speak.  What there are is hundreds of millions imprisoned, tortured, raped or murdered.  Are “we the people” dumb enough to suppose that the coming United Soviet States of Amerika will turn out otherwise. William Ayers and many of his revolutionary comrades wear glasses.  Under the Cambodian, Khmer Rouge Party of Saloth Sar (Pol Pot) throughout the mid to late seventies, wearing glasses was a death sentence as it was assumed glasses meant literacy and literacy meant the possible ability to think independently.  Independent thinking was brutally and permanently eliminated.  Nearly 1/3 of the Cambodian population was “eliminated”.  A Weatherman’s Utopian dream.  Does Ayers and his silly air headed wife think their dictatorship will turn out differently?  Please provide a historic example.  I’d like to see it.

This diseased thinking is the hypocritical delusion of cowardly hippies mooching off the fat of capitalist society while decrying the very benefits they freely accept as their entitled due.  Despicable hypocrites like Ayers and his spoiled brat wife suck at the tit of capitalist life from their exclusive, upscale Hyde Park home and pick like spoiled pigs at everything they don’t even have the ability to contribute to.  The indolent residents of Hyde Park can’t and don’t even pay for their own streets and civil infrastructure.  State and university subsidies paid for by hard working, productive others whom the greedy, irresponsible residents of Hyde Park despise, pay for it.

These greasy, over-paid, parasites lurking inside our educational system don’t have the courage or stomach to live in a Marxist society with real Marxist  slaves.  Instead they baby themselves and leech off of our society and safely play at being elite intellectual revolutionaries.  How heroic.  Ayers wears T-shirts that say CUBA across the front as though he’s some courageous visionary instead of a cowardly punk who wouldn’t last ten minutes in the shoes of a real Cuban.  How many Hyde Parks exist within Cuba?  How many books does Ayers think he could publish under Castro?  The answer is none.  Writers can gain influence.  Castro isn’t stupid enough to permit influence by others, even if for the moment they might agree with him.  Potential influence is eliminated.

I grew up in the sixties with these spoiled, mentally deficient, wanna be intellectuals of SDS, Weatherman and the Black Panthers.  They were immature and irrational then and nothing has changed except the clothes and the public tit sucking jobs they suck sustenance from.  None of these losers could handle one day of a real private sector job.  That may be why they hate it so much.  Violence is the last alternative to impotence and these people are impotent with regard to real life and responsibility.  Unfortunately, like a rattle snake, they still bite even after their head is removed.

The thinking and writing of intractable morons like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn is only dangerous when rational, hard working people take them seriously and give them air time and a home to ruin.  These fools should be laughed off any stage they set foot upon.  These indoctrinated parrots cannot create;  cannot build;  cannot offer constructive solutions for any issue.  Their only ability is to criticize, hate, discredit, tear down and destroy.  Their rat hole burrowing into education has resulted in costs through the roof, flat line test scores for decades and graduates who think America achieved independence from Greece led by General Churchill.  This group of America hating losers have successfully destroyed American education.  I have to give them that credit and “we the people” allowed it to happen on our watch.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama and his wife are these people;  hopelessly lost in the delusional hyperbole of the psychedelic sixties.  In only eighteen months Obama’s confident campaign war cry of  “Yes we can” has crashed and burned into “It could be worse”.  Obama is an ignorant organizer who has survived by taking advantage of poor, impoverished people.  He is a race baiting, freedom hater who proves daily neither he nor anyone in his Marxist Administration can manage their way out of a wet paper sack.  Allowing this shadow of a leader, his wife or any of their dangerously delusional comrades anywhere near a school or our children is imbecilic.  Our White House was one mistake too many.


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