06-25-2010: America Lost … and Found?

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Weekly Constitution Watch

The pity is not that the Gulf Oil Leak occurred;  things happen.  The pity is the willful decision not to confine the spill.  Oil has a lower specific gravity than sea water.  It therefore floats on the surface of the sea.  It separates itself with no assistance from the White House or BP required. Neither ignorance nor incompetence will cause it to sink or mix.   Two fifth graders and a row boat could have confined the spill to the area of the leak, contained it and made it possible to clean up with minimal environmental consequence outside a couple of square miles surrounding the leak…

…but that’s not what happened.  Instead, the Federal government of the United States led by the White House “bully pulpit” chose to talk, talk some more, golf, eat hamburgers, pose for photo op’s;  and do absolutely nothing, except;   to delay, subvert, hinder and actually prevent States and local communities from taking constructive action to prevent or at least control environmental damage – and of course, BLAME.

Any reasonable adult knows or  can quickly grasp that Priority One is “STOP THE LEAK”.  Priority Two is “CONTAIN THE SPILL AND LIMIT DAMAGE”.  Priority Three is “CLEAN IT UP”.  Nothing here a Harvard Law grad or a 535 member Congress could fail to grasp.  If Priority One is impossible for the time being;  Priorities Two and Three still stand.  Not a problem for a reasonable adult; but apparently an impossible task for BP, our Executive Branch and the entirety of Congress.  WHY?

As usual, to answer this one word loaded question, follow the financial wealth to be gained and follow the political wealth to be gained.  Both trails lead to the same destination.  That destination is George Soros and friends.

Brazil’s Petrobras is the immediate and obvious big lottery winner.  Georgie invested something like $900 million in Petrogras and additionally conned the corrupt Obama Administration into approving $2 billion stolen U.S. tax payer dollars to assist Petrogras with “deep ocean drilling”;  the same “drilling” the Administration is attempting to stop U.S. companies from doing.  Does the term “conflict of interest” come to mind? Apparently not in any meaningful way to the prostitutes we have elected to represent “we the people”.

The big geo-political lottery winner is also the irrational Georgie and friends.  By using the incompetent Obama Administration and our ignorant, corrupt Congress to use this environmental catastrophe to greatest possible ideological advantage, the Globalists win big.  We’ll see an enormous push by Georgie’s Congressional pets to quickly pass enormously Draconian environmental regulations, which will further erode our Constitutionally recognized freedoms, while establishing profitable subsidies for energy companies grifted from the tax payer under the guise of protecting them and the environment.

We are about to witness an enormous proof that the leaders of the environmental movement are all about money for themselves and easily controlled, centralized (socialized) government power for the little people;  which of course means even more money for themselves down the road.  The rank and file environmentalist who actually cares about the environment will continue to be played like a cheap violin with their gullible votes being used to maintain power by an international group of brutally dangerous, mentally unstable, unimaginably greedy criminals.

The good hearted intentions of the American people are being used and mis-directed to install and enforce an ideological agenda, which is intended to ultimately reduce the U.S. population to two classes;  the uber rich and the indentured servants, with nothing in between.  Barack Hussein Obama is unfortunately the pied piper for this heartless, inhuman agenda.  He has been in training for decades and sold his soul many, many years ago.  He is to all appearances, lost.

The question becomes, “IS AMERICA LOST?”  And if she is, “CAN SHE BE FOUND AGAIN?”


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