06-30-2010: Green, Green Everywhere and No Environment In Sight

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Connect The Dots

Is it still possible at 71 days and counting for anyone in possession of an IQ above 30 to believe that the socialist Democrat leadership in Washington D.C. cares one whit about the environment?  Socialist centralized government and central planning by over-paid, mindless, government drones is the only priority in evidence.  The unimaginable loss of life and eco-destruction being prolonged and expanded by confused government regulatory restriction and incompetence is staggering.  If you allow yourself to consider the epic destruction spreading virulently throughout the Gulf and the devastating impact to quality of life or any life for sea creatures dependent on the Gulf, some of which are human;  you cannot stop from becoming violently nauseous.  If you have a soul, you have to hurl.  This is heartbreaking.

Please allow 1600 Watch to mention here, in the interest of fairness, 1600 Watch has zero respect for Republicans on this issue, but they are not allowed in the White House and hence are irrelevant to our observations on White House policy.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t really seemed to notice or care much about the Gulf, other than taking time for a few photo ops,  a little more time to blame BP and quite a lot of time to push government centralization.  I wonder how many experts and what enormous consulting fees it cost the tax payers for our White House to finally figure out that BP was even involved in this?  BP’s CEO, Mr. Anthony Hayward explained to Congress that he had nothing to do with this mess.  He was busy with other important CEO stuff.  Mr. Obama, on the other hand made it quite clear that he was all over this from day one and was meeting with the best and brightest of academia to determine a course of action.  Really?

Why is it then that none of these best and brightest mentioned to Mr. Obama that oil has a lower specific gravity than sea water and will therefor separate itself with no effort on anyone’s part; whereby the oil can then easily be confined and skimmed from the surface and processed as has been done many times, by many countries in the past?   More importantly, why hasn’t any of these best and brightest mentioned that BP is adding dispersants to the oil, increasing its collective specific gravity, thereby causing much of the modified oil to “suspend” beneath the surface of the sea in giant under water plumes?  Admittedly I have not studied oceanography, but I can assure you that although it may be convenient for the full amount of oil not to be surface visible as this makes for negative publicity;  these resultant, unseen plumes carried by ocean currents are nothing more than enormous sea life death traps, which by their new “heavier than sea water” nature are no longer easily confined, separated or processed;  nor of course, seen.

These dispersants, toxic in themselves,  have taken a horrible, but manageable disaster and have morphed it into a totally unmanagable, life oblierating environmental catastrophe of truly epic proportions…  And from our White House?  Nothing?  From the best and brightest of Obama’s academics?  Nothing?  From our environmentalists?  Nothing?  From BP?  Nothing?  From the State controlled media?  Nothing?  Should these suspended, current riding death plumes invade shell fish breeding grounds, the oil laden habitat will render shell fish uneatable for decades.  Any White House comment?  Nope.  Too busy!

While an enormous maritime area off the coast of America is being brutally murdered by ideological malevolence and special interest contributions, our White House is focused almost exclusively on how we might con “we the people” into having our elected Representatives pass government mandates justifying huge tax payer funded subsidies to economically nonviable green technologies, that might some day, in total, supply 5% of U.S. energy needs.  I seriously hope that you real environmentalists are observing this.  If you care about the environment it is critical that you become aware that your White House uses the environment as a useful political lever for pushing its socialist agenda;  nothing more.  Obviously, and unfortunately, practical environmental solutions have no political or ideological value in the playbook of this White House.  Crisis, any crisis apparently is invaluable for leveraging ideology and conditioning public opinion, regardless the cost to human life, any other life or the environment.  Talk from the White House will never stop the Gulf Oil Leak, nor confine it, nor clean it up.  The talk will, however, continue to dumb us down and potentially enslave us if we accept it.

It is the opinion of 1600 Watch that our White House is using this environmental debacle to further centralize Federal government control over the States; incrementally erase our Constitution, devalue our Rule of Law, undermine our Bill Of Rights, enrich its supporters at tax payer expense and to foster its illegitimate obsession to replace individual freedom with collectivized tyranny.  I wish desperately to be wrong on this, but the proof is in the pudding.  As usual, follow the money!

  1. Mayank says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.


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