1600 Watch Health Care Proposal


Regarding healthcare, Washington D.C. represents fraud, money laundering and monopolistic practices on behalf of corrupt transnational monopolies – never the people of Main Street or their care.  Repeal and get out.  If that answer is just too short, a slightly longer answer follows:

Here, in a blog shell, is the 1600 Watch Common Sense Health Care Proposal in less than 1,00 words.

1.  Allow all health insurance providers to sell health insurance plans across state lines to all individuals.  Let employers opt out of the employer provided insurance nightmare, dump the group concept and establish a single countrywide group of 325,000,000 people.  This will end government protected INTRAstate health insurance monopolies fostering competition.

2.  Promote establishment of private, free market, individual, named HEALTH CARE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS for all people in all states and educate young people as to the benefit of making small annual contributions toward their more elderly expenses each year.

3. Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase plans that do not include coverage for everyday primary care (family) medicine.  Note:  Insurance is to cover unforeseen or unusual circumstances – not every day occurrences.

4.  Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase catastrophic health insurance coverage for the big stuff, for specialists and for expensive lab work.  By eliminating or at least reducing provider liability for small stuff, reasonable premiums will be more able to cover the big stuff.

5.  Encourage Doctors and clinics to offer direct pay services (concierge services) to their patients on a monthly fee (retainer) basis for all day to day primary care services with only a small office visit fee per visit.  (The office visit should not be free so as to discourage overwhelming clinics with trivial concerns.)  This monthly fee can include an additional opt-in or voluntary monthly contribution to assist Doctors and clinics in providing services to those who simply cannot afford to pay.

Note that existing direct service medical plans in Tennessee and other states, including pharmacies are already being successfully offered around the country at fees ranging from $50 to $200 per month.  Prescriptions typically costing as much as $250 can and are being offered for less than $15 through these same private plans.  Go figure.

6.  Establish a Medicaid style Federal  health insurance coverage fund to be administered through each state.  This Federal fund would provide as much as $400 per month toward premiums to each of the 15,000,000 or so persons who would like health insurance coverage and cannot get it; and can also cover the high risk pool.  Obviously, our concept does not include illegal aliens.  This fund would cost tax payers approximately $72 billion annually – $720 billion over ten years – and solves the access-cost dilemma for the less fortunate. {Editor’s Note:  It’s an expensive socialist solution, but there may be no way around our dilemma at this point with 10,000 persons per day turning 65 years of age in the U.S.; and realizing more than 90% of all health care costs are typically incurred in the final decade of life.  Though personally abhorring collectivist spiritual annihilation and dependency conditioning, this type of financial assistance is at least direct to beneficiary and allows beneficiaries to knowledgeably shop medical services for him or herself, thereby reducing opportunities for government enabled fraud so commonly distributed throughout our present, unimaginably corrupt, non-transparent, gargantuanly unmanageable system.  What we often refer to as waste is not conventionally waste at all; it is pure fraud executed within a totalitarian system designed for and nurturing systemic fraud from the top down.  It can’t work for we the people.}

7.  Other than the Federal health insurance coverage fund (Item 6 above), all Federal government involvement and intervention in health care, including Medicare and Medicaid shall be eliminated.  The Veterans Administration could still provide services and hospitals for our veterans under its own program, but a much better, less costly, more convenient (for veterans and tax payers) solution is to ISSUE A VETERAN’S MEDICAL CARD to be used by any veteran at any doctor’s office, clinic, lab or hospital of their choosing.   The card would of course be funded by tax payers our military personnel protect and serve with their lives.

There you have it on one page.  Real solutions do not require 2,700 pages of unconstitutional law creating nearly 160 new Federal agencies, backed up by nearly 30,000 pages of regulatory insider crony spaghetti.  We also don’t need the Rationing Board created under the 2009 so-called Stimulus Bill.

Political Comment:
Allow private free markets and consumers to operate across state lines to deal with pre-existing conditions and caps for terminal illness and radical hospitalization expenses.  An actual free market will quickly sort it out through honest competition for consumers who provide the revenue stream for business success anyway.

Proponents of universal single payer government controlled health care insist that private free markets have failed the health care consumer in the United States. We ought take note of the fact that as established by 2011 CMS data, 36% of all U.S. health care costs are carried directly by government through Medicare and Medicaid.  53% of U.S. health care costs are borne through private health insurance and are under the central planning control of the Federal government established intrastate monopolies; or as some might call it – government protected PRICE FIXING.

In other words, 36% plus 53%, which totals 89% of all U.S. health care costs in 2011 involved Federal government control either directly or indirectly.  Only a seriously retarded victim of public school conditioning, robbed of their once bright future can call this a free market with a straight face.  THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT HAVE FREE MARKETS IN HEALTH CARE INSURANCE IN 2017.  PERIOD.  DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Federal government intervention is the DIRECT cause of MOST fraud, cost and access problems in American monopolized health care.  More government intervention will worsen the fraud problem.  Private free markets have always been and will always be the correct, most competitive, most cost effective solution.  Please don’t swallow the thought conditioned delusion of academic simpletons living apart from and without accountability to the real world we must live in.


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