07-09-2010: The Long Hot Summer

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

When in July, celebrating the one-year anniversary of Obama’s so-called Cairo Initiative speech in Egypt, the Obama Administration’s appointed Director of NASA, Mr. John Bolden, explains that prior to his appointment, the new third spoke of his NASA wheel was charged by Barack Hussein Obama to be “outreach to the Muslim world”; we know that the rest of summer is going to be a long winded, hot succession of Obama’s Marxist changes we can believe in.  On a more negative note and unfortunately, this inappropriately conceived third spoke of the NASA wheel points to some probable mental instability on Mr. Obama’s part, at least by my layman’s reckoning.

To heat the summer up even more, Obama just this week made a “recess appointment” of world renown health care rationing proponent, Mr. Donald Berwick.  Mr. Berwick believes deeply in the British socialized health care management concept that $22,000 is the maximum justifiable expense that can be incurred by the government health care system to extend a human life more than six months.  So much for old people I guess;  we had better start saying our goodbyes soon.  $22,000 won’t buy one day in a hospital surgery ward, much less six months.  My own, recent, single afternoon out patient eye surgery has hit the $25,000 mark and I’m not done yet with follow-up procedures.  I guess under Mr. Berwick’s preferred rules of health care engagement I would now be completely and forever blind in my right eye.  Thank God for Barack Obama, his Democrat Congress and their collective revulsion to our Constitutional Rule Of Law.  I’m reluctantly and I suppose now, coercively becoming a believer in Obama’s vision for “transformational change”, and due to the fortunate timing, I will still be able to “see” it, though likely not enjoy it.

In 1958, the late Paul Newman hitch hiked his ruthless, ambitious, self-serving way into a memorable, rural Mississippi town as Ben Quick, son of a known arsonist, carrying with him not much more than his agenda of dreams and some heavy personal baggage.  Southern summers are hot.  Quick, quickly (sorry, I had to do it) made sure that summer in Frenchman’s Bend got a lot quicker and a lot hotter.

In what is shaping up to be our own, long hot summer of 2010, Barack Obama may soon be gliding; metaphorically hitch hiking, into your town on “the people’s” Air Force One with his pre-programed teleprompters and a gaggle of fawning, Progressively indoctrinated Columbia School of Journalism grads to continually reinforce his Messianic brilliance, which to their credit is quickly becoming a tough sell as the deceitful Recovery Summer tour kicks off.  The difficulty of our 2010 summer is, whose agenda and whose baggage is Obama carrying?  Whose bidding does he do?  We can see he travels light, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely empty, nor safe to listen to.  Ben Quick had a dream.  It appears that Barack Obama has a mission, but whose mission;  at what cost and what does it mean for the United States and the world?

U.S. history plainly teaches that the Progressive Keynesian concept of a government spending its way out of a stone cold dead economy will kill that economy even deader.  It also teaches that bringing it back to life requires three medicines;  less government spending, tax cuts for the people and free markets.  World economic history teaches the same ideas and then punctuates its lessons with failure after pandemic failure of the hopeless socialist concept and its brutal onslaught against human dignity and freedom.

So what does the brilliant graduate of Harvard Law offer the good people of these United States 30 years after Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act  (CRA) resulted in the inevitable crony marriage of corrupt government regulators like Barney Frank or Chris Dodd and banking, which has now collapsed the mightiest economy in world history?  He glibly offers more government spending;  higher taxes;  and an aborted form of fascism run by patronage appointed self proclaimed Marxist czars having little or no Congressional oversight.  It would appear that Congress has literally legislated itself into irrelevance – at least as far as the Bush and Obama White Houses have been concerned.  This type of inappropriate White House action along with the indolent rolling over of  the Legislative Branch is not just an affront to freedom;  it is an all out attack on our Constitution and individual liberty.  It suggests that thinking before voting may be a good idea.

One might ask how leadership this hopelessly and vacuously guaranteed to fail comes about?  We need look no further than our atrociously wasteful Progressive public education system, which at enormous tax payer expense is turning out citizen voters who think the United States gained its independence from Greece and that the famous Revolutionary War General who led the U.S. to its independence was named Churchill.  For what it’s worth, and appropriately I might add, it was Jay Leno “man on the street interviews”** that reveal this level of ignorance – not our esteemed educators.  If you enjoy laughing “at others”, this is funny.  If you prefer to laugh “with others”, this is not funny at all;  it is instead, tragic.  I doubt we can long govern a Constitutional Republic with citizens barely educated to the level of  Zombie-ism;  which unfortunately, suggests Obama and his Congress may be correct in their elitist view that “the little people” must be told what to do;  even when those telling them what to do, are themselves lost in space.

If there is good news coming out of our people’s White House this summer, it may be this.  Our President and his left leaning Congress are pushing so hard on the Overton Window, that it is actually beginning to crack.  The little people of these United States are beginning to wake up to the fact that the governed must be vigilant to remain free and that vigilance requires knowledge.  Thanks to Glenn Beck, AS A MOM, The Tea Party movement and many other private citizen venues, opportunities for real education as opposed to Progressive public indoctrination are appearing all over the patriotic landscape.  There is hope.

Given that this summer is going to be long and hot whether we enjoy the  annoying sound of Obama’s never ending, misrepresentational voice or not;  perhaps we might all better spend our time reading history rather than listening to the vomitus being disgorged from the open propaganda doorway of Air Force One.  Our children’s freedom and certainly their health will depend on it.

**Jay Leno info-fact obtained courtesy of The Nearly Famous Barry Young Show on Phoenix KFYI Talk Radio.  Thanks Barry and Ms. Michelle  Larson.  Love the show.  You too Babinski!  Barry is married to the very famous Kim Komando.  Love you too Kim.


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