1600 Watch Life Notes

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”  {Sitting Bull}

If Ted Nugent were President – things would be different.

Dragons in the Kitchen

“We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for Self-Government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.” 
{James Madison}

Help people out and ask them to Pay It Forward!

Let’s stop our mindless Federal government from helping us, because it’s not and it can’t.  It’s harvesting us on behalf of the Global Syndicate’s BANKING / WAR / SURVEILLANCE BUSINESS MODEL.  We can easily help ourselves and each other simply by making the choice. {Bruno K}

75% OR BUST!!!

“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

Gluten Free Salad

Workouts and Diet:
Currently hooked on kettle bell workouts (Pavel Psatsouline {Dragon Door} & Michael Skoggs) within a P.A.C.E. protocol (Dr. Al Sears) and Primal Diet per Primal Body, Primal Mind (Nora Gedgaudas) with daily dog walking.  Change up the workout – never do the same one twice – do each set till you’re panting, catch your breath and do some more – “No Fear.”  If your workout lasts more than 20 minutes you’re not being intense enough and will also burn less fat over the following 18 hours.  The PACE protocol (similar to interval training) burns fat, builds lean muscle and increases lung capacity.  Lung capacity is the number one marker for longevity.
At 5’11” – was 256 lbs., now 215 lbs.  The Primal diet is high saturated fat, moderate protein and low carbs.  I’m never hungry.

I’ll let you know how this is going as the program progresses, but so far very happy with it.  I feel great and my beautiful wife is happy to only have one of me instead of two for the price of one, which is pretty un-special.

1600 House Band
James Stanley Howen – Singer, Song Writer

1600 Favorite Family Band


1600 Theme Songs
John The Revelator – Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers (Damn, I love this song!)
Born Free – Kid Rock
Country Boy – Aaron Lewis
Free – Zac Brown Band

1600 Canine Favorite
Ol’ Red – Blake Shelton

1600 All Time Favs’
Astral Weeks, Van Morison
Moondance, Van Morison
Tupelo Honey, Van Morrison
Veedon Fleece, Van Morrison

1600’s Recommended Tunes
Anything by Apparitions
Anna Lee by Levon Helms (Originally The Band)
The Weight by Levon Helm
Rolling in the Deep – Adele
Summertime – Janis Joplin
Summertime – The Zombies
Anything by Van Morrison, Especially Sweet Thing
Anything by Joey De Francesco (favorite organist)
Anything by Nils Lofgren
Anything by Richie Sambora
Anything by harry connick, jr.
Anything by Bob Dylan
Stranglehold – Ted Nugent
16 Shells From a 30-06 – Bob Seger
Texas Flood – The Late Stevie Ray Vaughn
The Rising – Bruce Springsteen
Youngstown – Bruce Springsteen
Ballad of a Thin Man – Bob Dylan

1600 – Weekend Morning Ritual Always Shared With Lola on the Front Porch.

Saturday morning Coolidge, AZ. ritual.
Me, Lola, a Tito’s Bloody Mary and a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

1600 Watch Bloody Mary Assembled in this OCD Order {Measuring is not necessary – add to taste}
Good sized glass say 14 – 16 ounces – with wide bottom so you don’t tip it over
4 Ice cubes ( 3, if glass is only 12 ounces) {less than 12 ounces is ridiculous}
4 Ounces Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix or your own is even better
Lots of Celery Salt
1 Tablespoon Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (at least) or Annie’s Organic Worcestershire Sauce even better
1.5 Ounces of Tito’s Handmade or Ketel One Vodka  (No others will do)
1 Claussen (Kosher) Dill Pickle Spear (to stir with & eat at the end)***
2 Tablespoons Claussen dill pickle spear juice
A bit more Celery Salt
8 or so more ounces of Mr. & Mrs. T Original Bloody Mary Mix or your own

***The true Cadillac amenity, if you can get them, would be two or three pickled Brussels sprouts in place of the dill pickle.  I bumped into this delectable version in a small, log cabin bar near Northern Wisconsin’s  town of St. Germain in July 1972…never forgot the experience.

I used to add a few good shakes of Tabasco Sauce, but haven’t been of late.  Gettin’ more mellow I guess.
A bit of good, homemade horseradish sauce will kick ‘er up a notch, if you’re in the mood as will a large slice of smoked bacon (no nitrates please) or well made Elk Jerky.  It’s a meal in a glass.

Consume this consummate Bloody Mary slowly while listening to the wind, some good tunes or just being and if you’re a cigar aficionado, consider a…

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel, L=6 1/4″, Ring Size=54
or if budget is a little tight:
Rocky Patel Maduro, The Edge, L=51/4″, Ring Size=52

If this doesn’t make a weekend morning, nothing will…except maybe that special her or him.

“Courage is not the absence of fear.  It’s the presence of resolve, the presence of purpose.”  {Robert Perloff, U.S. Army, WWII}




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