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It would be helpful for Americans to realize our White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Circus are stuffed with cowardly,  integrity challenged pawns representing, not we the people; but exclusively, the greediest of earth’s transnational monopolies, plutocratically controlled by eight Oligarchy families, contemptibly managed through their pathologically ill subordinates.

For ECONOMIC HEALTH  and WELL-BEING of family and friends, think LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL!  Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts offers non-divisive, constructive suggestions for invigorating local economies.  Check out her Solari Report.  Please DEFUND and STOP supporting trans-national monopolies and their Fascist control of cowardly, parasitic politicians through corrupt appointed bureaucrats (ADMINISTRATIVE DICTATORSHIP) by not purchasing products and services (whenever possible) from them…. and please don’t confuse free market capitalism with government protected, insider privileged Fascism.

TO BE FULLY HUMAN per DIVINE PROVIDENCE requires reason and the active use of imagination generously employed to creatively make our world a better, safer, more abundant, more loving place for everyone and everything through a process of self-actualization and spiritual growth.  Check out Mr. Jon Rappoport at http://nomorefakenews.com/, who has lived up to his human responsibilities for several persistently courageous decades.  His collection entitled POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX should be required course material for every high school in America – but of course, our pathetic school boards and administrations no longer EDUCATE or teach HOW TO THINK; but instead CONDITION young people WHAT TO THINK and even more unfortunately, NOT TO THINK AT ALL.  Mr. Rappoport can help overcome this dehumanizing, Tavistock / Frankfurt School driven dilemma robbing our young ones of their unalienable rights.



“Time to stop being good Democrats or good Republicans.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”  {paraphrased statement by the late Aaron Russo}

We should pay attention to what Mr. Russo told us.  The United States is now human history’s largest, most expensive, most globally corrupt banana republic, primarily because most citizens are media conditioned to accept the impoverished, free roaming, feudal state the world’s inbred Plutocracy is attempting to impose – via R & D lies, citizen apathy and government bureaucrat coercion (unconstitutional regulation).  If our children are to have any chance at the freedom we Baby Boomers (including myself) are giving away – it’s imperative we WAKE UP to the singular notion that every CENTRAL BANK on earth is designed by the world’s dynastic families to DOMINATE its host government using debt money to create dependency – and through that host / parasite relationship – DOMINATE its political leaders (pawns), population and resources.  “We the people” of Main Street are being harvested by the Oligarchy.

This systemically corrupt form of parasitism must be recognized by WE THE PEOPLE  as THE ROOT PROBLEM… or as an engineer, I assure you, it cannot be remedied.  Discussing symptoms as media talking heads lead us to, fails 100% to effectively address real causes of our steadily encroaching impoverishment and government controlled lives.  Ignorance, passivity, hatred and disrespect for one another are not solutions.  Failure to recognize the root cause of D.C.’s infection and our own ailment is the direct path to never implementing the cure.  The cure is informed, vigilant citizen participation in government DEMANDING and EXPECTING honest, elected REPRESENTATION and TAKING BACK SELF-GOVERNMENT from the Oligarchic Monopolies and Pathological Pawns we mistakenly gave it to .  Realize that exercising reason in the search for TRUTH is our best protection against Fascist brainwashing as conducted by the Plutocracy through heinous groups such as The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and Frankfurt School (of Critical Social Theory).  This requires spending less than 6-hours per day in front of the conditioning tube (TV), which is rendering us stupid. {True.  Look it up.}

F.Y.I ; 1600 Watch occasionally shares observations regarding obscene activities our cowardly, treasonous White House (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) engages in as it misuses American diplomatic power, military might and wealth, enabling rape of world resources and crippling entire populations on behalf of its unconscionable Plutocratic controllers, aided by dishonest media they own and control.  I also observe our pathetically corrupt, ridiculously privileged Ruling Class Pawns, elected and appointed career criminals really,  foolishly called Representatives, squandering their expensive time pandering; slavishly drooling as they consider which Bankster’s expensive shoes they will dutifully lick today.

Full time D.C. employment, circa 2016, generally consists of chasing insider trading deals and lucrative future postings with greedy, international conglomerate monopolies as soulless reward for complicit cowardice in cheating American tax payers, laundering weapons-oil-narco dollars and stealing our children’s future; all while busily sentencing those same children to brutal deaths servicing the pathologically ill, BANKING / OIL / WAR BUSINESS MODEL, which pathetically and arrogantly masquerades before the uninformed as noble spreading of freedom and democracy – instead of unacknowledged resource pillaging by dynastic families it is.  Some say I’m cynical… and they may be correct, though recognizing the UNHOLY political reality we gullibly and regularly vote for is not cynicism; it’s fact.

I am a professional civil engineer by degree and training, not expert in socioeconomics or politics.  All commentary here is predicated on hard earned, studied personal bias.  1600 Watch is not a current event news website, is Libertarian in perspective (though L’s are being ruined by collectivist trolls just as R’s & D’s) and has no respect for the Plutocratically funded, treasonously operated Democrat and Republican Parties, which despite meaningless, discordant rhetoric, serve only the Elite Globalist Agenda; i.e., the pathetic BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL perpetuated by the world’s inbred dynastic families.  Pandering rhetoric aside to paraphrase Mr. Ron Paul, a Third Party is required to have two Parties.  There is no functional balance of power remaining in D.C.  – only the bleached, skeletal remains of a once proud three branches of government.  We the people may wish to consider fixing this.  Mr. Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty could be a start; we’ll see?

I don’t accept money from anyone and write when I feel like it.  Lately, that’s more on screen plays than blogging hence my output has dropped off.  Sorry.  It’s important we realize the inbred pathologically ill Elite and their corrupt, pathologically ill, politician pawns and bureaucrat thugs are not the problem.  We our uninformed selves are the problem.  Eustace Mullins noted “money is not power; knowledge is power”.  I’ll add knowledge only becomes power when knowledge is put to constructive use by vigilant citizens.  WE MUST PROD OURSELVES INTO WAKEFULNESS, ENABLING OUR KNOWLEDGE OF AMERICAN POLITICAL REALITY TO GROW – OR OUR EXPERIMENT IN SELF GOVERNMENT IS OVER.  Game over in the U.S. is game over across the world.  Is this who we are?  I don’t think so! Thanks so much for visiting.

Editor’s Note:  The greedy, dysfunctional, destructive political reality of Washington D.C. cannot be returned to effective self-government by the people, for the people without addressing the simple fact that since 1913, our Central Bank, the privately owned Federal Reserve System DOMINATES our government at the behest of a small group of eight dynastic families for their own AGENDA – and that STATED AGENDA IS CONTROL OF ALL WORLD RESOURCES AND PEOPLE (useless eaters) IN A STATE OF COLLECTIVE FEUDALISM.  This agenda is the agenda regardless what a central bank could be or should be.  This is reality – until we learn to say NO and CHANGE it.

“Free people are never equal.  Equal people cannot be free.”  (Unknown Source)

“Everybody’s always confused about the purpose of life. It’s ridiculous. Just don’t be a prick and everything will be great.”  {Brian M.}

“There is no distinctly Native American criminal class, save Congress.”  {Samuel Langhorne Clemens [Mark Twain] (1835 – 1910)}
Unfortunately, not even Twain asks WHO owns Congress?

“What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.”  {Edward Langley, Artist, (1928 – 1995)}

2016 Presidential Race:
Hillary is a known, life long career criminal engaged full time in the politics of self enrichment under the hilarious mask of government service.  No intelligent person would allow her to clean their chicken coop because once inside she’ll starve your chickens and steal you blind.  Pure treasonous trash.  It’s hard imagining that even the inbred Elite are self-destructive enough to want this envious, Elite wanna-be, delusional psychopath in the White House.  Then again, dumber things have happened.

Though I WISH Trump a rogue, I doubt it.  Please prove me wrong on this supposition Mr. Trump!  For our children’s sake I truly want to be wrong on this; BUT I cannot imagine why The Donald is willing to wreck his professional ego on what will surely become  historic rocky shoals of an inevitable U.S. economic downturn for which the 45th President will be blamed.  I’m not an economics guy, but it appears there is no way of stopping economic crash and burn at this point.  The Donald wanting to be President makes no sense and has led me to conclude Mr. Trump is most likely an Establishment Shill, no different than the others.  I DO HOPE I’M INCORRECT ON THIS!  I would love for The Donald to be real, bringing Main Street the transparency, integrity, testicular fortitude and leadership we so desperately need.  If you are Real Mr. Trump – I wish you God Speed and great success.  The difficulty of course, will be keeping you alive as Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy found out the hard way.

EDITOR’S SIDE NOTE:  No question, Oligarchy family world views are split.  It appears the century-old, Black Hat, David Rockefeller/Zbigniew  Brzezinski/Henry Kissinger and friends old guard is dying off.  It’s possible a White Hat, or at least somewhat less vicious Tan Hat, new guard is coming online, realizing that centralized NWO tunnel vision is causing the Plutocracy to eat its own tail.  There is evidence suggesting Hillary is firmly on the Black Hat team and Trump may be working for the White Hat team.  Unconstitutionally/treasonously messed up, but Trump may be better for Main Street than war-monger, U.S.-for-sale, Benghazi Hillary.  Listen closely to what these two candidates say and don’t say – you’ll see what I’m getting at.

HUMAN IMAGINATION, SPIRITUAL AWARENESS & DISCERNMENT, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY,  HONOR, COURAGE, GENEROSITY AND PERSEVERANCE ARE THE INGREDIENTS NEEDED to create limitless opportunity, abundance, happiness and to nurture peaceful, loving co-existence on earth!  Each of these ingredients live inside us, inside every single one of us, are readily available to us at all times and can be called forth by our own will as granted by Divine Providence in sharing our Divine human gift of creation.  This ability and power to create and love requires free will and so, constitutes an enormous responsibility and burden to discipline ourselves carefully, with generosity and kindness.

Humans are complicated spiritual creatures living in physical bodies (at least for a time) and there are a lot of us, so practical nuisances like governments and politicians may be necessary evils in terms of organized societal logistics, but ought never be granted more than the absolute minimum responsibility and authority to aid OUR societies in fostering peaceful abundance for all citizens and neighbors.  Is this really so freaking complicated we can’t do it?  I mean – maybe we should get over ourselves, slow down and actually think for a minute because we have made an embarrassing mess of things and ought to fix it.  Can we agree on that?  If we don’t fix it, who will?

Do we actually accept that 435 adults sitting in the House of Representatives, 100 more in the U.S. Senate, 9 in the Supreme Court and 1 more in our White House cannot together, solve one freaking problem…not a single freaking one…ever?  In fact, these 545 pathologically corrupt weasels make every problem worse at every possible turn – except for filling those bottomless Dynastic family coffers.  We are all in a self induced coma (with a little help from Tavistock) if we can’t see the lack of problem solving, decency and ongoing create-a-useful-crisis program are chosen agendas, not unsolvable problems.  Poverty and war are political choices made by ourselves or by those we allow to govern on our behalf, not unstoppable events and certainly not Acts-of-God.  This destructive merry-go-round program is a series of bad choices made by delusional folks who have lost their way and should know better.  Our country is being bankrupted and used for evil around the world because corrupt fools we choose to elect are choosing to bankrupt it and use our resources improperly.  We must learn to say NO to bad stuff and YES to good stuff;  or all we will be left with is bad stuff.  Bad stuff is a choice, never a societal obligation.

Editor’s Note:  This first page is virtually endless.  I’ve been compulsively adding to it for a long while.  I’m apparently an incurable  idea hoarder.  Read on if you dare.

The Establishment Right (usually Republicans) represent the world’s inbred Elite (not us on Main Street) who build, for the most part,  the international conglomerate monopolies of the world and utilize government (read tax payer funded) agencies such as the CIA, MI6, KGB and MOSSAD along with military intervention to research business possibilities, manipulate citizens, enable and protect those monopolies, basically risk free.  The so-called Anti-Establishment Left (usually Democrats) also on behalf of the Elite (not us on Main Street) then create and manage additional government (read tax payer funded) agencies to tax and regulate potential Main Street competition out of the marketplace and assist in price fixing fraud for the monopolies, all while protecting and sometimes promoting those same monopolies they claim to be fighting.

This is Fascist Amerika today.  Washington D.C. represents only the Oligarchy.  Main Street Amerikan citizens have zero representation in Washington D.C. today and we have chosen to make ourselves amenable to manipulation and abuse by the psychopaths we irresponsibly elect to public office as well as by the overpaid psychopaths appointed by the elected psychopaths to run the American Administrative Dictatorship we outlandishly still think of as self-government.  This pathetic history is astonishing.

Sadly, many Americans today are conditioned (or entrained) to believe capitalism has failed and given us greedy monopolies.  The fact is, anyone born in America since 1913 has never experienced capitalism. They’ve only survived materialistic, spiritually devastating Fascism with its corrupt, top down, centrally planned, regulatory agency controlled, monopoly protections.  In other parts of the world, it’s either Fascism or some form of Socialism, Fascism’s ugly sister.  Monopoly cannot compete with real Main Street business ventures under a free market, level capitalist playing field, refereed by a Constitutional Republic.  Our systemically criminal, Fascist American Administrative Dictatorship insures our Republic is dysfunctional, the playing field is never level and does not tolerate potential Main Street competition of any sort.  This is the only way monopoly can survive.  Monopoly must cheat to survive.  Today, in the United States, we have no idea what capitalism is or how it might work.  As Elite controller, John D. Rockefeller once tellingly commented, “competition is a sin”.  The pawns, elected and appointed, desperately trolling Washington D.C. for Elite boot soles to lick, are treasonously laboring to make sure this sin of competition is eradicated for Elite convenience…and delusion.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” {Thomas Jefferson}

“Fascism / Socialism is (are) legislated selfishness and greed for the purpose of top-down control of the many by the few.”  {Bruce K.}
Fascism / Socialism drives us to hungrily want what others have – to desperately and greedily pry whatever we can from the system – as we ourselves have limited or no economic opportunities for betterment or even maintenance.  All forms of Marxism force us to fight for scraps from a single collectivist pie in a mediocre, government regulated world of materialistic greed ruled by unelected, insecure, overpaid, corrupt bureaucrats who believe taxation (wealth confiscation) the answer to every problem.  It is Administrative Dictatorship.
It forces us to abhor creativity; to greedily compete without imagination, honor, dignity or hope.  To be taken care of is to be a slave, no better than any barn animal; whether or not we work;  and whether our shackles are steel chains or our own unexcercised mind.

“Capitalism is unfettered generosity for the purpose of bottom-up opportunity for the many, including the few – even when abused by fools.”  {Bruce K.}
Capitalism is anarchy with rules and drives us to create what others need or want.  Free market success is obtainable only by successfully providing what someone else needs or wants at a price they are willing to pay.  Capitalism enables us to create all the pies we desire for others as well as our selves.  It lifts anyone who dares pursue excellence out of poverty by providing educational and economic opportunity for all who want it and are willing to put forth honest effort to obtain it.  It comprehends that limited government and limited taxation guarantee  freedom, economic independence, opportunity and aspirations for our future and our children’s future.
It urges generously using our imagination to create and develop our lives with human dignity, honor and hope. 
No one born since 1913 has ever lived under free market capitalism and therefore has no idea as to its incredible power for creating abundance.
Editor’s Note:  Capitalism itself is a complicated concept and has evolved through history per Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope (page 28 in my edition) through the following overlapping phases:

Manorial (Agrarian)               670 —                    Custom
Commercial Capitalism        a. 1050 – 1270      Municipal Mercantilism
b. 1440 – 1690      State Mercantilism
Industrial Capitalism             1770 – 1870          Private Ownership
Financial Capitalism              1850 – 1932           Bankers
Monopoly Capitalism            1890 – 1950           Managers
Pluralist Economy                   1934 – Present    Technocrats
Mass media, dependent on the good favor of the Elite to maintain its lucrative, protected lifestyle, is effectively abused by the world’s monopoly controllers as a loud, repetitive, discordant blow horn creating a mind numbing, trance-like, thought conditioned, pseudo-reality for countless millions of disillusioned people, trapping us within our frozen minds, much like a preborn chick contained within its shell, inside which, nothing real is seen except the comforting, limiting, inside of the egg — until one day the baby chick breaks free of its confining shell, embraces its life and discovers the world’s reality, which unlike the comforting inside of the shell, is limitless.  The chick was not supposed to discover this limitless aspect of life – ever.  The Elite wish nothing more than for us useless eaters, their feudal serfs, to diligently, mindlessly labor on their behalf, trapped within the comfortable confines of our Tavistock created egg shells, oblivious to our own human potential.  The Elite and their surreptitious drones work tirelessly, desperately to prevent even one useless eater from ever cracking their tiny shell, thereby exposing the limitless, imaginative world of opportunity, freedom, creativity and abundance surrounding them.

Of course, the inbred Elite, raised from entitled birth to be special, are apparently too ignorant and narrow minded to realize that by returning earth to a feudal society within today’s technological world, there will be no one to purchase the products of their monopolistic endeavors nor to build their castles, ship and cars, nor feed them culinary delights.  In other words, the Elite are like a blind, famished serpent eating its own tail until one day, to its wonderment – its own head falls uselessly to the ground.  They suspect useless eaters can be eliminated;  replaced by robotic pseudo-life forms who don’t vote or make silly demands for food, clothing or shelter…certainly not freedom…but they are mistaken…and some of them know this…and now the Elite Oligarchy is itself divided and uncertain of which foolish path to take.  The Oligarchy is doomed by its own inbred ignorance, small-minded greed and narcissistic delusion.  Imagination will eventually win making our world a better place – if we, the world’s surplus population (per Bertrand Russell) never give up and never quit choosing good over bad.  We must choose Imagination over blind acceptance of technocracy as our new religion…or our children remain condemned serfs.

As long as media propaganda created egg shells successfully numb our minds and enclose our perceived reality, never to be cracked by creative thought – brute force, cattle cars and gulags will never be necessary.  Turning off our conditioning tubes (TV) and radios, breaking out of our mind numbed shells and opening our minds to the infinite possibilities of the real world will have consequences – positive and negative;  just as choosing (yes, it’s a choice) to remain locked within our propaganda shells has predetermined negative consequences.  Ram Dass once remarked; if we believe we are free;  no escape is possible – and we the people, in the warped hands of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations are proving this maxim correct.  In choosing our shells we barely survive, blind to imagination, unaware of  our own potential, our birth rite by Divine Providence – trapped within the collective quagmire created by the delusional Elite and built with our own uninformed hands.  Dare we risk breaking out of our shells?

I would imagine the single most insightful, intelligent thing any American citizen could say to his or her Federal government today is, “I WILL NOT COMPLY”.  Compliance with coerced collectivism is abandonment of personal responsibility, imagination, creativity, opportunity, love and generosity in exchange for equally distributed poverty, mediocrity, hopelessness, spiritual devastation, greed and comatose subsistence as willing serfs crushed into regulatory dust by a Fascist Federal government controlled by international conglomerate monopolies, in turn directed by inbred Elite criminals, or as some would say, philanthropists and their pathetic pawns, referred to as elected Representatives or Presidential appointees.

The Roman Republic lasted from 509 B.C. until about 27 B.C. The  Roman Empire (dictatorship) then collapsed about 476 A.D. (+/- depending which historian you’re reading) after which, the flagship economic system employed throughout the known world became feudal serfdom, the signature of which was NO PROPERTY OWNERSHIP BY THE UNWASHED MASSES.  This changed with the slow advent of Capitalism in Western Europe (see table above) through the Middle Ages, the signature of which remains PROPERTY OWNERSHIP BY THE MASSES.  The Elite, yesterday’s nobility if you will, were forced to allow private property ownership, both to avoid the many thousands of inevitable pitchforks, but also to sustain their own wealth.  Yesterday’s nobility became merchants, bankers and industrialists and as such are dependent on the masses they detest to purchase their products and services, thereby sustaining their wealth and royal life style.

Socialism is an attempt by the Elite to walk back what they view as a mistake in permitting legal rights and wealth accumulation by the masses of what Bertrand Russel termed useless eaters and excess population.  Top down, centrally planned, collectivist style governments are easily manipulated, providing an excellent vehicle for brain washing the masses to believe they owe everything to and are beholden to “government”;  that is, the Elite who lurk, unseen, just behind the government scenes soaking up all resources and wealth for themselves.  Things such as Constitutional Republics, free market capitalism and the Judeo/Christian religions must all be stamped out of existence because they uniformly teach self actualization, self sufficiency and individual responsibility – all of which are anathema to dictatorial collectivist control of intentionally uninformed, ill-educated, socially conditioned, unwashed masses.

Collectivism (Communism, Socialism, Fascism, etc.) was (or were) created by and are used by the world’s Elite families employing their Oligarchies in conjunction with political pawns, media dolts and delusional academics to regain their lost feudal serf system, whereby THE MASSES WILL AGAIN BE FORBIDDEN TO OWN PROPERTY.  This is why the world’s WEALTHIEST Elite families funded the Bolshevik Revolution, Mao’s Revolution, Mr. Hitler, etc. – and it’s why our Fascist monopoly controlled government(s) today are conditioning THE MASSES to vote for their own Collectivist impoverishment – excepting the Elite and their generously rewarded pawns who sit on top of the human dung heap.  What we see happening in Washington D.C. today (the new Versailles) is not waste as Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR and other statist propaganda outlets disingenuously characterize it; it’s FRAUD.  Fraud on a scale so enormous, so widespread, no decent person on Main Street can imagine it. Fraud so huge it is no longer fraud, but dictatorial economic policy.   As Hitler advised, “make the lie big and tell it often”.  Apparently Mein Kampf is required reading for Freshman House and Senate Members not to mention the inbred young of the Elite.  They certainly take it to heart.

Our Baby Boomer generation is now beginning to live the inevitable collapse of unsustainable Marxist ideology and Keynesian economics as they implode inward upon themselves in pandemic sovereign bankruptcy and desperate out-of-control taxation.  As we approach 2020, hang on tight folks, because as Truman Gates warned in Next of Kin, “You ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s coming”.  Brussels and Washington D.C. are making sure plenty of bad comes Main Street’s way – intended or not.  Votes have consequences – particularly uninformed votes, votes cast by dead people and electronically corrupted votes.

Governments don’t create wealth;  they consume it; then pass its confiscated largess through its convoluted, untraceable money laundering processes to Elite insider handlers and controllers.  If you don’t believe this, have your Congressman or woman attempt to obtain a complete and accurate financial statement for any time period from the Director or Secretary of any Federal Agency of your choosing.  I assure you, these financial statements  and accounting systems do not exist.  Our Federal Agencies are bottomless insider cookie jars, controlled by privatized monopoly interests, utterly without transparency or accountability of any sort by anyone – certainly not by corrupt Congressional oversight.  Collectivism is money laundering carried out by Elite pawns on behalf of the Elite.  The Vietnam War, Iran-Contra and the Afghanistan War all enabled opium poppy cultivation and our open Southern border is the red carpet entrance to the world’s most lucrative narco-market.  Washington D.C. is now the largest money laundering operation; the most lucrative criminal enterprise earth has yet seen and our White House resident is Bag Boy in Chief, regardless which nominal Party temporarily runs the gargantuan ONE PARTY LAUNDRY SYSTEM on behalf of its Elite, international, mega-conglomerate monopoly owners.

Consider as another example Obamacare (PPACA), the result of which is – premiums up 50% to 300% depending on your circumstance and coverage down dramatically.  D.C. not only gave insurance monopolies richer, thicker frosting on their fat cake, but the cake itself is now much larger and we the people are screwed once again by the fools we elected to openly represent the Elite instead of ourselves —  and the wide spread rationing, particularly for seniors hasn’t even kicked in yet, but will after 2017.  Political pandering does not put food on the table and neither does FRAUD.  Don’t think for even a minute that just because no Republican voted for PPACA, that they will ever undermine it.  They will not.  They are fully on board despite their pathetic pandering complaints.

Another example is the unconstitutionally legislated, 300-plus page FCC Administrative Dictatorship Ruling euphemistically called , NET NEUTRALITY; your consumer guarantee that the FCC will absolutely protect internet monopolies and use regulation to drive all potential Main Street competition from the market place.  This is a bold 21st Century inroad against free markets, consumer choice and the 1st Amendment.  Net Neutrality is indirect money laundering at its best for insider internet monopoly cash flow.  It should more appropriately be labeled NYET NEUTRALITY. (A little tongue in cheek Russian lingo there for my Leftist Comrades.)

“If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.”  {Ram Dass}

“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”  {Mark Twain}

Editor’s Note:
Since we aren’t being loaded into cattle cars for failure to condone the status quo; and since many of us read newspapers and follow other so-called news media and study group conditioned talking heads, most of us don’t realize we are no longer free.  Cattle cars aren’t necessary when uninformed votes will do.  Even Lenin eventually learned from folks like Antonio Gramsci, that lies, false promises and useful idiots are more effective tools than guns, cattle cars and gulags.  Doubters might consider taking a look at our ridiculous 75,000 page, monopoly protecting, free market stifling tax code, the 30,000 pages of new regulation vomiting out of the 2,700 page PPACA’s incremental health dictatorship, or the unconstitutional Patriot Act just for starters.  If any of this unelected Administrative Dictatorship nonsense makes sense to you, then you’re probably on the wrong website.  If you believe that killing Afghan goat farmers makes you safer, you may be on the wrong website.  If you wonder who is writing all this crap and why your House Members and U.S. Senators are voting this totalitarian nonsense into law in violation of their Oath of Office when most of us obviously don’t want it – welcome to the Elite’s improved version of Amerika.

Amerika is the land, not far, far away; but right here, right now where our own minds have become prisons without need of walls or fences.  A prison half of us vote for (the other half don’t bother) – simply because we don’t know any better or don’t care, which is of course, redundant.  If you still believe that Republicans or Democrats, conservatives or liberals are a problem – well, you have a lot of home work to do and the statist press corpse won’t help.  As Edward Bernays once remarked, “All news is propaganda; and all propaganda is lies.”  We are the raw materials used in the manufacture of our own uninformed consent.  Perhaps we should at least learn something about the consent manufacturing process and who it is controlling the means of production?  After all, victims of public education are not taught these things and are encouraged never to think independently.  We must therefore, learn on our own.

If we wish to be free, we must think for ourselves; turn off the 24-hour conditioning tubes (TV); get rid of Cable TV; stop listening and believing the shallow wave-the-flag-for-money drivel on talk radio; stop thinking in limited terms of us and them; and walk away from the well orchestrated divide and conquer mentality now devouring the human race.  It will take a year or so to get over our separation anxiety – but slowly we will begin thinking our own thoughts again – and will be shocked the extent to which we have been manipulated and conditioned to parrot what we had been convinced were our own thoughts, ideas and beliefs.  {I know this to be true because my wife and I have done it and see the difference.  The fog has lifted.}  We will clearly see that the RNC and DNC constitute a solid ONE PARTY SYSTEM with NO EXIT other than politely responding – NO THANK YOU – I will think for myself.  Have a nice day!

Rest assured that anyone or anything claiming to offer truth is likely offering everything or anything but the truth.  Truth has no agenda; it just is.  TRUTH DOESN’T ADVERTISE.  Know the RNC and DNC by their fruit.  Stop supporting the Fascist monopoly control of our government and our lives by no longer buying the crap monopolies are selling.  Our purchases of monopoly crap are the life blood of corruption and monopoly power.  Never confuse monopoly with a free market corporation or socialism with opportunity.  To be free we must act free and more importantly, think freely.  We are what we eat and our lives unfold as we think, so please think carefully.  We must be disciplined regarding what we permit to enter our minds or the Elite’s Oligarchy slop will control.  Just sayin’.

To reestablish our American Constitutional Republic and the  self governance we once had, it is important to find and support grass roots political candidates at the State and local level.  Our elections are still free, but we only get to vote for pathetic pawns pre-selected by the Oligarchy owned and operated RNC and DNC two-ring circus.  If we don’t care – oh well?  If we do care, it’s time to begin casting INFORMED votes for genuine representatives of we the people – while we still can.  The battle can only be won on the State level;  the Federal level is already lost.

“… God, who gave us life, gave us liberty.”  {Thomas Jefferson}
Don’t let pathetic, corrupt, conditioned, government drones mindlessly representing the world’s inbred Elite take away our birthright!
We don’t have to act like useless eaters because craven Elite ideology mavens the  likes of Lord Bertrand Russell refer to us as useless eaters!

Humans have sought justice since the dawn of man.  The concept of human freedom, however – of liberty and self government under the mantle of Divine Providence – is unique – born in America; carried into political and societal  reality by brave Pilgrims, Puritans and Founders of the United States.  As Americans, it is important to recognize not only this very special world view of human liberty;  but more importantly its inestimable value to all people on earth.  OUR AMERICAN CONCEPT OF FREEDOM MUST BE KEPT ALIVE FOR ALL – AND THERE IS NO ONE IN THIS WORLD TO DO THAT OUTSIDE THESE UNITED STATES.  IF WE AMERICANS CHOOSE NOT TO DEFEND LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY FOR THE WORLD – WHO WILL AND WHAT SORT OF FEUDALISM WILL REMAIN?



1600 Watch stands with Israel and does not support abuses of people anywhere on earth, including the Middle East!  All people deserve to be free; it is our distinctly human birthright!  American freedom is a beacon of hope for everyone on earth.  It is our generation’s responsibility to insure that American freedom and wealth is not misused;  that the beacon not be snuffed out.  The people of Israel are being used, manipulated and abused as the trigger for never ending war.  The people of the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Africa and the America’s are being used, manipulated and abused as the clubs and swords of that war.  It’s time to stand up as humans and say NO.


Small government intelligently nourishes and promotes the sanctity of our precious individual pursuit of spiritual well being, excellence and prosperity.
Big collectivist government, gluttonously fed by the inbred, delusional World Central Bankster Families suffocates individual achievement, strangles spiritual growth, distributes uniform poverty and thuggishly forces slavish conformance to the lowest common denominator.

To change and/or improve our lives, our purpose in life or the conditions in which we find ourselves – economically, politically or otherwise; we must first change ourselves from within. There is no other way! Our direct connection to Divine Providence and ability to exercise our personal power lies within; used or unused. Prayer and meditation are necessary to success and fulfillment through honoring our Covenant with Divine Providence….and I’m not talking here about sitting around like a comatose lump, sniffing incense.  I’m talking old school where prayer and meditation are quietly employed to actively discover our own nature; our relationship to our Creator; to recognize our unique creative gifts and understand how to unleash AND SHARE the full creative energy of the universe through ourselves for the fulfillment of any healthy intended purpose.  Divine Providence works through us; not for us.  Our Covenant ties back to Old Testament Israel and is a two-way spiritual enterprise – not a free ride.
Spiritual growth, that is, learning to love is all that really matters.  It’s why we are!
Failure to comprehend our individual spiritual nature and our connection to all of  Intelligent Creation, reduces politics and societal interaction to a cold, inhospitable mind trap; a prison of thought within the separate darkness of our own choosing, where regardless of intention, we continue to hurt ourselves and those around us.
“It is error alone that needs the support of government.  Truth can stand by itself.”  {Thomas Jefferson}
1600 Watch is still free within FEMA REGION IX.  Those who claim American citizens cannot stand on principle and chew gum at the same time are incorrect.
Image Provided by Political Vulcraft

Image Provided by Political Vulcraft

It is the intent of 1600 Watch to promote independent thought, logic and truth in education.  Please think for yourself and choose wisely.
Promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.
As Edward Bernays once stated, “All news is propaganda; and all propaganda is lies”.
We ought beware the thoughts we nurture…or risk becoming prisoners of OUR OWN MINDS.
Any person denying our Constitutional Republic or free markets can exist while the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise retains control of the U.S. money supply is a liar , a fool, or both.  The world’s Elite and their pet Oligarchy own the Federal Reserve and through it and other privately owned Central Banks,  hold controlling interest in the world’s vast international conglomerate monopolies, which together with their media ownership, direct the Fascist course of our Federal government and all governments.  The questions become what shall we replace this destructive mess with and how shall we do that – because if our children are to have any future at all, we absolutely must.  A spiritual awakening and a Second Revolution is required to save the American ideal.  This can still be a Voter’s Revolution as of today;  but later – who knows what may be required?
“If my sons did not want war, there would be none.”
{Gutle Schnapper Rothschild, wife of M.A. Rothschild}
The insidious World Central Banking Cartel, through its primary vehicle, our Federal Reserve Bank(s), having direct access to the wealth of the U.S. tax payer via the unconstitutional IRS and obscene 16th Amendment, fully enabled by the foolish 17th Amendment, both instigates all major wars and treasonously finances both or all sides of those wars.  The reason Congress no longer declares war, is because technically our central bank families and monopolistic oligarchy are then not committing treason.  If you wish to attain world peace, END THE FED and you will have peace.  As long as the FED exists there will be be war;  and more war;   and more war – including upcoming WW III for which the stage is being prepared in the Balkans, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Israel, across Europe, the Far East, South America and in Canada and the U.S.  We the people are being played like a terminally bloody fiddle.
“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. 
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. 
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. 
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. 
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. 
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. 
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”
… Abraham Lincoln

1600 Watch is Libertarian and holds an originalist view of our Constitution.  On the heels of Divine Providence, family and friends 1600 Watch cares most about two things.  First is FREEDOM for everyone.  Second is for our government to leave us alone.  {1600 Watch is unabashedly redundant on the subject of individual freedom.}  That includes the mindless drones at NSA…and DHS…and TSA…and IRS…and EPA…and HHS…and FBI…and CIA…and DOD…and the rest of the cancerous alphabet slop comprising the military-industrial complex the Late President Eisenhower warned about.!  Wake up… for gosh sakes folks – we are enslaving ourselves with uninformed votes!

Superstition Wilderness Area, Tonto National Forest

Superstition Wilderness Area, Tonto National Forest

“We own this country.  Politicians are our employees.”  {Clint Eastwood}

“You can’t solve current problems with current thinking.
Current problems are the result of current thinking.”
{Albert Einstein}

I am a political blogger and am not anonymous.  I am Bruce J. Kolinski and reside in Phoenix, Arizona – not hard to find .  I try to engage ideas and positive thinking and attempt to stay away from the trite belittlement of personal attack;  though occasionally fail.  I’m also immature when aroused by stupidity such as NSA snooping, IRS/DHS/TSA/HHS/EPA bullying and Congressional urination on our Constitutionally recognized, unalienable rights.  To suggest that I am dis-satisfied with the dishonorable, often treasonous, corrupt conduct of our elected, so-called Representatives and the United States Federal government is a severe understatement.  Washington D.C. has degenerated into an undisguised septic pit used as a private playground, cookie jar and candy store by Elite, well connected INSIDERS.  Our own uninformed votes are the reason.  Don’t blame politicians.  We the apathetic people are the problem.  As POGO so presciently observed, “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

On December 22nd, 1913 our White House, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives became obscene subsidiaries, owned and operated by the unscrupulous families who own the Federal Reserve Banks and most other central banks across the globe.  These families control our currency, our interest rates, attempt to control our business cycles and own or control through various directorships our government, press, publishing houses, major industry monopolies; and indirectly Hollywood and our entire educational system, which has been converted to a centrally controlled, globalist conditioning center.  Disgusting programs such as the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and Common Core or the CIA’s Orion mass indoctrination program are slowly but surely conditioning us to accept totalitarian control of every aspect of our lives.

Please, for your own family’s safety, never imagine, even for a moment, that the Establishment Right and the Marxist Left are on opposing sides.  Together, arm in arm, using slightly different rhetoric, they labor to trap us all in feudal serfdom under their delusional, dystopian dream for One World Totalitarian Socialist Government.  The only difference is the Neo-con Establishment Right prefers the U.S. sit atop the Globalist slave pit and the Marxist Left prefers the U.N.  Both sides are heavily conditioned; are sick, demented and very, very bad for human health and well being.  The Establishment created the Anti-Establishment for its own purposes.

The Establishment creates the monopolies.  The Anti-Establishment creates the regulatory agencies to fight the monopolies – and minutes after being created those agencies become the primary means of protecting and nurturing those monopolies under a well orchestrated Fascist Regime.  The lie is so big, you practically have to stand back on another planet to see it.

Do you realize that our Federal government, through Dodd-Frank has put in place the BAIL-IN legal foundation for the big insider banks to TAKE  depositor wealth and claim it as their own?  To confiscate our money?  This is an extension of too-big-to-fail, which no longer applies.  This is how central banks like our Federal Reserve protect you as a bank customer.  They’ve already done it in the Cypress and Poland test cases and it’s on its way to the U.S. and every country in the world.  Are we going to meekly sit still for this?  Or will we stand yup and protect ourselves?  Our own Federal government, paid for by we the people, ignorantly elected by uninformed we the people is destroying the American middle class as a crucial step in destroying individual liberty and establishing a collective form of dictatorship.  It is extremely difficult for ignorant, uninformed, impoverished people to organize against tyranny.  Go ahead and laugh.  It’s only your own life and future we’re talking about.  1600 Watch does not subscribe to the accidental view of history.  History is written by those who plan.

If you believe that George W. Bush, Barrack Hussein Obama or Congress work for you and are not in fact empowered by the world’s Elite, I’m sorry, but you are not well informed.  Left-Right, Liberal-Conservative are not the issue.  Both sides are wholly owned and operated subsidiaries of the Elite and are enabled by a compliantly corrupt Globalist owned media.  The Anti-Establishment Left has been created and is financed by the Establishment Right to create the allusion of political choice.  The only correct choice if we value freedom is to slip between the two false choices and think for ourselves.  Support your political candidates of choice directly.  De-fund the RNC and DNC, just two sides of the same, hopeless Globalist coin with cheap, shiny, tin masquerading as silver.  I would hope that my Democrat friends realize that the Democrat Party is operationally defunct.  The Democrat Party has been taken over and out-flanked by Obama’s Organizing For Action, which now controls all purse strings as an invisible outside third party.

For immediate need gratification via consumption of political red meat, jump directly to the archives on your left.  If you don’t like to think, you’re probably on the wrong site.  Nice to meet you anyway, though.  Thanks for dropping by.  1600 Watch is an equal opportunity Globalist offender.  The American people neither can, nor will ever be free as long as international central banking families wield control of the U.S. money supply through their privately owned Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise System.  The FED Charter has been made perpetual.  END THE FED.  END THE IRS.

Reminder:  1600 Watch is a Libertarian website supporting human decency and freedom.  The purpose of 1600 Watch is to promote and defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from a citizen’s point of view.

Our precious Constitution is nearly DEAD – slaughtered by pernicious conditioning, uninformed ignorance and apathy – until WE THE PEOPLE take it back – – – AND WE WILL DO JUST EXACTLY THAT!!!  Regardless of your political leanings;  if you believe in freedom, free markets and the Republic that nourishes it – we the people must join together in stopping the totalitarian infection spreading through Washington D.C., our schools, our churches, our press, our publishing houses and our communities.  We can only win this battle through State’s Rights.  Washington D.C. is hopelessly controlled, deep within the Elite Matrix of delusion and cannot help us.  We must overcome it.

In 1913, prior to the illegal creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve criminal enterprise the United States did not have its armies stationed in one single foreign country.  Today in 2013, 100 years later the United States has its troops stationed in more than 130 countries across the globe.  Our Presidents routinely and unconstitutionally send our kids to die in undeclared wars across the globe.  WTF? Has it occurred to any of us, that our young people, our blood, our future, our military and our HONOR are being MISUSED as the global police force for the privately owned WORLD CENTRAL BANKING CARTEL?  Failure to know this salient fact and its connection to The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council On Foreign Relations and treasonous sister organizations like these along with their tangled, schizophrenic marriage to our dysfunctional, fully non-representational political parties; is our failure to comprehend why we are no longer free.

“Politics…provides an arena where Americans determine whose ideas will lead the country and how these will change people’s lives.  Leaders with conviction often shape the outcomes in that arena.”  {Karl Rove}

The next obvious question Mr. Rove, becomes – “what and/or who is the motivating source of these convictions you so correctly note; and what or whose agenda do they serve”?  {Bruce}

1600 Watch is dedicated to the honorable young people of our next generation.  May they see what our Founders saw and our generation has not.

Helpful Warning:  Globalism may be harmful to your government.

2nd Helpful Warning:  Government may be harmful to your health.

Less Helpful Warning:  You have not reached a sound bite page.  There are few if any pictures here.  You are invited to do some reading and then do some free thinking for yourself.  If you don’t choose freedom, who is going to do it for you?

“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.”  {Vladimir Ilyich Lenin}
It is sobering to realize the vast number of self serving, short sighted citizens, academicians, journalists, politicians and government bureaucrats to whom the above quote is starkly applicable.  Even a tiny smidgen of ethics and truth would make a difference.

For those sad, but dearly beloved victims of Progressive de-education unfortunately trapped within the delusional space / time continuum referred to as Washington D.C.;  I offer the following simplistic analogy – you cannot successfully manage dairy cattle believing they are gold fish.  Your dismal efforts at collective plantation management are failing spectacularly.

Did you know that YOU are the cause of FREEDOM?  If YOU don’t focus upon, choose and cause FREEDOM;  it will not exist in your life.  You are your plan – you are your responsibility.

Thought is the CAUSE.  Life is the EFFECT.  Quantum physics proves what generations of sages already realized, Jesus Christ taught and most churches have forgotten.  Potential energy is the living, intelligent substance of the Universe – call it God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Universal Mind, The One, Alpha and Omega, The Father, Mother or however you may conceive of this Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent power.  Every atom, every molecule, every cell in everything and everybody is constructed from this indestructible intelligent substance.  Our human subconscious mind is an integral part of and is directly connected to, this intelligent, potential energy substance of life.  Our unique conscious mind or individual thought process, which forms our own unique nature, personality and sense of self is an integral part of this c0-creative, infinitely collaborative, kinetic energy substance.

The power of our individual thought is immense. Our conscious thought is directly connected to infinity via our subconscious mind.  The constructive use of our thought and the personal responsibility that should be inherent in our ability to co-create therefore requires discipline and care.  Negative thoughts manifest difficulties – intended or not.  YOU are what YOU think.  Nothing more and nothing less.

It is morally wrong and irresponsible to allow some other person or group to alter your individual thinking, with or without your permission,  and thereby make personal decisions for you.  We, as American citizens are being conditioned to think in certain ways and this conditioning is pre-ordaining our course of action – or inaction.  It is imperative for our freedom that we wake up and begin thinking for ourselves.  Globalist owned and programmed BBC, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR and all the rest are not your friends.  They are conditioning centers and as citizens we must learn to say NO THANK YOU!

Our wrong political turn down the smooth road to tyranny can no longer be corrected politically.  Washington D.C. is lost.  We require a spiritual rebirth and awakening to fix this mess.  It is time to commence the Third Spiritual Awakening of America and renew our American Covenant with Divine Providence – or sink into the dark abyss of political and societal failure along with those many before us – many who never had the blessings we have been given and are now losing.

Unfortunately, for now, The Rule of Law, not entirely dead in the United States of America has been severely injured.  It went into ICU the day our Federal government “took” the secured bond holder equity of General Motors and Chrysler bond holders and gave it away to itself and the labor unions…and we the people did nothing about it.  AIG and the more recent MF Global swindle is another government protected example.  The legally vacuous Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 leading to the government coerced subprime lending debacle;  which then resulted in mortgage backed security derivatives and credit default swaps are all examples of government sponsored, monopolistic, anti-free market, anti competition, anti-capitalist nonsense that weakened and ripened, the U.S. financial system for the incredible Islamic financial terrorism that occurred in the bear raid take down of companies like Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns in 2008.

May we as individuals be successful in re-establishing American FREEDOM in cooperation and unity with Divine Providence – just as it was originally established!  That said, the United States is now in the beginning of its own free-fall collapse – rotting from the inside just as Ben Franklin and others historically predicted.   We the people have been Progressively deluded into accepting that it is possible to be taken care of by our corrupt government and still remain free.   We are of course mistaken.  Cattle are taken care of in their barns and paddocks.  Cattle are not free and now, neither are we.  American leadership is non-existent;  truth is unrecognizable;  hope is delusional;  and mass pain is imminent.  Put away food folks.  As Truman Gates prophetically notes in Next of Kin, “We ain’t seen bad, but it’s comin’.”

We would do well to remember the words of our second President, John Adams:  “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country.  One is by the sword.  The other is by debt.”  We need to realize and take seriously the simple fact that between October 2008 and April 2012 our irresponsible Federal government has borrowed and spent so much money, that at 2012 tax rates, the entire future annual budgets of what will be our children’s Federal government have already been spent for decades.  What on earth do we think their tax rates will have to be to pay for the Bush and Obama Administration’s destructive lunacy Is this not truly criminal in nature?

Politicians and political parties cannot and will not save us.  We must work together as responsible citizens and save ourselves.  It is our personal responsibility, each and every one of us, to change ourselves within.  This is the only realistic way to change the world without.  Only positive, right thinking can manifest positive outcomes.  Negative, wrong thinking can only attract more negativity.

The coming economic and societal crash is not the fault of the weak, vision-less, self aggrandizing, treasonous fools we typically elect to public office.  The fault is entirely ours as uninformed citizens.  The United States of America is the first and only country in world history that truly appointed its own people to govern themselves.  Unfortunately, we chose not to take that responsibility and heritage seriously.  Now our freedom is virtually gone and 313 million Americans are ruled rather than governed by 545 selfish, cowardly, economically illiterate imbeciles comfortably ensconced in Washington D.C. on our nickel.  The damage done to our Constitution, our freedom and our lives over the past forty years will take many more than forty years to fix:  if we grow the political will to fix it; and that does not appear likely.

If our children are to have any hope of freedom as it once existed, it is time to stand as responsible individuals.  Our weak-kneed leaders cannot save themselves, much less us.  Washington D.C. is lost and disconnected from American life.  It survives on an intravenous feeding tube put in place by the global elite.  The filthy tube is pumped full of its disgusting gruel by misguided labor unions on one side and ignorant anti-capital markets on the other – both in monopolistic league with a Federal government so corrupt as to be astonishing.  Free markets no longer exist except in the tax burdened gutters of Main Street.  The so-called democratic agencies of our long gone republic have degenerated into useless, centralized planning ministries prone to failure the world over and now here.

“I cannot think that we are useless or God would not have created us. There is one God looking down on us all. We are all the children of one God. The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we have to say.”  {Geronimo}

“If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.”  {Ram Dass}

“Truth is not a conspiracy and has no agenda.”  {The Zen Trucker}

“What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”  {Leroy Eldridge Cleaver, 1968)

“The question is not, “Does my government work for me”?  Obviously not.  The question is, “Why doesn’t my government work for me and who is it working for”?  {Bruno K.}

“There is no conspiracy;  only mass confusion.”  (Your Editor}

“Ten out of ten dictators agree that gun control works.”  {BrunoK}

1600 Watch has been accused by some, such as Media Matters of being a “conspiracy theorist” site or “one of them” to use their words.  The 1600 Watch response to this uninformed ridicule is this question; “why is expecting our elected Representatives to speak truthfully, conform to our laws and act with integrity a “conspiracy”?  When our elected officials do not speak the truth and obviously so; “why is questioning their motives, goals and apparent conflicts of interest a “conspiracy”?  Why is it not our “truth challenged” elected Representatives, who conspire and ought to be held accountable; and why is it that many, if not most of us, are unable to accept or even see, our own Constitutional responsibility as once free citizens to question their leadership and demand honest answers?

There isn’t a single case in world history where individual freedom was ever just granted or given to other humans by a government.  Freedom is “taken” and “held” by those strong enough to take it and diligent enough to hold it.  Our Founders were strong enough.  Are we diligent enough?  The Flower Children of the sixties have and are failing upward.  The radical lemmings of my spoiled “Baby Boomer” generation learned from their Marxist mentors to criticize, vilify, ridicule and tear down every attempt by anyone to pursue excellence.  They act like captured crabs in a bucket, desperately pulling each other down, so none dare escape forced mediocrity.  Their Marxist mentors and now themselves, pitifully have no idea how to reason, create, build or enhance the world around them.  They are lost destroyers and now fill our House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, U.S. Supreme Circus, White House and unfortunately our voting booths with their malignant inability to perform constructively and their sickening desire to control you and I.  Forced, bullied conformism is today’s Progressive diversity.

Our sixties generation has already lost and is too Progressively dumbed down to realize it.  Now it’s up to our children and grandchildren to fix the mess we made and reclaim the legacy of freedom we so cheaply gave away.  I believe they will do just that.  Our parents are called the “Greatest Generation”.  Our children are and will be Greater by Far.  The entire world is counting on our children because America represents the freedom not just of Americans, but the entire world.  America is not just a place;  America is a precious concept emboldening the individual to pursue human excellence beneath the beneficent mantle of free will and Divine Providence.  Our kids are learning from our foolish mistakes, will get ‘er done and do it right.  America’s greatness is not over – it hasn’t yet begun!  Our children will see to it in spite of us.

1600 Watch fully supports the free people of Israel!

The source of Judeo-Christian belief, Western civilization, Natural Law, The Rule of Law, the United States of America itself and our earthly belief in freedom is Israel.  The Jewish people are the source.  Allowing the good people of Israel to be victimized is self immolation.  If Israel falls – all of Western civilization falls with it.

Four Principles To Stand For:
1.  State’s Rights
2.  Constitutionally Prescribed Limited Government.
3.  Fiscal Responsibility.
4.  Free Markets.

You’ve noticed by now, you have not reached a sound bite page!  Sound bites are not ideas or constructive thought.  Sound bites are the mental sludge hammers of  21st Century, wanna-be, tyrants, steadily pulverizing once-free-thinking individuals into mental captivity and economic enslavement.  Sound bites are virally detrimental and likely fatal to your very fragile freedom. Ask yourself where or by whom sound bites originate;  why are they used… and to what purpose?

This tiny cyberspace outpost attempts to consider socioeconomic and politically oriented questions and/or issues and encourages visitors to do the same.  There is zero interest at 1600 Watch in convincing you of anything other than the basic survival need to think for yourself.  The central American question dealt with here  is “why are a once free people working so hard to become less and less free”? Why are we doing that?

Less than 5% of the historic world population has ever had any opportunity to be free at all – and here we are voting to give this coveted legacy away.  Why?  If you care about such things, it’s a pretty big question.  If not, I guess you’re wasting your time on the wrong site.   If you like to play “connect the dots”, you may find something of interest here, though the dots are generally connected to money and power, which gets to be boring, repetitive and frequently disappointing, if not disgusting.

Please don’t take the above remark as a slap at free market capitalism;  it’s not.  It’s a slap at the insider managed, government sponsored and protected, international monopolies, which posture as capitalist entities, but in fact, do not believe in competition, free markets or your freedom.  The United States has not seen free markets since 1913, when the world’s Globalist, central banking families, through their own privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, purchased the United States government for their own purposes.  There is nothing Federal about the deceitful Fed and if I’m not mistaken, it is the largest business monopoly in world history.  You might even say “it owns us” and if we are not OK with that;  what are we going to do about it?

Central banking is a good idea and as a matter of practicality a necessary mechanism, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to allow private central bankers and their interconnected conglomerates to control our government(s), our institutions and press or our individual freedoms.  Tyranny is tyranny whether or not we vote for it and whether or not we deny it.  Central banks must be held accountable to “we the people” and to the extent they are not – we will be subjugated by the greed we ourselves nourished through our self-imposed ignorance and complacence.  The only power the CORPORATOCRACY has is the power we freely choose to bestow upon it.

The Federal government of these United States has become warped, has run off the tracks and is now bent on ruling as opposed to governing in direct contradiction to our Rule of Law.  The Governed will accept their responsibility to govern the Governors as our Constitution requires;  or the Governed will be Ruled as pathetic feudal serfs with unwashed children who will wonder what their cowardly parents have done…or failed to do.

1600 Watch is a self appointed, unchained, always mobile, U.S. citizen WATCHMAN for the “People’s” West Wing of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, otherwise known as The White House.

When the people’s White House, a precious beacon of American freedom is neither respected nor honored by its inhabitant(s), Members of Congress and our pathetic Supreme Circus –  it may be a good idea and in our best self-interest as a Nation to at least ask “why”? … and further to expect and demand a straight forward answer to our question…while we still can.

D’s, R’s L’s and I’s are not important.  Asses and elephants are cute, funny and are wonderful creatures, but are not politically significant.  Liberals and conservatives are even funnier, but can be dangerous and are known to bite when threatened.  The fact that American political dialogue has been cheaply traded for mindless sound bite tripe is important.  When the totality of our supposed political discourse is limited to delusional, propagandized tripe floating haplessly downstream on a raging current of intellectual mass media, detritus; maybe we should consider asking where the propaganda headwaters are and who on earth is doing the tripe dumping?

“Think and be free.”  {The Zen Trucker as borrowed from someone yet to be identified}

“The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men.”  {Plato}

“Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt.” {Julius Caesar}  “Men freely believe in whatever they want.”

“Hoc voluerunt.” {Julius Caesar} “They wanted this.”
A comment by Caesar following Pompeii’s horrific defeat at Munda, 45 B.C.

“Beware what you think you want.  Your thoughts create your reality, whether or not you realize it.” {The Zen Trucker}

FAIR USE NOTICE, United States

This website contains copyrighted material, the use of which is not always authorized by the copyright owner. We  make this public domain material available in an effort to advance our understanding of socio/economic, environmental, political and human rights issues, all of which are relevant to individual liberty.  We believe this constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided in section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17, U.S.C., Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who by their visit to our site, have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and for educational purposes. Additional information is available at: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml.

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond “fair use” as defined under current Copyright Law; you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.






















































  1. I was pointed to your website by my good friend, Bruce Kolinski. I am glad to become acquainted with 1600 Watch and look forward to receiving notifications regarding new information as it comes available. I appreciate your efforts to help us monitor the actions of those currently occupying the WH. Now more than ever, the citizenry of the U.S. needs watchdog groups to slow down what’s happening. Thank.

  2. Peter Trowbridge, Sr says:

    A watchdog of 1600… the White House. It is so important to air the wrongs the President & Commander in Chief is doing… his quest to ruin this country and do nothing to uphold the laws of our Constitution. We, the people, are getting it right… the Tea Parties, Fox News, and all the polls point toward the removal of this extreme liberal leader. Impeachment process is slow but constitutionally the right approach. It will happen.

    • Lacy Reffitt says:

      First of all I would like to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I’ve had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out there. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or tips? Kudos!

      • 1600 Watch says:

        My motto is to take the pressure off with idea of “Don’t get it right; get it written”. Once you’ve got a draft worked out, the pressure is off and it’s just revise, revise, revise until you’re happy with it. It doesn’t matter how terrible the first draft is. Keep a little note book handy to jot down ideas. Even crummy ideas can lead to something worth writing about and good ideas will frequently pop into your head at odd times. My most creative ideas usually show up between 3:00 and 6:00 A.M., while I’m still half asleep. If I don’t write ’em down immediately they will be gone by the time I get up – that’s why I keep the little 49 cent note book handy. I also find the the more you write, the more the juice starts flowing, to where the problem becomes too many ideas piling on top of one another. Two years ago I just sat and stared mostly. Today, I can’t keep up with the thought stream. Good luck. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Mayank says:

      Thanks for such a wonderful post. It was a great read.

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