07-06-2010: Is Our White House Morally Immigration Challenged?

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Connect The Dots
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Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona and Arizonans in general are being painted by “the people’s” White House and the U.S. Department of Justice, which apparently is quite racist in its own right, as a racist, Hispanic hating, wanna be police State.  If you’ve been arrested in Arizona lately, or if you’ve seen someone else arrested in Arizona lately;  or if you have driven by Arizona with your eyes open lately;  you’ll have noticed that at least one third of our Arizona police and sheriff’s employees are Hispanic.  Arizonans know, are proud of and love our Southwest heritage, a significant portion of which would not even exist without our Hispanic families, friends and neighbors.

Does Barack Obama, sequestered in front of his many White House teleprompters actually believe that our Hispanic police and sheriffs are out on the Arizona streets and highways profiling themselves?  Is Eric Holder irrational enough to believe something this ignorant?  Is our press corps this ignorant and this easily manipulated?  Obviously, for both this small minded White House and Congress, ideology trumps everything, regardless the painful cost to both legal citizens and illegals who wish to become legal, both of which are being used as pawns to their own disadvantage…and for what?

Jan Brewer is accused by the lame stream media of politicizing Arizona’s S.B. 1070.  Really?  Wasn’t it Obama and Holder who immediately and blindly, publicly attacked and ridiculed Arizonans for S.B. 1070 long before publicly having to come clean that they hadn’t even bothered to read the bill?   And the media accuse Jan Brewer of playing politics?

Conservative Republicans have their own dishonest reasons for making believe they support southern border security and for paying lip service to not wanting “comprehensive” immigration reform.  Progressive Democrats have their dishonest reasons for taking the opposite stance.  One thing the voters should realize, however, is how the dialectic actually works, or actually why it doesn’t work.  Republicans will not discuss comprehensive immigration reform without ostensibly securing the southern border first.  They know the people want this and are willing to secure the border and then sell out at the end.

The Democrats on the other hand, desperately need the illegal Hispanic vote, which they will purchase with tax dollars confiscated from the complacent middle class they are attempting to dis-enfranchise.  Democrats wish to push their collectivist, government patronage voter block to 60% of the U.S. population at which point it will basically be insurmountable.  Blanket amnesty will allow them to more easily get the attention of and to lie to the new 20 or 30 million or so Hispanic voters the same way they’ve lied to blacks, gays, feminists and others.  The lame stream media are complicit in misrepresenting the true number of new (illegal) Hispanic votes involved, because if the average American voter understood the real illegal numbers they would immediately understand the ploy.  Similar to the Bush White House before him, Barack Obama and his White House are the pied pipers for this comprehensive maneuver, which will deceptively and effectively deprive the American middle class of any meaningful vote.  Democrats, led by Obama will not discuss securing the border because they have no intention of ever securing the border.  Obviously, if Communist Democrats foolishly agree to deal with border security first;  then they’ll be stuck actually dealing with it, which they have no intention of ever doing;  therefore it’s amnesty first or nothing.

The Communist Democrat strategy is to hold border security hostage to an agreement on comprehensive immigration reform, which is amnesty, of course; which once obtained will immediately end any future conversation or debate about securing the border.  The Democrat Communist strategy is a bold lie sold to the unwary public as fairness, but actually intended to entrap equally unwary Hispanics within the snare they have already entrapped the non-vigilant American middle class.  You know – the middle class that actually built this incredible country and made its experiment in freedom possible;  the experiment now drawing near its expiration date if our White House can sell its socialist wares.  The euphemism, “comprehensive immigration reform” is the hammer that will kill our 230-year old Constitutional Republic and the individual liberty and opportunity it has engendered;  not only for current citizens, but for our gullible new Hispanic citizens as well as they are used by Democrat Communists to unwittingly slaughter the very freedom they are falsely being offered.  Our immigrants deserve better than this and so do the rest of our citizens.

As a practical matter, politically speaking, blacks and whites together should have sense enough to vote together and support each other, just as they did during the Revolutionary War of 1776.  This history has been erased by Progressive text book publishers, but it’s a fact.  Our joint failure to see this and do this will result in the captivity of both as their voting rights are swamped by a sea of new Communist converts added to the patronage vote for collectivism by Democrat misrepresentation of fact.  Blacks were largely dependent on whites to obtain freedom for both in 1776.  Today, whites are dependent on blacks to maintain and protect that same 230-year old freedom, not on the battlefield with blood, but in their voting booths that previous blood purchased at great cost.  How’s that for a racist viewpoint?  In today’s national elections 5% can be an ample margin for victory.  All else aside, 20 million new collectivist voters is more than 6% of our 308 million U.S. population.  Given that only 50 – 60% or so of us actually vote, 20 million is more than 12% of all votes.  Can you see the political significance of why our 12.8% black population vote (6.4% if you take 1/2) must marry the white vote if both wish to remain free within their own Republic that their ancestors jointly suffered and died for?

Taking a step back and looking at a somewhat larger picture places our White House in a more colorful, but less obvious context.

The RNC desires that no steps be taken to secure U.S. borders because any steps at all might add to the American nationalistic tendency toward sovereignty, thereby strengthening the psychological barrier against formation of the North American Union (NAU).  The international financial oligarchy holding the RNC purse strings and the mass media brain, small though it may be,  firmly within its persuasive grasp does not want this.  One proof lies within the “do nothing” Bush border policy juxtaposed against its “protect America at any cost” policy.  The two together demonstrate a severe case of Federal governance schizophrenia suggesting more that one cook in the kitchen.  Since you and I as common citizens are no longer allowed in the kitchen to confirm the “consent of the governed”;  we must ask “who then is the head chef”?  The obvious cliche answer is “follow the money”.  The back track money trail leads directly to prominent, though quietly interlocked, international financial monopolies in manufacturing, arms, energy, banking, publishing, foundations, think tanks, education, etc., that is, the world’s financial oligarchy – our wanna be aristocracy.

The DNC side of the same coin also desires that no steps be taken to secure U.S. borders because any steps at all  might add to the American nationalistic tendency toward sovereignty, thereby strengthening the psychological barrier against the formation of the North American Union (NAU).  Sound familiar?  The same international financial oligarchy holding the RNC purse strings also hold the DNC purse strings and they are against American / Mexican / Canadian sovereignty.  To make matters worse, the single largest lever this international oligarchy has to enhance its power is centralized government with all control in the hands of its chosen despot or as in America, their ignorantly elected puppet Presidents.  Control the money;  control the despots;  control the countries.  A simple and effective formula, circa 1773.  You do the math.  Is your savings account growing?

The United States of America, or more specifically the “middle class” of the United States of America and its inconvenient Constitutional Republic are the single largest obstacles remaining to One World Governance, or Globalization as the oligarchical membership like to euphemistically call it.  The simple fact is that to bring about One World Governance, that is, world wide feudalism under the domination of a tiny elite group of families – the new aristocracy you might say;  American middle class independence must be destroyed.   The tool of historical choice used to bring down other independent peoples around the world has been socialism.  It still is the hammer and sickle of choice, whether by force or by ignorant, cleverly conditioned, societal complacence.

The DNC leadership, which is now a powerful arm of the oligarchy’s “central command and control vehicle”,the Communist Party, understands clearly that the quickest path of least resistance to “one party” centralized control of U.S. government is to construct a patronage voter block, so large and so dependent, that it cannot be overcome by any such feeble resistance, such as The Tea Party movement.  The DNC has invested years building up the persuasive appeal of ignorant poverty pimps such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama to guarantee the inner city ‘dependency” vote for Democrat Communists.  This has been so successful that today’s inner city population is a virtual slave kingdom for Democrat Communist use.

In the same manner, Democrat Communists have slavishly deceived academics, feminists, gays, artists and journalists to the extent that well intentioned citizens such as Rosie O’Donnell now publicly demand such things as the Communist (Federal government) take-over of BP as the solution to the Gulf Oil problem.  This, in spite of the fact that unrepresentative government failure is fully complicit in creating the problem in the first place and secondly, Communist governments are notoriously unwilling to waste any money at all on the environment, other than to use it as a political tool to further their collectivist agenda.  For poor Rosie to suggest that anything Communist might pose an environmental solution, suggests a shocking ignorance, not only of history, but of world current events as well.  Unfortunately for America’s future as a free independent nation, ignorant Rosies are becoming the norm.

Barack Hussein Obama is an oligarchian myth, decades in the making;  a Manchurian card board cut out having a speaker for a mouth, which parrots teleprompter scrolled ideological sound bites written by his controllers, with which to condition his audience to accept the eloquent collectivist delusion.  Obama is unfortunately, the most bought and paid for Presidential candidate we as a people have fallen for since the robotic Jimmy Carter was spawned by the oligarchy’s Trilateral Commission.  Carter cost the world dearly, but his traitorous conduct pales when compared to what Obama has apparently been called upon to do.  “We ain’t seen bad;  but it’s comin” says Truman Gates,  our enigmatic, soft spoken, Appalachian hero, in Michael Jenning’s,  1989, Next of Kin.  I’m afraid that Truman was prophetic in his filmatic observation.

The bad news is that Barack Hussein Obama appears to be the world oligarchy’s puppet, programed to destroy the American middle class and its last vestige of freedom.  The good news is, the oligarchy screwed up (pardon the phrase).  In their impatience, highly unusual it would seem, they have underestimated the average American’s hard wired need for independence.  They moved too soon with their trained puppet Obama and his indoctrinated Congress and now they have accidentally garnered the attention of “the little people”.  The only way the oligarchy’s greed inspired world plan works, is for the little people to continually and ignorantly say YES to collectivist policies.  Unfortunately, for the oligarchy, the little people, the governed are waking up;  and they’re beginning to say NO.

I for one, hope that middle class NAP TIME is permanently over and that NO becomes commonplace and populist;  a perfect counterweight to balance Obama’s destructive sound bites of  “transformation and change”.


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