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Is it still possible at 71 days and counting for anyone in possession of an IQ above 30 to believe that the socialist Democrat leadership in Washington D.C. cares one whit about the environment?  Socialist centralized government and central planning by over-paid, mindless, government drones is the only priority in evidence.  The unimaginable loss of life and eco-destruction being prolonged and expanded by confused government regulatory restriction and incompetence is staggering.  If you allow yourself to consider the epic destruction spreading virulently throughout the Gulf and the devastating impact to quality of life or any life for sea creatures dependent on the Gulf, some of which are human;  you cannot stop from becoming violently nauseous.  If you have a soul, you have to hurl.  This is heartbreaking.

Please allow 1600 Watch to mention here, in the interest of fairness, 1600 Watch has zero respect for Republicans on this issue, but they are not allowed in the White House and hence are irrelevant to our observations on White House policy.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t really seemed to notice or care much about the Gulf, other than taking time for a few photo ops,  a little more time to blame BP and quite a lot of time to push government centralization.  I wonder how many experts and what enormous consulting fees it cost the tax payers for our White House to finally figure out that BP was even involved in this?  BP’s CEO, Mr. Anthony Hayward explained to Congress that he had nothing to do with this mess.  He was busy with other important CEO stuff.  Mr. Obama, on the other hand made it quite clear that he was all over this from day one and was meeting with the best and brightest of academia to determine a course of action.  Really?

Why is it then that none of these best and brightest mentioned to Mr. Obama that oil has a lower specific gravity than sea water and will therefor separate itself with no effort on anyone’s part; whereby the oil can then easily be confined and skimmed from the surface and processed as has been done many times, by many countries in the past?   More importantly, why hasn’t any of these best and brightest mentioned that BP is adding dispersants to the oil, increasing its collective specific gravity, thereby causing much of the modified oil to “suspend” beneath the surface of the sea in giant under water plumes?  Admittedly I have not studied oceanography, but I can assure you that although it may be convenient for the full amount of oil not to be surface visible as this makes for negative publicity;  these resultant, unseen plumes carried by ocean currents are nothing more than enormous sea life death traps, which by their new “heavier than sea water” nature are no longer easily confined, separated or processed;  nor of course, seen.

These dispersants, toxic in themselves,  have taken a horrible, but manageable disaster and have morphed it into a totally unmanagable, life oblierating environmental catastrophe of truly epic proportions…  And from our White House?  Nothing?  From the best and brightest of Obama’s academics?  Nothing?  From our environmentalists?  Nothing?  From BP?  Nothing?  From the State controlled media?  Nothing?  Should these suspended, current riding death plumes invade shell fish breeding grounds, the oil laden habitat will render shell fish uneatable for decades.  Any White House comment?  Nope.  Too busy!

While an enormous maritime area off the coast of America is being brutally murdered by ideological malevolence and special interest contributions, our White House is focused almost exclusively on how we might con “we the people” into having our elected Representatives pass government mandates justifying huge tax payer funded subsidies to economically nonviable green technologies, that might some day, in total, supply 5% of U.S. energy needs.  I seriously hope that you real environmentalists are observing this.  If you care about the environment it is critical that you become aware that your White House uses the environment as a useful political lever for pushing its socialist agenda;  nothing more.  Obviously, and unfortunately, practical environmental solutions have no political or ideological value in the playbook of this White House.  Crisis, any crisis apparently is invaluable for leveraging ideology and conditioning public opinion, regardless the cost to human life, any other life or the environment.  Talk from the White House will never stop the Gulf Oil Leak, nor confine it, nor clean it up.  The talk will, however, continue to dumb us down and potentially enslave us if we accept it.

It is the opinion of 1600 Watch that our White House is using this environmental debacle to further centralize Federal government control over the States; incrementally erase our Constitution, devalue our Rule of Law, undermine our Bill Of Rights, enrich its supporters at tax payer expense and to foster its illegitimate obsession to replace individual freedom with collectivized tyranny.  I wish desperately to be wrong on this, but the proof is in the pudding.  As usual, follow the money!


Keeping up with U.S. Federal government misrepresentation of fact has become an exhausting endeavor for any citizen possessing functional ears eliciting even a low grade auditory response.  It’s been lies, lies and more lies since Communist Woodrow Wilson was packaged and sold to the American people by the international banking oligarchy and immediately saddled us with the Federal Reserve System, the world’s most active and most powerful criminal enterprise.  FDR then quickly made the pathetic Wilson look like a fourth grade communist piker.  More currently, One World Bush I was a disaster.  Clinton was bad.  Bush II was worse.  Obama is a freaking migraine and may soon lead the mindless lemmings to the holocaust of freedom if his treasonous Administration can ignorantly and corruptly keep on task.

Reactionary paranoia?  Well, 1600 Watch suggests not accepting anything 1600 Watch points out – or anyone else for that matter – just look at “what they do”.  What Barack Hussein Obama does seldom matches what he says, although admittedly what he says is difficult to comprehend as it is consistently vague, disjointed and unrelated to the stated purpose of his many teleprompter read speeches – hundreds of them.

Dr. Michael Savage has claimed that “liberalism is a mental disorder”.  If Savage is incorrect, as many say with great hostility, then please explain why the following are  occurring?  One final assumption is that people suffering from a mental disorder will think or act “irrationally” at least some of the time.

As a starting point, please assume the major countries of the world (at least the G20) are led by mature adults, a stretch I know, but be gracious and assume it anyway;  and acknowledging that all of these countries have blindly fallen victim to the specious doctrine of unproductive and historically unworkable socialism, we make note of the following observations.

  • The world’s G20 leaders, including Barack Hussein Obama are meeting in Canada this week, on the heels of this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting, to discuss the problems resulting from their collective slide into intentional bankruptcy.  The allegedly brilliant Obama recommends to this august group, significantly more Keynesian borrowing and irresponsible government spending as the only obvious cure for problems unarguably caused by “too much spending”.  This is like handing a drowning child a cup of water or trying to put out a blazing fire by pouring gasoline on it.  Is this not irrational?
  • Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration promised 4 million new jobs if they were authorized to steal and spend nearly $1 trillion  tax payer dollars. They were not authorized, but did it anyway.  Much of this money is now a permanent rolling slush fund for under the table pay offs to friends of government.  Over the past 18 months we have lost 4 million jobs, which is 8 million jobs short of Obama projections.  The Administration is now pushing for more Keynesian spending and theft of even more taxpayer dollars to supposedly create more jobs.  Is this rational?
  • The Obama Administration talks daily about “green jobs” and the precious environment.  We are approaching 2 1/2 months into the Gulf Oil Leak and the best and brightest of  Obama’s experts have not figured out how to separate oil from water, confine the oil and prevent it from reaching shore.  Really?  Are the environmentalists aware that BP is adding highly toxic dispersants to the gushing oil leak?  These dispersants increase the specific gravity of the leaking oil mixture, causing the oil to form unmanageable plumes beneath the sea’s surface.  This criminal negligence and environmental horror show is not even commented on by Obama’s regulatory agencies.  The freedom toxic Obama Regime solution to what is now melodramatically referred to as the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history is to discuss damage claims and future green jobs and to appoint a slush fund czar to oversee allocating monies stolen from BP to friends of government;  all with no Congressional oversight, of course.  Is this rational behavior on the part of a man who is, or at least was, the most powerful person in the world?
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein remarked just this morning on Fox News Sunday, that the Afghanistan Taliban is part terrorist group and part narco-cartel.  Are you folks aware that according to Asian Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2000 / 2001, prior to U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, the Taliban, working with the Afghan government had reduced Afghan poppy cultivation by 94% to a historic low of approximately 6,500 hectares.  Today, after nearly 10-years of U.S. military involvement and the vehement U.S.  war on drugs, Afghan poppy cultivation is now at a historic high of nearly 175,000 hectares and additionally,  the current per hectare yields are through the roof.  Does this strike you as rational, truthful leadership?… or does this factoid perhaps cause you to wonder “what are our children and many Afghan people dying for in Afghanistan”?
  • Afghanistan historically produces about 92% of the world’s poppies.  According to IMF, international money laundering totals between $590 billion and $1.5 trillion annually.  A significant portion of this unadvertised international banking business is derived from the world narcotics trade.  Is it rational to believe that the good intentions and generosity of the U.S. military and the American people are being used solely to promote freedom in the world, particularly Afghanistan?
  • In 1871 Albert Pike allegedly wrote a letter discussing the motivation and reasoning behind future World Wars I, II and III.  It matters not whether the letter was real.  It matters a great deal that the world’s international financial oligarchy was discussing this at all.  World War II was to establish the nation of Israel in the area known as Palestine.  WW III was to result directly from the Zionist / Arab conflict.  Is it rational that U.S. foreign policy insults our historic allies, particularly Israel, while embracing tyrannical dictatorships, such as Iran?
  • Prior to WW I all of Europe was bankrupt.  Not one European country was capable of financing a war.  The international banking oligarchy’s newly established Federal Reserve System in the U.S was used to finance all sides of WW I, including the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and later the rise of Hitler in Germany.  Today all major countries in the world are aggressively courting bankruptcy, while the politically correct Islamo-facists terrorize the planet.  Is it rational to ignor the conversations of 1871?  Is the U.S. policy of engaging radical Islam, while agonizing over potential domestic (citizen) terrorists such as those who believe in the U.S. Constitution, embrace Christianity, support the 1st and 2nd Amendments as accepted U.S. law, or support the right to live of the unborn are now threatened by their own Federal government’s Dept. of Homeland Security rational?
  • Are you afraid to send honest emails or make open cell phone calls to your friends and associates?  Are you being added to one of Janet Napolitano’s enemies watch lists because you mentioned the Constitution in an email?  Does your elected House or Senate Representative care what you and the citizenry think?  Does your Federal government represent “we the people”  or some unseen international financial oligarchy?  Is any of this acceptable to you?  Is any of this rational or legal under U.S. Rule of Law?
  • George W. Bush fought for the Patriot Act and other new laws from his 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue bully pulpit.  Why do these laws state that to protect me from acts of terrorism, Habeas corpus is suspended;  I can be accused of terrorism, arrested and incarcerated without recourse, without any charges being filed – indefinitely.  How does this provision of the law make me safer?  Is this rational?  Is this acceptable under U.S. Rule of Law?  Why do we as citizens accept this form of legalized threat to our unalienable rights?
  • Why did the Bush 43 Administration destroy the 1878 Posse Comitatis Act, which prevents U.S. military from attacking its own citizens?  Is this rational?  Is this necessary for our protection?  In what way?
  • For two solid years of campaigning Barack Hussein Obama maligned the George W. Bush Administration policies on Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, over-spending and government intervention into and invasion of privacy.  Today Obama still runs Guantanamo Bay, has escalated the Afghan war even onto re-hiring Bush’s top General, has spent four times what the Bush Administration spent and has made a mockery of citizen privacy.  The press says nothing.  Is this rational leadership?  Do you honestly still believe the United States has a functional two-party system either of which represents your interests?
  • On January 22, 2009, just two days following the swearing in of Barack Hussein Obama, Congressman Hastings of Florida proposed H.R. 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, which appropriates $180 billion for the construction of what are loosely termed “FEMA Camps”.   What are these camps for?  Is H.R. 645 rational?  How many of these camps have been built?  Where are these camps?  Who will be placed in these camps?  Who will guard these camps.  If these camps are to protect me, why do photos show double rows of concertina wire and guard towers – like any prison?  How does concertina wire protect citizens from flooding?  or from wind?  or from getting out?
  • If H.R. 645 is specious conspiracy theory, why does Haliburton claim contractual revenue of $2.5 billion to construct and mange existing FEMA camps?
  • Has the Supreme Court become a club for political hacks as opposed to a respected forum for Constitutional analysis? Is the Supreme Court capable, any longer, of acting in an objectively judicial manner in terms of “equal justice”?   Is this Court rational?

Are you beginning to suspect that your Federal government may be out of citizen control?  Is Washington D.C. so corrupt that it can no longer fix itself?  The answer is yes.  Washington D.C. and your corrupt Federal government has become too big to succeed.  The solution is State’s Rights.

Freedom To Do List:

Repeal the 17th Amendment.  States must appoint U.S. Senators for each State as written by the Founders in our Constitution.

Impose term limits and end the self agrandizement of career politicians.

Stop Re-districting (Gerry-mandering).  This is how 95% of corrupt,  incumbent Congressmen and women were reelected in 2008, in spite of 13% approval ratings.  Make your vote count.

Establish The Fair Tax.  End the IRS.  End The Federal Reserve System.

Enforce The Logan Act.  Make it illegal for international business cartels to influence American domestic and foreign policy through the back door.  Remove the criminal, international banking oligarchy from our political lives.

God Bless American Freedom!

The pity is not that the Gulf Oil Leak occurred;  things happen.  The pity is the willful decision not to confine the spill.  Oil has a lower specific gravity than sea water.  It therefore floats on the surface of the sea.  It separates itself with no assistance from the White House or BP required. Neither ignorance nor incompetence will cause it to sink or mix.   Two fifth graders and a row boat could have confined the spill to the area of the leak, contained it and made it possible to clean up with minimal environmental consequence outside a couple of square miles surrounding the leak…

…but that’s not what happened.  Instead, the Federal government of the United States led by the White House “bully pulpit” chose to talk, talk some more, golf, eat hamburgers, pose for photo op’s;  and do absolutely nothing, except;   to delay, subvert, hinder and actually prevent States and local communities from taking constructive action to prevent or at least control environmental damage – and of course, BLAME.

Any reasonable adult knows or  can quickly grasp that Priority One is “STOP THE LEAK”.  Priority Two is “CONTAIN THE SPILL AND LIMIT DAMAGE”.  Priority Three is “CLEAN IT UP”.  Nothing here a Harvard Law grad or a 535 member Congress could fail to grasp.  If Priority One is impossible for the time being;  Priorities Two and Three still stand.  Not a problem for a reasonable adult; but apparently an impossible task for BP, our Executive Branch and the entirety of Congress.  WHY?

As usual, to answer this one word loaded question, follow the financial wealth to be gained and follow the political wealth to be gained.  Both trails lead to the same destination.  That destination is George Soros and friends.

Brazil’s Petrobras is the immediate and obvious big lottery winner.  Georgie invested something like $900 million in Petrogras and additionally conned the corrupt Obama Administration into approving $2 billion stolen U.S. tax payer dollars to assist Petrogras with “deep ocean drilling”;  the same “drilling” the Administration is attempting to stop U.S. companies from doing.  Does the term “conflict of interest” come to mind? Apparently not in any meaningful way to the prostitutes we have elected to represent “we the people”.

The big geo-political lottery winner is also the irrational Georgie and friends.  By using the incompetent Obama Administration and our ignorant, corrupt Congress to use this environmental catastrophe to greatest possible ideological advantage, the Globalists win big.  We’ll see an enormous push by Georgie’s Congressional pets to quickly pass enormously Draconian environmental regulations, which will further erode our Constitutionally recognized freedoms, while establishing profitable subsidies for energy companies grifted from the tax payer under the guise of protecting them and the environment.

We are about to witness an enormous proof that the leaders of the environmental movement are all about money for themselves and easily controlled, centralized (socialized) government power for the little people;  which of course means even more money for themselves down the road.  The rank and file environmentalist who actually cares about the environment will continue to be played like a cheap violin with their gullible votes being used to maintain power by an international group of brutally dangerous, mentally unstable, unimaginably greedy criminals.

The good hearted intentions of the American people are being used and mis-directed to install and enforce an ideological agenda, which is intended to ultimately reduce the U.S. population to two classes;  the uber rich and the indentured servants, with nothing in between.  Barack Hussein Obama is unfortunately the pied piper for this heartless, inhuman agenda.  He has been in training for decades and sold his soul many, many years ago.  He is to all appearances, lost.

The question becomes, “IS AMERICA LOST?”  And if she is, “CAN SHE BE FOUND AGAIN?”

The President of the United States is the Chief Executive and Commander In Chief of U.S. armed forces.  From his oval office in the West Wing of “the people’s” White House his job is to lead and guide the citizens who elected him or her to such high office.  That office is located at such a height and carries with it such responsibility that to be seated within this oval office in order to enter into execution of these responsibilities requires a sworn oath be given before God and Country.  This Oath or Affirmation is clearly stated in black and white in Article 2, Section 1 of our Constitution.  The Presidential Oath declares:  “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Is this oath not straight forward and clear?  Is it possible for a graduate of Harvard Law to grasp its subtlety? I think so.  It is the duty of the President of the United States as Commander in Chief of our armed forces to lead Congress and for them to protect and defend the borders of the United States.  All borders.  Barack Hussein Obama has stated that he will not protect the southern border of these United States against an illegal invasion, armed or unarmed (my words), as such protection would undermine his Marxist (my word) political agenda in achieving what he euphemistically refers to as “comprehensive immigration reform”.  This is a violation of his Presidential Oath of Office.  This is not acceptable.

As an important aside, Barack Obama claims to be a Muslim.  As a Muslim he is then subject to Sharia Law.  Sharia Law recognizes no other law.  Barack Hussein Obama, in taking his Presidential Oath of Office, violated that oath just in taking it.  The Presidential Oath is a part of our U.S. Rule of Law as given by our Constitution.  No true or devout Muslim can honestly take an oath to obey any law outside Sharia Law.  This makes Barack Hussein Obama a liar and a fraud.  He either mocks U.S. Law or he mocks Sharia Law.  Perhaps only he knows which.  You may also want to make note of the fact that in many Muslim countries it is perfectly acceptable, even laudable, for any Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim in order to gain advantage.

Barack Hussein Obama openly states that he will not perform his duties as President of the United States.  He openly places his own political expediency in front of his sworn duty to the people of these United States.  His daily conduct and willful incompetence fully support what he states his priorities are.  This constitutes not only a complete abrogation of his scared Duty, but a recalcitrant and obstreperous refusal to carry out his elected responsibility to “we the people”.  This is not acceptable.  Does his reprehensible conduct constitute “adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort” under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution?  Is this treasonous behavior?  Does it sink to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors?

Barack Hussein Obama was never asked a real question by our mind numbed national press corps  during the entire two year period he campaigned for the Presidency.  Any journalist asking hard questions was immediately and publicly banned from campaign access.  This klan-like behavior should have raised obvious questions as to his veracity and motive;  but of course, once you’ve been indoctrinated at the Columbia School of Journalism or some other Progressive lobotomy factory, truth and fact become inconsequential.  Ideology trumps all;  even survival of self.

Obama and the self professed Marxists (their words) surrounding him were all negligently given a free pass.  The result is a sitting President no one knows.  A President whose citizenship is not even confirmed.  No one ever asked how it is that a lowly Illinois State Senator can afford to live in upscale Hyde Park.  How is it that Michelle Obama is granted an obscene six figure salary for a make-believe, part time job?  Why did a Saudi Royal Prince pay for Obama’s Harvard education?  How did this unknown, small time organizer raise more than $700 million dollars and take down the Clinton political machine?  Who is standing behind the curtain?  What do they want?  What does Barack Hussein Obama owe these unknown people?  Whom does he owe it to?  How far does it go?  How far will he go?  We have absolutely no idea, but we are now going to learn these answers the hard way.  Better that the press had performed its honest civic function.  Better that “we the people” had demanded it.

Our national debt is now unsustainably exceeding our GDP.  The environment has become nothing more than a Marxist political ploy for centralized government power. It appears the good men and women of our armed forces are being used as a private police force to protect the Afghan poppy fields.  For whose benefit we might ask?  Our currency is being destroyed.  U.S. credit worthiness is already non-existent.  The middle class / small business sector is aggressively being slaughtered by this Regime.  The laws of probability suggest that even the biggest fool will get it right occasionally.  The Obama Regime never gets it right.  They consistently and uniformly destroy everything they turn their attention to.  This is intentional, not accidental.  Is it treason?  You tell me, but in any case, the question should be asked or soon the possibility of our children growing up under the RULE OF LAW and the protection of a Constitutional Republic will vanish into the dust of  revisionist history that Barack Obama never bothered to study.  Is Obama’s lack of factual education and subsequent ignorance a valid excuse for his damaging behavior?

Barack Obama and those around him are indoctrinated fools.  What are we?

Commentary on:    The White House Blog    Keeping the Plan You Like By Kathleen Sebelius, June 14, 2010

Kathleen Sebelius, our 21st White House Secretary of Health and Human Services, named by in August of 2009 as the 57th most powerful woman in the world offers (via her White House blog, noted above)  “we the people” her confident assurance that under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), President Obama has made it clear that  “we should build on the insurance system we have, keeping the parts that work and gradually fixing the parts that don’t”.

One might think that the very popular, former, two term Democrat Governor of typically Republican Kansas earned her popular approval ratings via a sincere honesty probably encouraged while a young, Roman Catholic school girl in Cincinnati, Ohio; or perhaps it was due to the unfortunate loss of childhood honesty so often strangled by the deliberate drumbeat of moral relativism, whereby the ends easily justify the means regardless the cost to human dignity or the lessons of history.

In either case, you may recall that the Senate version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2009 with all Senate Democrats and Independents voting for and Republicans against (60 – 39) Harry Reid’s deceitful Christmas hoax.  The House version later passed (219 – 212)  amid much back-room arm twisting on March 21, 2010 with the so-called Reconciliation Bill (± 2,400 pages) finally signed, unread, into law by President Barack Hussein Obama on March 30, 2010.

I thank Secretary Sebelius for her kind assurances, and hope for my children’s sake, they are accurate and honest.  Common sense and Marxist history, however, suggest otherwise.

First of all, given that the august expression of nearly 5,000-years of Judeo/Christian societal experience and moral law, some portion of which is contained within our U.S. Constitution, has been clearly stated in only several concise, well written pages;  any new law requiring approximately 2,400 pages to express itself less clearly becomes suspect.  I was told once that if an idea can’t be stated in one paragraph, it’s most likely a lie;  or at the least a waste of time.  This PPACA legislation has a lot of paragraphs.

I don’t maintain, common sense aside, that all legislation must consist of one paragraph or less.  I do maintain that 2,400 pages leaves a lot of room for subterfuge, ulterior motives and troublesome word smithing with regard to the possible undermining of freedom and individual liberty.  Anyway, let’s take a look at our 21st Secretary’s assurance.

“The Affordable Care Act is designed to let Americans keep their health insurance if they like it while adding important consumer benefits to give businesses, families and individuals higher quality care at lower prices and more control over their own care.”

Today, for the most part a patient makes health care decisions face to face with their physician(s).  Admittedly, and unfortunately, in many, if not most cases, likely financial limitations and/or care restrictions are imposed by insurance coverage and must be dealt with.  This is true even if the patient does not have health insurance and is to be covered by a State Access program or some other mechanism.  None the less, care is personal, is easily discussed and the two main issues of service availability and cost can be overcome.

Tomorrow, under 2014’s PPACA, depending on whose opinion you solicit, somewhere between 75 and 150 new government decision making agencies are to be generously staffed and impersonally inserted between the patient and physician(s).  More than 16,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents are to be hired just to monitor and I suppose interfere with and confuse, patient’s financial reporting.  Actual budget analysis will be non-existent.

In other words, many thousands of new Federal government employees, none of whom exist now, are to be added to the government patronage feeding trough to dine and retire on your hard earned tax dollars.  It should be noted that the average salary of these government employees will be around $73,000 annually as opposed to the paltry $45,000 earned annually in the private sector. This must be how some of the projected savings is to be achieved, although I don’t personally understand the arithmetic.

These new employees will require training, transportation, parking, office space, water coolers to chat by, coffee and other refreshments, break rooms, rest rooms, phones, computers, lights, electricity, heating and air conditioning, salaries, lunch, vacation pay, retirement benefits and everything else any highly paid government bureaucrat requires to survive.  This is all “added cost”.  If you wish to believe that the addition of this explosion of government agencies will expedite the provision of your family’s health care; or somehow personalize your patient/doctor relationship; and, of course, reduce your cost; well, great.  I personally suspect not.

PPACA mandates private insurers to meet certain new requirements, such as, the elimination of all “pre-existing” condition clauses; elimination of lifetime or annual coverage limits; elimination of variable rates based on health factors, gender or other factors.  Premiums will be allowed to vary based only upon age, geography and family size.  This may be wonderful, but right or wrong, good or bad; the addition of these mandates will increase the number, extent and types of health care coverage required to be provided.  These new coverage mandates are all “added cost”.  For private providers to remain in business, insurance actuaries will have to estimate and prorate a much larger number of unknown, unlimited costs across their now very limited PPACA premium base.  This is all “added cost” without regard to revenue and is certain to be a successful strategy, much like denial cures alcoholism.

The new Federal Health Insurance Exchange beginning in 2014 is to provide a marketplace for individuals and small businesses to conveniently comparison shop between private and government options.  Supposedly, the government option levels the playing field as it is to be funded 100% by patient premiums.  Has anyone ever heard of a Federal government mandate that was not accompanied by special interest subsidies borne by the tax payer?  I certainly have not.  Has anyone ever heard of a government program that could accomplish anything faster, better and less expensively than the private sector can?  I have not.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Common sense as well as economic history suggest that the new Exchange with its arbitrary rules, mandates, etc. will make it utterly impossible for any private provider to compete with the government option.  Within a few short years of enactment, although Secretary Sebelius assures us we can keep our private insurance if we like it;  there will be, in fact – no private insurance coverage available.  The only future option will be the “government” option along with a budding new black market in medical services for the uber wealthy.

Once our government has illegally demonstrated that it can and will “unconstitutionally” force all private insurers out of business;  and additionally and “unconstitutionally” force consumer citizens to purchase the government monopoly’s product;  can anyone imagine a future business foolish enough to trust, believe or risk that it could do business successfully in this market at some point in the future?  As a practical matter, once this intrusive, progressive, government monopoly is in place and has ground the pursuit of creative excellence to dust; there will no longer be a way or a path to fix it. When PPACA breaks…and it will predictably break, even before it gets started;  it will remain broken forever.

After all, let us remember that the farcical PPACA financial proforma also conveniently not mentioned by Secretary Sebelius was predicated on ten years of funding against six years of operation and thereby deemed by the blind and hopeless as “deficit neutral”.  This willfully misleading proforma would place any private corporation officers under SEC jurisdiction, whom might ignorantly have proposed it, in prison for fraud.  Our Congress, however, shamelessly and I guess proudly, ignores their fiduciary responsibility to the tax payer without legal consequence.  Welcome to collective utopia.

Much has been made of the “grandfathered” rights of existing private coverage under PPACA.  Given that premium increases, benefit reductions and other coverage changes are a certainty under the proposed mandates, one can be sure that no private program will ever be “grandfathered”.  This is Congressional smoke and mirrors; Marxist salesmanship; nothing more.

Secretary Sebelius further assures us under the new PPACA rules that:

“The bottom line is that under the Affordable Care Act, if you like your doctor and plan, you can keep them.  But if you aren’t satisfied with your insurance options today, the Affordable Care Act provides for better, more affordable health care choices through new consumer protections.  And beginning in 2014, it creates health insurance exchanges that will offer individuals and small businesses better, more affordable choices.”

Given the simple fact that 95% of individual health care costs are incurred during the last few years of life and given the aging demographic of the United States population;  short of government imposed health care rationing, it is simply preposterous for any person to suggest that overall health care costs in these United States are going to decrease any time soon.  There is no possible way this can happen;  PPACA or otherwise.  Secretary Sebelius’ claim that more affordable choices will be made available through consumer protections suggests that perhaps we should be prepared to bend over and grasp our ankles with an expectant smile.

For our Federal Representatives and Officials, elected or appointed, to claim overall health care costs are going to decrease over the next ten years constitutes a staggering level of dishonesty and a level of voter disrespect that is nearly incomprehensible.  Surely this is moral sophistry, political deceit and financial chicanery at their very totalitarian best.

The voter has been told repeatedly, though Secretary Sebelius conveniently does not mention it, that no rationing of health care services will occur under PPACA.  However, under the $830 billion unread stimulus bill passed in February of 2010, conveniently prior to the non-reading and passage of PPACA, a new Advisory Committee has already been authorized and is to be led by the Surgeon General or perhaps some new Czar sans Congressional oversight.  I believe this committee was named the Federal Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research.  This is, of course, your European style rationing committee, or as Sarah Palin so rudely puts it – Death Panel; though it truthfully was not authorized under PPACA, but earlier under the so called and entirely unrelated stimulus bill.  Another little dose of Congressional magic and moral relativism justified for the collective good of American society.

I sadly predict that if we continue working successfully toward the overall collective good of American society motivated by the shrill siren of social justice as opposed to equal justice;  we will all likely perish painfully while grasping our ankles, smiling vacantly and waiting in line for Secretary Sebelius’ assurance to finally come to fruition.

You have arrived at 1600 Watch;  the self appointed, U.S. citizen WATCH DOG for the protection of “The People’s” West Wing of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue;  the People’s House;  The White House;  Home to The President of The United States {POTUS} and the three-story offices of the Executive Branch of United States government.




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You have arrived at 1600 Watch; the self appointed, U.S. citizen WATCH DOG for the protection of “The People’s” West Wing of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; the People’s House; The White House; Home to The President of The United States {POTUS}, his or her family and the three-story offices of the Executive Branch of United States government.